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Osaka Pro TV 3/19/06 Osaka Hurricane 2006 taped 2/26/06 Osaka Namihaya Dome
-2hr. Q=Perfect

~FIGHT FUTURE WITH HOPE~: La Uchida vs. Atsushi Kotoge 8:44 of 9:11

~Starting Point Revolution! Monster Extermination!~: Miracle Man vs. Kaiju King Mandora 5.55

~War!~: Hisakatsu Oya & Takaku Fuke vs. Hideyoshi & Masamune 10:27 of 10:34

~TRUE JUSTICE FOR OSAKA~, Osaka Pro Tag Title Decision Match: Billiken Kid & Black Buffalo vs. Tigers Mask & Flash Moon 22:45 of 23:07. Billy Ken previously held the titles with Tsubasa, but they lamely vacated for the Tennozan tournament. Kid had now recently turned heel and formed a new team with the best working heel in the company, Buffalo. They have yet to really find their rhythm, and Kid is better as a face, but, even if Kid & Buffalo have been better in many lesser matches, the fact that everyone left the dressing room with the goal of stealing the show helped put this high flying junior spectacle over the top. It had some intensity from the get go, and although the heels were controlling, they did so with generally faster and more entertaining offense, for instance Billy Ken doing a powerbomb onto a pair of chairs set up to face one another. Once Tigers made the hot tag, they kicked into high gear and everyone did their best moves for as long as they could come up with anything. Tigers gave one of his best performances, though he still wasn't as good as a not near their best Billy Ken or Buffalo. Flash, who was in his first really big match, went all out to make an impression. He was all kinds of spectacular, starting with quantity flying and eventually graduating to quality, although he overshot his phoenix splash. Unfortunately, Flash wasn't much of a worker, which is one of the reasons Billy Ken has looked better, as he had to dumb things down for Flash. Still, even if the work wasn't great and Flash was late for a crucial save, it was a blow away match, and if you want junior action, you certainly can't go wrong with this one. ***1/2

~Master-Apprentice Confrontation of Fate~: Osaka Puroresu Title Match: Super Dolphin vs. Super Delfin 26:11. Impressive old school technical match with some modern moves thrown in. It was a heavyweight match both in style and pace, but extremely well focused with Delfin doing what it took to appropriate the title from his former protege. Delfin threw everything he had at Dolphin's left knee. What made the knee attack so good was Dolphin did a really good, extremely consistent job of remembering to pause to sell the injury. It was never glamorous, but they got as much out of what they did as was possible and the work was better than the previous match, even if the effort wasn't as good and Delfin wasn't even above his usual stalling. The main problem here is they were so focused the actually hurt the drama, as Dolphin's lack of comebacks, and ultimately much that made you believe he could win, hampered the climax of the match. ***1/2

Osaka Pro TV 10/8/06 Osaka Pro-Wrestling Story 34 taped 9/18/06 Matsushita IMP Hall
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Mineo Fujita & Atsushi Kotoge vs. Flash Moon & Daisuke Harada 13:31

GAINA vs. Asian Condor 9:35

Battle Royal for the Worlds #1 Title: Ebessan II, Kuishinbo Kamen, Ice Penguin, Okitakun, Miracleman, Takaku Fuke 12:20

The Great Sasuke vs. Tigers Mask 20:11. Entertaining exhibition of spots, but somewhat lacking as a wrestling match. They weren't even making much of an effort to work with each other. It was just you do your spots, and I'll do mine. Sasuke is fine in that kind of match, but Tigers offense isn't near the level he can get by merely on that. He also seemed to be going through the motions early, and had some goofy mannerisms later on. So essentially Sasuke did enough to keep it interesting, but didn't raise Tigers level or get much help from him. **3/4

Mil Mascaras & Jushin Thunder Liger & Super Delfin vs. Billiken Kid & Hideyoshi & MASAMUNE 12:56. Liger & Delfin did a legitimate, motivated sprint against the younger generation that was more than capable of getting heat. Unfortunately, is 64-year-old, and only capable of providing the worst type of nostalgia. In other words, seeing Mascaras in 2006 makes you feel old, as you long for the halcyon days of your youth when he could perform his moves with grace and gusto rather than barely get off the ground. I'm not sure Mascaras took a single move, but then again that's about as close as he came to rekindling his heyday, and his offense was verging on being comical while desiring to be serious, made worse by the announcers going nuts for his every move. If only we could have ignored Mascaras, it would have been as good match. Liger & Billy Ken came out blazing, and even had some intensity. Billy Ken definitely stole the show in this one, and it was easy to see how he could have a notable singles match with Liger the next year. Delfin did most of the selling since his legendary partners were doing him a favor, but there was as much bounce in his step as Liger's. Though merely comical foils for superhero Mascaras, Hideyoshi & MASAMUNE both looked good with Delfin. I would like to see a rematch, but with Sasuke in Mascaras' place. **1/4

Osaka Pro TV 12/3/06 Osaka Pro-Wrestling Story 36
TEN-NO-ZAN ~The Osaka strongest determination tournament THE FINAL taped 11/5/06 Matsushita IMP Hall
-2hr. Q=Perfect

MASAMUNE vs. Robert Tanaka 1:51 of 7:17

TEN-NO-ZAN 2006 Semifinals: Tigers Mask vs. Fujita "Jr." Hayato 11:11

TEN-NO-ZAN 2006 Semifinals: GAINA vs. Billiken Kid 9:40

3 Way Dance: Takaku Fuke vs. Daisuke Harada vs. Ice Penguin 6.31

Kuishinbo Kamen & Miracle Man vs. Kanjyuro Matsuyama & Super Delfin 9:06

Asian Coogar & Asian Condor & Hideyoshi vs. Flash Moon & Tsubasa & Atsushi Kotoge 14:50

TEN-NO-ZAN 2006 Final: Tigers Mask vs. GAINA 16:39