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Okinawa Pro TV 2/12/09 taped 1/10/09 Okinawa Delfin Arena Kokusaidouri
-1 1/2hr. Q=Perfect

Menso~re Oyaji vs. Kanmuriwashi Yoko 9:30

MWF World Junior Heavyweight Title 3WAY Match: Goya Mask vs. Kijimuna vs. Agu 12:24

Mil Mongoose & Super Delfin & Captain "Churaumi Pirates" Zack vs. Kaijin Habu Otoko & Shisaou & Golden Pine 19:50 of 20:18

Osaka Pro Battle Station 3/11/09 Osaka Hurricane 2009 taped 2/15/09 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Kazuaki Mihara vs. Naoki Setoguchi 5:59 of 7:11

Ultimo Dragon & Tsubasa vs. Masamune & Orochi 9:17

Mixed Gender Tag Match: Dump Matsumoto & Kuishinbo Kamen & Ebessan III & Kyuseininja Ranmaru vs. Takaku Fuke & Miracle Man & Stalker Ichikawa & Kanjuro Matsuyama 7:42 of 12:13

Atsushi Kotoge & Daisuke Harada & Tadasuke vs. KAZMA & Makoto Oishi & Shiori Asahi 10:57

The Bodyguard Debut Match: Zeus vs. The Bodyguard 8:03

Osaka Puroresu Title Match: Hideyoshi vs. Billiken Kid 27:50. Although Hideyoshi lost the title, this is the match where he realized his potential and really made you believe in him as a champ. Hideyoshi had the ability by the time he won the title from Kid on 8/23/08, but what struck me about this performance is how much self confidence he had. This wasn't one of those matches where they hope their effort will turn out well, these two guys know they are good, and had no doubt in their ability to pull it off. It was a super solid match, mainly wrestled in a slow paced, high impact heavyweight style match with a few junior moves thrown in. What really made it stand out is it was about as stiff a match as Osaka Pro has ever had, with Hideyoshi just rearing back and firing. However, they were able to make it more than that, building it bit by bit with the big impact eventually coming more from slams/drivers, even off the middle rope. The crowd wasn't that great early, but even though they didn't tell any particular story, the combination of effort, quality, and big match aura they were able to not only consistently bring but improve upon over 28 minutes had to win you over. ***3/4

Osaka Pro TV 4/4/09 Osaka HOLIDAY PARADISE taped 3/8/09 Osaka Delfin Arena
-1 1/2hr. Q=Perfect

MASAMUNE vs. Kazuaki Mihara

3 Way Match: Takaku Fuke vs. Kuishinbo Kamen vs. Ebessan III

Tiger's Mask vs. Tadasuke

Black Buffalo & Orochi vs. Asian Cougar & Atsushi Kotoge

Lumberjack Con Harisen Death Match: Hideyoshi & Tsubasa & Kanjyouro Matsuyama vs. Billiken Kid & Miracle Man & Daisuke Harada

Osaka Pro TV 5/18/09 Osaka Pro Chapter 46 The 10th Anniversary taped 4/29/09 Matsushita IMP Hall
-1 1/2hr. Q=Perfect

The Bodyguard vs. Tadasuke 3:00 of 5:04

Hideyoshi & Masamune vs. Perro & Kazuaki Mihara 5:41 of 12:40

Men's Club Offer Match: MEN'S Teio & Tsutomu Osugi & Hercules Osenga vs. Atsushi Kotoge & SUSUMU & Daisuke Masaoka 8:16 of 10:51

Independent Junior Heavyweight Title: Makoto Oishi vs. Daisuke Harada 7:24 of 10:03

KANSAI Weekly 1st Issue 10th Anniversary Celebration, Mixed Gender Tag Match: Jaguar Yotoka & Ebessan III & Kyuseininja Ranmaru vs. Takaku Fuke & Miracle Man & Kanjuro Matsuyama 12:31 of 13:45

Dick Togo & Tigers Mask & Black Buffalo vs. Billiken Kid & Tsubasa & Asian Cougar 16:15. Togo was the best wrestler in the company when he left in 2000, and now 9 years later he's still the best. Dick's return aroused an otherwise standard action oriented match, as he was dashing the ropes at full speed and getting good heat working with his new rival, building to a heavyweight title match over the summer. Togo was motivated, and went at it non-spot, but unfortunately the only really notable action that didn't involve him was Kid vs. Buffalo at the start of the all too brief finishing sequence. I'd still say Kid was good, though he mainly wrestled Togo, and Buffalo certainly had his moments, but Tigers, Tsubasa, & Cougar were just kind of there. All in all, an entertaining but underachieving contest. **3/4

Special Singles Match: Kuishinbo Kamen vs. Ebessan 13:29

OPW Battle Station 6/12/09 Osaka Pro-Wrestling 10th Anniversary Performance of the Truth taped 5/20/09 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Johnel Sanders vs. Naoki Setoguchi 4:16

Yuji Hino & Makoto Oishi & Shiori Asahi vs. Atsushi Kotoge & Daisuke Harada & Tadasuke 9:33 of 12:15

Kikutaro & Miracle Man & Kanjuro Matsuyama vs. Kuishinbo Kamen & Ebessan III & Apple Miyuki 11:55

Masaaki Mochizuki & Don Fujii vs. Hideyoshi & Masamune 10:29 of 13:47

Special Singles Match: Kensuke Sasaki vs. The Bodyguard 6:08

Osaka Pro Tag Title Match: Great Sasuke & Asian Cougar vs. Tigers Mask & Black Buffalo 13:14

Special Singles Match: Dick Togo vs. Billiken Kid 20:43. They paced the match as if they were doing an epic, but it ultimately didn't have that length or build or drama. It was a solid match, but as the main event of the 10th Anniversary show and a rare trip to Tokyo, it was rather lackluster. It was never dull, but it was pretty tame most of the time with Togo controlling but lacking his usual burst and drive. Kid did alright, but seemed even less driven than Togo. He's a lot more cautious than he was an injury or two ago, and that hurt our perception of him here because it was going to take a bigger effort than this to make us believe he was going to win the match. When they finally got going with Togo turning Billy's ultra huracanrana into a Ligerbomb, it was quite impressive, but the match would have been better if they interspersed the big moves rather than it all being rather standard until they traded signature spots for the final few minutes. ***

Osaka Pro TV 7/19/09 Osaka Pro-Wrestling Story #47 Osaka Tag Festival 2009 taped 6/28/09 Matsushita IMP Hall
-1 1/2hr. Q=Perfect

The Bodyguard vs. Kazuaki Mihara 4:53 of 5:10

Yutaka Yoshie & Kuishinbo Kamen & Ebessan III vs. Yutaka & Kanjuro Matsuyama & Takoyakeyder 16:36 of 17:30

Osaka Tag Festival 2009 League Match: Hideyoshi & Masamune vs. Tigers Mask & Black Buffalo 4:39

Osaka Tag Festival 2009 League Match: Atsushi Kotoge & Daisuke Harada vs. Billiken Kid & Perro 13:46 of 16:34

Osaka Tag Festival 2009 League Match: Asian Cougar & Miracle Man vs. Orochi & Tadasuke 13:06 of 16:01

Osaka Tag Festival Final: Hideyoshi & Masamune vs. Orochi & Tadasuke 12:39

Okinawa Pro TV 8/5/09 taped 7/5/09
-1 1/2hr. Q=Perfect

Goya Mask vs. Acer 8 6:37 of 8:05

Mil Mongoose & Kanmuriwashi Yoko vs. Menso-re Oyaji & Agu 8:04 of 8:40

3 Way Match: Super Delfin vs. Kijimuna vs. Golden Pine 10:56

Okinawa Title Tournament highlights

Okinawa Title Tournament Final: Kaijin Habu Otoko vs. Shisaou 23:18 of 23:28

Osaka Pro TV 9/14/09 Osaka Pro Chapter 49 Pink Ribbon Charity OSAKA-DAMA 09 taped 08/23/09 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan 2
-1 1/2hr. Q=Perfect

Tsubasa & Asian Cooger vs. Flash Moon & Ultimate Spider Jr 6:42 of 12:29

Bolshoi Kid & Kuishinbo Kamen & Ebessan vs. Kyuseininja Ranmaru & Kanjuro Matsuyama & Takoyakeyder 8:35 of 12:33

Riki Choshu & Takaku Fuke & Miracleman & Kazuaki Mihara vs. Tigers Mask & Black Buffalo & Orochi & The Bodyguard 11:29 of 12:21

Osaka Pro-Wrestling Tag Title Match: Hideyoshi & Masamune vs. Atsushi Kotoge & Daisuke Harada 24:12 of 26:20. Kotoge & Harada announced themselves with a breakout performance that was also the best Osaka Pro tag title match in quite some time. There was a real contrast of styles here with Kotoge & Harada doing a fast paced match that showcased their quickness and athleticism, while Hideyoshi & Masamune did a slow paced match that highlighted their brutality. They were able to transition between the styles smoothly, and eventually, when it came time for the big moves, they brought them together to some extent. Kotoge & Masamune were the most diverse. Kotoge was doing a variation of Hideyoshi & Masamune's striking style that relied upon being nimble more than being stiff, while Masanune was pulling junior highspots toward the end. There was a lot of great teamwork in this match with including stereo planchas, Harada doing a windmill suplex then Kotoge hitting a swandive body press, and Masamune Frankensteinering Kotoge off Hideyoshi's shoulders. You didn't expect Kotoge & Harada to win the titles already, but they were totally in it throughout, coming close on several occasions. ***1/2

Mask vs. Hair: Billiken Kid vs. Tadasuke 19:58 of 26:59. Tadasuke is large by OPW standards and has become a passable wrestler in two plus years since debuting, but he's nowhere near ready for a match of this length and magnitude. His offense is rookie level, and he's one of the worst takers in the league, particularly destroying Kid's avalanche style Frankensteiner. Kid was solid, but there's only so much you can do with a beginner, and 27 minutes of this was spreading his creativity thin. This was magnified by the fact Billy was doing a lot of selling to get over the idea that Tadasuke had a chance. For me, aside from the admirable effort, nothing elevated this over a standard Billiken Kid match, as pretty much anything he does or anything that's done to him is performed better elsewhere. **

OPW TV 10/1/09 OSAKA PRO WRESTLING HOLIDAY PARADISE taped 9/13/09 Osaka Minami Move On Arena
-1 1/2hr. Q=Perfect

Billiken Kid vs. Kazuaki Mihara 7:05 of 8:18

Masamune vs. Ebessan III 10:46

3 Way Match: Atsushi Kotoge vs. Ultimate Spider Jr. & Takoyakida 9:30

Tsubasa & Asian Cougar & Daisuke Harada vs. Tigers Mask & Black Buffalo & Tadasuke 15:09

Hideyoshi & Miracle Man vs. Kuishinbo Kamen & Kanjuro Matsuyama 11:37