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Osaka Pro TV 3/4/07 Osaka Hurricane 2007 taped 2/12/07 Grand Cube Osaka
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Daisuke Harada vs. Robert Tanaka 5:16 of 7:50

Condor & Kazushi Miyamoto vs. Atsushi Kotoge & La Uchida 8:56 of 11:58

Super Dolphin vs. Asian Coogar 10:39 of 14:11

Osaka Pro World's #1 Title Decision Elimination Match: Gunso Suuchi, Dingo, Don Arakawa, YUKA , Pekki, Takaku Fuke, Ice Penguin, Ebessan II, Miracle Man, Kuishinbo Kamen 11:00 of 11:34

Osaka Puroresu World's #1 Title Decision Match: Gunso Suuchi vs. Kuishinbo Kamen & Miracle Man

OPW Tag Title Triple Threat Match: GAINA & Zeus vs. Flash Moon & Tsubasa vs. Masamune & Hideyoshi 13:59. Sloppy spotfest. The effort was there, but there were lots of issues with the execution. Flash Moon is a Hayabusa type, very spectacular wrestler who can only fly and isn't exactly a good worker. He couldn't always coordinate the setup and timing of his movies, but he was the wrestler you noticed. Tsubasa was actually much better, but he wasn't showing off to nearly the extent. The most solid workers were Hideyoshi & Masamune, but they mostly sold. GAINA was okay, but Zeus was an embarassment. He can flex, but is not flexible, so he made every move he took look way worse than it should. To make things worse, his acting was almost as bad as his bumping. I wanted to like this match, as it was entertaining and the effort was certainly there, but it was too amateurish. **

The Great Sasuke & Super Delfin vs. Gran Hamada & Ultimo Dragon 13:02 of 17:56

Osaka Puroresu Title Match: Tigers Mask vs. Billiken Kid 27:56 of 36:55. They tried for an epic main event, although it was essentially a glamorous spotfest. It dragged some because it lacked depth and they couldn't simply sprint, but it was a fantastic effort. Tigers scrapped his traditional Hanshin Tigers baseball uniform in favor of a long pants no shirt costume, and seemed a new wrestler without it. He was motivated from the outset, with Billy Ken getting him to care about developing the sequences and counters. Although still move based, this was everything Tigers 9/18/06 match with Great Sasuke wasn't, as the former partners were constantly setting each other up. It was a back and forth match, rather than you do your moves and I'll do mine. They certainly did all their hot moves, and then some, with both using Tiger suplexes, the key move in the match if anything can be said to be. Kid was excellent throughout, but Tigers was sometimes a bit sloppy in controlling Billy's body, and seemed to hit the wall during the final minutes. Still, it was probably the best singles match Tigers had done so far, which was fitting as it was the start of his first title reign. Bad Force attacked both wrestlers after the match, reuniting Billy & Tigers, and thus ending Billy's year long run as a heel that everyone cheered anyway. ***1/2

Osaka Pro TV 8/3/07 Osaka Tag Festival 2007 taped 7/14/07 Osaka Festival Gate
-1 1/2hr. Q=Perfect

MASAMUNE vs. Tadasuke 5:49 of 6:05

3 Way Match: Ebessan III vs. Kanjuro Matsuyama vs. Miracle Man 6:41 of 7:13

Daisuke Harada & Kuishinbo Kamen vs. Super Delfin & Takoyakeyder 10:16 of 10:55

Condor & Hideyoshi & Zeus vs. Asian Coogar & Atsushi Kotoge & Robert Tanaka 15:45 of 16:29

Osaka Tag Festival 2007 Final: Billiken Kid & Tigers Mask vs. Black Buffalo & GAINA 25:42 of 27:23. Another lengthy Osaka Pro action match that is never awesome, but the quality accrues as they just to continue to do one good minute after another. With Buffalo & GAINA involved, it wasn't so much of a junior style match. There was some flying and lucha from Billy, but it was generally a medium paced match where they went for impact with heavy hitting, suplexes and bombs. Billy was by far the standout, capable of doing everything and doing it all well. Buffalo was his usual incredibly solid self, taking with the best of them and exchanging some nice shots. Tigers was a pleasant surprise here, as it was the most consistent performance I've seen from him. He still never did anything to make me believe he was a top notch wrestler, but he was more focused, and the lack of taking shortcuts or getting lazy allowed him to do everything well. GAINA was clearly the weak link, but even if kind of bland he certainly had his moments and couldn't be said to have hurt the match. ***