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OPW Battle Station 3/9/03 Osaka Hurricane '03 Osaka Puroresu in Osaka Jo Hall taped 2/1/03 Osaka Jo Hall
-2hr. Q=TV Master

HAKATA vs USA in OSAKA: Azteca vs. Black Tigers 0:44 of 7:42

Hachamecha! Okonomiyaki Battle!!: Kaiju King Mandora & Policewo~men vs. Turtuger & Night Master Azumi (Azumi Hyuga) 2:31 of 11:05

OSAKA HARD CORE LIVE!! Special Single Match: Kintaro Kanemura vs. Daio QUALLT 6:00 of 11:51

REAL OSAKA LIVE!!: Miracleman & Billiken Kid & Tigers Mask vs. Super Demekin & Kengo Takai & Yutaka Fukuda 4:23 of 12:49

Loser Character Deprivation Match, Osaka Meibutsu Sekaiichi Title Match: Ebessan vs. Kuishinbo Kamen 0:04, 1:34, 9:51

Gamma! MASTER of RUDENESS!! Special Single Match: TAKA Michinoku vs. Gamma 7:12 of 14:26

REAL OSAKA HERO!!, Osaka Pro-Wrestling Tag Title Match: Tsubasa & Black Buffalo vs. Takehiro Murahama & Jushin Thunder Liger 17:01. Liger lent his credibility and professionalism, and the Osaka Pro guys raised their level to his. It wasn't overly complex or spectacular, though Tsubasa & Murahama had their moments, but they wrestled with urgency from start to finish, structuring the match dramatically so they continually gained momentum from a fast paced opening that was quite good in its own right. The match was well executed, with everyone giving a strong performance that showcased their strengths. Liger & Murahama have the singles pedigree, but the superior teamwork of INFINITY helped balance the sides. You truly felt as if either team could win, especially seeing the champs overwhelm Murahama with their constantly double teaming, and maintain their aggression when Liger made the hot tag. Though NJPW legend Liger ultimately turned the tide, it was smart booking to have rising OPW star Murahama go over to start what would be the longest tag title run in OPW history (later tied by Zero & GAINA). ***1/2

Which One is Stronger! Osaka's Symbol vs. Tennozan, Peak Decisive Battle!!, Osaka Pro Title Match: Super Delfin vs. "Big Boss" MA-G-MA 14:13. The ultimate showdown between Osaka Pro's founder/top star/champion and their most dominant heel sees the champion increasingly becoming Super Underdog. A well structured dramatic match with a surprisingly effective performance by generally underwhelming MA-G-MA helped elevate this to at least the level of worthy main event. MA-G-MA jumped Delfin at the bell and just bullied and ran through him the entire match, ripping his mask in the process. Delfin was occasionally able to use his speed and quickness to counteract MA-G-MA's power, but even when he actually hit a flying move, it didn't make much of a mark. For instance, Delfin tried to pin MA-G-MA with a diving body attack, but MA-G-MA pressed him halfway across the ring from his back. It wasn't simply that MA-G-MA was too strong for Delfin, he also had him scouted well, headspringing out of the swing DDT. Even when Delfin turned MA-G-MA's last ride powerbomb into a huracanrana, MA-G-MA still rolled through for the near fall. It wasn't easy to believe in a face Delfin that has to resort to a chair shot to gain an advantage, but the man was able to send everyone home happy, winning the only way the match made you believe he could - via flash pin - with a Delfin special flash pin after QUALLT's interference backfired. This was never going to be a classic, but given who was involved, you had to be happy with what they were able to accomplish. ***