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KSW 8 11/10/07 Warsaw, POL Hala Torwar
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinals

Andre Fyeet vs. Jan Blachowicz R1 1:57

Karol Bedorf vs. Francis Carmont 3R Unanimous Dec

Oleksiy Oliynyk vs. Lukasz Wos R1 3:20

Super Fight: Piotr Baginski vs. Maik Stumbries 3R Majority Dec


Krzysztof Kulak vs. Andre Fyeet R3 1:30

Oleksiy Oliynyk vs. Karol Bedorf R1 2:34

Lukasz Jurkowski vs. Moise Rimbon 3R Majority Dec

Mamed Khalidov vs. Dave Dalgliesh R1 1:53

Final: Oleksiy Oliynyk vs. Krzysztof Kulak R1 2:09

KSW 9 5/9/08 Warsaw, POL Hala Torwar
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect

Openweight Tournament Quarterfinals

Antoni Chmielewski vs. Yusuke Masuda 2R. Chmielewski was very aggressive going for submissions. He was trying to get this over with so he'd have something for the next rounds, and still won most of the positional battles even though he was gambling, but I didn't like the idea of starting both rounds by giving up a takedown he could have sprawled out of for the slim chance at a guillotine. Though this gave Masuda the early advantage, Chmielewski was able to get off his back soon enough and control on the ground with his attacking submission game. Chmielewski won a unanimous decision. Above average match.

Martin "King Kong" Zawada vs. Janek Blachowicz 2R. Blachowicz was a weight class heavier and Zawada was just a striker with no takedown defense, so Blachowicz had no trouble taking him down quickly and manhandling him. Blachowicz would quickly mount, and work Zawada over with ground and pound, with Zawada occasionally tossing in a heel hook attempt. Blachowicz won a unanimous decision. Below average match.

Olexiy Oliynyk vs. Daniel Dowda 2R. Oliynyk controlled this grappling match, but Dowda was very active from the bottom, keeping the pace up and looking to match Oliynyk's submission attempts. Dowda ultimately had few advantages, but kept things interesting and didn't make it an easy win for Oliynyk by any stretch. Oliynyk won a unanimous decision. Above average match.

Vitor Nobrega vs. Aziz Karaoglu R1 1:30. Karaoglu kept backing Nobrega, and once he saw his opening landed a few long powerful right hooks that cornered Nobrega then mixed knees in with shorter right hooks for the KO.

Extrafight: Maciek Gorski vs. Edvardas Norkeliunas 3R. The judges didn't care much for control here. Gorski pushed the pace early, but began to tire, and spent half the 1st round and most of the 2nd on the bottom getting punches. Norkeliunas didn't make any effort to pass, but Gorski's guard wasn't giving him any openings to attack, and Norkeliunas was having not trouble hitting him. I thought Norkeliunas edged the decision in 2R, but then in the extra, Gorski got a quick takedown and controlled until ref Gilbert Yvel stood them up midway. Norkeliunas had the best shot with a knee up the middle, and a couple other decent punches, but was taken down again in the final seconds. I assumed now that Gorski would get the nod, but insteada Norkeliunas got the unanimous decision. Average match.

Openweight Tournament Semifinals

Antoni Chmielewski vs. Janek Blachowicz R2 2:54. Chmielewski went big all the time, going for the takedown or the big right hand, but Blachowicz defended and kept the pressure on, coming forward and putting strikes out to draw fire that he could counter. Blachowicz cut Chmielewski under the right eye and swelled the left. Chmielewski finally managed to get a takedown in the 2nd, but Blachowicz went right into the triangle armbar, and got the win after they repositioned them in the center. Average match.

Daniel Dowda vs. Aziz Karaoglu 3R. Dowda was back in the tournament when Oliynyk had to pull out due to injury. Karaoglu is a really hard hitter, who has no problem taking any sort of chance in hopes of the finish. He a hurting on Dowda when he had the opportunity in standup, and even from the bottom was landing some pretty solid shots. Dowda had a lot of time in top control though, and began going for submissions late in the 1st, coming close with an armbar but getting his nose broken after failing on a kneebar. Karaoglu continued to take chances including a jumping footstomp guard pass and flying knee, but Dowda was increasingly expecting the unexpected and countering with his wrestling. It was a really hard fought fight, especially gutsy for Dowda who fought two tough rounds earlier than presumably hit the showers assuming he was through, but he somehow seemed to get stronger as the fight progressed. In the most improbably of comebacks, after losing his 1st fight and the 1st round of his 2nd fight, Dowda got his wrestling going and did enough with his control, throwing in some punches and submission attempts, to take the unanimous decision. Above average match.

Extrafight: Grzegorz Jakubowski vs. Jordan Radev 2R. Radev was noticably shorter, and every time he'd try to bring and inside knee to the stomach it would wind up being a low blow. After the 3rd warning in less than a round, Yvel finally deducted a point, and poured ice water down Jakubowski's shorts to aid his recovery. Radev relies upon his overhand left, but the angle was different here since Jakubowski is also a southpaw, and Jakubowski was doing a good job of circling away from the big shot though Radev really cracked him with one at the end of the 1st round. I'm not sure whether Jakubowski was too compromised from the groin shots or UFC veteran Radev was simply too good, but Radev was doing all the attacking here. The 1st round was even due to the lost point, but Radev was the aggressor in standup, and had a takedown in the 2nd en route to the unanimous decision. Below average match.

Extrafight: Mamed Khalidov vs. Valdas Pocevicius R1 0:51. Khalidov was taken down upon hitting a flying knee, but locked a guillotine in midair and got the tap when he was able to turn Pocevicius to his side.

Final: Janek Blachowicz vs. Aziz Karaoglu R1 4:13. I like the idea of one-night tournaments, but here's another example of why they are no longer practical in MMA as now Dowda couldn't continue so Karaoglu was in the final. Blachowicz wasn't going to take any unnecessary chances messing with Karaoglu's striking power, taking him down quickly and working him over with ground and pound, though Karaoglu was getting some shots in from the bottom. It appeared that Blachowicz didn't care about passing and just did it because Karaoglu gave it to him, figuring he'd make Karaoglu burn some more energy reguarding, but once he got side mount Blachowicz was able to finish with the armbar. At least the guy who won all his fights wound up taking the tournament. Average match.

KSW 10 Dekalog 12/12/08 Warsaw, POL Hala Torwar
-1hr 15min. Q=Perfect

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals

Dave Dalgliesh vs. Aleksandar 'Rodja' Radosavljevic R1 2:05

Petr Ondrus vs. Matias Baric R1 4:01

Krzysztof Kulak vs. Michael Knaap 2R

Jan Blachowicz vs. Maro Perak R2 1:51

Light Heavyweight Tournament Final: Dave Dalgliesh vs. Petr 'Pino' Ondrus R1 2:01

TG: Louise Bryan vs. Kathryn March