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KSW 18: Unfinished Sympathy 2/25/12 Plock, POL Orlen Arena
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect

Anzor Azhiev vs. Cengiz Dana 2R unanimous decision

Kamil Walus vs. Kamil Bazelak R1 1:48

Karol Bedorf vs. David Oliva 2R unanimous decision

Maciej Jewtuszko vs. Dean Amasinger R1 3:39

Curt Warburton vs. Artur Sowinski R2 3:03

Jan Blachowicz vs. Mario Miranda 3R unanimous decision

Valentijn Overeem vs. Marcin Rozalski R1 2:25

KSW 19 Pudzianowski vs. Sapp 5/12/12 Lodz, POL Atlas Arena
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect

Borys Mankowski vs. Marcin Naruszczka 2R

Marta Chojnoska vs. Paulina Suska R1 0:42

Aslambek Saidov vs. Grigor Aschugbabjan R1 4:51

Matt Horwich vs. Antoni Chmielewski R3 2:19

KSW Middleweight Title Match: Michal Materla vs. Jay Silva 3R. Materla is such a gutsy fighter. He's never struck me as an elite fighter, but he's such a tough guy who is extremely well conditioned & generally has the intangibles to make him a really good winner. He'll get beat up, lose parts of rounds, whole rounds even, but if you don't finish him, and only a few have, he'll eventually wear you down or take you out. Silva is one of those enigmatic fighters who has the talent, but just never quite seems to be able to beat anyone good. Coming off a win over perpetual underachiever Kendall Grove, the one known fighter Silva had managed to defeat up until this point despite managing a stint in UFC & Bellator, Silva was granted a shot at KSW's middleweight title, and delivered one of the best fights in the history of the promotion. It was, for the most part, a striker vs. grappler match, though grappler Materla was the one who was pressing the action in standup. Silva was actually patient, countering Materla's advances with good variety. When he saw what he wanted, he exploded with power, and he's just a better athlete than Materla, bigger, stronger, faster, etc. Round 1 was difficult to score because Materla was the aggressor, but Silva was more accurate & has a lot more on his shots. Silva was the more effective fighter, but allowing Materla to always seem to be dictating may have cost him on the scorecards. Silva ate a low kick early in the 2nd, but just after Materla reset, the southpaw took the knee of Materla's lead leg out with a nasty short side kick that buckled the knee in a direction it's not meant to bend & sent Materla to the canvas. Materla got up & tried for the takedown, but Silva defended & now attacked hyper aggressively, going for the finish. Materla avoided most of the attack & seemed to weather the storm, but then Silva stunned him with a left straight & followed with uppercuts. Silva landed a backfist to the injured knee, but slipped trying a knee & Materla was able to take the top & control for the rest of the round. Materla landed some solid ground punches, but I still gave the round to Silva because he did the real damage & caused the injury. Materla's left eye was badly swollen, but he came out a lot fresher to start the 3rd, having worn Silva down with his top control. Materla backed Silva into the corner, & landed some heavy punches then scored a single leg. Materla couldn't quite pass guard, but may have been better off as he was landing one left hand to the face after another from 1/2 guard. Materla was very active punching from the top, and finally mounted in the last 30 seconds only to have the ref stand the fighters up, which was patently absurd. Materla should definitely have earned a 10-8 round without the standup, though even with Silva getting a couple good shots in during the final seconds, I'd still give it to him as it was total domination for all but 15 seconds. The fight probably should have been a 28-28 draw, but Materla owned the last 8 minutes despite fighting them with a bad knee & eye, so I didn't have a problem with him getting the decision. Between the high quality of the fight & the narrow margins in the 1st & 2nd rounds, a rematch was obvious, and they went on to have a trilogy that produced a KO of the night & their second fight of the night. Good match.

Mamed Khalidov vs. Rodney Wallace R1 1:55

Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Bob Sapp R1 0:39

KSW 20: Fight Symphony 9/15/12 Hala Gdansk-Sopot, POL Ergo Arena
-2hr 20min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Anzor Azhiev vs. Paul Reed 3R

Kamil Walus vs. Jacek Wisniewski R1 4:01

Borys Mankowski vs. Rafal Moks 3R. Crazy, agggressive, high paced standup match where both fighters were really throwing down. Mankowski was the better technical fighter, but Moks kept coming at him & throwing bombs. Both fighters had good first rounds, but Mankowski began to take over in the 2nd by leading with the body punch, which opened the head back up. Mankowski did a better job of angling, and had more tools & options in general, but Moks was the harder puncher & got good mileage out of his right hand & left hook. Moks was having some success kicking the body, but Mankowski began catching the leg & then sweeping his other leg. One thing that made the fight so good is the pace never slowed down. They came out all guns blazing, but in the 3rd round, neither had slowed down. split decision 30-28, 30-28, 28-30

Karol Bedorf vs. Karl Knothe 3R

Marcin Rozalski vs. Rodney Glunder 3R

Light Heavyweight Title Match: Jan Blachowicz vs. Houston Alexander 3R

Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Christos Piliafas R1 3:48

KSW 21: Final Resolution 12/1/12 Warsaw, POL Hala Torwar
--2hr 5min. Q=Perfect

Matt Horwich vs. Terry Martin 4:08 R2

Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs. Paulina Bonkowska 2R

Piotr Strus vs. KrzysztKulak 2R

Maciej Jewtuszko vs. Artur Sowinski 4:01 R3

Aslambek Saidov vs. Borys Mankowski 2:08 R2

Michal Materla vs. Rodney Wallace 0:21 R1

Mamed Khalidov vs. Kendall Grove R2 3:36