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KSW 15: Modern Gladiators 3/19/11 Warsaw, PL Torwar Hall
-2hr 20min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Welterweight Tournament Final: Aslambek Saidov vs. Ruben Crawford 3R Unanimous Dec

Marcin Rozalski vs. Marcin Bartkiewicz 1:51 R2

Michal Materla vs. Gregory Babene 3:30 R2

James Zikic vs. Antoni Chmielewski 3R Unanimous Dec

Rogent Lloret vs. Karol Bedorf 3R Unanimous Dec

Lightweight Tournament Final: Niko Puhakka vs. Maciej Gorski 3:20 R2

KSW Light Heavyweight Title Decision Match: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Jan Blachowicz 5:00 R2. Sokoudjou only did 1 thing the entire match, but it kept working, so there was no reason to change. They dueled low kicks for most of round 1, but Sokoudjou's right kick was far superior to Blachowicz's left. Blachowicz was forced to try to shift to the takedown game in the 2nd, but now he didn't have the drive in the injured leg, and wound up making a low percentage gamble pulling guard and attacking the heel. Blachowicz soon didn't have much choice but to lay on his back and hope for the submission, as the left leg pretty much could no longer support his weight. Sokoudjou either kicked the leg when Blachowicz was on his back or made him stand and kicked the leg some more, resulting in a stoppage in between rounds. Above average match.

Mamed Khalidov vs. James Irvin 0:33 R1

KSW 16: Khalidov vs. Lindland 5/21/11 Gdansk/Sopot, PL Ergo Arena
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Marcin Rozalski vs. Sergey Shemetov R1:05

Attila Vegh vs. Grigor Ashughbabyan R2 0:26

Artur Sowinski vs. Cengiz Dana 2R unanimous decision

Michal Materla vs. James Zikic 2R unanimous decision

Jan Blachowicz vs. Toni Valtonen R2 1:23

James Thompson vs. Mariusz Pudzianowski R2 1:06

Mamed Khalidov vs. Matt Lindland R1 1:35

KSW 17 Revenge 11/26/11 Lodz, PL Atlas Arena
-2hr 20min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Aslambek Saidov vs. Rafal Moks 2R majority decision

Antoni Chmielewski vs. James Zikic 3R split decision

Artur Sowinski vs. Maciej Jewtuszko R1 0:46

Michal Materla vs. Matt Horwich 3R unanimous decision

KSW Light Heavyweight Title Match: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou vs. Jan Blachowicz 3R. Sokoudjou destroyed Blachowicz's lead leg so badly in their first match at KSW 15 3/19/11 that Blachowicz had to retire before the start of the 3rd round. Blachowicz had a much better game plan for this rematch, closing the gap immediately & either getting the takedown or pulling guard. Sokoudjou landed some good punches from the top, but Blachowicz knew he had the better stamina & making Sokoudjou work all round in a grinding grappling game paid off as the fight progressed. Sokoudjou also wasn't the same fighter here, with a depleted mummified left knee that rendered him less dynamic, quick, and explosive. As Sokoudjou tired some and his movement diminished further, Blachowicz was able to hang with him in standup, and this time his low kicks to the bad knee made a mark, but it was his diversity that was coming through, also showing a solid jab, which stunned Sokoudjou early in the 2nd and perhaps gave Blachowicz confidence to stick with the striking game going forward, and mixing in uppercuts and high kicks. Sokoudjou was even more flatfooted in the 3rd, but was having success in the 1st half with his wrestling, punching his way in then dropping down into a single leg takedown. After a standup, Blachowicz dropped Sokoudjou him with a short left jab counter and was pounding on Sokoudjou from side mount as he progressed toward an Americana submission before squandering the opportunity trying to transition from full mount where he was reigning punches into rear mount for a rear naked choke. The fight wasn't lobsided by any means, Sokoudjou started well in the 1st & 3rd, but Blachowicz being the better conditioned & more well rounded fighter came through this time, and it had to be disappoining for Sokoudjou that he was no longer even able to win the standup. Blachowicz won a unanimous decision to take the title. Good match.

Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. James Thompson 2R majority decision

Mamed Khalidov vs. Jesse Taylor R1 1:46