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KSW 30: Genesis 2/21/15 Poznan, POL Arena Poznan
-3hr 35min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Kamil Gniadek vs. Mateusz Zawadzki 3R draw

Jakub Kowalewicz vs. Lukasz Rajewski R1 3:05

Michal Wlodarek vs. Szymon Bajor 3R unanimous decision

Kleber Koike Erbst vs. Anzor Azhiev R1 3:16

Mateusz Gamrot vs. Rodrigo Cavalheiro Correia R3 4:54

Karolina Kowalkiewicz vs. Kalindra Faria 3R. A fun fight where the pace was really high throughout, actually increasing in the 3rd, & both women were able to show their strengths & have a lot of good moments. Faria, the top ranked pound for pound woman competing in Brazil, gave Kowalkiewicz a lot of trouble because she combined volume & power in standup with good combinations, and a far superior ground game (though she didn't have much opportunity to use it). Faria started strong when they were standing toe to toe, throwing 3 strike combos usually landing at least two, whereas Kowalkiewicz was usually only landing a single shot. Kowalkiewicz quickly adjusted her strategy though, using her movement, and from here she controlled the standup because Faria was very predictable. Faria's entries are very primative, always lining up square to the opponent & coming straight in, so Kowalkiewicz would circle away until Faria finished her combo then stop & land her own shot. Faria was still the more active striker, but her connect percentage plummeted, & Kowalkiewicz was looking very fluid, slipping & scoring. Kowalkiewicz would still get herself into trouble from time to time when she got overaggressive with her punches & stayed in the pocket too long, but she had the ability to mix it up on her own terms whereas Faria was at her mercy to be in front of her. Faria switched things up late in the 1st, slipping a right hand & getting a standing reverse bodylock, which eventually got the fight to the mat as she jumped on Kowalkiewicz back & worked for the rear naked choke until the bell to steal the round back. Kowalkiewicz was on her horse in the 2nd, landing consistently to the nose while Faria chased & missed combo after combo. Kowalkiewicz was increasingly looking too quick, athletic, and technically skilled for Faria, who just couldn't cut the ring off or get another takedown. Faria really pressed hard in the 3rd, adding extra punches to her combos & continuing to come forward to keep Kowalkiewicz on the defensive. Faria, who was seriously depleted coming in from draining herself late in a failed effort to make weight, showed some real heart & guts here, and although she was the one who was upping her energy expenditure & pressing, Kowalkiewicz was the one who began to slow, and when she was standing in front of Faria, Faria began to catch Kowalkiewicz with some big right hooks & overhands. Faria was doing her best to get a takedown, even trying a hip toss after Kowalkiewicz caught her kick, but Kowalkiewicz kept stuffing them & wound up on top by pressing forward when Faria tried to drop into a double leg while Kowalkiewicz had a thai clinch. Faria got a surprise spinning backfist in, but otherwise Kowalkiewicz was avoiding most of her punches. However, Kowalkiewicz didn't have a lot of time to answer she was under so much pressure, even though she was accurate when she did, and Faria threw so many shots that she must have outlanded Kowalkiewicz in the third. Kowalkiewicz was showing clear superiority in boxing, but Faria was so ridiculously aggressive in this round that some judges were bound to be impressed by her output as well as her determination. Kowalkiewicz's cause was aided by showing no visible signs of damage, while Faria's inability to stop the punches to her nose left her looking like Eric Stoltz in Mask. Kowalkiewicz was clearly the superior fighter here over the course of 15 minutes, but only clearly won the 2nd, so I wasn't surprised that Faria took one of the scorecards. Very good match.

Aslambek Saidov vs. Rafal Moks 3R unanimous decision

Borys Mankowski vs. Mohsen Bahari 3R unanimous decision

KSW 31: Materla vs. Drwal 5/23/15 Gdansk, POL Ergo Arena
-3hr 10min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Grzegorz Szulakowski vs. Patryk Grudniewski R2 3:38

Tomasz Narkun vs. Karol Celinski R1 2:17

Aziz Karaoglu vs. Jay Silva R1 1:34

Kamil Szymuszowski vs. Maciej Jewtuszko 3R unanimous decision

KSW Light Heavyweight Title Decision Match: Goran Reljic vs. Attila Vegh 3R split decision

Karol Bedorf vs. Peter Graham 3R unanimous decision

Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Rolles Gracie R1 0:27

KSW Middleweight Title Match: Michal Materla vs. Tomasz Drwal R3 4:56

KSW 32: Road to Wembley 10/31/15 London, EN Wembley Arena
& KSW 13: Kumite 5/7/10 Katowice, PL Spodek
-5hr 10min. Q=Perfect. 3 DVDs

KSW 32

Leszek Krakowski vs. Andre Winner 3R unanimous decision

Maiquel Falcao vs. Brett Cooper R1 0:59

Oli Thompson vs. Michal Wlodarek R3 1:42

Jim Wallhead vs. Rafal Moks R3 2:26

Mateusz Gamrot vs. Marif Piraev R2 3:21

Tomasz Narkun vs. Goran Reljic R1 1:55

James McSweeny vs. Marcin Rozalski R1 2:13

Borys Mankowski vs. Jesse Taylor R1 3:02

Peter Graham vs. Mariusz Pudzianowski R2 2:00

KSW 13

David Oliva vs. Konstantin Gluhov 3R unanimos decision

Middleweight Title Match: Krzysztof Kulak vs. Vitor Nobrega unanimous decision

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinals:

Daniel Tabera vs. Attila Vegh R1 4:57

Jan Blachowicz vs. Wojciech Orlowski R1 1:37

Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Yusuke Kawaguchi 2R unanimous decision

Light Heavyweight Title Match: Mamed Khalidov vs. Ryuta Sakurai 4R draw

KSW 33: Materla vs. Khalidov 11/28/15 Krakow, PL Tauron Arena
-2hr 25min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Anzor Azhiev vs. Vaso Bakocevic 1:39 R3

Kamil Szymuszowski vs. David Zawada 3R Split Dec

Lukasz Chlewicki vs. Bartlomiej Kurczewski 3R Unanimous Dec

Ariane Lipski vs. Katarzyna Lubonska 3:25 R2

Aziz Karaoglu vs. Maiquel Falcao 0:30 R1

KSW Featherweight Title Decision Match: Artur Sowinski vs. Kleber Koike Erbst 3R. One of the most entertaining striker vs. grappler contests. Though Erbst is somewhat out of 1995 as a total ground specialist, he is truly a grappling wizard, with really strong grip strength, super fast scrambles, and the ability to threaten quickly from almost any position on the ground. He's literally able to lock a submission as soon as his back touches the canvas, so he can still get by with the archaic guard pulling style. What separates Erbst from that generic lot of Brazilians from the early PRIDE days that would dive to their back at the opening bell is that he's a reckless wild man. Erbst isn't a good striker in any technical sense, but he's effective because he hopes you decide to grab him or try to take him down. Erbst just throws kick after kick, daring the opponent to catch one. Sowinski is still by far the better striker, he's got a lot more precision & especially pop, but Erbst keeps mixing paces, sometimes bouncing around & going full out all aggressive & sometimes looking like he's ready to collapse from exhaustion, and generally kept Sowinski from settling into a comfortable pattern because you never knew when Erbst was acting & when he was tired, hurt, whatever. A great example came a minute into the fight when Erbst went stumbling back from a Sowinski left hook then postured, acting like he wasn't hurt but the actual acting was the stumbling, so when Sowinski tried to follow with a spinning heel kick, Erbst stepped in & hit a double leg. Erbst couldn't take the top, but hit a triangle when he conceeded to the bottom & worked for an armbar as Sowinski attempted to slam his way out. Erbst's acting was a gamble because he could potentially lure Sowinski into the ground game by seeming more hurt than he was, but it also was going to make the judges score Sowinski's strikes higher because Erbst was wobbled or put down. Erbst kept a high pace in standup, diving & leaping in with wild shots, with his recklessness working to his advantage more often than not because his style was so unorthodox it was hard to prepare for. Sowinski was landing the majority of the clean shots outside of Erbst's low kicks, & he did get a spinning heel kick in. Erbst was winning the ground because even though he'd pull guard, he was the one immediately on the offensive, threatening with submissions & thus keeping Sowinski from getting any real ground & pound going from the top. Sowinski did better with each round because he essentially didn't have to do anything out of the ordinary, he just had to stay on his feet & not get baited or trapped while Erbst's standup game was based mostly on smoke & mirrors & was all about suckering Sowinski, so it was far more tiring & challenging to be Erbst. The combination of Erbst being so active & aggressive & taking big shots from Sowinski slowed him down, and made him easier to hit as the fight progressed. Erbst still had a D'Arce choke applied for the last 50 seconds of round 2 though. Sowinski was taking over with his left hook in the 3rd. Erbst was still trying crazy things though, the most absurd was he literally sprinted at Sowinski from the center of the ring & wound up going down & crashing into the cage from a combination of a left hook/matador move. As with round 2, Erbst was getting beat up in standup, but down the stretch had a major submission attempt, an armbar that he went belly down on, and he closed going for a guillotine but he could only get half guard so there was never enough leverage for it to rate. This was a really difficult fight to score because Sowinski did enough damage that you could give him any or all rounds & Erbst had enough legitimate near finishes that you could give him any or all rounds. Sowinski wound up winning the vacant title via unanimous decision. Very good match.

KSW Middleweight Title Match: Karol Bedorf vs. Michal Kita 2:46 R2

KSW Heavyweight Title Match: Mamed Khalidov vs. Michal Materla 0:31 R1