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KSW 38: Live in Studio 4/7/17 Sekocin Nowy, PL Studio APRICOR
& KSW 39: Colosseum 5/27/17 Warsaw, PL Stadion PGE Narodowy
-6hr 5min. Q=Perfect. 3 DVDs


Maciej Kazieczko vs. Tomasz Matusewicz 1:10 R1

Lukasz Rajewski vs. Sebastian Romanowski 3R Unanimous Dec

Grzegorz Szulakowski vs. Renato Gomes 4:19 R3

Kamil Szymuszowski vs. Gracjan Szadzinski 3R Majority Dec

Anzor Azhiev vs. Kamil Selwa 3R Unanimous Dec

Roman Szymanski vs. Denilson Neves 3R Unanimous Dec

Lukasz Bienkowski vs. Antoni Chmielewski 3R Unanimous Dec

Artur Sowinski vs. Lukasz Chlewicki 1:51 R1


KSW Women's Flyweight Title Decision Match: Ariane Lipski vs. Diana Belbita 4:52 R1

Damian Janikowski vs. Julio Gallegos 1:26 R1

Michal Andryszak vs. Michal Kita 1:14 R1

KSW Featherweight Title Match: Marcin Wrzosek vs. Kleber Koike Erbst 3R. I'm a big fan of athletes with a unique entertaining style. They don't necessarily have to be the best athletes or most well rounded competitors, but, for instance, when you watched a Fabrice Santoro tennis match you were always going to see a general mode of attack (2 handed off both sides) that no other man was implementing, and wow the guy was just a wizard with the racket, pulling off shots most others wouldn't even imagine much less try in a competitive situation. In MMA, Masakazu Imanari is the best known example, a fighter who can literally beat you out of nowhere as soon as he gets you down, and thus someone whose style you absolutely have to prepare for. Erbst is something of the next generation Imanari, a submission grappling wizard with a lot of baiting & mind games in standup to help him get it to the ground, but one who has a much better all around game, and, in fact, is actually deceptively good on his feet. This was Erbst's 2nd chance to win the KSW Featherweight Title, having lost a decision to Artur Sowinski on KSW 33 11/28/15 in a bout for the vacant title. After one successful defense, The Polish Zombie Wrzosek took the title, stopping Sowinski due to a nasty cut. Wrzosek is one of the best standup fighters in KSW, and thus the much more technical & powerful striker of the two. He did well when he came forward & backed Erbst into the cage, though obviously the danger of coming forward is Erbst could duck into a takedown at any time, and Erbst likes to set traps, sell, and mix the pace of his strikes so you aren't sure what's going on with him or what he'll do next. Erbst has good footwork & head movement, but he keeps his hands low, so when Wrzosek was willing to fight in close he was able to land the occassional big shot, particularly overhands or head hooks. Erbst was welted on his upper left forehead in the 1st, and was visibly wearing some of Wrzosek's punishing blows. Erbst has good kickboxing combinations though, and was at his best when he powered forward with a series that could stand on it's own, but obviously was much better if he could finish with a takedown, and because that's such a threat it allows him to land more of these shots because the opponents primary concern is staying on their feet. He caught Wrzosek with one of these 2 minutes into the 1st round, which won him the round despite Erbst doing some good damage, as Erbst quickly forced Wrzosek to surrender his back, and although Wrzosek was soon able to stand out, Erbst still spent the next 2 1/2 minutes on his back, mostly riding Wrzosek's back in a standing rear naked choke attempt. Erbst caught a Wrzosek kick early in the 2nd & got the takedown, but Wrzosek was able to stand against the cage when Erbst tried to pass & wouldn't engage when Erbst immedately pulled guard. Wrzosek smartened up after this, being very patient & methodical with his standup attack the rest of the round, picking his punches with Erbst against the cage so as not to leave openings for takedowns & backing away from Erbst's surges forward so Wrzosek might take a few shots & couldn't counter, but at least didn't get wrestled down after. With the fight a round a piece, Erbst was determined to get the fight to the ground, and although the initial attempt was defended, once he got Wrzosek down he really locked things down with the body triangle & kept active with his punches. Erbst could never quite get a good squeeze on Wrzosek's neck, though it momentarily looked like he might have Wrzosek in the final 30 seconds before he released the grip, but the round was a complete shutout for Erbst, earning him the unanimous decision & the title in this second opportunity. Good match.

KSW Lightweight Title Match: Mateusz Gamrot vs. Norman Parke 3R Unanimous Dec

Lukasz Jurkowski vs. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou 3R Split Dec

KSW Light Heavyweight Title Match: Tomasz Narkun vs. Marcin Wojcik 4:59 R1

KSW Heavyweight Title Match: Fernando Rodrigues Jr. vs. Marcin Rozalski 0:16 R1

Pawel Rak vs. Robert Burneika 0:45 R1

Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Tyberiusz Kowalczyk 2:50 R2

Mamed Khalidov vs. Borys Mankowski 3R Unanimous Dec