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K-1 THE KING OF KINGS GRAND PRIX '96 $200,000 Sodatsu Kakutogi Sekai Saikyo Tournament Opening Battle Commercial Tape 3/10/96 Kanagawa Yokohama Arena
-1hr 55min. Q=Near Perfect

Musashi vs. Kit Lynkins

Sam Greco vs. Perry Telgt

Mike Bernardo vs. Jeff Roufus

Ernesto Hoost vs. Stuart Green

Mirko Tiger (Cro Cop Filipovic) vs. Jerome Le Banner

Stan The Man vs. Sadau Kiatsongrit

Andy Hug vs. Bart Vale

Peter Aerts vs. Jean Claude Leuyer

K-1 THE KING OF KINGS GRAND PRIX '96 $200,000 Sodatsu Kakutogi Sekai Saikyo Tournament Final Battle Commercial Tape 5/6/96 Kanagawa Yokohama Arena
-2hr. Q=Near Perfect

WORLD GP '96 Quarterfinals:

Peter Aerts vs. Mike Bernardo

Musashi vs. Sam Greco

Ernesto Hoost vs. Mirko Tiger

Andy Hug vs. Vander Merwe

Special One Match: Masaaki Miyamoto vs. Iron Ronny

Special One Match: Rene Rooze vs. Jean Claude Leuyer

WORLD GP '96 Semifinals: Musashi vs. Mike Bernardo

Ernesto Hoost vs. Andy Hug

WORLD GP '96 Final: Andy Hug vs. Mike Bernardo

K-1 FIGHT NIGHT II Commercial Tape 6/2/96 Zurich, Switzerland Hallenstadion
-1hr 50min. Q=Master

Petar Majstorovic vs. Shingo Koyasu 3R

WKA Super Welterweight Title Match: Marino Deflorin vs. Ewart Liburd R2 1:50

Adam Watt vs. Perry Telgt R3 1:05

Orlando Weit vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa R2 0:30

Taiei Kin vs. Azem Maksutaj 5R

WKA Cruiserweight Title Match: Michael Thompson vs. Attila Fusko R3 1:50

UKF World Super Heavyweight Title Match: Andy Hug vs. Sadou Kiatsongrit R2 3:02

K-1 REVENGE '96 Commercial Tape 9/1/96 Osaka Jo Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=Master

Jean Riviere vs. Fred Floyd. Fred Floyd looks like an offensive lineman, and is about as exciting. Horrible.

Jerome Le Banner vs. Takeru. Le Banner was seemingly twice as thick as Takeru. He rocked Takeru and put him down over and over, but Takeru kept getting up for more punishment.

Ivan Hippolyte vs. Jason Nobunaga. So edited that you couldn't tell much.

Ernesto Hoost vs. Carl Bernardo. Hoost really put on a technical dismantling exhibition in round one then got a quick KO in round 2.

Nobuaki Kakuda vs. Zane Frazier. They joined this in round 4, but even what they showed was boring. They were totally blown up in round 5.

WMTC World Middleweight Title Match: Marino Deflorin vs. Sak Mongkol. This looked like non K-1 kickboxing. It wasn't real exciting, but mainly because the defense was actually good. Defnitely a good fight if you can appreciate this style.

WMTC World Junior Middleweight Title Match: Taiei Kin vs. Wanlop Sor Sarthaphan. Two fights in a row with defense. Amazing. More of a strategic fight, but the action picked up in the 4th round. Not real exciting, but a good even fight.

Musashi vs. Sam Greco. Greco is too powerful for Musashi. Musashi may hit him, but when they exchange Greco is almost always going to do more damage because of this.

Peter Aerts vs. Mike Bernardo. Aerts kicked Bernardo low early on and he couldn't continue.

WMTC World Super Heavyweight Title Match: Stan The Man vs. Andy Hug. The most exciting match on the show, which is not surprising given Hug. These two fought kind of dirty and roughed each other up. At one point, Hug hurt Stan's back by holding him against the ropes and then leaning over, which turned Stan into a teeter totter. Hug wasn't even penalized for this. Stan seemed to be okay once he was up for a few seconds, but Hug ran over him for the rest of the fight.

K-1 STAR WARS '96 Commercial Tape 10/18/96 Kanagawa Yokohama Arena
-2hr. Q=Master

Musashi vs. Jean Riviere. Riviere appeared to have about 75 pounds on Musashi, but his conditioning was horrible so he slowed in the later rounds. The last two rounds were pretty good, but the first three were dull.

Ernesto Hoost vs. Jerome Le Banner. I've never seen Hoost down so many times. Granted several were slips, but still. Good fight.

Peter Aerts vs. Mike Bernardo. Bernardo took it to Aerts, doing damage with his fists as usual. Bernardo won all three rounds, but it didn't matter because he scored a KO with a killer left hook then right hook combination just before the third round ended. Bernardo was very impressive here. Very good fight.

Masaaki Miyamoto vs. Stan The Man. Miyamoto was overmatched. He kept fighting, but he wasn't doing any damage, while Stan was connecting with lots of good blows.

Sam Greco vs. Gerry Harris

Karate demonstration

WKA World Muay Thai Super Heavyweight Title Match: Masaaki Satake vs. Andy Hug. Disappointing fight. Satake was losing every round, as you'd expect, but it wasn't very entertaining since he was concentrating on avoiding all of Hug's blows, mainly by backing away. Satake was never in any trouble, but he really never did anything offensively.

K-1 Hercules '96 Commercial Tape 12/8/96 Nagoya Shi Sogo Taiikukan Rainbow Hall
-2hr. Q=Master

Stan The Man vs. Mike Bernardo

Ray Sefo vs. Ernesto Hoost

Jean Claude Riviere vs. Rob Carman

Sam Greco vs. Jerome Le Banner

Musashi vs. Andy Hug

Kurtwood Walker vs. Takeru

Katsuji Ueda vs. Nobuaki Kakuda