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Foreign Kakuto Holland Correspondence 6 The Night of the Thriller Commercial Tape 2/10/94 Amsterdam, Holland Sporthallen Zuid
-1hr. Q=Master

Faisel Reding vs. Harold van Haagen 5R

WMTA European Title Fight - Heavyweight: Frank Lobman vs. Luc Verheyen R5

Ramon Dekker vs. Gilbert Ballentine 5R

WMTA World Title Fight - Super Heavyweight: Peter Aerts vs. Markus Fuckner R2 2:21

K-1 CHALLENGE FIGHT OF DREAM BUDOKAN Commercial Tape 3/4/94 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
-2hr. Q=Master

Kotei Yamada vs. Kintaro Sugimoto 3R. Close fight. Both were better at boxing, fighting inside with quick short punches, the crisper of which coming from Sugimoto.

Michael Thompson vs. Gary Sandland 4R 1:10. Sandland is the bigger, more powerful fighter. He isn't very skilled, but he did a good job of muscling Thompson, charging in and trying to overwhelm him. Thompson was at his best when he had distance, but wasn't dancing enough to keep Sandland away. Sandland's stamina was questionable, but Thompson wasn't active enough, allowing Sandland to rest by clinching after throwing a punch or two, the big body leaning on him seeming to wear Thompson down some. Thompson came on in the later stages, pushing off the clinch and landing. He knocked Sandland through the ropes with a knee, though it was more Sandland losing his balance than anything else. Thompson was trying to set up a spinning kick all fight, but kept going high. Finally, he nailed Sandland in the bread basket with a spinning savate for the KO. Good bout.

Yan Wessel vs. Rabel Robinson 5R. Wessel was taller, but Robinson was the better inside fighter. He was accurate, but not aggressive enough. Robinson would either land multiple blows or sit back and wait, which was annoying but successful. Neither were dominant, but Robinson had more on his blows and consistently landed when he threw. He also put Wessel down with a low kick just before the end of R1. Fair.

Yoshihisa Tagami vs. Funaki 1R 1:23. Excellent performance by Tagami showing hard speedy punches and a killer instinct. Tagami had an early knockdown with a right straight and put the heat on, overwhelming Funaki for a seonc knockdown. Tagami landed a nice left/right hook combo that Funaki withstood then put him down with a high kick that Funaki actually blocked. Funaki said it was a slip, and clearly it didn't land, but that was enough for the 3 KD rule. Funaki might have gotten a tough break, but he would have been knocked down again by the end of the round anyway.

WKA Intercontinental Super Light Heavyweight Title Match: Andre Manaart vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa 5R. Though he landed to the legs at will, Manaart still mixed his kicks up well. When Atokawa tried guarding the body, Manaart would go low or high and low. his combinations were sharp, and the best overmatched Atokawa was able to do was block a punch then get low kick. Atokawa barely landed anything, but showed a lot of heart as Manaart tired from hitting him so often. Atokawa walked right into a streaight left for a knockdown when he was coming in to kick. Despite all he withstood, Atokawa's best rounds were the final ones as he went on offense, even if his worn down opponent largely blocked him. Pretty good.

UKF World Light Heavyweight Title Match: Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs. Taiei Kin 5R. Close, tough exciting fight. Kin basically stayed away unless he was going to attack, backing away from Kiatsongrit's strikes but then coming in with a counter, for instance landing several spinning backfists. Kiatsongrit's strategy was to force Kin against the ropes and bring te knee up to the gut. He was getting frustrated because Kin, who is smart enough to know he can't fight inside with Thai clinch master Kiatsongrit, was keeping him out of his game by maintaining a safe distance. Kiatsongrit is like a cobra waiting to strike. Once in a while he doesn't wait long enough, for instance the beginning for R2 where he front kicked Kin low before the bell. Kiatsongrit eventually got his knees going, and some of them were wicked, but half of them didn't count because they landed low. Kiatsongrit clearly knocked the win out of Kin with a knee to the midsection, but Kin got fired up and became more aggressive, landing yet another uraken. Very good.

Ernesto Hoost vs. Masaaki Satake 2R 2:48. Hoost pecked away for a while then countered a left straight with a left high kick for the KO. Hoost didn't land big blows other than the finish, which was actually more fast than powerful, but he was accurate and efficient.

Andy Hug vs. Branco Cikatic 5R. Cikatic was very good punching on the inside, in fact he knocked Hug down at the outset with such a combination. Hug was adequate on the inside, but much better when he used his kicks to keep Cikatic away, as he couldn't use most of his best weapons from the distance Cikatic wanted to fight at. Hug turned the match early, but Cikatic refused to wild despite a pace that wasn't conducive to the large old man. Cikatic is lumbering and flatfooted. Hug pressured him, knocking him down in R2 with a series of punches. Hug fought with determination, keeping the heat on Cikatic, who was quickly running out of steam due to Hug's fever pace. Cikatic tried to turn it into a brawl so he could use his size to lean on Hug. He landed some heavy punches and managed to give Hug a mouse under the left eye. Very good.

K-1 THE KING OF KINGS GRAND PRIX '94 $100,000 Sodatsu Kakutogi Sekai Saikyo Tournament
Commercial Tape 4/30/94 Tokyo Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo Daiichitaiikukan
-2hr. Q=Master

Exhibition Match: Naoyuki Taira vs. Koji Yamazaki. Submissions were legal here.

GRAND PRIX '94 Ikkaisen

Peter Aerts vs. Rob Van Esdonk. Esdonk won the first round, even putting Aerts down. The second round was more wide open with both men having their moments, but overall Aerts won it convincingly. Aerts was doing most of his damage after backing Esdonk into the ropes, but Esdonk did fairly well on the occassions when he opened up and fought his way back to the center of the ring. 3rd round wasn't particularly eventful, with the knockout being one big high kick out of nowhere.

Andy Hug vs. Patrick Smith. This was hard to believe. One would have thought that Hug would destroy Smith, but he never even got started. Smith had him down within 10 seconds, although Hug had one leg up to kick when he was hit so it was probably more of a case of him not having a strong base when he was hit. Smith caught Hug with a big uppercut a few seconds after he got up, and this time he definitely fell because he was hurt. Hug was up before the ref steped in front of Smith to get him to back up, so Smith decked Hug and that was it.

Masaaki Satake vs. Michael Thompson. Typical Satake fight. The most interesting thing was the scoring of the second round where one judge had it 10-10, but another scored it 10-7 Satake. 10-9 Satake was probably fair.

Andre Manaart vs. Branco Cikatic

Special One Match: Lucia Riker vs. Sandra Michelle Muua

GRAND PRIX '94 Junkessho

Patrick Smith vs. Peter Aerts. Smith was really aggressive here, but in an out of control roll the dice kind of way. Aerts isn't the type you are going to beat this way, although I suppose the same could be said about Hug.

Branco Cikatic vs. Masaaki Satake

Special One Match: Hiro Yoshitaka vs. Ewan Hiporitt. Small quick guys who were very active. They tired in the later rounds, but the 5th round was really exciting because it was close enough that both men put everything they had into winning the final round.

GRAND PRIX '94 Kesshosen: Peter Aerts vs. Masaaki Satake. Aerts consistently had the most interesting fights of the tournament, while Satake consistently had the least interesting fights in the tournament. Unfortunately, Satake was the one that kept his streak alive. He went about business like he always does and was able to hang in there, but there were very few highlights and you never got the idea that Satake could win.

K-1 The Ultimate Knockout K-2 Plus Tournament 1994 Commercial Tape 5/8/94 Amsterdam, NED
-50min. Q=Ex. PAL DVD

Tournament Quarterfinals

Adam Watt vs. Artem Toyoyan

Bob Schrijber vs. Zijad Polio

Ernesto Hoost vs. Tony Luciano

Jerome Turcan vs. Mark Russell

Tournament Semifinals

Artem Toyoyan vs. Bob Schrijber

Ernesto Hoost vs. Mark Russell

Final: Bob Schrijber vs. Ernesto Hoost

Foreign Kakuto Holland Correspondence 8 K-1 Holland THE NIGHT OF STARS Tournament
Commercial Tape 9/12/94 Rotterdam Ahoy Hall
-1hr. Q=Master

Super Prestige Fight Muay Thai Rule: Abdellah Quay vs. Gilbert Ballentine

Tournament Round 1

Frank Lobman vs. Danny Crouweel

Glenn Wijngart vs. William van Roosmalen

Andre Oetelaar vs. Peter Verschuren

Peter Aerts vs. Rob van Esdonk

Tournament Semifinals

Frank Lobman vs. Peter Verschuren

Peter Aerts vs. Glenn Wijngart

Tournament Final: Peter Aerts vs. Frank Lobman

K-1 REVENGE '94 The World's Biggest Martial Arts Survival Commercial Tape 9/18/94 Kanagawa Yokohama Arena
-1hr 55min. Q=Master

Jeff "Duke" Roufus vs. Takeshi Tanaka. Exciting, but one-sided.

Orlando Wiet vs. Taiei Kin. Pretty good fight.

Yoshihisa Tagami vs. Hector Pena. Slaughter.

Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs. Michael Thompson. Kiatsongrit landed the more damaging blows, but Thompson was more active. Finish was kind of fishy if you ask me, as it ended on a Miyato spinning savate kick 2 seconds into a round.

Ernesto Hoost vs. Mark Russell. Russell was able to get up from a killer high kick in the third round, but he was still on dream street and Hoost was pummelling him. Russell showed good heart here, but that only goes so far when your opponent is the best.

Toshiyuki Atokawa vs. Tasis "Tosca" Petridis. Atokawa was unable to stop Tosca's punches. Tosca couldn't really get his kicks and knees going, but eventually his hooks and straight punches did so much damage that he was able to use his legs on his wobbly foe. Atokawa was basically a punching bag in round 5.

Branco Cikatic vs. Stan The Man. Slow, deliberate fight. Neither man was very active, and it was rather dull.

Andy Hug vs. Patrick Smith. Smith came out with all guns blazing again, but this time Hug was ready for him. Flashy, all action fight. May have been a work as there were so many big swings in the short time it lasted, but one knee from Hug was really the only good blow that landed.

WKA World Muay Thai Super Heavyweight Title: Dennis "Hurricane" Lane vs. Masaaki Satake. Typical dull Satake match. Highlight was Lane hitting a nice uraken, but he looked a little silly doing it since he wound up falling down.

K-1 Karate World Cup '94 Commercial Tape 10/2/94 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan
-2hr. Q=Near Perfect

8 man tournament featuring Sam Greco & Michael Tompson

Masaaki Satake vs. Gary Sandland

Andy Hug vs. Duke Roufus

K-1 LEGEND Commercial Tape 12/10/94 Nagoya Shi Sogo Taiikukan Rainbow Hall
-1hr 50min. Q=Master

Hector Pena vs. Hammer Matsui 1R 2:39. Matsui was lucky to almost survive the first round. Pena was rocking him with heavy punches, landing hook combinations at will and generally just mauling Matsui. Matsui seemed to spend as much time on his back, as there were several slips in addition to the three knockdowns.

Orlando Wiet vs. Taro Minato 5R. I expected Wiet to win, but he was barely even landing in the first half. Minato's technique is so textbook he always seems robotic. He may not land a lot of flashy blows, but he mixes several pretty good shots to all portions of the body.Wiet was knocked off balance and down from shots that were difficult to discern the quality of. Minato does throw nasty elbows when he's got a small amount of separation. Wiet was getting picked apart, but came alive in R4, landing several good uppercuts on the inside. Minato was not only staggered but turned into a bobblehead, yet he managed to stay up despite Wiet punching himself out. Wiet was actually trying to jump up and coming down with an elbow to the top of Minato's head. Despite the dominant 4th round, Wiet was still down in the fight. He continued to rock Minato in the 5th round, knowing he needed another dominant round at the very least, probably a knockout. Good fight.

Taiei Kin vs. Eugene Valerio 5R. Kin got off to a slow start, but got better with each round. He had better stamina than his opponent as usual. This wasn't one of his more exciting fights, in fact it was rather uneventful. It seemed closer than it was scored, as neither had much success. Fair.

Peter Aerts vs. Grant Barker 1R 2:00. Barker was out of his depth. He'd see that Aerts was about to attack, so he'd just stand there covering up. That might work against a lousy fighter, but anyone of quality will do just what Aerts did, strike around and through the block.

UKF World Super Heavyweight Title Match: Rob Van Esdonk vs. Andy Hug 5R 0:35. Not a particularly exciting bout, but Van Esdonk slowed Hug down and tired him out. He wasn't getting hurt, but he was mostly backing away and clinching. Van Esdonk came on in R4 landing some good punches and scoring on the inside. Knowing it was a close fight, Van Esdonk came out aggressive in R5, but got hit hard once then hesitated. Regrouping, he decided to go and landed a series of punches against the ropes then clinched, but before he could deliver a knee Hug decked him with a left hook for the surprising one punch KO.

Cikatic Final Match: Branko Cikatic vs. Ernesto Hoost 2R 1:18. Even at 40, Cikatic was still one of the most dangerous punchers. This was the rematch from the '93 Grand Prix Finals where Cikatic KO'd a countering Hoost with an overhand right he didn't see coming. In what was to be his final fight, Cikatic proceeded to do it again.

Sam Greco vs. Masaaki Satake 2R 1:27. Greco came on at the end of 1994, establishing himself as a force by winning the Karate World Cup and defeating Seido Kaikan's top star. Good short fight, one-sided but lots of heavy blows. Greco blitzed Satake, and had 2 quick knockdowns but couldn't seal the deal. He ran out of steam in the later portion of R1, allowing Satake to tie him up, but he still landed a stiff uraken among others. Satake has his liabilities, but no one will ever deny the man can take a shot.

K-1 Best Bouts '94 Commercial Tape
-2hr. Q=Master

Best matches from 3/3, 4/30, 9/18, 10/4 & 12/10/94

Andy Hug vs. Branko Cikatic

Yoshihisa Tagami vs. Hector Pena

Masaaki Satake vs. Sam Greco

Peter Aerts vs. Rob van Esdonk

Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs. Taiei Kin

Peter Aerts vs. Graham Parker

Peter Aerts vs. Patrick Smith

Ernesto Hoost vs. Branko Cikatic

Masaaki Satake vs. Dennis "Hurricane" Lane

Andy Hug vs. Rob van Esdonk

Ernesto Hoost vs. Masaaki Satake

Ernesto Hoost vs. Mark Russell

Andy Hug vs. Patrick Smith