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Seido Kaikan KNOCKDOWN FIGHT USA Oyama Karate vs. Seido Karate Commercial Tape 6/4/91 Tokyo
-1hr 15min. Q=Master

Toshiyuki Atokawa vs. Jose Luis Cotton 3R

Masaki Kawachi vs. Jerry Harris 3R

Atsushi Tamaki vs. Brian Joseph Martin 3R

Nobuaki Kakuda vs. Gary Klugiewicz 4R

Toshiyuki Yanagisawa vs. Chuck Chism 3R

Masaaki Satake vs. Willie Williams 3R

Seido Kaikan Knockdown Fight II Karate World Cup '91 Commercial Tape 10/10/91 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukan
-1hr 20min. Q=Master

Ist, 2nd, and 3rd round highlights

3rd Round: Masaaki Satake vs. Gerard Gordeau

4th round highlights


Toshiyuki Atokawa vs. Minoru Fujita

Taiei Kin vs. Yoshihisa Tagami

Junzo Tamae vs. Nobumitsu Takazawa

Gerard Gordeau vs. Adam Watt


Toshiyuki Atokawa vs. Yoshihisa Tagami

Nobumitsu Takazawa vs. Adam Watt

3rd Place Match: Yoshihisa Tagami vs. Nobumitsu Takazawa

Final: Toshiyuki Atokawa vs. Adam Watt

Seido Kaikan KARATE JAPAN OPEN TOURNAMENT 1st Towa Cup Karate Tournament Championships 1/12/92 Tokyo Budokan
-3 1/2hr. Q=Master. 2 DVDs

57 man gloved Karate tournament with unprecidented 10,000,000-en in prize money featuring Masaaki Satake, Taiei Kin, Yoshinori Nishi, Ryuji Murakama, & Noriyuki Inaba

Seido Kaikan Kakutogi Olympic I Commercial Tape 3/26/92 Tokyo Taiikukan
-1hr 20min. Q=Master

RINGS Rule: Akira Maeda vs. Koichiro Kimura

Muay Thai Rule: Pieter Smit vs. Mikoki Ichihara

RINGS Rule: Herman Renting vs. Yoshinori Nishi

RINGS Rule: Naoyuki Taira vs. Eric Edlenbos

Kickboxing Rule: Rob Kaman vs. Adam Watt

Full Contact Karate Rule: Willy Williams vs. Nobuaki Kakuda

Karate & Kickboxing Mixed Rule: Maurice Smith vs. Masaaki Satake

Foreign Kakuto France Correspondence 1 Commercial Tape 4/3/92 Paris
-1hr. Q=Master

David Taylor vs. Fabien Khodry

World Championship: Rob Kaman vs. Mark Russel

Maurice Smith vs. Peter Aerts

Seido Kaikan Kakuto Tensho Kakutogi Olympic II Commercial Tape 7/30/92 Tokyo Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo Dai-nitaiikukan
-1hr 20min. Q=Master

Karate Semi-contact Special Rule: Yoshinori Nishi vs. Greg Douglas 3R. Cautious fight. Nishi kept coming forward, but Douglas backed away from his attacks rather than engaging. Douglas mainly threw a quick low impact counter after getting hit with one or two strikes. Nishi landed more often, but never really connected with any solid blows. Douglas may have been the better fighter, but I'm not sure he knew the rules too well. He cut Nishi with a left hook in the 2nd round, the first good shot he landed, but punches to the face are illegal. He caught Nishi's leg and took him down, but failed to score due to an illegal punch. Douglas was getting the hang of taking Nishi down by the end of the fight. Fair but relatively uneventful.

Seido Karate Rule: Andy Hug vs. Toshiyuki Yanagisawa 5R. I give Yanagisawa credit for going the distance with Hug in this fast-paced bout. Andy was putting on a clinic at his expense, but there was no quit in Yanagisawa. No punches to the face is probably to Hug's advantage, as his kicking is so good he can be extremely effective essentially without throwing any punches. Hug's flexibility is tremendous, for instance he landed a left axe kick and kept his leg extended in midair, coming right back with a left high kick (which I believe missed). That kind of technique also requires super one foot balance, which Hug regularly displayed, even changing pivot feet so quickly the right leg would be up with a strike the second the left leg was down. Hug cut Yanagisawa's left eye with a right high kick. At one point he landed a left axe kick followed by a left high kick then put Yanagisawa down with a right leg sweep. Later he put him down with a spinning leg sweep. Good albeit onesided bout.

Karate Glove Rule: Yoshihisa Tagami vs. Andrei Artamonov 3R 1:58. Tagami is a very aggressive fighter who keeps the pressure on. Unfortunately, Artamonov could run all night. Tagami got off to a quick start then Artamonov was in retreat mode. Artamonov tried being the aggressor at the start of R2, but resorted to running after taking a few kicks. Artamonov's big problem is he'd eat a left low or middle kick just about every time he tried to punch. Tagami eventually tired of Artamonov's hiding, chasing after him and landing kicks. Even a swift kick in the Jimmy couldn't slow Tagami down. In fact, it may just have made him more determined, as he knocking Artamonov out with a left high kick not long after. Pretty good despite Artamonov's best efforts to avoid contact.

Karate Glove & Semi-contact Rule: Manson Gibson vs. Taiei Kin 4R. Gibson is light on his feet and has excellent footwork. He utilized a side stance, regularly looking for spinning kicks, to keep Kin off balance and on the defensive. Gibson would actually come in by repeatedly spinning, with Kin not even throwing as he was so baffled. Kin, who is normally one of the best counter strikers, backed away as usual but was never able to go on the offensive out of his opponents miss, barely landed anything in the first two rounds. However, in the third he avoided a spinning kick and put Gibson down with a head punch, which was legal because he wore gloves. Gibson put Kin down twice in round 4, but unfortunately for him they were both with an illegal punch (he didn't wear gloves) at the end of the combination, resulting in a DQ. Kin was hurt fairly badly the second time, his eye almost immediately closed. Disappointing finish, but the expected high level of fighting from two of the best. Good fight, though more for people who enjoy quality defense as not much actually connected despite the aggressive fighting.

Karate Glove & Semi-contact Rule: Dale "Apollo" Cook vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa 4R. Atokawa is one of those natives who seems to always fight a name foreigner who is more talented than him, but always gives his all and that translates into a tough action packed fight. Atokawa was largely the aggressor, keeping the pressure on Cook. Cook put him down early with a straight left counter, and had some good takedowns including an STO, but overall it was a pretty close fight. Good match.

Karate Glove Rule: Masaaki Satake vs. Ahmad Muhammad 1R 1:57. I realize Satake was good in these days, but this slaughter seemed more due to Muhammad being a stiff. I don't actually know anything about the guy, but his footwork stunk, and seemed to cost him the first knockdown. Satake then hurt him with a low kick for the second knockdown, resulting in Muhammad gimping around the rest of the bout. Satake kept the pressure on, and why not as he was hitting Muhammad at will.

Foreign Kakuto Holland Correspondence 1 The Night of Truth Commercial Tape 9/20/92 Amsterdam Sporthallen Zuid
-2hr. Q=Master

European Lightweight Title Match: Corrine Geeris vs. Bettina Volker R6 of 6

Bolem Belaini vs. Michael Lieuwfat R7 of 7

Vincent Vyent vs. Darrell Simmons 3R of 5

European Muay Thai Middleweight Title Match: Antoine Druif vs. Habib Bensalah 3R of 5

IKBF World Junior Welterweight Title Match: Stuart Ballantine vs. Iwan Meenis 7R

Mohamed Kassrioui vs. Theo Wielsen 3R

IKBF World Title Match: Rick Verheyen vs. Reid Poljo 9R

Ramon Dekkers vs. Gilbert Ballantine 5R

Muay Thai World Heavyweight Title Match: Peter Aerts vs. Frank Lobman R3 1:31

Seido Kaikan '92 Karate World Cup Kakutogi Olympic III 10/4/92 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan
-1hr 50min. Q=Near Perfect

digest of Karate tournament bouts

Exhibition Match: Kyoko Kamikaze vs. Saskia Van Rijswijk

Special One Match: Yoshihisa Tagami vs. Stephen "Super Kick" Vick

Stan The Man vs. Adam Watt

Peter Aerts vs. Masaaki Satake

'92 Karate World Cup Final: Andy Hug vs. Taiei Kin

Foreign Kakuto Holland Correspondence 2 The Night of the Shock Commercial Tape 3/7/93 Amsterdam Sporthallen Zuid
-1hr 50min. Q=Master

Allen Blokland vs. Cliff Adrianis

Dutch Middleweight Title Match: Marvin Irion vs. Theo Wirsen

Corrine Geeris vs. Saskia Habraken 5R

Dutch Jr. Welterweight Title Match: Ahmed Gounane vs. Vincent Vain

Gilbert Valentini vs. Evan Meenis

Dutch Middleweight Title Match: Faizel Reding vs. Hassan Etaki

Boulem Belaini vs. Doris

European Light Heavyweight Title Match: Rik van de Vathorst vs. Bernard Cherry

Peter Aerts vs. Maurice Smith R4 2:07

K-1 Seido Kaikan Holy War SANCTUARI Commercial Tape 3/30/93 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 40min. Q=Master

Junji Kageishi vs. Yoshihisa Tagami. Tagami was so active and effective that Kageishi could hardly get a blow in. 1:46

Taiei Kin vs. Haruo Wada. Same deal as the first fight except the two knockdowns were in the first minute. 0:59

Adam Watt vs. Shinjiro Aoki. Even quicker than the first two, as this time it only took one knockdown. 0:40

Sogo Kakutogi Rule: Nobuaki Kakuta vs. Yoshinori Nishi. Bare knuckle shootfight, though a pretty boring one that may have been worked. Full time.

Chizumi Yoshida vs. Peko Chan Yuri. A lot of dancing around. Very few good shots landed, partially because neither guy threw that many blows. Full time.

Sogo Kakutogi Rule: Katsumi Usuda vs. Naoyuki Taira. Taira definitely had the advantage in standup. Usuda wanted to take it to the mat, but when it got there we found out that he was no match there either. Usuda was badly outclassed and Taira wasn't able to connect with the entertaining strikes, so it wasn't a particularly entertaining blowout. 14:03

Stan The Man vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa. I thought Stan would handle Atokawa, but that wasn't the case at all. He was really pressing, which didn't help. Atokawa didn't get a lot of offense in, but until the later rounds Stan was either missing or not doing any damage with punch after punch. Pretty good. 5R 2:22

Masaaki Satake vs. Chris Brannel. This should be one of those cult matches like Takada vs. Berbick. It was absolutely hilarious because Brannel was so scared. He went down once because he thought Satake was ready to hit him! Brannel was always backing away and kept going down, whether from a blow or because he had no balance. The fans kept laughing at him. It was so embarrassing I think the ref may have stopped it to save face for the league. 2R 1:39

K-1 THE KING OF KINGS GRAND PRIX '93 $100,000 Sodatsu Kakutogi Sekai Saikyo Tournament Final Battle Commercial Tape 4/30/93 Tokyo Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo #1 Taiikukan
-1hr 50min. Q=Near Perfect

K-1 GRAND PRIX '93 1st Round:

Masaaki Satake vs. Todd "Hollywood" Hays R2 0:45

Branco Cikatic vs. Changpuek Kiatsongrit R1 2:35

Maurice Smith vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa 3R

Ernesto Hoost vs. Peter Aerts 3R

Exhibition Match - RINGS: Wataru Uchida vs. Naoyuki Taira

Special Match - Karate: Taiei Kin vs. Michael Thompson 3R

K-1 GRAND PRIX '93 Semifinals:

Branco Cikatic vs. Masaaki Satake R3 0:45

Ernesto Hoost vs. Maurice Smith R3 1:18

Special Match - Karate: Nobuaki Kakuda vs. Andy Hug R2 1:26

Final: Branco Cikatic vs. Ernesto Hoost R1 2:49

K-1 ILLUSION As Fast as the Wind Wind Chapter 6/25/93 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan
-2hr. Q=Master

Highlights of major Satake matches & 5/6/93 undercard plus Satake vs. Nishi

Sogo Kakutogi Rule: Naoyuki Taira vs. Atsushi Tamaki

Spirit Karate Rule: Sam Greco vs. Keisuke Nakagawa. Greco's K-1 debut. The fighters don't wear gloves under karate rules, so there's a lot of fighting on the inside because they don't want to break their hands. Nakagawa tried to call time out because he was injured, but the ref didn't do anything so Greco kicked Nakagawa when he turned his back on him. This further injured Nakagawa.

Spirit Karate Rule: Michael Thompson vs. Nobuaki Kakuda

Spirit Karate Rule: Andy Hug vs. Minoru Fujita (not the pro wrestler). Pretty good action, but Fujita never had a chance.

Bobby "The Bruiser" Colinson vs. Yoshiaki Miyoshi

UKF World Super Welterweight Title Match: Carrell "The Heat" Eckles vs. Yoshihisa Tagami. Takagi was the aggressor. He was quicker than Eckles and his knees are a weapon. Pretty good.

UKF World Cruiserweight Title Match: Lavelle Robinson vs. Adam Watt. Watt had the height and reach advantage. Not a great fight, but it was competitive.

UKF World Light Heavyweight Title Decision Match: Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs. Taiei Kin. These two didn't waste any strikes. They measured their opponent then unleashed one or a combination of their hardest. Brutal and effective offense. These two have great chins because they took a lot of high impact blows. Kiatsongrit controlled, but Kin was never ready to lose. Very good fight.

UKF World Heavyweight Title Decision Match: Masaaki Satake vs. Don Nakaya Nielsen. This was the most dominant performance I've seen from Satake. Nielsen was simply embarrassed. He was a step or two too slow, and it's not like Satake has any speed. Satake's big shots were landing cleanly, so he was putting a beating on Don from the get go. Nielsen seemed like the old champion whose heart tells him yes, but body fails him.

K-1 ILLUSION As Quiet as the Forest Forest Chapter 9/4/93 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
-1hr 50min. Q=Master

Andy Hug vs. Ryuji Murakami 1R 0:39. Fantastic KO by Hug, faking te spinning savate then dropping Murakami with his patented kakato otoshi.

Lucia Rijker vs. Kyoko Kamikaze 2R 0:44. Kamikaze was never able to get going. Rijker kept the pressure on, striking whenver Kamikaze wasn't blocking. The final knockdown seemed more toward a slip as Kamikaze was trying an uraken, but it was academic by that point anyway. Shinobu Kandori presented Rijker with a trophy.

Phothai Chorwaikool vs. Taiek Kin 5R. Kin is one of the most deceptive fighters, which is why he has more success with the uraken than any real fighter I can think of. He seems to be backing off then launches a quick attack if his opponent doesn't step forward. He's neither a stalker nor a counterpuncher, just kind of hovering at the end of his range and looking of an opening. His Thai opponent Chorwaikool is more similar to Kiatsongrit though not as fierce and intimidating, as he's not real active but strikes with accuracy and authority. Good, close fight. Kin has superb stamina, and when he gets deep into a fight that makes it seem as if he wants it more. Good fight.

Adam Watt vs. Gerard Gordeau 2R 2:07. Watt did almost all the attacking, and it wasn't as if Gordeau was looking to counter. Gordeau seemed to have no confidence in his abilities, just laying back and trying to defend. His only offense, if one can call it that, was trying to tie Watt up and muscle him into an advantageous position, though apparently he never succeeded as he didn't get to the point where he actually threw some strikes. Gordeau took a few wicked urakens. Fair.

K-1 Network Ranking Match: Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa 5R. Slow start as Atokawa defended first, doing a good enough job of it to largely nulify the action. Initially Atokawa would block then occasionally land a weak counter. Kiatsongrit had the bad habit of throwing middle kicks right into Atokawa's block rather than low kicks which would have been more likely to land, and certainly would have helped open up other quadrants. Kiatsongrit got himself into trouble early in R4, slipping then getting hit when he got back up. He tried to turn it up at this point, but wound up landing his usual assortment of low blows that hurt him on the scorecards. Kiatsongrit finally got a hold of Atokawa and started kneeing him on the inside then throwing him down. Atokawa opened up, landing a few good punches, but was generally pretty wild. Kiatsongrit hurt himself by starting so slowly, but when he finally showed up in the final two rounds he was able to control the fight with his clinch. Pretty good.

Peter Aerts vs. Dino Homesy 1R 1:36. Aerts landed a left high kick to the right side of Homesy's neck for the spectacular early KO.

WMTA & WKA World Lightweight Double Title Match: Ernesto Hoost vs. Tass "Toska" Petros 3R 0:45. Toska seemed off balance early, lunging and reaching. His footwork wasn't very good, and he presented a stationary target. Hoost didn't seem to feel threatened by Petros, countering while figuring out how to time Toska's attacks. Petros was the aggressor, but he came straight in time after time. Hoost's knock down of Petros was extremely impressive; a knee to the chin out of nowhere while leaning against the ropes.

UKF World Heavyweight & WKA World Super Heavyweight Double Title Unification Match: Masaaki Satake vs. Stan The Man 5R. As good a performance as I've seen from Satake; his combinations were sharp, going from high to low so he'd probably at least land one. Stan had a good left jab, but that was about all he was landing. He was more active, but Satake was by far the more powerful striker, and he simply wore The Man down. Satake had good success with quick low kicks as part of a combinations. Stan was cut on the top of the head and his left leg was welted from inside leg kicks. Fans were psyched in the 5th round, as they could see their hero was nearing victory. Good fight.

K-1 ILLUSION As Daring as Fire Fire Chapter '93 Karate World Cup 10/2/93 & 10/3/93 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan
-1hr 55min. Q=Master

Highlights of Yoshinori Arata vs. Keisuke Nakagawa & Atsushi Tamaki vs. Eiji Matsumoto qualifying matches

'93 Karate World Cup 1st Round

Andy Hug vs. Yoshinori Arata. Arata walked right into a spinning savate at the bell. Hug forced Arata to defend the body with a combination of straight punches thenb put him out with a left high kick.

Shin Ushikoshi vs. Changpuek Kiatsongrit. Kiatsongrit is an intimidating fighter with an intense no nonsense demeanor that turns to a disdainful "I'm gonna put a hole right through you" expression as he uncoils a powerful high speed strike. Kiatsongrit grabbed Ushikoshi and knocked him off his feat repeatedly.

Toshiyuki Atokawa vs. Gerard Gordeau. Gordeau showed improvement over his 9/4/93 bout, actually throwing some strikes this time. Too bad most of them were illegal! Atokawa didn't do that much, but Gordeau lost points for cheating.

Sam Greco vs. Minoru Fujita. Greco had a big height advantage and was a also a much better fighter on the inside. When Fujita was at a distance Greco would just back away from his blows, still within his own striking distance. When Fujita came inside, Greco would unload body combos.

Masaaki Satake vs. Patrick Smith. Satake hurt Smith badly with a short right to the body, though perhaps he caught Smith's hand as he was shaking it repeatedly.

Adam Watt vs. David Pickthall. Watt put a hurting on Pickthall, particularly with big knees that bloodies his mouth.

Michael Thompson vs. Nobuaki Kakuda. Rematch from 6/25/93 when Thompson KO'd Kakuda with a spinning savate followed by a high kick. Kakuda didn't fair any better this time, falling pray to an amazing spinning high kick KO. Kakuda was nearly stretched out, but called it off and made it to the back on his own. Kakuda retired later in the show.

Taiei Kin vs. Atsushi Tamaki. Kin had his way simply by holding Tamaki's gi and kneeing him.


Andy Hug vs. Changpuek Kiatsongrit. Arguably the two best fighters, certainly the best match. Kiatsongrit is great at catching his opponent's leg and knocking them down by kicking the other leg out. Hug also caught several of Kiatsongrit's kicks. Kiatsongrit did his best damage with two punches to the face, unfortunately for him they are illegal in karate rules. Hug returned the favor with an illegal knee when Kiatsongrit was down. Intense back and forth match that could have gone either way. Very good.

Sam Greco vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa. Both picked their spots and defended well. Greco threw a spinning high kick that just missed Atokawa's head. His best shot was a spinning savate that propelled Atokawa back. Still, neither were overly successful, so it went two overtimes.

Masaaki Satake vs. Adam Watt. Close 2OT match. Neither were overly successful, but Watt was certainly more active. Watt was particularly aggressive in the second OT, which normally gets you the decision in a close fight. I can't say he beat Satake, but Satake certainly didn't do anything to warrant that round.

Taiei Kin vs. Michael Thompson. Kin is a very good defensive fighter. Thompson kept trying to set him up, but Kin would avoid the eventual strike. Thompson didn't connect with his spinning high kick, but took Kin down with the follow through. Very close two overtime match. Thompson had some success toward the end by fighting inside, including a headlock takedown. I thought Thompson won, as though Kin didn't get hurt he lacked any actual offense.


Andy Hug vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa. Hug caught Atokawa in the nose with a thrust kick and put him down with a spinning leg sweep. Atokawa wasn't overwhelmed, he was only caught with a few good shots, but had very little offense.

Masaaki Satake vs. Taiei Kin. Good showing by Satake repeatedly blocking Kin then landing his counter attack.

Final: Andy Hug vs. Masaaki Satake. Hug had an excellent combination of flexibility and agility that allowed him to kick on the move. He could come up high for a front or axe kick and follow with something else. Match was as close as it gets. When there was no winner after 2 OT's they switched to a glove match. Hug landed his patented kakato otoshi, but couldn't take Satake out with it. When it was still even after two gloved rounds they broke bricks to decide the winner. I'm certainly no purist, but this is even worse than deciding a hockey game by a shootout, as at least there you still have to beat the other teams goalie.

K-1 THE BEST OF THE BEST K-2 GRAND PRIX '93 THE TOURNAMENT BATTLE Commercial Tape 12/19/93 Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan
-1hr 55min. Q=Master

K-2 GRAND PRIX '93 1st Round

Ernesto Hoost vs. Manson Gibson. Gibson gave Hoost a tough fight. The scoring was really weird because Hoost dictated the fight in regulation, although Gibson's defense was such that Hoost didn't do much damage. I couldn't really say Hoost beat Gibson, but I think he controlled the fight enough to get the decision. The judges called it even and sent it to overtime where Gibson had his best round yet 2/3 judges now gave the round to Hoost. Really good.

Bob Zenqifo vs. Adam Watt

Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs. Rob Kaman. Both guys threw nothing but power blows. Round 2 had some excellent exchanges. Definite quality.

Tass "Tosca" Petridis vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa

Special Match Women's Fight: Lucia Rijker vs. Yoriko Okamoto. Okamoto made these evil stares, but that was about it for her "offense." Rijker pummelled her continually. To Okamoto's credit, there was no quit in her, but she was totally outclassed. After a while you were hoping the ref would just stop it before she really hurt herself.

K-2 Semifinals

Ernesto Hoost vs. Adam Watt. Hoost was sharper here and his opponent wasn't as tough. It appeared that Watt lost because he didn't know you had to be up by 4 in the first two rounds on a knockdown, but Hoost would have won sooner or later anyway.

Tass "Tosca" Petridis vs. Changpuek Kiatsongrit. Good close fight.

Special Match: Andy Hug vs. Eric Albert

K.I.C.K. Super Heavyweight & I.S.K.A. Heavyweight Double World Title Decision Match: Masaaki Satake vs. Jeff Hollins. Satake looked good here, particularly with his punches.

K-2 Final: Ernesto Hoost vs. Changpuek Kiatsongrit. These were the two best fighters in the tournament, and they had a really good technical fight. Hoost was more accurate here, which made a big difference since he definitely has the power advantage. He was able to fight his style. Kiatsongrit was good, but Hoost fought a great fight. Excellent match.