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K-1 JAPAN RISING SUN '99 Commercial Tape 2/3/99 Tokyo Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo Dai-nitaiikukan
-2hr. Q=Master

Michael McDonald vs. Peter Aerts

Masaaki Miyamoto vs. Wrath White

Takeru vs. Andrew Thomson

Mitsuya Nagai vs. Andre Manaart

Musashi vs. Duncan James

Tsuyoshi Nakasako vs. Andy Hug

Freshman Fight: ? Mori vs. ? Tanaka

K-1 JAPAN THE CHALLENGE '99 Commercial Tape 3/22/99 Tokyo Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo Dai-nitaiikukan
-1hr 50min. Q=Master

Sam Greco vs. Smir Benazzouz

Hiromi Amada vs. John Wyatt

Takeru vs. Peter Kramer

Yoji Anjo vs. Duncan James

Tsuyoshi Nakasako vs. Dewey Cooper

Musashi vs. Greg Voyticek

Jim Mullen vs. Peter Aerts

Freshman Fight: ? Mori vs. Daichi Yamazaki

K-1 REVENGE '99 Commercial Tape 4/25/99 Kanagawa Yokohama Arena
-2hr. Q=Master

Peter Aerts vs. Matt Skelton

Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic vs. Jan "The Giant" Nortje

Gary Goodridge vs. Musashi

Mike Bernardo vs. Masaaki Satake

Andy Hug vs. Ray Sefo

Ernesto Hoost vs. Francisco Filho

K-1 SURVIVAL '99 Commercial Tape 6/6/99 Sapporo Makomania Ice Arena
-1hr 55min. Q=Master

Ray Sefo vs. Jim Mullen

Tommy Gramble vs. Yoji Anjo

Wayne Tanner vs. Satoshi Honma

Mitsuya Nagai vs. Tofan Pirani

Hiromi Amada vs. Simon Dole

Duncan James vs. Nobuaki Kakuta

Peter Aerts vs. Maurice Smith

K-1 BRAVES '99 Commercial Tape 6/20/99 Marine Messe Fukuoka
-1hr 45min. Q=Master

Masaaki Satake vs. Jokki Oberholtzer

Musashi vs. Kirkwood Walker

Sam Greco vs. Mike Bernardo

1st & 2nd round highlights of 8 Man Tournament for K-1 Grand Prix 1st '99

Semifinal: Lloyd Van Dams vs. Matt Skelton

Semifinal: Xhavit Bajrami vs. Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic

Tournament Final: Xhavit Bajrami vs. Lloyd Van Dams

K-1 DREAM '99 Commercial Tape 7/18/99 Nagoya Sogo Taiikukan Rainbow Hall
-1hr 50min. Q=Master

Tsuyoshi Nakasako vs. Tofan Pirani

K-1 Grand Prix '99 Qualifying Tournament B Block First Round

Phillippe Gomis vs. Stefan Leko

Kirkwood Walker vs. Cyril Abidi

Michael McDonald vs. Combat Zijo

Alexander Semenovich vs. Samir Benazzouz


Stefan Leko vs. Cyril Abidi. Excellent fight. Both are very quick and active, and were more than willing to trade blows. The defense could have been better, but weak defense kind of makes for a better fight in cases like this.

Combat Zijo vs. Samir Benazzouz

Final: Stefan Leko vs. Samir Benazzouz

Super Bouts

Ernesto Hoost vs. Igor Vovchanchin. I give Igor credit for being willing to take on a fighter the quality of Hoost, who has way may talent and way better technique. I tend to doubt Igor could have hung with him before he got into shooting, but it was obvious that all the shoots have screwed up Igor's instincts as he was going for takedowns when he knew Hoost was going to kick even though that kind of thing is illegal under these rules. Hoost kept attacking Igor's left leg right above the knee until Igor was in such bad shape that he'd fall everytime Hoost hit the area.

Peter Aerts vs. Sam Greco. A good fight while it lasted, but the finish looked awfully fishy.

K-1 SPIRITS '99 Commercial Tape 8/22/99 Tokyo Ariake Coliseum
-2hr. Q=Master

Mike Bernardo vs. Ronny Sefo

Andy Hug vs. Maurice Smith

Masaaki Satake vs. Gary Goodridge

Kensaku Maeda vs. Karim Naja

K-1 Spirits '99 Tournament with Musashi, Mitsuya Nagai, Hiromi Amada, Takeru, Nobu Hayashi, etc.

K-1 GRAND PRIX '99 1st Round Commercial Tape 10/3/99 Osaka Dome
-1hr 55min. Q=Master

*Note: all matches are 1st Round matches in the GRAND PRIX tournament*

Mirko Filipovic vs. Mike Bernardo

Samir Benaszzoul vs. Ray Sefo

Matt Skelton vs. Jerome Le Banner

Xhavit Bajrami vs. Ernesto Hoost

Stefan Leko vs. Sam Greco

Hiromi Amada vs. Andy Hug

Musashi vs. Masaaki Satake

Lloyd Van Dams vs. Peter Aerts

K-1 GRAND PRIX '99 Kesshosen Commercial Tape 12/5/99 Tokyo Dome
-1hr 45min. Q=Master


Sam Greco vs. Ray Sefo

Musashi vs. Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic. Good fight with a lot of action. Musashi had some bad luck like getting hurt by an accidental headbutt, but overall he wasn't that impressive.

Ernesto Hoost vs. Andy Hug. Both men fought really hard and were always working. They threw a lot of blows, and they had a lot of them. Hug bloodied Hoost's nose. However, it was Hoost who was picking Hug apart. His low kicks are so nasty.

Jerome Le Banner vs. Peter Aerts. Le Banner couldn't seem to get going, but he was really pushing the action. I was expecting Aerts to kill him because he was aggressive to the point of sloppiness, leaning and such. Aerts did put him down twice in the first minute, but Le Banner bullied Aerts into the corner and KO'd him with a killer left.


Sam Greco vs. Mirko Filipovic. Greco hurt his foot kicking Mirko in the knee and was never the same the rest of the fight. It seemed more like he was beat by his own injuries than by Mirko, not that Mirko didn't get the job done.

Ernesto Hoost vs. Jerome Le Banner. Round 1 & round 2 were like totally different fights. In round one Hoost couldn't get going and Le Banner was overpowering him and nailing him with some nasty punches. In round 2 Hoost hurt Le Banner almost immediately with one punch and then had a big flurry for the KO.

K-1 Super Fight: Harry Hooft vs. Stefan Leko

Final: Ernesto Hoost vs. Mirko Filipovic. I think everyone knew that Hoost was going to win this, but they still went totally nuts for the third round as Filipovic was clearly on his last leg.