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K-1 K-2 France Grand Prix '95 DVD 1/7/95 Paris, FR
-1hr 15min. Q=Near Perfect

Tournament Quarterfinals

Jerome Turcan vs. Phothai Chorwaikool R1

Shaun Johnson vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa 3R Decision

Tasis Petridis vs. Tonoyan R2

Rob Kaman vs. LaVelle Robinson R1


Jerome Turcan vs. Shaun Johnson 1R KO

Tasis Petridis vs. Rob Kaman 3R Decision

Final: Jerome Turcan vs. Rob Kaman R4

K-1 THE KING OF KINGS GRAND PRIX '95 $200,000 Sodatsu Kakutogi Sekai Saikyo Tournament Kaimakusen (opening battle)
Commercial tape 3/3/95 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
-2hr. Q=Master

Reserve Match: Toshiyuki Atokawa vs. Okchon Kim

Grand Prix '95 1st Round

Kirkwood "Fire" Walker vs. Peter Aerts

Sam Greco vs. Vjatcheslav Soukhanov

John Kleijn vs. Sergio Augusto Machado. Kleijn put Machado down twice within 30 seconds.

Ernesto Hoost vs. Hubert Numrich. Numrich seems to be a tough guy, but he had no defense for Hoost's low kicks and Hoost is also too quick for him.

Andy Hug vs. Mike Bernardo. Best match on the show. Hug put Bernardo down toward the end of the first round and put the heat on him, but he couldn't connect with a big blow to finish him off. Bernardo battled back, and wound up having a huge third round. The difference in the fight was when Bernardo went in for the kill, he was able to get a 2nd knockdown and then he got even more aggresive throwing punch after punch with great power and speed at his groggy opponent.

Patrick Smith vs. Stan The Man. Smith is not that good, but his fights are fun to watch because he takes a lot of chances and isn't very good at preventing his opponents from connecting with heavy blows. Stan actually knocked him down with a big left hook two seconds into the fight. Either Smith suffered a few legit injuries in this match or he was selling as an excuse to take a dive. I don't see why Stan couldn't beat him without any help, but all the knockdowns in this match were at least somewhat questionable.

Nokveed Devy vs. Jerome Le Banner. This was the most surprising match. Le Banner is way bigger and stronger, but somehow Devy didn't succumb to his power like most everyone else. Devy hung in there due to his defense and quickness. He wasn't just trying to hang in there though, he would stand toe to toe with Le Banner and answer his heavy blows. Devy even gave Le Banner a bloody nose.

Masaaki Satake vs. Kimo. Kimo had no technique and either didn't know the rules or just didn't care about them. Satake isn't the guy you want to try to rough up though. It was a pretty sad performance by Satake when you consider it took him almost two whole rounds to beat a guy that was totally out of his element and didn't know what he was doing. Kimo is a tough guy, but on this day he was mainly an embarrassment.

K-1 K-LEAGUE Opening Fight KENZAN Commercial Tape 3/25/95 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 50min. Q=Master
K-1 K-LEAGUE Opening Fight KENZAN 3/25/95

Note: early rounds may be skipped

Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs. Takashi Sugiyama

Ichiro Ishii vs. Kenichiro Yamaki

Hideaki Yone vs. Akira Yamamoto

Martial Arts Japan Featherweight Title Match: Wonderman Muroto vs. Eiji Matsuo

Young Fight Highlights

Gilbert Valentini vs. Satoshi Niijima

Nogway Davey (sp?) vs. Taro Minato

Taiei Kin vs. Belam Korak (sp?)

K-1 THE KING OF KINGS GRAND PRIX '95 $200,000 Sodatsu Kakutogi Sekai Saikyo Tournament Final
Commercial tape 5/4/95 Tokyo Kokuritsu Yoyogi Kyogijo Daiichitaiikukan
-1hr 50min. Q=Master

Jerome Le Banner vs. Masaaki Satake. Satake did a good job in defense and counter punching. He was fighting one of his best fights, but one big Le Banner punch and it was over.

Mike Bernardo vs. Stan The Man. Stan's strategy was to stick and move so he woudln't be caught in front of Bernardo, where he'd be prone to Bernardo's punches. Even though Stan is much quicker, since he's pretty short it's hard for him to pull this off because he has to get inside for his strikes to land with optimum force, then get right back out before Bernardo can hit him. Bernardo became the aggressor after putting Stan down with a high kick. Stan was doing a pretty good job of hitting him as he was coming in, but Bernardo eventually caught him with a left high kick and that was it.

Ernesto Hoost vs. John Kleijn. Kleijn threw a looping left hook and Hoost just came inside of it with a right to the side of the jaw for the KO.

Peter Aerts vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa

K-3 Match: Yoshihisa Tagami vs. Akbar Talei

K-1 Match: Andy Hug vs. Peter Kramer. Kramer hitting his head hard on the canvas may have caused the KO rather than Hug's blow, which wasn't clean.


Jerome Le Banner vs. Mike Bernardo. Both of these guys want to stand toe to toe and beat their opponent with their punching power. Le Banner got a bloody nose again, but he still won because he has more kicking skill than Bernardo.

Peter Aerts vs. Ernesto Hoost. It's too bad this wasn't the final because these were the two best fighters, and this was one of the closest K-1 fights I've ever seen. It's great watching these guys fight because both are capable of doing damage from any position, and it takes this kind of matchup to really bring that out because, for the most part, they have their way with the rest of their opposition. Hoost was cut from an Aerts high kick. I thought Aerts won two of the three rounds, but one judge had it for each and the other had it a tie, so it went overtime.

Final: Jerome Le Banner vs. Peter Aerts. Le Banner didn't seem to have anything left. Aerts was beating him to the punch. He opened the cut on Le Banner's nose up right away.

K-1 FIGHT NIGHT Commercial Tape 6/10/95 Zurich, Switzerland Hallenstadion
-1hr 50min. Q=Master

Spirit Karate Rule: Michael Thompson vs. Rene Papais 3R

Taiei Kin vs. Andre Mewis 5R

Swiss Thai Boxing Rule: Alain Koch vs. Marino Deflorin R2 1:45

Toshiyuki Atokawa vs. Marcus Jund R2 1:56

Gilbert Ballentine vs. Osuman Yagin R4 2:24

Orlando Weit vs. Azem Muksutaj R2 2:45

Andy Hug vs. Dennis Lane 2R

K-1 LEGEND '95 K-3 Grand Prix 1995 Commercial Tape 7/16/95 Nagoya Rainbow Hall
-2hr. Q=Ex

1st Round

Ivan Hippolyte vs. Changpuek Kiatsongrit R2 0:20

Toshiyuki Atokawa vs. Keith Nathan 3R

Taiei Kin vs. Gurkan Ozkan 3R

Orlando Weit vs. Franz Haller 3R

Super One Match: Nobuaki Kakuda vs. Joe Son R1 1:40


Ivan Hippolyte vs. Toshiyuki Atokawa 4R Decision

Taiei Kin vs. Orlando Weit 4R Decision

Super One Match: Peter Aerts vs. Michael Thompson R2 0:40

Super One Match: Ernesto Hoost vs. Andy Hug 3R Decision

Final: Ivan Hippolyte vs. Taiei Kin 4R Decision

K-1 REVENGE II ~Karate Strikes Back~ Commercial Tape 9/3/95 Kanagawa Yokohama Arena
-2hr. Q=Master

Vander Merve vs. Lee Hasdell R1 0:30

RINGS Rule: Satoshi Honma vs. Masayuki Naruse

Brazilian Vale Tudo: Naoyuki Taira vs. Jan Lomulder

Karate vs. Kick 7 vs. 7 Match:

Patrick Smith vs. Musashi R2 0:43

Stan The Man vs. Nobuaki Kakuda R2 3:05

Jerome Le Banner vs. Johnny Kleijn R2 1:10

Ernesto Hoost vs. Michael Thompson R2 2:45

Andy Hug vs. Mike Bernardo R2 2:43

Sam Greco vs. Peter Aerts 5R

K-1 HERCULES '95 Commercial Tape 12/9/95 Nagoya-shi Sogo Taiikukan Rainbow Hall
-2hr. Q=Master

Ultimate Special Rule: Rene Rooze vs. Satoshi Honma

Ultimate Special Rule: Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Patrick Smith

Nobuaki Kakuda vs. Bruce "Dragon" Joe R1 1:28

Zurich, Switzerland Hallenstadion

Pedro Rizzo vs. Michael Thomson R3 1:19

Ernesto Hoost vs. Maurice Travis R1 2:13

Sam Greco vs. Vander Merwe R1 1:24

Taiei Kin vs. Peter Teysser 2R

Stan The Man vs. Musashi 5R

Andy Hug vs. Jerome Le Banner 5R

Peter Aerts vs. Mike Bernardo R1 0:40

K-1 BEST BOUT '95 The First Half Commercial Tape 12/10/94-7/16/95
-2hr. Q=Master

Andy Hug spotlight

K-League 3/25/95 best bout


K-1 FIGHT NIGHT 6/10/95 best bout

K-1 Grand Prix '95 Opening 3/3/95

Sam Greco vs. Vjatcheslav Soukhanov

Stan the Man vs. Patrick Smith

K-1 Grand Prix '95 Finals 5/4/95

Jerome Le Banner vs. Mike Bernardo

Masaaki Satake vs. Kimo

K-1 Legend 7/16/95 : Nobuaki Kakuda vs. Joe Son

K-1 Legend 12/10/94, Ultimate Fight: Kimo vs. Patrick Smith

Peter Aerts best bouts featuring Aerts vs. Ernesto Hoost 5/4/95