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Note: an * in the finishers section denotes that I know this move is/ was one of the wrestlers finishers. This doesn't mean the wrestler has never won with the moves listed that don't have an *.
I'm trying to use the name the move is called when they use, but I don't always know. Since I'm taking moves from results and profiles then filling in the blanks from memory, it's very possible that some moves might be on the list twice with two different names. Thus, I'm going to try to make a note of the moves from the profiles/results that I'm unclear of in hope that someone will let me know what these are, thus eliminating the possibility of repetition.

Ai Fujita (Added 11/17/99)
Azumi Hyuga (Added 9/15/99)
Takako Inoue (Added 11/25/99)
Dynamite Kansai (Added 9/15/99)
Yuko Kosugi (Added 9/15/99)
Tsubasa Kuragaki (Added 9/16/99)
Kana Mizaki (Added 9/15/99)
Michiko Omukai (Updated 11/17/99)
Mima Shimoda (Added 09/08/99)
Manami Toyota (Added 09/08/99)
Jumbo Tsuruta (Added 8/4/00)
Vader (Updated 3/6/00)
Mariko Yoshida (Updated 3/6/00) 

If you have additional information on any of these wrestlers, please email it to me

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