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UWF-I Nobuhiko Takada Budokan Strongest Battle Commercial Tape 2/14/93 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
-2hr 20min. Q=Master. 2 DVDs

UWF-I Nobuhiko Takada Budokan Saikyo Kessen 2/14/93

Standing Bout:  Boi Chowhykun vs.  Mel Murray

Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Tom Burton

Tatsuo Nakano vs. Masahito Kakihara

Mark Silver vs. Hiromitsu Kanehara

Dan Severn vs. Yoji Anjo

Kazuo Yamazaki vs. Dennis Koslowski

Gary Albright vs. Naoki Sano

Nobuhiko Takada vs. Kiyoshi Tamura

UWF-I Nobuhiko Takada vs. Kazuo Yamazaki Fierce Fighting Osaka Commercial Tape 4/10/93 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan
-2hr 10min. Q=Master. 1 DVD
UWF-I Nobuhiko Takada vs. Kazuo Yamazaki Decisive Osaka 4/10/93

Steve Day vs. Hiromitsu Kanehara 6:55

Mark Fleming vs. Yoshihiro Takayama 7:01

Tatsuo Nakano & Gene Lydick vs. Yoji Anjo & Tom Burton 15:57

Bad News Allen vs. Yuko Miyato 6:30

Naoki Sano vs. Masahito Kakihara 6:46

Dan Severn vs. Kiyoshi Tamura 21:37

Gary Albright vs. Dennis Koslowski 5:01

Nobuhiko Takada vs. Kazuo Yamazaki 15:13

UWF-I World Champion Great Battle THE FIGHT OF CHAMPIONS Commercial Tape 5/6/93 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
-2hr 5min. Q=Master


Bad News Allen vs. Takayama. Bad News carried the match, and it wasn't terrible, but it was very one-sided and basic.

Jean Lydick & Tom Burton vs. Kakihara & Anjo. Good match with rivals Kakihara & Lydick tearing it up. Lydick was really good here.

Yuko Miyato vs. Kazuo Yamazaki. Very good match. Work was really good, and the match was very exciting because there were a ton of near finishes.

Naoki Sano vs. Kiyoshi Tamura. Very good match. Highly technical and extremely solid.

Tatsuo Nakano vs. Super Vader. Really heated match, with the fans fully behind the underdog native Nakano. Basically a squash, but that type of win was the perfect way to get their new monster, Vader, over huge.

Gary Albright vs. Dennis Koslowski. Decent match with Koslowski dominating the mat, and trying his best to avoid Gary's killer suplexes. Good psychology and a good job of getting Gary's suplexes over as lethal.

Dan Severn vs. Nobuhiko Takada. Severn was pretty clueless, but it was interesting to watch Takada struggle to figure out what he could do with him. He gave Severn openings, but Severn didn't take them. Not too dramatic and well below Takada's usual standard.

Champion Nobuhiko Takada vs. Challenger Salman Hashimikov Commercial Tape 7/18/93 Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan
-2 1/2hr. Q=Master. 2 DVDs

Hiromitsu Kanehara vs. Gene Lydick 20:00

Bad News Allen vs. Yoshihiro Takayama 4:44

Yuko Miyato vs. Ray Lloyd 7:25

Dennis Koslowski & Steve Day vs. Naoki Sano & Masahito Kakihara 14:20

Kazuo Yamazaki vs. Yoji Anjo 15:09

Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Tatsuo Nakano 13:32

Gary Albright vs. Mark Silver 1:05

Pro-Wrestling World Heavyweight Title Match: Nobuhiko Takada vs. Salman Hashimikov 8:30

UWF-I THE FIGHT OF CHAMPIONS Vader vs. Yamazaki Commercial Tape 8/13/93 Tokyo Nippon Budokan
-3hr. Q=Near Perfect 1st Gen. 2 DVDs

Standing Bout:  Boi Chowhykun vs.  Tony Kokepan

Kazushi Sakuraba vs.  Steve Nelson. **1/4

2nd Junior League Match: Tommy Cairo vs.  Greg Bobchuck. *1/2

2nd Junior League Match: Jean Lydick vs.  Yoshihiro Takayama. Takayama was far from great, but his work was credible and he didn't screw anything up. They mainly fought on their feet, which is the only thing Takayama can sometimes do well, and they did a lot of near finishes that got good heat. Lydick was typically good here. **3/4

2nd Junior League Match: Tom Burton vs.  Hiromitsu Kanehara. **

Masahito Kakihara vs.  Bad News Allen. Kakihara's offense looked great, but Bad News offense was exactly what his name states. **

Yuko Miyato vs.  Dennis Koslowski. *1/2

Yoji Anjo vs.  Naoki Sano. ***

Nobuhiko Takada & Kiyoshi Tamura vs.  Gary Albright & Dan Severn. The top working natives did their best to carry the incredibly inferior gaijins. Albright was carryable at this time. He did a very good job of playing monster, which added to the heat. Severn was useless as usual, but Takada and Tamura were good enough to make Severn's stuff passable. Since Severn wasn't the focus of the match, his ineptitude didn't hurt too much. This wasn't a great match, but it really served it's purpose, which was to build to a Takada vs. Gary singles match. ***1/2

Kazuo Yamazaki vs.  Super Vader. This match accomplished it's goal at the expense of the match quality. It was a great match while it lasted, and would have been a great match if they went the 15 or so minutes you'd normally see a UWF-I main event go, but this match was pretty short to get Vader over more. Still, when all was said and done, you really felt like you saw something. I attribute that to the psychology and story being so great, and secondarily to the incredible aura. Yamazaki may never have been this over in his life, the whole building was just going nuts for him in hope that he could beat the monster. Even when Yamazaki resorted to underhanded tactics, the fans had no problem with it, in fact the roof would have come off the building from the applause if he had won with a cheap tactic, because they realized he "had to" do it because the opposition was so incredibly strong. ***3/4

*I have a very limited quantity of additional 1st Gen SP copies of this two tape set*

UWF-I ISKA World Light Welterweight Title Match Commercial Tape 9/5/93 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 50min. Q=Near Perfect

Standing Bout: Bovy Chowaikung vs. Larimet

Mark Silver vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

2nd Junior League Match: Greg Bobchick vs. Tom Burton

2nd Junior League Match: Gene Lydick vs. Tommy Cairo

2nd Junior League Match: Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Hiromitsu Kanehara

ISKA World Light Welterweight Title Match: Makoto Ohe vs. Lucien Deroy R2 1:40

UWF-I Japan - USA - Russia Great Final Battle: The Fight of Champions Commercial Tape 10/4/93 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan
-2hr 55min. Q=Master. 2 DVDs

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Mark Silver

Hiromitsu Kanehara vs. Tommy Cairo

Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Thomas Burton

Greg Bobchuck vs. Jean Lydick

Yoji Anjo vs. Tatsuo Nakano

Masahito Kakihara vs. Dennis Koslowski

Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Yuko Miyato

Kazuo Yamazaki vs. Bad News Allen

Gary Albright & Dan Severn vs. Salmon Hashimikov & Vladimir Berkovitch

Nobuhiko Takada vs. Billy Scott

Super Vader vs. Naoki Sano

UWF-I Pro-Wrestling Sekai Heavykyu Senshukenjiai Nobuhiko Takada vs. Super Vader Commercial Tape 12/5/93 Tokyo Jingu Kyujo
-3hr. Q=Near Perfect 1st Gen. 2 DVDs

Kazushi Sakuraba vs. Bad News Allen. *

Dainikai Junior Leaguesen: Jean Lydick vs. Tom Burton. *1/2

Hiromitsu Kanehara vs. Greg Bobchuck. **1/4

Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Tommy Cairo. 1 minute 25 seconds long.

Masahito Kakihara vs. Tatsuo Nakano. *1/2

Yuko Miyato & Naoki Sano vs. Kazuo Yamazaki & Mark Silver. **1/2

Yoji Anjo vs. Billy Scott. ***1/4

Kiyoshi Tamura vs. Dennis Koslowski. **1/4

Gary Albright & Dan Severn vs. Salman Hashimikov & Vladmir Berkovich. Really smartly laid out to get over the dislike between the two teams and set up future business. ***

Pro-Wrestling Heavykyu Senshukenjiai: Nobuhiko Takada vs. Super Vader. This was their first ever meeting that drew the sellout 46,168 record for this building (since broken by Muta vs. Onita). This was a real first class production with Thesz giving a speech about wanting to unify the titles so there would be a true world champion (Vader's WCW Heavyweight Title wasn't on the line, but the idea was the winner was still the undisputed champion), and Hodge & Robinson being introduced to show how important the match was. The match had the aura a title match should have and Vader worked really hard to give a top notch peformance. It was an excellent match, but not on the level of their first rematch because Takada wasn't as good here and they did a shorter, less spot intensive, match. ****

*I have a very limited quantity of additional 1st Gen VHS copies of this two tape set*

UWF-I 2nd Junior League Final Commercial Tape 12/15/93 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 15min. Q=VG

Standing Bout: Bovy Chowaikung vs. Mark Tyson

Standing Bout: Makoto Ohe vs. Denver Matthews

Tom Burton vs. Tommy Cairo

Bad News Allen vs. Kazushi Sakuraba

Yoshihiro Takayama vs. Greg Bobchick

2nd Junior League Final: Gene Lydick vs. Hiromitsu Kanehara