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JWP Official Release JWP '90

3/13/90: Miss A vs. Sachiko Koganei 2:43. Koganei is a solid worker the promotion unfortunately does nothing with. Despite being from the same 1986 rookie class as Miss A, she is not even allowed to hang with her. What makes Miss A deadly is despite being one of the largest women around, she relies on a move set that could just as easily belong to a junior heavyweight. A attempted to utilize her size at bit more in this bout, not that it mattered given Koganei’s standing.

4/20/90 Nagaoka: Devil Masami vs. Cuty Suzuki 12:46. Most of the effort went into finding ways to elongate this squash. The size differential bred comedy, which in turn allowed Cuty to hang in there without making Devil appear weak for failing to obliterate her. In an effort to make a test of strength even, Devil squatted over so Cuty could reach her arm, and allowed Suzuki to use both hands. Devil had some fun here, and Cuty hung around long enough that she eventually made a comeback with diving body attacks, prompting Devil to get serious and finish her off. Devil and friends beat the ref up after the match for good measure. **

4/22/90 Tokyo Korakuen Hall: Plum Mariko vs. The Scorpion 11:29. Hot junior action with both displaying their quickness and athleticism. Not the tightest match you’ll ever see, but a highly entertaining contest of two promising young wrestlers struggling to translate their physical gifts into a notable match. Scorpion controls her body better and gets more out of her litheness than Plum does, as she’s developed a fairly impressive moveset while Plum is more toward providing a short burst of energy to lead up to a move too pedestrian to justify it. A bit short, but this is the sort of bout you think of when you say it’s fun watching wrestlers develop. ***1/4

3/21/90 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Hikari Fukuoka vs. Yukako Fujihara 9:16. This is not the sort of bout you think of when you say it’s fun watching wrestlers develop. Fukuoka clearly had the most potential of the wrestlers in the 1990 Rookie of the Year tournament, but probably lost to Rumi Yasuda in the final because Yasuda was a more mature and competent wrestler, hitting the spots she attempted. The bookers seem to have told Fukuoka to tone things down and make sure pulled executed properly, as she did zero highspots here, even finishing Fujihara with a bodyslam. ¾*

Rumi Yasuda vs. Yuka Nakajima 6:50. Better than Fukuoka vs. Fujihara, as their offense may have been equally rudimentary, but they at least developed the reversals and counters. Nakajima is more experienced than Fujihara, which also helped. Not too terrible. *

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