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JWP '90 New Generation Decision Tournament Official Release

1/6 Tokyo Korakuen Hall, JWP ’90 New Generation Decision Tournament 1st Round: Hikari Fukuoka vs. Yuka Nakajima 5:37 of 10:39. The JWP rookie matches of the period were not all that different from the more well known AJW version. They kept it simply, not asking anyone to try to make a big impression with spectacular moves but rather to get the basics down. Nakajima was a knockoff of the punks with gunk in their hair that were rampant in AJW due to Dump Matsumoto’s legacy and Bull Nakano being the current top star. Basically if you had no offense you were a candidate, and if you also had no sex appeal you were on the short list. Fukuoka showed a dropkick and high cross body in this forgetable match.

1/7 1st Round: Rumi Yasuda (Kurenai Yasha) vs. Sumiko Saito 3:49 of 12:45. The bookers did an excellent job of advancing the girls who would become the best and brightest, with Saito losing in the first round being the one exception. She didn’t have a long career, but became one of the notable workers of the group. Yasuda was more advanced than Saito at the time, actually her growth seemed to stunt quite quickly as the main difference between her “star” days a few years later was not her moveset but rather the Kurenai Yasha gimmick. Aside from a bit of confusion near the finish they put on a better match than Fukuoka did despite Fukuoka clearly being the best worker of the group.

1/13 Osaka, Semifinal: Hikari Fukuoka vs. Mitsue Kobayashi 8:18 of 8:59. Fukuoka was very confident here, controlling the action. Fukuoka pushed the pace, but Kobayashi countered her running attacks with nodowa otoshis, doing a good job of using her size to her advantage. They started better than they finished, both generally and literally as the finisher was botched, but it was good for what it was with both showing promise. *1/2

1/13 Osaka 2nd Round: Rumi Yasuda vs. Shiho Imazeki 4:18 of 10:59. Imazeki was a Yukie Nabeno looking bowling pin who actually managed to wrestle more horrifically than she looked. How she ever graduated the JWP dojo in a time not that far removed from the heyday of teens wanted to emulate their Crush Gal heroes is beyond me. Beyond awful, as Yasuda has enough trouble with a good opponent.

1/23 Semifinal: Rumi Yasuda vs. Mie Dohiki 7:10 of 11:47. Dohiki is a very athletic woman who showed good promise in 1990. Probably the best match of the tournament with Dohiki jumping at Yasuda, who would try to counter with power. A good spot saw Yasuda catch Dohiki’s high cross body, but Dohiki quickly recounter with a small package. *3/4

2/11 Tokyo Korakuen Hall JWP ’90 New Generation League Decision Tournament Final: Hikari Fukuoka vs. Rumi Yasuda 13:02. Ten women entered, the bookers pegged the two who would go on to become stars, having them meet in the final. Yasuda charged before the bell, arriving before Fukuoka turned her back and choking her with a shirt. Fukuoka stood up to Yasuda, exchanging blows, which the crowd reacted to. They worked hard and got the fans into the match, but it’s hard to sustain intensity in the absence of any legitimate offense. It was certainly a passable match, which was all one could ask for. *3/4

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