WORLD WONDER RING STARDOM Joshi Puroresu Tapes Videos

STARDOM on Samurai 2/13/14 3rd Anniversary Commemoration Show taped 1/23/14 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect

Yuna Aisei vs. Koguma

Hiroyo Matsumoto & Manami Toyota & Mayu Iwatani vs. Kaori Yoneyama & Kellie Skater & Yuhi

Yoshiko vs. Takumi Iroha

Goddesses of Stardom Title Match: Miho Wakizawa & Nanae Takahashi vs. Kyoko Kimura & The Alpha Female

Wonder of Stardom Title Match: Act Yasukawa vs. Kairi Hojo

World of Stardom Title Match: Io Shirai vs. Natsuki*Taiyo

STARDOM on Samurai 3/23/14 The Highest 2014 taped 3/16/14 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect

Yuna Aisei vs. Koguma

Takumi Iroha vs. Madison Eagles

Artist of Stardom Title Match: Hiroyo Matsumoto & Mayu Iwatani & Miho Wakizawa vs. Hatuhinode Kamen & Kaori Yoneyama & Kellie Skater

Wonder of Stardom Title Match: Act Yasukawa vs. Yuhi

Goddesses of Stardom Title Match: Kyoko Kimura & The Alpha Female vs. Kairi Hojo & Nanae Takahashi

Yoshiko vs. Natsuki*Taiyo

World of Stardom Title Match: Io Shirai vs. Melissa

STARDOM Near Live Natsuki*Taiyo Retirement Match ~Forever High Speed~ 6/1/14 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-3hr 25min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Elimination Match Yoshiko & Act Yasukawa & Kairi Hojo & Koguma vs. Alpha Female & Kyoko Kimura & Tomoka Nakagawa & Danshoku Dino

Artist of Stardom Title Match: Hiroyo Matsumoto & Miho Wakizawa & Mayu Iwatani vs. Kaiori Yoneyama & Hatsuhinode Kamen & Sayaka Obihiro

World of Stardom Title Match: Io Shirai vs. Takumi Iroha

Natsuki*Taiyo Retirement Match-Forever High Speed: Natsuki*Taiyo vs. Nanae Takahashi

STARDOM on Samurai 7/17/14 Premium Stars 2014 taped 7/10/14 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect

Remei Asuka vs. Renzo Hazuki

Hiroyo Matsumoto & Miho Wakizawa vs. Hatsuhinode Kamen & Kaori Yoneyama

4 Way Match: Yoshiko vs. Kyoko Kimura vs. Nanae Takahashi vs. Alpha Female

Captains Fall Elimination Match: Dr. Wagner Jr. & Kairi Hojo & Mayu Iwatani vs. Black Tiger & Koguma & Takumi Iroha

World of Stardom Title Match: Io Shirai vs. Meiko Satomura 24:20. Io & Satomura showed why they are the two best here, reaching a level of ring work that's far beyond what the majority of active girls can even dream of even though they were basically still figuring things out with only a non-televised dry run together in Senjo earlier in the year. The basic story was that both wrestlers tried to do their style, but Satomura's hard hitting, strike oriented style is much lower risk & easier to pull off than Io's high flying, lucha oriented style. When Satomura was at full health, she had no problem cutting Io right off every time she tried to run/jump/fly around, usually with a big kick or elbow, so while Satomura dominated the early portion, they were constantly teasing & building to Io's big flying moves. Io's early risk taking soon led to Satomura injuring her knees when she stopped Io's quebrada by pulling her off the middle rope & slamming her into the ring apron. This wasn't a match where Io was going to lay around "crippled" for 10 minutes. They kept things moving, going back & forth, but Satomura would weaken the left knee a little with each comeback. If Satomura didn't cut Io off with a knee move, Io would just reinjure the knee herself, for instance crashing the corner when Meiko avoided a flying double knee. Satomura did take some chances, and they'd also invariably fail, often in a very similar manner, for instance Io cutting her off on the middle rope with a high kick & hitting a Frankensteiner off the top followed by a triple moonsault. This was a great setup, but they didn't really follow through, and it felt as though they rushing through the final minutes. Though they countered each other back & forth even faster than before, they basically threw out all aspects of the storyline here & just went to town trying to fit all the big moves into the remaining minutes. The bridge into the finishing sequence should have been slower & more convincing, having Io began to have success, but not completely. The story ultimately seemed more an attempt to do both girls styles at once that was never fully fleshed out or committed to, and that somewhat abrupt shift kept this from the greatness they could have achieved. That being said, this last 7+ was one hell of an explosion of fantastic action. The work was super, & it was very exciting to see them working at the level they are capable of together. Don't get me wrong, this was a joshi MOTY candidate even though it clearly wasn't the best match they could do together. ****