SUPERKOMBAT Fighting Championship Kickboxing Tapes Videos

SK World Grand Prix II 2017 5/6/17 Madrid, SP Palacio Vistalegre
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Patrick Schmid vs. Edgard Daniel Perez Jarreta 3R unanimous decision

Daniel Stefanovski vs. Janilson da Cruz R1

Bruno Susano vs. Clyde Brunswijk R1

Dawid Zoltaszek vs. Cristian Ristea R2 0:49. There's standing toe to toe & slugging it out, and then there's Zoltaszek vs. Ristea where you could hardly tell they were fighting a live opponent, as they basically just went back & forth with their combos as if they were practicing on the bag. It never felt like a heavyweight fight, as yeah, they (mostly Ristea) hit hard, but they had a lot more hand speed & a lot higher work rate. You also don't normally see heavyweights landing jumping switch knees as Ristea was. It was so good it reminded the incoherent rambler Will Vanders of the glory days of K-1, which somehow was exemplified by Mighty Mo & Masato, WHAT???, but even his incomprehensible hyperbole that melds the worst aspects of Vinny Shoreman & Mauro Ranallo, amplified to the 1000th degree without being balanced by any of the redeeming factors that make them good couldn't detract too much from two guys throwing one wild combo after another. Ristea seemed to have too much weight of shot for Zoltaszek, clearly winning the 1st on punching power even though they presumably landed a similar number of shots in this fight that shall we say had little emphasis on defense. Zoltaszek seemed to have hulked up in between rounds though, as he started the 2nd by backing Ristea into the corner & landing 2 monster right hooks that literally knocked Ristea's head into Zoltaszek's subsequent left hook. This was largely made possible by Ristea injuring his left leg trying to check a low kick, which distracted him, causing him to drop his hands. Zoltaszek then flurried until the stoppage, which again had a lot to due with the injury not allowing Ristea to get up & continue. Good match.

Catalin Morosanu vs. Lukasz Krupadziorow 3R unanimous decision