MPW Michinoku Pro-Wrestling 2009 DVD VHS
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MPW Battle Station 3/8/09 taped 3/7/09 Tokushima Shiritsu Taiikukan
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Shinjitsu Nohashi vs. Rui Hiugaji 11:10 of 11:15

Rei & Todai Raman vs. ken45 & Shibaten 10:31

Flying Kid Ichihara vs. Kesen Numajiro 11:27

Dick Togo & Yoshitsune & Rasse vs. Shu Sato & Kei Sato & Maguro Oma 17:06. Best Michinoku tag match in quite a while. They incorporated the strong points of everyone, and wrestled the entire bout with a sense of urgency. It was something of a sprint. Though Satos technically slowed it down from time to time with their brawling, they weren't killing time, instead being very active and intense. Satos were more aggressive and just plain nastier here. They targetted Dick's head, busting him open then continuing to work it over, including driving a rod into it, until he was bleeding profusely. Even though Dick was the big name of the match, he was the one who was trapped in the ring, doing all the selling. The finishing sequence kicked in when Togo & Yoshitsune saved Rasse from getting his mask ripped off by Satos & Oma. Some of the cool moves included a Yoshitsune doing a boomerang Frankensteiner and Sasuke special and following Rasse's swandive senton atomico with his running shooting star press. ***1/2

Masahiro Chono & Jinsei Shinzaki vs. Fujita "Jr." Hayato & Takeshi Minamino 19:05

MPW Battle Station 7/3/09 taped 6/19/09 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Memorial 10 Count for Mitsuharu Misawa & Ted Tanabe

Ken45 vs. Kenbai (Yuki Sato) 6:24 of 6:49

Ultimo Dragon & Yapper Man #1 & Yapper Man #2 vs. Rui Hiugaji & Kinya Oyanagi & Satoshi Kajiwara 5:15 of 9:41

TAKA Michinoku & MEN'S Teo & Kesen Numajiro vs. Rasse & Takeshi Minamino & Maguro Oma 6:24 of 13:38

Jinsei Shinzaki & Tiger Mask & Dick Togo vs. Kei Sato & Shu Sato & Shinjitsu Nohashi 16:23 of 17:37. Second half was on the level with the 3/7/09 match, but the first half was rather standard, lacking the speed and intensity and containing some stalling. Togo wound up selling again for lack of anyone else. Tiger had a nice run after the hot tag, but Satos sandwiched him and took turns blasting away with kicks. Togo & Tiger were good, although Tiger typically only gave and Togo really didn't get to show much offense (because of that). They did a long finishing sequence where they made some saves, or simply had someone jump in every minute or two to keep the action up and performers fresh. Shinzaki did a nice corner to corner missile kick, but was generally a non-factor. He went at it with Nohatsu early, but they didn't do enough with that, and Nohatsu's invisibility was even more inexplicable than Jinsei's. ***1/4

Tohoku Junior Title: The Great Sasuke vs. Fujita "Jr" Hayato 28:21. They went for a blow away match for Sasuke's 20th Anniversary. It was really stiff (Hayato) and really suicidal (Sasuke), but their styles don't mesh that well. What they did looked impressive, but the chemistry and interplay wasn't that great, and they mainly just traded segments of offense. Hayato wrestled with major intensity, looking like he wanted to kill Sasuke from the opening bell. In some of the more effective matwork you'll ever see from Sasuke, they traded armlocks and leglocks, easing into the focus of the body, Hayato attacking Sasuke's knee. Sasuke injured his knee when Hayato pulled him off the apron to stop a quebrada. Sasuke sold for a long stretch, getting blasted with kicks and knees in between knee moves. He eventually gained confidence dropkicking Hayato when both were on the top and tried a Ram jam onto the apron, but Hayato avoided. Hayato continued to keep things simple, avoiding Sasuke's flying and lay in the kicks until Sasuke finally hit a tope con hilo, rider kick, and phoenix senton. The knee injury wasn't a factor late in the match, as Sasuke was either going to win or lose with his flying. He was in serious kamikaze mode by this point, and wound up missing his Sasuke special 2.7.5 (senton atomico onto chairs). Hayato finally broke from his shooter persona for a swandive body attack before knocking Sasuke out with his herumu. ***1/2

MPW Puroresu King #209 9/25/09 taped 9/5/09 Iwate Yahaba Chomin Sogo Taiikukan
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect

Kinya Oyanagi vs. Kenbai 3:33 of 6:12

Takeshi Minamino vs. Rasse 2:56

Shinjitsu Nohashi & Rui Hiugaji vs. Yapper Man #1 & Yapper Man #2 4:50 of 9:22

Ken 45 vs. Ultimo Dragon 6:27 of 11:09

The Great Sasuke & Jinsei Shinzaki & Kesen Numajiro vs. Kei Sato & Shu Sato & Maguro Oma 6:50 of 10:42

Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Fujita "Jr" Hayato vs. Ou Kobushi 25:58. Kobushi is certainly very promising, but I was hoping for I don't know, a competitive championship match, and felt like his total dominance was somewhat counter productive. Yes, Michinoku badly needs a new star, but they've invested the last few years in getting over Hayato's toughness, so to have Kobushi simply hammer him all night hurt Hayato as much as it helped Kobushi. At least with Kobushi, there's reason to believe in his toughness, as he's been winning martial arts championships since high school, and took the 2005 world championship in kempo as well as the 2006 & 2007 All Japan championships. Still, if they were going to have such a one-sided match, they might have considered making it shorter, as Kobushi doesn't have nearly this much offense to be in full control for about 24 minutes. I guess the bone for Hayato was proving he could withstand this much, as he to seemed to be out to earn a medal of honor for his bravery. The match was best during Hayato's one run, but Kobushi had moments where he was more than simply brutal. The thing is he's not really evolved yet, so he had to kill time early and just wasn't able to be consistently impressive. He executed very well throughout though, and when he was good though, he was quite good. I feel like these two will be able to have an excellent match in a couple years, but Kobushi needs to grow and Hayato needs to be allowed to fight back. ***

MPW Battle Station 11/22/09 taped 11/8/09 Iwate-kenei Taiikukan
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Handicap Match: Akebono vs. Yapper Man #1 & Yapper Man #2 9:55

Seikigun vs. Kowloon All Out War:

Maguro Oma vs. Kenbai 4:42

ken45 vs. Kinya Oyanagi 10:39

Rui Hiugaji vs. Takeshi Minamino 15:10

Shinjitsu Nohashi vs. Rasse 10:29

Kei Sato vs. Kesen Numajiro 10:30

Ou Kobushi vs. Shu Sato 2:41

The Great Sasuke vs. Fujita "Jr." Hayato 27:21. A good long match to decide the 7 match series, but I just felt it was usually missing the spark. Though the match was actually slightly shorter than their very good 6/19/09 title match, this time the length seemed excessive. Sasuke playing an over the hill beat up Wrestler didn't do wonders for the match, as while Hayato had a few fiery flurries, Sasuke was rather laid back and methodical throughout. Sasuke still took some major risks such as a senton atomico onto a chair on the apron, but his new Randy The Ram gimmick lowers the quality of his offense and slows the pace of the match. Also, the brawling the out of the ring brawling they added to fill out the length was just alright. Hayato was good, but his strikes weren't totally on, and Sasuke was okay, but nowhere near the wrestler he was before getting into politics. Sasuke putting Fujita over again did help to regain some of the heat Fujita lost getting squashed by Kenou. **3/4

MPW Battle Station 12/16/09 taped 12/12/09 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Kesen Numajiro & Kinya Oyanagi vs. Rui Hiugaji & Kenbai 5:41 of 14:52

Ultimo Dragon vs. Rasse 3:42 of 11:38

Takeshi Minamino & Maguro Oma & ken45 vs. Shinjitsu Nohashi & Yapper Man #1 & Yapper Man #2 6:56 of 15:42

Great Space Battle Last Decisive Battle: Jushin Thunder Liger & The Great Sasuke vs. Shu Sato & Kei Sato 23:29

The Great Sasuke & Jushin Thunder Liger & Ultraman Robin vs. Kei Sato & Shu Sato & Alien Mephilas 1:09

Tohoku Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Kenou vs. Fujita "Jr." Hayato 27:03. Kenou's first title defense was a far more interesting contest than his victory on 9/5/09, as Hayato was allowed to be thoroughly competitive in this big year ending rematch. He still wasn't totally confident or sure of how to beat Kenou, but he was going on more than just heart in this one. They did a Battlarts style shoot leaning match. Though it wasn't as stiff as the first meeting, it was more diverse as they merged some of Hayato's out of the ring brawling, had Kenou attack his knee, did a lot more submission work, and added a few semi credible high spots such as suplexes. Though Hayato is something of a heel, he was such a big underdog after the last match that the fans wound up getting behind him, especially when Kenou, who didn't appreciate not having the fans support, took a big cheap shot. With the match still up in the air 25 minutes in, Kenou laid Hayato out with an illegal closed fist punch that busted Hayato open. Hayato managed to kick out of the following German suplex, but succumbed to Kenou's patented high kick. ***1/4