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M-1 Selection 74 2/18/17 St. Petersburg, RU Sports Center "Yubileyniy"
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Dmitriy Orlov vs. Mikhail Kuznetsov 4:24 R2

Bruce Souto vs. Payzula Magomedov 2:40 R3

Pablo Ortmann vs. Vyacheslav Bogomol 1:27 R1

Dmitry Tebekin vs. Artur Tyulparov 1:59 R1

Marcus Vinicius Lopes vs. Evgeni Myakinkin 3R unanimous decision

M-1 Selection 75 3/3/17 Moscow, RU Olimpiyskiy Sports Complex
-1hr 40min. Q=Perfect

Daniil Prikaza vs. Maksim Melnik 1:54 R1

Viktor Kolesnik vs. Young Bok Kil 3R Draw

Abubakar Mestoev vs. Niko Samsonidse 3R Unanimous Dec

Raul Tutarauli vs. Mohamed Grabinski 3:50 R2

Valery Myasnikov vs. Amilcar Alves 3:00 R1

M-1 Selection 76 4/22/17 Nalchik, RU Sports Palace "Magas"
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Ingiskhan Ozdoev vs. Alexey Valivakhin 3:22 R1

Evgeniy Goncharov vs. Daniil Arepyev 3R Unanimous Dec. Goncharov would get the body lock, lift, and deposit, including a clean belly to belly suplex in the 1st.

Zalimbeg Omarov vs. Elnur Veliev 3R Unanimous Dec

Emil Abbasov vs. H. dos Santos 2:39 R1

Khamzat Sakalov vs. Javier Fuentes 3R Unanimous Dec

M-1 Selection 79 6/1/17 St. Petersburg, RU SC Jubilee
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect

Nikolay Goncharov vs. Maxim Pugachev 3R Draw

Dimitriy Mikutsa vs. Dmitry Tebekin 3R Unanimous Dec

Bair Shtepin vs. Won Jun Jang 2:33 R3

Anton Vyazigin vs. Yuriy Protzenko 3R Unanimous Dec

Timerlan Sharipov vs. Danila Prikaza 3R. Prikaza's striking game flows really well, as he's so loose and relaxed out there. He hit a flying knee early, & Sharipov began urgently struggling to take him down by any means necessary, only to have Prikaza was machine-gun him with strikes as Sharipov held him & tried to leverage him to the canvas. From the 1st few minutes, I thought Sharipov was totally wrestling based, but then he started landing nice right hand counters & even a spinning heel kick, which ironically opened up the takedown by making Prikaza respect his striking. Both fighters landed some good body shots in round 2, but Sharipov again had a big advantage once the fight went to the ground. Sharipov switched to north/south at the very end of the round looking for the arm bar finish since a few more seconds of control didn't matter at that point. He was dropping punches down when that went nowhere, but with Sharipov no longer controlling him, Prikaza stood & Sharipov followed him up, charging right into a big right hand for the knockdown. Prikaza dropped a big guard pass punch then saw the ref jump in, so he began celebrating. Announcer Sean Wheelock, who I really miss on Bellator commentary for his actual knowledge of fighting & great chemistry with Jimmy Smith (especially if Mike Goldberg is around to once again prove he hasn't learned anything about MMA in all these years), also thought the fight might be over even though he knew the exact time situation as the building was erupting for the surprise potential ending. It was that close but Sharipov did wind up being saved by the bell. Sharipov came out cautious if not slow in the 3rd, but Prikaza was doing too much waiting & clowning, really wanting to avoid getting taken down again but being so cautious that Sharipov was eventually able to enter with a left hook & get in on the legs. Prikaza worked for a Kimura for a long time, but never made any real progress toward that, or getting off his back in any other manner. I thought they could have stood this up given Sharipov was really just locking Prikaza down, but no bailout came for Prikaza, so Sharipov was able to walk away with the majority decision. Good match.

M-1 Selection 81: Battle in the Mountains 6 7/22/17 Nazran, Ingushetia
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect

Amiran Gogoladze vs. Ibrahim Sagov 0:53 R1

Alik Albogachiev vs. Filip Narizhnyi 1:36 R1

Movsar Bokov vs. Igor Onoprienko 3:42 R1

Akhmadian Ozdoev vs. Alberto Vargas KO/TKO, 2:45 R1
Khamzat Sakalov vs. C. Tchoungui Unanimous Dec
G. Kukhalashvili vs. Nurbek Ismailov KO/TKO, 0:59 R1


M-1 Challenge 82 8/5/17 Helsinki, FI Hartwall Arena
-5hr 10min. Q=Perfect. 3 DVDs

Frederico Gutzwiller vs. Akaki Khorava 1:59 R1

Oleg Lichkovakha vs. Son Le Binh 5:00 R3

Boris Polezhay vs. Toni Valtonen 3R Unanimous Dec

Ruslan Shamilov vs. Moses Murrietta 3:10 R1

Arnaud Kherfallah vs. Patrik Pietila 4:22 R1

Medieval Match: Vladimir Nechiporenko vs. Yuri Slobodnyak

Keith Johnson vs. Alexander Butenko 3R Unanimous Dec

Juho Valamaa vs. Aires Benrois 4:52 R1 Unanimous Dec

Pavel Gordeev vs. Michel Silva 3R Unanimous Dec

Mikael Silander vs. Vitali Branchuk 3R Majority Dec

Heliton dos Santos vs. Janne Elonen-Kulmala 3R Draw

Mikhail Zayats vs. Marcus Vanttinen 3R Unanimous Dec