Lucha Libre AAA CMLL Lucha Underground 2016 DVD
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AAA UND 9/9/17 AAA TripleMania XXIV taped 8/28/16 Arena Ciudad de Mexico
& AAA UND 9/10/17 AAA TripleMania XXV taped 8/26/17 Arena Ciudad de Mexico
-1hr 30min. Q=Perfect

Mixed Tag Match: Averno & Chessman vs. Faby Apache & Mary Apache

Mask vs. Hair Match: Psycho Clown vs. Pagano 27:46


AAA World Tag Title Four Way Match: La Secta (Cuervo & Escoria) vs. Los Totalmente Traidores (Monster Clown & Murder Clown) vs. Aero Star & Drago vs. Andrew Everett & DJ Z 13:23

AAA World Heavyweight, AAA Latin America Title & AAA World Cruiserweight Title Three Way Match: Johnny Mundo vs. El Hijo del Fantasma vs. El Texano Jr. 22:04

Mask vs. Mask Match: Psycho Clown vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. 28:42

CMLL Lucha Retro 10/21/16 taped 9/3/16 Arena Coliseo
& 11/4/16 taped 9/10/16 Arena Coliseo
-1hr 30min. Q=Perfect


Starman & Stigma & Soberano vs. Arkangel & Disturbio & Skandalo. I enjoyed Arkangel for a number of years, but at 50 & working at 1/10th speed with gnat killing impact, he should not be logging the majority of the ring time. This match was just way too slow except when Soberano was in. He gave a good inspired high flying performance, looking like the Flash in comparison to everyone else. Skandalo was the best rudo, but his weight has become an impeditment at times. Poor match.

Johnny Idol & Guerrero Maya & Titan vs. Gran Guerrero & Euforia & Kraneo. A few stops & starts, but in general, a consistently entertaining match. Nothing amazing, but solid contributions all around, with the Guerrero's being the best & even Kraneo being passable. Funny (unless you're Gran) spot where Maya did an armdrag then accidentally headspringed onto Gran's head. Above average match.


Angel de Oro & Blue Panther & Rey Cometa vs. Dragon Rojo Jr. & Gran Guerrero & Pierroth

Matt Taven & Shocker & Ultimo Guerrero vs. Atlantis & Diamante Azul & Valiente

CMLL Lucha Retro 11/11/16 taped 9/10/16 Arena Coliseo
& 11/18/16 taped 9/17/16 Arena Coliseo
& 11/25/16 taped 9/17/16 Arena Coliseo
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect


Sensei & Lyono & Bengala vs. Canelo Casas & Akuma & Nitro. Started slow with Sensei & Casas going through the motions without much fluidity, but picked up dramatically for the 1st fall finish with Bengala & Akuma looking good, & continued to be a finishing segment in the brief 2nd & 3rd falls. Entertaining once it got going, but everyone was pinned so quickly & easily after that it was just an exhibition of non-resistant finishes. Average match.

Star Jr. & Flyer & Oro Jr. vs. Sanson & Cuatrero & Forastero. A showcase for the technicos with Oro showing off in the 1st fall & Star hitting a sweet torneo & super quebrada in the 2nd. The rudos began ganging up, & their double & triple teaming was enough to take the 2nd & get a fall on Oro in the 3rd, but Flyer & Star wouldn't lay down, & Star eventually pinned the captain to take it. Good match.


Puma & Tiger & Hechicero vs. Angel De Oro & The Panther & Titan. A faster paced match than we've been seeing on Lucha Retro, but half of that was that they showing it in fast forward. Jerky motion aside, this was some pretty good action, as these guys were offensive minded with the entire rudo team having been technicos earlier in their career. Maybe for that reason, the match felt a bit disjointed & lacking in rhythm. They didn't really do flowing sequences, but rather exchanged strikes then did flying moves then back to strikes. It was a bit sloppy, but there were several good moments even if they never seemed to gain momentum with them. Above average match.

Mistico & Volador Jr. & Valiente vs. Niebla Roja & Ultimo Guerrero & Luciferno. Best match on Lucha Retro so far. Fast-paced, action packed high flying action from start to finish. It was basically the technico show with Mistico, Volador, & Valiente all being in spectacular mode & flying around from start to finish. The rudos did their job helping them look good, with everything coming off very well, but didn't put their stamp on the match in any way. Good match.

Flyer & Star Jr. & Sensei vs. Hijo Del Signo & Metalico & Nitro. They overachieved because they tried hard. For the most part, especially in the 1st 2 falls, they weren't doing amazing things, but they worked hard, & consistently no matter who was in, keeping the pace up & the action flowing. In the 3rd fall, they really picked it up at the end. The ending probably wasn't as good as a lot of matches, but most of those would do little before & try to just get by on that finishing burst, where this was good before & that burst elevated & validated it. Good match.

Hombre Bala Jr. & Stigma & Soberano vs. Virus & Sangre Azteca & Disturbio. Pretty consistent because they focused on the athleticism early, transitioning from the ballet to the flying for the end of the 1st fall. The rudos were more into doing moves than brawling, so when they took over the match quality didn't dip much. The problem is they pretty much owned the 2nd half of the match after giving the technicos the 1st half, so the 3rd fall was probably the worst of the three. Soberano worked really well in this style, as he was able to show off his gymnastics. Disturbio lacks the skill of the other rudos, but upped his effort & threw in a few more high spots to try to make up for it. Azteca was the offensive star of the rudos, but Virus probably did the most to make the technicos look good. Good match.

CMLL Lucha Retro 12/2/16 taped 9/24/16 Arena Coliseo
& 12/9/16 taped 9/24/16 Arena Coliseo
& 12/16/16 taped 10/1/16 Arena Coliseo
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect


Marcela & Estrellita & Skadi vs. Reyna Isis & Tiffany & Amapola. They tried & it wasn't terrible, but they lack the speed & athleticism to really make it work, so it just seemed rather contrived & random. Marcela still wants to go, and given the company that's about all it takes to make her still be the standout, but her knees weren't really cooperating & she is 45. It's scary when Estrellita is the most athletic wrestler in a match. Skadi had a Super Muneco moment, but even if Marcela is her mother, at that size she seems more suitable to be a rudo. Below average match.

Stuka & Rey Cometa & Guerrero Maya vs. Kraneo & Polvora & Sam Adonis. There was some good talent in this match, but then you had Kraneo waddling around like an idiot. At first I thought it was just me getting distracted by his stupidity, but there should be better things for Rey Cometa to do in a match than standing around shaking as he sees how long he can hold Kraneo in a fireman's carry position. The highs & lows of the match can pretty much be summed up by the finish where Kraneo avoided Stuka's portion of the triple dive then won with the stinkface. Average match.

Magnus & Marvel & Robin vs. El Coyote & Grako & Nitro. Always worth watching, but never really better. They kept the pace up, with the rudos doing a good job of keeping things moving & flowing, as Nitro mocked their conventions such as the little jump. The technicos were lagging behind here though, as they did a lot of basic athletic sequences & counters but rarely brought anything beyond that. For that reason, the match kept feeling like a really good opening, as the falls came & went. Above average match.

Diamante Azul & Johnny Idol & Valiente vs. Gran Guerrero & Niebla Roja & Ultimo Guerrero. The focus was on Ultimo Guerrero vs. Valiente, setting up next week's title match. Ultimo orchestrated Valiente getting teamed up on then shredded his mask when he was battered & prone. This took Valiente out of the 1st fall, leading to his partners getting pinned while he recovered & got a new mask. Valiente got a measure of revenge in the 2nd, taking Ultimo out with a tope, leading to his partners getting pinned. Ultimo wouldn't engage in the requisite rope running sequence with Valiente in the 3rd, or any sort of fair fight, waiting for Roja to hold him to attack then ripping Valiente's mask a 2nd time. Again, it seemed Valiente would be out of action down the stretch, but when Azul & Idol took Gran & Roja out with dives, Valiente came back in & submitted Ultimo for the win. Good match.


Cancerbero & Inquisidor & Raziel vs. Bengala & Metalico & Star Jr. They kept a high pace, but the spots were telegraphed to the point you knew almost every move before they actually did it. With that in mind, I appreciated the surprise finish where Star appears to be hitting or corbata but Raziel just slams him down head first. Average match.

NWA World Middleweight Title Match: Ultimo Guerrero vs. Valiente. Not so much a match as a poorly set up highlight reel. The first two falls were pretty much throw aways, as they traded really brief submission wins. Valiente's spin out of the Romero special into the I pull your arm up was passable in some sense, but him walking into a leg pick to surrender the pulpo Guerrero in the 2nd was really hospital. The third fall could have been great, but it never came together into anything more than a series of big spots pasted together. It was basically one high spot, usually for a near finish, then long sell, then repeat with a different high spot. The lowlight was Valiente pretending to be semi crippled from Guerrero picking his leg until it was time to hit the next great flying spot. There were some good counters such as Valiente knocking Guerrero to the floor when he tried the senton de la muerte the 2nd time & hitting a tope & spectacular spots such as the Valiente special. Guerrero does some ridiculous avalanche style moves, but he just releases his opponent midair rather than slamming them to negate the majority of the impact, so they are more annoying than impressive given how inferior they are to basically any other version you've ever seen. I really wanted to like this match, but basically the 1st 2 falls were wasted & the 3rd didn't really work but was a strong effort & at least entertaining as spectacle. Above average match.

CMLL Lucha Retro 12/23/16 taped 10/1/16 Arena Coliseo
& 12/30/16 taped 10/8/16 Arena Coliseo
& 1/6/17 taped 10/8/16 Arena Coliseo
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect


Marcela & La Vaquerita & Skadi vs. La Comandante & Dalys & Amapola. It's bad when the women's match is by far the best match of the hour, but Marcela kept it at an acceptable level by working the majority of the match. The action was a step slow all around, but being on the short side generally helped keep things moving at the pace they could work, except that the 1st fall was the majority of the match to the point the 2nd & 3rd falls were rather insignificant. Skadi did one or two good moves, but the timing & flow were most lacking when she was in. Amapola was the only acceptable rudo. Comandante wasn't screwing up, but she's so rigid, deliberate, & dated in her basic idea of how the sequences are supposed to go down you feel you are watching one of those seemingly semi trained late 70's/early 80's do a shoulderblock, give the crowd a scary/nasty grimace, take a devestating dropkick type workers who was somehow displaced by a time machine 35 years into the future. Below average match.

Aereo & Acero vs. Pequeno Violencia & Pequeno Universo. I like the 2/3 fall format except in matches such as this where they just machine gun pins to the point the falls are so short they really aren't doing something that resembles a match. The wrestling wasn't bad in the sense of what they actually did, but I couldn't even call this an exhibition because that would have been longer & might have had some actual purpose. Poor match.

Maximo Sexy & Titan & Atlantis vs. Felino & Negro Casas & Mr. Niebla. Titan, Atlantis & Casas were doing a serious match while Maximo, Felino, & Niebla were doing a comedy match. It didn't work. Not to mention the 1st 2 falls were really brief & the 3rd was a random DQ out of nowhere. Titan had a few moments, but otherwise there was little to recommend. Poor match.


La Jarochita & Skadi & Princesa Sugehit vs. Metalica & La Seductora & Dalys. Jarochita & Seductora did two brief sequences that were well done, otherwise this was pretty bad. Once in a while there was a nice move, but Seductora was the only one who seemed to be able to actually put a cohesive sequence together. Seductora was by far the best at making the technicos look good, but her offense didn't look very good. Dalys moves so rigidly that nothing she does looks good. Metalica & Sugehit move pretty well, but really couldn't get anything going. Skadi tried to be interesting, but didn't connect where she wanted to on any of her flying spots. Poor match.

Maximo Sexy & Atlantis & Mistico vs. Shocker & Ephesto & Luciferno. I can deal with a poor match, but they didn't even put forth any effort here. Even when they weren't standing around doing Maximo's "comedy", they still weren't really doing any sequences & it was so slow & low impact. Mistico's little run at the end of the 3rd fall was pretty much the only time anyone even tried. Poor match.

Blue Panther & Titan & Fuego vs. Sagrado & Misterioso & Disturbio. Fun match because Fuego & Titan came to work. Fuego looked really good, perfectly executing a number of impressive athletic spots. Titan had his moments as well, but just wasn't as graceful or dynamic as Fuego. Panther was basically a non factor. The rudos did a good job taking Titan & Fuego's flying, but their offense wasn't always the most crisply or gracefully executed. Above average match.

Stuka & Guerrero Maya & Rey Cometa vs. El Olympico & Rey Bucanero & Mr. Niebla. The rudos dominated the 1st 2 falls with a lot of dawdling, standing around and throwing unimpressive strikes. Even when the technicos finally made their comeback to take the 2nd, they literally just did a dropkick and a schoolboy. When it was slow, which was way too often, it was way too deliberate. The third fall had a few bursts of action, but no one even remotely approached their capability. Below average match.

CMLL Lucha Retro 1/13/17 taped 10/15/16 Arena Coliseo
& 1/20/17 taped 10/15/16 Arena Coliseo
& 1/27/17 taped 10/22/16 Arena Coliseo
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect


Flyer & Robin & Oro Jr. vs. Hijo Del Signo & Disturbio & Arkangel. The first fall was joined in progress & was pretty uninspired. They picked things up dramatically for the end of the 2nd fall, which had one of the best finishes we've seen so far on the show. The flying was no better or worse per se, but it stood out because the technicos "had to" do 2 or 3 hot moves each to earn the pins rather than the usual I flop at the first sign of anything trios finishes. They continued the fast pace in the 3rd, with the technicos adding to the dropkick & rana variations, but then Arkangel hit a single cheesy backbreaker on Oro & that was that. The match was entertaining when the rudos were taking, which was the entire second half, but the rudo finishes were just lame. Above average match.

Diamante Azul vs. Terrible. They only showed the loose finish of the 1st fall, & the 2nd fall appeared to be less than 2 minutes, so we got about 6 minutes of wrestling over a 3 fall singles match. They worked well enough together, but it wasn't amounting to anything, especially in this form where we just saw them machine gunning through the falls.

Maximo Sexy & Valiente & Atlantis vs. Mr. Niebla & La Mascara & Niebla Roja. Too much schoolyard clowning, complete with Niebla giving Valiente a wedgie. Niebla just goofs off when he's wearing the Yone and/or wrestling Maximo & Mascara is dreadful. Mascara's idea of a stomp is moving his leg 2', making sure to stop 1' before he contacts the opponent. Valiente was the only one who bothered to try. Poor match.

Johnny Idol & Guerrera Maya & Titan vs. Gran Guerrero & Euforia & Kraneo. These guys fought last month, & it was pretty decent, but they mostly just sleepwalked through this one. It was painfully slow for most of the 1st 2 falls, and really, anytime Euforia didn't feel like putting the effort in. When they weren't walking through the steps in slow motion, they did a bunch of Kobashi chops, with Idol getting the crowd to count his 1/10th impact pop gun chops. They randomly threw in a flying sequence that showed they had speed, but then would almost immediately get stuck in the moat. Poor match.

Dragon Lee & Maximo Sexy & Angel de Oro vs. Terrible & Rey Bucanero & Mr. Niebla. 95% bad comedy. Most of the "high spots" didn't do any physical damage, such as Niebla putting his ass into Maximo's face, & various forms of semi undressing each other. Oro was the only one who interrupted the Maximo style shenanigans with some semblance of actual wrestling. Poor match.


Star Jr. & Flyer & Oro Jr. vs. Sanson & Cuatrero & Forastero. Inspired high flying action. The interplay was sometimes hit & miss, but they mostly just jumped/dove at each other, so it at least worked as a showcase of athleticism. Star was the star of the 1st 2 falls, but took a brutal diamond cutter on the nose for the 2nd fall finish, so he mostly got a break in the 3rd. Above average match.

Atlantis & Diamante Azul & Valiente vs. Matt Taven & Shocker & Ultimo Guerrero. A bunch of guys that were really good at one time, but are older now & just have to pick their spots. Everyone does a few good things, but without a few younger guys to carry the load (Taven would qualify except he only does a few good things) it's just way too inconsitent & there's too much filler. Below average match.