Miscelaneous Kickboxing DVD

MTBN Holland Expedition Final Perfection! Undefeated Champion Benny Urquidez Commercial Tape 1/15/84 Amsterdam
-1hr 30min. Q=Master

Tekin Donmez vs. Herman Miser

Hamid El Abbassi vs. Chris Klootwike

Didier Le Borgne vs. Lucien Carbin

Lilly Rodriguez vs. Lucia Rijker

Mark Holland vs. Kenneth Plak

Europe Title Match: Gerard Dimier vs. Rik van den Vathorst

Europe Title Match: Walt Rugebrect vs. R. Desjardin

Europe Title Match: Robert Davis vs. C. Bafir

World Title Match: Benny Urquidez vs. Iwan Sprang

Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs. Rick Roufus 11/5/88 Las Vegas, NV Sands Hotel & Casino
-45min. Q=Ex

Singnoom Sitomnoi vs. Tantanannoi Sitsilachai

Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs. Rick Roufus R4 1:23

Thai-Boxing Vol. 1 From Amsterdam-Holland Commercial Tape 11/20/88 Amsterdam, NED
-1hr 35min. Q=Ex. PAL DVD

Ramon Dekkers vs. Joao Vieira R5

Andre Mannaart vs. Ronnie Wagenmaker R5

kickboxer vs. sambo: Freek Hamakers vs. Charlie Lieveld

Jean-Claude Felicie vs. Rick van de Vathorst

Ernesto Hoost vs. Peter Aerts 5R

Ivan Hyppolyte vs. Orlando Wiet

World Kick FINAL COUNT DOWN 4 Commercial Tape The Battle of the Year 11/18/90 Amsterdam, NED
-1hr 10min. Q=Master

Tom van de Berg vs. Moesid Akamrane

Peter Aerts vs. Jan Wessels R3

Rob Kaman vs. Ernesto Hoost R5

bonus: Alex Gong vs. Fernando Yguado

MAJKF Seeking The Strongest Commercial Tape
-1 1/2hr. Q=Master

12/18/90 Tokyo: Ramon Dekkers vs. Boonchai Sor. Towanon

12/25/91: Changpuek Kiatsongrit vs. Bill Heihen

Knock Davey vs. Gerard Suwanu

Michiaki Yamazaki vs. Masato Kusunoki

Ponshiri Poramtay vs. Shyai Sadar


MAJKF Clash of Muay Thai's Strongest Commercial Tape 3/22/91 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 40min. Q=Master

Akane vs Hayata

Chinchai vs. Misaki Muroto

Michael Leofurt vs Pantone

Robert Van Hagen vs Sajittokan

Yamazaki vs. Rambo

Ramon Dekkers vs. Saengtiennoi Sor. Rungrot

World Combat Fight #70 Euro Kick Boxing Classic Kickboxing Holland vs. Canada 4/21/91 Amsterdam NED
World Combat Fight #49 3/16/00 Amsterdam Absolute Championships Mix Fight Tournament 4 taped 10/25/98 Amsterdam, Holland Party Center 2000
- 1hr 50min. Q=TV Master


Peter Furia vs. Gerard Mamadues (sp?)

Glenn Blastopp (sp) vs. Rick Van De Wuasosto (sp)

Orlando Weit vs. Ivan Hippolyte

Ernesto Hoost vs. Jan Wessels

World Combat Fight #49 Amsterdam Absolute Championships Mix Fight Tournament 4 taped 10/25/98 Amsterdam, Holland Party Center 2000 AKA International Absolute Fighting Council-Pankration European Championship 1998

Note: Mostly Highlights

Mix Fight: Ronny Rivano vs. Pedro Van Hemert

Muay Thai Rule: Rene Rooze vs. Helder Lopez

Mix Fight: Tjerk Vermanen vs. Vidal Serradilla. Serradilla got kneed in the forehead when he shot and there was blood everywhere, so they stopped it.

Muay Thai Fight: Rodney Favers vs. Samir Benazzouz

Mix Fight: Glenn Brown vs. Herman Vantol

Mix Fight: Remco Pardoel vs. John Dixon

Mix Fight: Bob Schrijber vs. Moti Horenstein. Brutal slugfest. Schrijber wound up with a big lump under his eye.

SUM Body Promotions Maurice Smith vs. Stan Longinidis Commercial Tape 1991 Australia Sydney Entertainment Center
-50min. Q=Master

WKA World Heavyweight Title Match: Maurice Smith vs. Stan The Man Longinidis

SUM Body Promotions Maurice Smith vs. Stan Longinidis Commercial Tape 1991 Australia Sydney Entertainment Center
-1hr 35min. Q=Master

martial arts demonstration

Australian Super Light Heavyweight Title Match: Peter Blumson vs. Clinton O'Hello

WKA World Heavyweight Title Match: Maurice Smith vs. Stan The Man Longinidis 12R split decision

Muay Thai Transmission 2 Peter Smit & Ramon Dekkers vs Strongest Muay Thai Army Commercial Tape
-50min. Q=Master

11/27/90 Bangkok, Thailand Lumpinee Stadium, IMTF World Light Heavyweight Title Match: Peter Smit vs. Changpuek Kiatsongrit

11/26/91 Bangkok, Thailand Lumpinee Stadium: Ramon Dekkers vs. Sakmongkol Sitthichok

Oriental Blood Fights Vol. 1 Hot Night In Amsterdam DVD 10/20/91 Amsterdam, NED
-1hr. Q=Perfect. PAL DVD

Jos van Beijnen vs. Yacub Comert

Peter Theijsse vs. Nicco Anches

Iwan Hippoliet vs. Brian Pieters

Ernesto Hoost vs. Leo de Snoo 5R

Murat Comart vs. Anoukoune

Muay Thai Transmission 4 Ramon Dekkers Mortal Combat Decision Match Commercial Tape 2/28/92 Samut Prakan, THA
-1hr 10min. Q=Master

IMF World Welterweight Title Decision Match: Ramon Dekkers vs. Coban Lookchaomaesaitong 5R

Jos Keendy (sp?) vs. Dogmaipa Bow Bonsawan (sp?)

11/13/10 Las Vegas: Xu Shan vs. Shane Oblonsky


Martial Arts Great Country Australia Transmission 3 Commercial Tape 6/7/92 Melbourne Sports & Entertainment Center
-1hr. Q=Master

Darren Hedgecock vs. Fatal Redding

WKA Australian Super Light Heavyweight Title Decision Match: Rick Cool vs. Nick Terakorias

WKA World Super Heavyweight Title Match: Stan The Man vs. Branko Cikatic

Taipan 1 Best of the Best Commercial Tape 3/6/94 Australia
& Assorted Stan the Man & Sam Greco Matches
-1hr 45min. Q=VG

Battle of the Champions 7/25/93, WKA World Super Heavyweight Title Match: Stan the Man Longinidis vs. Gary Sandland R3

Taipan 1 Best of the Best Quarterfinals

Stan the Man vs. Bob Schrijber 3R UD

Dino Homsey vs. Watori Uchido

Lawrence White vs. Achilles Roger

Vladimir Golovinski vs. Chris Van Rensbert


Stan the Man vs. Dino Homsey R1

Achilles Roger vs. Vladimir Golovinski

Stan the Man vs. Vladimir Golovinski

THE CLASH /94: Sam Greco vs. Simon Sweet

THE SHOWDOWN 5/22/94 Sam Greco vs. Zennie Reynolds

The World Martial Arts Challenge Commercial Tape 6/23/95 Tulsa, OK Convention Center Arena
-1hr. Q=Ex

Full Contact Rules: Lester Phillips vs. Randy Katlett 0:46

RINGS Jiu Jitsu Rules: Kevin Nix vs. Chad Talbert 0:45

Full Contact Rules: Jan McMillan vs. Kato Kiyotaka R2 1:06

RINGS Jiu Jitsu Rules: Keith Livingston vs. Tommy Walkikngstick 5:57

Full Contact Rules: Greg Voidachec vs. Wayne Emmons R1 1:16

RINGS Jiu Jitsu Rules: Tsuyoshi Kosaka vs. Scott Sullivan 3:00. Entertaining bout in the old, aggressive submission loses position but it doesn't matter (because my opponent will give it right back when his submission fails...) grappling style. Kosaka had the quick takedown, & applied most of the pressure, but Sullivan had a few tricks up his sleeve, including nearly hitting an armbar.

Full Contact Rules: Sugar Miyuki vs. Brenda Rouse 5R. Miyuki is known to wrestling fans for fighting Kumiko Maekawa on AJW's Tokyo Dome show, but she was the Shootboxing champion at 104 pounds. She's at a considerable height & reach disadvantage to 5'2" 108 pound kickboxing champion Rouse, a Oklahoma native who wound up training with Tommy Morrison & switching to boxing where she won a few of their zillion titles. Rouse has a wide variety of distance kicks that were all finding their target more often than not in the 1st round. I really like the adjustment Miyuki makes in the 2nd, a reverse psychology style where she knows straight up distance isn't going to work, but rather than getting hit darting in to get in range, she uses her movement to stay out of Rouse's range, forcing an impatient Rouse to come forward. Miyuki times Rouse's approaches well, consistently hitting her with a reverse combo of sorts, a low kick as soon as she's in kicking range then as many punches as she can get in as soon as she's walked into punching range. Though Miyuki made the fight more strategic, both have a high volume output, and the crowd is responding to their constant action with much bigger & more consistent pops than any of the previous bouts had. Rouse probably still wins the 2nd round, & they skip the 3rd for unknown reasons, but Miyuki has taken control in the 4th with her cardio. Rouse has her moments when she gets Miyuki on the ropes, but generally Miyuki is able to keep circling away. Rouse comes out energized in the 5th, and looks like a new fighter now as she's closing the distance quicker & generally attacking faster & more aggressively. Rouse has a considerable advantage in weight of shot, & Miyuki has a hard time dealing with the larger opponent when she's coming at her so fiercely. Rouse stuns Miyuki with a left hand early, and continues to get her hands through to close things out. Even with the dominant final round, it's still only a split decision win for Rouse 50-48, 46-49, 49-47. Good match.

Full Contact Rules: Dale "Apollo" Cook vs. Mark King 5R. Though in his late thirties & coming out of a three year retirement, Cook was still so fast & fluid out there. Cook has an amazing arsenal of attacks, & mixes them so much you almost wonder if he's trying to hit every strike in the arsenal & land something to every part of the body just to keep from being bored. Who else throws things such as a jump spinning high kick, spinning high kick combination? In the most basic reading, on the outside, he beats you with his kicks, on the inside, he beats you with his knees, but he has that Giorgio Petrosyan ability to avoid everything you throw while always being able to hit you with something. Cook often employed the side stance, but is very aggressive & flashy out of it, throwing powerful mid & high kicks & using it to set up the spinning high kick. King was totally overmatched early, but got himself into the match with a powerful series of knees with Cook stuck on the ropes. King eventually got Cook on the ropes again in the 2nd, but this time Cook weathered his flurry of hooks & dropped him with a right uppercut left hook combo. King kind of shut down & shifted to survival mode after getting knocked down with a knee to the midsection at the end of the 2nd, but Cook dropped him again with a spinning back elbow in the 4th. Cook fought the 5th with his hands at or below his waist, just begging King to attack him, but was still so quick he still landed crushing punches out of a silly taunting softball wind up for another knockdown. Yeah, surely turned out to be a jobber match even though King is the All-Marine junior heavyweight kickboxing champion, with Cook winning 50-41 on two judges cards, but it was so flashy & spectacular you didn't even care. Unfortunately, Cook reportedly broke his arm & a few knuckles during the fight, which sent him back to retirement. Good match.

THE CROWNING Commercial Tape 10/22/95 Melbourne, AU
-1hr 45min. Q=VG


Stan the Man Longinidis vs. Nathan Briggs

Mitch O'Hello vs. Hiriwa Te Rangi

Sam Greco vs. Simon Sweet

Ben Hamilton vs. Stuart Green


Alan Drew vs. Yodsana Sit

Michael Kenna vs. Anthony Vella


Stan the Man Longinidis vs. Mitch O'Hello

Sam Greco vs. Ben Hamilton

Non Leck vs. Uthai Pornikomn

Final: Stan the Man Longinidis vs. Sam Greco

U.S. Shidokan Full Contact Karate Tournament PPV 5/11/96 Chicago Bismark Hotel Palace Theater
-2hr. Q=Ex

Lightweight Semifinals

Hideto Otsu vs. Bob Schirmer

Thomas Krausz vs. Pat White

Middleweight Semifinals

Bob Handegan vs. Tony Otero

Jeff Harrington vs. Bo Medenica

Heavyweight Semifinals

Jeff Allen vs. Moti Horenstein

Peter Vines vs. Dimor Horenstein

Lightweight Final: Pat White vs. Bob Schrimer

Middleweight Final: Tony Otero vs. Bo Medenica

Heavyweight Final: Peter Vines vs. Moti Horenstein

ISKA Le Choc des Champions PPV 6/1/96 Paris, FR
-1hr 40min. Q=Gd. PAL DVD

ISKA. Muay Thai World Super Heavyweight Title Match: Curtis Schuster vs. Jerome Le Banner 5R

ISKA Full Contact Title Match: Rick Roufus vs. Igor Sharapov

ISKA Muay Thai Title Match: Dida Diafat vs. Peter Cunningham

IKF MASS DESTRUCTION PPV 5/14/99 Lowell, MA Tsongas Arena
-2 1/2hr. Q=VG. 1 DVD

IKF Super Heavyweight Full Contact Title Decision Match: Kevin Rosier vs. Mike Labree R10 0:26. Rosier's last kickboxing match.

IKF Heavyweight International Rules Title Decision Match: Stan the Man Longinidis vs. Rick Roufus 9R. At the time, this was a super fight between two of the best kickboxers of the decade, both in their mid 30's. Stan came in at a claimed 48-6-3 and Roufus as 50-5, and on paper had edges because he'd fought his whole career at heavyweight (despite only being 215 or so pounds) & his career had been under real kickboxing rules with his signature win being a :15 second TKO title victory over Dennis Alexio on 12/6/92 where Stan handed the champ his 2nd loss (after Don Wilson) breaking his lead leg with the 1st low kick of the fight. Meanwhile, being from America, Roufus had often fought under the corny no low kicks rules that we saw earlier in the night when he wasn't fighting internationally, and he'd also been a light heavyweight most of his career (though by this point he's actually the bigger of the two). Stats & pedigree always take a back seat to health though, and Stan was coming off a complete knee reconstruction, and was no longer the same fighter, retiring in '00 (though he fought a few times after that) whereas Roufus had his 1st MMA bout at 41 in 2008 & fought in the Final 16 of the K-1 WGP at 46 in 2012. Roufus got off to as slow start because he was standing in front of Stan too much & was throwing singles shots, which allowed Stan to close the distance, getting inside Roufus strike & landing his own counter punch. In the 1st 2 rounds, Stan was coming forward & either chopping at the lead leg or attacking with punches, it didn't necessarily matter whether he led or countered because Roufus was in range & wasn't keeping him on the defensive. Once Roufus got into his rather unique jogging karate style, it it was difficult for Stan to find his target consistently because Roufus didn't care about fighting any kind of a consistent, percentage style. Roufus would just use his movement if Stan attacked, not looking to counter, so Stan was rarely able to land anything but the low kick. Roufus was very offensive for a fighter using a karate stance though, essentially staying out of range then coming forward really quickly with a long distance closing strike that was either a a wild feast or famine strike that would probably miss but might end the fight if it didn't or a roundhouse kick or hook to start a lengthy combos that was hard to counter because he was through the pocket to the inside quickly & threw 3 or 4 shots all to different areas that you couldn't just ignore. The big difference here was the speed advantage for Roufus, he was just the more dynamic athlete, and he was also the rangier fighter. Early on Stan was able to beat on Roufus' lead leg, and although this was the one consistent area of his game, he was never able to slow him down. As the fight progressed, Roufus instead got looser & more daring, happy to be the showman with his high kicks & spinning techniques, but also slowing Stan down by tenderizing his leg. The fight could have been 2 rounds a piece going into the 5th, but Roufus distanced himself with his daring, mising a 1-2 then a right hook & a fake left straight that turned out to a left high kick that caught Stan totally off guard for the knockdown. Roufus was now willing to exchange on the inside with Stan, using several effective uppercuts as he poured it on, but although Stan didn't have his legs back, he had a few effective combos as well, making this the best round of the fight. Stan came back reasonably in the 6th, but Roufus landed more low kicks than Stan did, and was also able to follow a left low kick with a high kick. Southpaw Roufus had mainly been using the outside kick to the back leg, but increasingly worked the inside kick to the front leg, trying to get Stan thinking low but not knowing low where so he could instead land a spinning middle kick, high kick, or lead uppercut. More and more, Roufus seemed to just be having fun out there, picking the opposition apart by keeping him standing there guessing. Early in the 9th, Roufus hurt Stan following the left low kick with the left high kick, and spent most of the round beating on him against the ropes, bobbling his head repeatedly with nasty uppercuts. Stan's legs were gone, and he was just surviving on heart & willpower. I thought Stan wasn't moving because of the punishment, but he was hobbling once the round ended, and couldn't come out for the 10th due to a broken bone in his right foot. Good match.

IKF Cruiserweight Full Contact Title Match: Dick Kimber vs. Don "The Dragon" Wilson 3R. Wilson's 1st fight in 8 years. He drops Kimber twice in the 3rd, with Kimber seemingly being saved by the bell as the 2nd knockdown from a barrage of short punches came with just 2 seconds left. As the announcers are expecting Wilson to protest Kimber being given the reprise as you can only be saved by the bell in the last round, the referee visits Kimber on the stool & tells him the fight is over because he didn't bother to answer the 10 count, just getting up when he felt like it & making his way to his corner.

IKF Welterweight Full Contact Title Match: Paul Biafore vs. Bernard Robinson 5R

Thaiboxing Thrill of the Year! 5/20/00 Amsterdam, NL
-1hr 20min. Q=Ex. PAL DVD

Joerie Mes vs. Tommy Walraven. Round 5 only

Dutch Title Fight: Allan Blokland vs. Dennis Strijbis 5R

Big Mo T vs. Barrington Paterson 5R

European Over 95KG Title Match: Remy Bonjasky vs. Stanislav Bahchevanov R2. Bonjasky has major size, speed, & power advantages, and just mauls Bahchevanov with brutal knees. Bahchevanov's only answer is volume, but at best, as soon as he stops throwing robotic arm punches, he gets hit back several times with a lot more impact. Bahchevanov is game, but is so overmatched it looks like he showed up to a duel without his sword.

Dutch Under 76KG Title Fight: Peter Kleij vs. Rayen Simson 5R

21st Century Warriors A Night of Champions PPV 8/24/02 Atlantic City, NJ Tropicana Casino & Resort
-2hr 50min. Q=TV Master. 2 DVDs

Kickboxing: Stephen Thompson vs. Eli Thompson. Neither of these guys protected themselves well. They were offensive minded, with Stephen being too powerful and much more advanced as a boxer.

MMA: Jose Tabora vs. Michael Bencic. Pretty remedial. Taboras had no ground defense at all, so I couldn't tell you if Bencic is good or Tabora was just so bad.

Kickboxing: Luis Ruiz vs. Tony Ventura. Good fight. Ventura dominated R1, but it was an even round because he had a point deducted for his spinning back fist turning into an elbow. Ruiz did better in R2 because he fought inside more. Ventura fights like a karate guy rather than a kickboxer, so he was better from a distance. This was especially true since he used so many spinning strikes. His spinning kicks weren't impressive, but his back fist bloodied if not broke Ruiz's nose in R3. Ruiz didn't have great stamina, but he grew in effectiveness as he figured Ventura out.

ISKA Light Heavyweight Championship: Orlando Rivera vs. Kadir Kadri. This looked like it would be onesided with the smooth veteran champ just being too talented and experienced for the young challenger that was about half his age. Kadri had a very good tank and even better heart. It looked like Rivera was playing with him in the beginning, but it was Kadri that eventually came on, making the final rounds the best of the fight.

MMA: Royler Gracie vs. Henry Matamoros. Matamoros went for submissions at the expense of position, which tends to be a poor strategy unless you think it's your only chance. Gracie took his back when Matamoros made a feeble attempt to straighten his arm. I really like the way Gracie finished this. He controlled his body so well with a figure 4 waistlock that he didn't need to hurry to get the hooks in.

Kickboxing: Don "The Dragon" Wilson vs. Eddie Butcher. These guys combined age is 90. Wilson is still in shape, but Butcher dropped in excess of 60 pounds since March to make weight. He actually looked like the better fighter when he pressured Wilson, kicking with good power. He was severly lacking in stamina though, so this only happened in a couple early rounds and then he got tentative. Wilson was seriously rusty, hesitating to pull the trigger on his punches throughout the 1st half. He's still cool to watch because he's probably the only kickboxer that's succeeded at a high level fighting out of a side stance. He's always hoping around, often fighting on one leg as he fakes side kicks. Wilson broke his rib somewhere along the line. He eventually let his punches go, cutting Butcher in the 8th and finding some semblance of his old rhythm. Decent fight.

WCK 12/5/09 WBC Muaythai Inetnational Super Bantamweight Title Match: Romie Adanza vs. Kunitaka Fujiwara

Post Tenebra Cup 2005 DVD 4/30/05 Geneva, CH
-2hr. Q=Perfect. PAL DVD

Augusto De La Pena vs. Ali Ouassi

Stephane Bassi vs. Edy Faetmi

Samir Hassoun vs. Mickael Magliano

Coco Coralie vs. Andrew Grimason

Mendy Cafary vs. Omar Benamar

Samir Berbachi vs. Mabel Abdalah

Sabina Ritter vs. Barbara Delaney

Gary Hamilton vs. Fabio Pinca

Farid M'Laika vs. Samir Dourid

Patrick Kinigamazi vs. Abel El Quandili

WKN Muay Thai World Super Heavyweight Title Match: Jerome Le Banner vs. Oliver Van Damme

NJKF Battle Station TITANS NEOS III taped 4/20/08 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Takaosamitsu vs. Shingo Garyu

Tsukuru Midorikawa vs. Isorasack Shisexkan (sp?)

Koichi Pettas vs. Kuniyoshi

Kirekazu Akusawa vs. Fabricio Bergamini

Ryuta Noji vs. Gen Shiro

Christopher Mertens vs. Kazuya Masaki

Dendanai PK Stereo vs. Gosuke Kikuchi

Nobu Hayashi vs. Ben Edwards

Ryuji Goto vs. Nobumitsu Sudo

Fighting Rookies #42 taped 3/17/12 Turnhout, BEL Sporthal Sint-Victor
& Fighting Rookies #43 taped 4/7/12 Eindhoven, NED
-1hr 45min. Q=Perfect


Olivier de Feyter vs. Idris Demirci

Belgium Heavyweight Muay Thai Title Match: Kirk Krouba vs. Tom Baert

Hassan El Hamzaoui vs. Kenni Haben


Valdrin Vatnikai vs. Mansour Yaqoubi

Yourie Smans vs. Khalid Lariffi

9/24/11: Romie Adanza vs. Shuichi Wentz

LEGEND I 5/25/13 Moscow, RU Luzhniki Small Sports Arena
-3hr 10min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

MMA: Eduard Vartanyan vs. Sergey Khandozhko R2 4:02

MMA: Alexei Nazarov vs. Mindaugas Verbickas 2R

Semifinal: Artur Kyshenko vs. Yury Bessmertny 4R unanimous Decision

Alexander Emelianenko vs. Bob Sapp R1 1:15

Enf 12/2/12 Men’s 85kg Tournament Semifinal: Franci Grajs vs. Sahak Parparyan 3R

Alim Nabiev vs. Vyacheslav Borschev 3R

Semifinal: Artur Kyshenko vs. Yury Bessmertny 4R unanimous Decision

Semifinal: Dzhabar Askerov vs. Enriko Gogokhiya R2 2:58

Zabit Samedov vs. Badr Hari R2 2:16

Tournament Final: Dzhabar Askerov vs. Alim Nabiev R3 1:33

LEGEND II: Invasion 11/8/13 Moscow, RU Luzhniki Small Sports Arena
-3hr 5min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs


Eduard Vartanyan vs. Florent Betorangal 3R UD

Alexander Yakovlev Paul Daley 3R. Not the most scintilating contest to be certain, but a beautiful example of smart, well timed grappling technique trumping muay thai violence. Daley would come out aggressive, stalking Yakovlev but either fail to cut off the ring or have Yakovlev drop down into a takedown or a body lock to work the clinch game when Daley thought he did. Daley might land a punch or two in the process, but as soon as he finished his combination, Yakovlev immediately got hold of him and turned it into a grappling match. Yakovlev's offense wasn't that impressive, but he was really slippery, negating & smothering all of Daley's offense and showing perfect timing on his lock ups/takedowns. Kind of a late Demian Maia performance from Yakovlev, except his conditioning was as strong in the 3rd as it was in the 1st. Yakovlev won a UD. Average match.

Alexey Oleinik vs. Mirko Filipovic R1 4:30. Oleinik wasn't going to stand & bang with Cro Cop, & Cro Cop couldn't keep him off him long enough to get going. Once Oleinik got Mirko down, you knew it was trouble. Cro Cop tried for a triangle, but Oleinik shook it off, passed to side mount, and beat him with one of those submissions so lame - little more than a schoolyard headlock - no one knows what to call it.


Agron Preteni vs. Andrei Stoica 3R

Chingiz Allazov vs. Warren Stevelman 3R

Big 4 Tournament Semifinals:

Zabit Samedov vs. Melvin Manhoef 3R

Pavel Zhuravlev vs. Sahak Parparyan R1 2:36

Badr Hari vs. Alexey Ignashov 3R

Big 4 Tournament Final: Pavel Zhuravlev vs. Agron Preteni R1 0:46

KOK Fighting Network MMA Bushido King of Kings World Cup & Hero's 2013 11/16/13 Vilnius, LU Siemens Arena
-2hr 20min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

65kg KOK World GP Tournament Semifinals

Lukasz Leczycki vs. Martynas Danius R2 1:27

Massaro Glunder vs. Deividas Danyla R1 2:55

Eyevan Danenberg vs. Valdemar Kulda R3 2:36


Emilis Jaskevicius vs. Artemij Sitenkou R1 1:52

Marcin Mecnel vs. Mindaugas Verzbitskas R1 1:41

Kickboxing: Maxim Bolotov vs. Martynas Knyzelis 3R

Serhii Sokha vs. Kestutis Smirnovas R1 3:58


Fernando Groenhart vs. Karolis Liukaitis 3R

Bartosz Botwina vs. Ignas Barysas 3R

65kg KOK World GP Tournament Final: Massaro Glunder vs. Martynas Danius R2 2:45

MMA: Antoine "Hercules" Hyes vs. Tomas Pakutinskas R2

KOK WORLD GP 2014 IN VILNIUS 3/15/14 Vilnius, LT Siemens Arena
-2hr 20min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Grand Prix Quarterfinals

Igor Vlasenko vs. Tadas Jonkus R1 1:20

Bekkouri Hamza vs. Alex Vogel R1 2:50

Chris Baya vs. Karol Lada 3R unanimous decision

Christian Dorell vs. Ernestas Dapkus 3R split decision


Tadas Jonkus vs. Alex Vogel 3R split decision

Chris Baya vs. Christian Dorell R3 2:12

MMA: Gregory Lenart vs. Kestutis Smirnovas R1 1:35

Superfight: Salvatore Cicerone vs. Ignas Barysas 3R split decision

Finals: Tadas Jonkus vs. Chris Baya 3R split decision

LEGEND III: Pour Homme 4/5/14 Milan, IT Mediolanum Forum
-1hr 50min. Q=Perfect

Alim Nabiev vs. Armen Petrosyan 3R

Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong vs. Mohamed Khamal 3R

Enrikho Gogokhia vs. Alessandro Campagna R1

Paul Daley vs. Alexander Surjko R3

Andy Souwer vs. Yuri Bessmertny 3R

Pavel Zhuravlev vs. Michal Turynski 3R

Murthel Groenhart vs. Dzhabar Askerovnew R1 2:17

8/12/11 Enf S3 1st Round: Michael Kongold vs. Franci Grajs R1 1:01. Round 1 was pretty even until the final 10 seconds when Grajs wobbled Kongold with punches against the ropes. Kongold got out of the corner, and tried to fire back, but Grajs dropped him with a right hook counter at the bell. I thought they probably could have stopped it here even though it looks bad when the round is over, but Grajs soon backed Kongold into the corner and finished him with a right hook and a knee.

Pride and Glory 7 4/14/14 Queensland, AUS Townsville Entertainment & Convention Center
-1hr 45min. Q=Perfect

Arirak Sitmonchai vs. Dane "Daddykool" Beauchamp

Matt Smith vs. Matthew Burgoyne

Damon Goodwin vs. Luke "Hellboy" Hume

"King" Kurtis Staiti vs. Chaowalit "Singpayak" Yodpongsa

Paul Abdul Rahman vs. Chris Anderson

Nic Reiter vs. Kosta Masmanidis

Andrew "KO" Keogh vs. Brett Johnston

KOK WORLD GP 2014 IN GDANSK 10/17/14 Gdansk, POL Ergo Arena
-2hr 15min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Heavyweight Grand Prix Quarterfinals

Robert Maruszak vs. Michal Wlazlo 3R

Tomasz Szczepkowski vs. Colin George 3R

Michail Turinsky vs. Sergei Laschcenko 3R

Lukasz Butkiewicz vs. Sergei Maslabojev R2 1:09

Piotr Kobylanski vs. Ilias Bullaid 3R

Radoslaw Paczuski vs. Artur Kyshenko R3 0:38

Tomasz Szczepkowski vs. Sergei Laschcenko R1 0:43

KOK Bushido Hero's 2014 11/15/14 Vilnius, LU Siemens Arena
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Juri Vishnevskiy vs. Tomas Pakutinskas R1 0:19

Ingar Storsve vs. Kestutis Smirnovas

Date Kazuki vs. Ignas Barysas

Juan Martos Martinez vs. Remigijus Morkevicius R2 2:02

Jordann Pikeur vs. Tadas Jonkus

Tournament Final: Pavel Voronin vs. Sergei Maslobojev R2

SK World Grand Prix 2014 Final 11/22/14 Monza, IT Palaiper Arena
-2hr 15min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal: Aristote Quitusisa vs. Dawid Kasperski 3R split decision

Light Heavyweight Tournament Semifinal: Jorge Loren vs. Michael Terrill R2

Light Heavyweight Tournament Reserve Bout: Bogdan Stoica vs. Alexandru Negrea R3

Giuseppe De Domenico vs. Errol Koning 3R unanimous decision

Amansio Paraschiv vs. Riccardo Lecca R1

Andrei Stoica vs. Emilio Vallecillo R1

WKA Middleweight Title Match: Julian Imeri vs. Nader Farhou 3R unanimous decision

Light Heavyweight Tournament Final: Jorge Loren vs. Aristote Quitusisa 3R unanimous decision

KOK WORLD GP 2014 IN PLOCK 11/28/14 Plock, POL Orlen Arena
-2hr. Q=Perfect

KOK GP Semifinals

Chris Baya vs. Robert Rajewski Jr.

Max Roll vs. Mateusz Kopiec

KOK GP Reserve Fight: Rafal Dudek vs. Cristups Bulmeistras

Tadas Jonkus vs. Piotr Woznicki

Pavel Zhuravlev vs. Kryspin Kalski

KOK GP Final: Mateusz Kopiec vs. Chris Baya

KOK WORLD GP 2015 IN VILNIUS 3/14/15 Vilnius, LT Siemens Arena
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Light Heavyweight (-93kg) Tournament Semifinals

Sergei Maslobojev vs. Kryspin Kalski

Dorin Robert vs. Fabio Kwasi

Igor Osinin vs. Kyriakos Alepidis

Luke Whelan vs Ernestas Dapkus

Henrikas Viksraitis vs. Mateusz Kopiec

Rodrigo Ferreira vs. Karolis Liukaitis

KOK WORLD GP 2015 IN MOLDOVA 4/4/15 Chisinau, MD Athletic Manej
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Middleweight World Grand Prix Semifinals

Daniel Alexandru vs. Valdemar Kulda

Igor Lyapin vs. Malchaz Karija

Sebastian Ciobanu vs. Maxim Bolotov

Vitaly Buhrtakov vs. Constantin Tutu

KOK Heavyweight Title Match: Colin George vs. Vladimir Tok

Middleweight World Grand Prix Final: Daniel Alexandru vs. Igor Lyapin

KOK WORLD GP 2015 IN RIGA 5/22/15 Riga, LV Arena Riga
-2hr20min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Andrej Bruhl vs. Valery Brede 3R UD

Markko Moisar vs. Luca Cecchetti 3R UD

Vitaly Buhryakov vs. Mohammed El Boulahiati 4R

KOK World GP 2015

Welterweight Tournament Reserve Fight: Roman Zibin vs. Sergey Kopachev UD

Welterweight Tournament Semifinals:

Rain Karkinen vs. Jevgenijs Aleksejevs R1

Sergei Morari vs. Piotr Woznicki decision 2-1

Superfights - KOK Rules

Henrikas Vikshraitis vs. Edvin Kibus decision 2-1

Mateusz Kopiec vs. Vyacheslav Tevinsh UD

Chris Baya vs. Kristaps Bulmeistras R2

Welterweight Tournament Final: Sergei Morari vs. Rain Karkinen UD

KOK WORLD GP 2015 IN TALLINN 10/17/15 Tallinn, EE Saku Arena
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

match list coming soon

KOK HEROS  SERIES 2016 IN MOLDOVA 1/10/16 Chisinau, MD
-2hr 15min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Florin Lambagiu vs. Denis Teleshman

Lukasz Lipniacki vs. Nicolae Caraus

Esma Hasshasss vs. Nadejda Kantsir

Sercan Kalfa vs. Aurel Ignat

Vjaceslav Tevinsh vs. Alexandru Prepelita

Ilias Abdulazi vs. Denis Apavaloae

Denis Wosik vs. Dorel Cristian

KOK WORLD GP 2016 IN RIGA 2/27/16 Riga, LV Arena Riga
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Jordy Laret vs. Dmitry Oleynik 3R 0:33

Artur Isayants vs. Dawid Mirkowski

Jordan Pikeur vs. Cristian Dorel 4R

Jan Naus vs. Vyacheslav Tevinsh 4R

Ferreira Rodrigo vs. Zaur Dzhavadov R2

KOK WORLD GP 2016 IN VILNIUS 3/19/16 Vilnius, LT Siemens Arena
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Valdemar Kulda vs. Aurel Ignat R2

Igor Osinin vs. Dariusz Skoczka R1

Tadas Jonkus vs. Bartosz Zajac R3

Vitaly Buhryakov vs. Karolis Liukaitis R3

KOK Heavyweight Championship Match: Vladimir Tok vs. Julius Mocka 5R unanimous decision

Sergej Maslobojev vs. Gokhan Gedik

KOK WORLD GP 2016 IN MOLDOVA 4/9/16 Chisinau, MD Athletic Manej
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Samir Boukhidous vs. Stanislav Zaniewski 3R

Lyapin Igor vs. Vittorio Iermano 2R 1:51

Tigran Movsisyan vs. Matei Vitalie 3R

Kevin Brenda vs. Aurel Ignat R3 0:36

Pavel Turuk vs. Alexandru Daniel 3R

Martynas Danius vs. Renita Stanislav 3R

KOK HERO'S SERIES 2016 Vol.17 9/17/16 Tallinn, EE Saku Arena
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Vaidas Valancius vs. Nikita Serbakov

Raimond Aukshtikalins vs. Ahti Pikkur

Mohammed Amine vs. Marat Mirzabalajev

Valdemar Kulda vs. Pavel Turuk

Maksim Spodarenko vs. Iljas Rustamov

KOK HERO'S SERIES 2016 in Moldova 10/1/16 Chisinau, MD Athletic Manej
-2hr 15min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Florin Lambagiu vs. Denis Teleshman

Lukasz Lipniacki vs. Nnicolae Caraus R1

Esma Hasshass vs. Nadejda Kantsir

Aurel Ignat vs. Sercan Kalfa R2

Alexandru Prepelita vs. Vjaceslav Tevis

Denis Apavaloae vs. Ilias Abdulaziev

Dennis Wosik vs. Cristian Dorel

KOK HERO'S Series 2016 Vol. 19 11/5/16 Riga, LV Arena Riga
-2hr 25min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Karolis Buslys vs. Vitaly Usov

Mantas Stankis vs. Pavel Mazurok

Martin Durka vs. Arturs Smertjevs

Zygimantas Ramaska vs. Roberts Skujins

Rahmani Madani vs. Vitalij Buhrjakov

Dream Boxing Title Match: Oleg Fedotov vs. Andrey Pokumeik

4/8/17: Giorgio Petrosyan vs. Amansio Paraschiv

KOK HERO'S 2016 IN VILNIUS Vol. 20 11/19/16 Vilnius, LT Siemens Arena
-2hr 25min. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Pawel Dawidziuk vs. Mantas Kondratavicius

Dawid Mirkowski vs. Ricardas Kulis

Mindaugas Narkauskas vs. Herkus Lukosiunas

Artur Baradyn vs. Martynas Jasiunas

Tycho Brakel vs. Darius Minkevicius

Gurdeep Singh vs. Deividas Danyla

Martha Venson vs. Matas Stebuliauskas

Marat Aliashabov vs. Tomas Pakutinskas

Kenichi Ito vs. Ignas Barysas

KOK WORLD GP 2016 Vol. 42 IN MOLDOVA 12/10/16 Chisinau, MD Athletic Manej
-1hr 30min. Q=Perfect

Middleweight World Grand Prix Semifinals

Daniel Alexandru vs. Aurel Ignat R2 2:45

Stanislaw Zaniewski vs. Rostyslav Karpych 4R unanimous decision

Igor Bugaenko vs. Maxim Bolotov unanimous decision

Muru Tayro vs. Stanislav Renita unanimous decision

Middleweight Final: Stanislaw Zaniewski vs. Aurel Ignat R1 1:39

Phoenix 1 12/10/16 Kasrouane, LB Nouhad Nawfal Stadium
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect

Grigoriy Kichigin vs. Tarek Suleiman R1

Pavel Kusch vs. Christophe Van Dijck 2:26 R1

Moise Rimbon vs. Bruno Silva 4:12 R3

Izzeddine Al Derbani vs. Jonathan Tuhu 3R. Al Derbani is one of the top fighters in the middle east, holding the Desert Force featherweight title in MMA & also competing in their lightweight division as well as in muay thai, which is what this was. His hand speed is very impressive. Tuhu threw monster wide power punches, but as much as he wanted to come forward & press the action, Al Derbani was able to stunt his progress & maintain distance by consistently beating him to the punch. Once Tuhu's forward progress was stopped, Al Derbani would back him with kicks, particularly to the body. Tuhu had to get all the way in to the clinch to prevent it from being one way traffic, but then it was rather sloppy with neither creating enough space to land that cleanly & Tuhu eventually taking Al Derbani down even though that wasn't scoring him any points. There were a lot of flashy misses in the fight, with Al Derbani trying a leaping elbow, spinning high kick, spinning elbow, etc., which mainly served to create more distance so it was easier for him to go back to landing the low & middle kick. Both guys are inexperienced & rough around the edges, but if they were going to miss, they were going to miss big, and the fight was entertaining because they were going for it. I liked the fight more the first time, but the 3rd round impressed me because despite Al Derbani presumably being up 2 rounds, he tried at least as hard to get a finish in the 3rd as Tuhu did. Tuhu countered Al Derbani's spinning switch kick with a right hand, but it didn't connect cleanly & was rightfully ruled a slip. Just before the closing bell, Al Derbani hurt Tuhu with yet another low kick then followed with a high kick for the knockdown to seal the fight. Al Derbani won a unanimous decision. Good match.

Kassem El Khatib vs. Ibrahim El Sawy Unanimous Dec

Mahmoud Radwan vs. Akram Hassan Split Dec

Phoenix 2 4/29/17 Zouk Mikael, LB Nouhad Nawfal Stadium
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Ahmed Labban vs. Ahmed Ibrahim R1

World Muay Thai Council & Phoenix Double Title Match: Pakorn Musipon vs. Morgan Adrar 5R UD

Steven Banks vs. Wendell Roche R2

WMC Super Light Heavyweight Middle Eastern Regional Title Match: Kassem Daher vs. Mohammad Salama R5

Phoenix Muay Thai Title Match: Saenchai vs. Azize Hlali 3R UD