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JWP Battle Station MANIA X 4/21/10 taped 4/18/10 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Ryo Mizunami vs. Senri Kuroki

Submission X High Speed: Command Borishoi & Tsukasa Fujimoto vs. Megumi Yabushita & Ayako Sato

Kyoko Inoue vs. Keito

OCC League Premium Elimination Match: Tsubasa Kuragaki & Sachie Abe & Kaori Yoneyama & Tojuki Leon vs. Ran Yu-Yu & Passion Hotty & Emi Sakura & Yumi Oka

JWP Tag & Daily Sports Women's Tag Title Match: Toshie Uematsu & KAZUKI vs. HIROKA & Atsuko Emoto

JWP Openweight Title Match: Kayoko Haruyama vs. Nanae Takahashi 24:47. When Haruyama took the title from Azumi Hyuga at JWP Mania-X 2008, no one would have expected her to exceed the 589 days Hyuga held the title in that 4th reign, nor the 623 of Hyuga's 2nd reign, the 656 days that Dynamite Kansai posted at the start of the title, and especially not break Hikari Fukuoka's company record 691 days. Haruyama is not a best of her generation type like Hyuga or a top 3 big woman worker like Kansai, but she's an overachiever, and what she lacks in ability, she often makes up for in effort. This was the kind of match that wasn't good because of any genius on their part, or even necessarily what they did, it was really good because they wanted it to be. They really just went back and forth, with strikes, with power moves, with throwing their bodies through the air. There wasn't any genius too it, but for 25 minutes they gave all they had. The strikes were a bit disappointing, mostly early, for their size though Takahashi's slaps to the nose are probably a lot more painful than they look & bloodied Haruyama slightly, but their flying and especially stamina for their size made up for it. The best aspect of the match was probably that they made sure they entertained from start to finish. In a bout of this length, that is rare, but they really put that effort in. They fit as much into the match as time allowed. They kept it even. You didn't know who was going to win or when because no one could maintain an advantage. In the end, Takahashi ended Haruyama's reign at 719 days, but whether you wanted Haruyama or Takahashi to win, ultimately, you felt satisfied because they gave you all they had. ***1/2

JWP Never Give Up FINAL DVD 6/13/10 Tokyo Shinjuku FACE
-1hr 50min. Q=Perfect

Catch the WAVE: Misaki Ohata vs. Senri Kuroki 5:47

Leon 10th Anniversary Match: Tojuki Leon & Kaori Yoneyama vs. Aja Kong & AKINO 18:46

Endless ambition: Yoshiko Tamura & Ran Yu-Yu & Sachie Abe vs. Kayoko Haruyama & Tsubasa Kuragaki & Keito 18:28

JWP Tag & Daily Sports Joshi Tag Double Title Match: Toshie Uematsu & KAZUKI vs. Ryo Mizunami & Kagetsu 19:48

JWP Openweight Title Match: Nanae Takahashi vs. Command Bolshoi 20:24

JWP PURE-SLAM DVD 7/18/10 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 50min. Q=Perfect

Moon Mizuki Debut Match: Hikari Minami vs. Moon Mizuki 5:47

BolshoiISM vs. SakuraRHYTHM: Command Bolshoi vs. Emi Sakura 8:31

Kaoru Ito & Ayako Sato & Tomoka Nakagawa & Hanako Kobayashi vs. Kayoko Haruyama & Tsubasa Kuragaki & Megumi Yabushita & Keita 19:24

Leon 10th Special Single Match: Aja Kong vs. Leon 12:05

JWP Tag & Daily Sports Joshi Tag Double Title Match: Toshie Uematsu & KAZUKI vs. Ran Yu-Yu & Sachie Abe 15:15

JWP Openweight Title vs. Hair Match: Nanae Takahashi vs. Kaori Yoneyama 20:54

JWP Revolution 2010 DVD 9/19/10 Tokyo Shinjuku FACE
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Hiren & Shimono Sawako vs. Misaki Ohata & Moon Mizuki 11:50

Kayoko Haruyama vs. Keito 6:48

Nanae Takahashi & Natsuki*Taiyo & Kazumi Shimouma vs. Command Bolshoi & Leon & Basara 15:49

Forever rival: Ran Yu-Yu & Tsubasa Kuragaki & Carlos Amano vs. Yoshiko Tamura & Yuki Miyazaki & Tanny Mouse 20:00

JWP Tag & Daily Sports Joshi Tag Double Title Match: Toshie Uematsu & KAZUKI vs. Aja Kong & Sachie Abe 13:05

JWP Openweight Title Losing Hair Match: Kaori Yoneyama vs. Emi Sakura 20:18

JWP Revolution 2010 DVD 11/28/10 Tokyo Kinema Club
-1hr 45min. Q=Perfect

JWP Junior & POP Title Contendership tournament Round 1: Sawako Shimono vs. Senri Kuroki 9:33

Cherry & Cherry Bomb vs. KAZUKI & Misaki Ohata 11:35

Yoshiko Tamura & Tanny Mouse & Yuki Miyazaki vs. Kaori Yoneyama & Command Bolshoi & Hailey Hatred 21:15

Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Kayoko Haruyama 18:39

JWP Tag & Daily Sports Women's Tag Title Match: Aja Kong & Sachie Abe vs. Leon & Kagetsu 17:16

JWP Revolution 2010 DVD 12/12/10 Tokyo Kinema Club
-1hr 50min. Q=Perfect

Exhibition Match: Sachie Abe vs. masu-me 5:00

JWP Junior & POP Next Challenger Decision Tournament Final: Shimono Sawako vs. Sayaka Obihiro 5:40

Megumi Yabushita & KAZUKI vs. Leon & Senri Kuroki 14:15. A two woman show with Leon & Yabushita giving impressive performances that showcased their submission skills as well as their athleticism. Leon was all over the place and her stuff against Yabushita was as impressive as you'd expect, though unfortunately there wasn't that much of it because you didn't want to leave KAZUKI to try to carry rookie Kuroki. KAZUKI was competent and had enough offense to get by, and Kuroki was able to follow, they were just ridiculously outclassed and couldn't add much. Still, Yabushita & Leon were so good that it was a quality technical match even though KAZUKI & Kuroki could merely go along with them. **1/2

Kayoko Haruyama & Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Yoshiko Tamura & Tanny Mouse 16:40

ICEx60 Title Match: Command Bolshoi vs. Hamuko Hoshi 12:20. Bolshoi wrestled technically, while Hoshi tried to clown the clown. It wasn't clicking at all, and Hoshi generally gave a poor performance. Her offense was okay once she stopped goofing around, but she showed no ability to counter Bolshoi, or really engage her in any way, so it was all you do your moves and I'll do mine. Bolshoi was actually the taller of the two, and her technique was so superior you felt she was just toying with Hoshi. They did do a good job of making the near falls credible, but it takes more than last fraction of a second kickouts to generate legitimate drama. Afterwards, Tsukasa Fujimoto challenged Bolshoi to a title match, dropkicking her on the way out. *1/4

Kaori Yoneyama & Sachie Abe & Hailey Hatred vs. Nanae Takahashi & Passion Hotty (Yumiko Hotta) & Kazumi Shimouma 18:05. Takahashi vs. Yoneyama would have been good, but they were needed to take a stab at making the others look passable, so they barely got to work together. Yoneyama had an opponent in Shimouma who was capable and motivated, and their work was by far the highlight of this structureless mess. It wasn't so much bad or inept as just lacking in skill. Certainly no one was horrible, but Abe, Hatred, & Hotta didn't do anything particularly well either. *1/2

JWP Battle Station 1/14/11 JWP CLIMAX 2010 taped 12/23/10 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-2hr. Q=Perfect

masu-me Debut Match: KAZUKI vs. masu-me 6:04

JWP Junior & POP Titles: Hiren vs. Sawako Shimono 5:33

Emi Sakura & Kazumi Shimouma vs. Command Bolshoi & Aoi Yagami 9:59

Battle Royal 10:59

Nanae Takahashi & Natsuki*Taiyo vs. Leon & Misaki Ohata 7:35 of 12:26. Exciting, spirited, and energetic sprint. Leon was on fire, looking excellent in different styles against both opponents. I was particularly impressed that she was able to match speed with Taiyo, who she had really good chemistry with. Ohata made a couple mistakes, but was able to keep up and more than held her own. Even though Leon was stealing the show, you had to like Ohata's effort and attitude, and certainly weren't begging for her to tag. ***1/4 range

JWP Tag & Daily Sports Women's Tag Title Match: Tsubasa Kuragaki & Kayoko Haruyama vs. Aja Kong & Sachie Abe 15:22. Aja didn't share Abe's enthusiasm for their partnership, so they kept teasing Abe accidentally hitting or crashing into Aja early. Aja worked most of the way, and was solid but hardly exceptional. She wasn't super dominant, but it was often 2 on 1 with her allowing Kuragaki & Haruyama take the fight to her. The JWP team was consistent, and at times impressive; certainly a good showing from them, but as with Aja hardly one of their memorable performances. Abe did okay when she was in as she's a willing bumper and can fly, but you can really see the difference between her and the others when it comes to the sequences. When it's simple she's fine, when counters and timing get involved, she's below average. Abe, of course, did the job. Her longtime friend and partner KAZUKI stood up for her to Aja after the match, taking a nasty slap in the face for her trouble. Aja was done with Abe, and at least for now with JWP, and Abe was back to teaming with KAZUKI. **1/2

JWP Openweight & NWA Women's Pacific & NEO Singles Titles Unification Match: Kaori Yoneyama vs. Yoshiko Tamura 30:00. A real good 20 minute match dragged out to 30 so they could keep all the titles where they were. Tamura dictated the whole match, and it was a Tamura match through and through, but Yoneyama was the energetic and exciting one. They killed most of the first half on the mat, and let's just say that slow unfocused matwork isn't exactly Yoneyama's strength. When they finally got up the brawled on the outside with Yoneyama injuring Tamura's arm with her chair shots. Yoneyama focused on the arm much of the rest of the match, and you had to wonder if they were going to tell an arm story, which Yoneyama is capable of doing, why wait until they squandered the mat portion to get into it? In any case, Yoneyama was pushing Tamura the entire second half, and while there weren't enough fans in the building to truly have good aura, it felt like an important match with all the JWP wrestlers banging on the apron and cheering for Kaori. The big armbar off the middle rope spot took way too long to set up, but the powerbomb off the apron and several other spots were impressive. The lame start left a bad taste in my mouth, but in the end both women did what they did well, and even though I thought Yoneyama should beat the retiring wrestler, JWP did a good job of making her come off as the victor without actually getting her hand raised. ***