Best of JWA Vol. 7
-2hr 5min. Q=Varies

3/5/69 Tokyo Taiikukan, 2/3 Falls International Heavyweight Title Match (Good VQ): Giant Baba vs. The Destroyer 52:42 of 60:00 (46:27 shown, 6:15 shown). Destroyer gave a master class on how to always be cheating just outside the referee's field of vision. In theory, this is entirely a technical wrestling match, though while Baba was always earnest, Destroyer was always doing something illegal to maintain the lock or add to the pressure/leverage. There was a funny spot (the first time) where Baba reversed him, so he clumped his mask to prove to the ref that Baba illegally pulled it, but for me this is the problem with the match & much of the old face vs. heel backbone of American wrestling in general, it doesn't come off as sport, at best Destroyer's over the top antics are comical, but mostly it's just the sort of eye roll material your non wrestling fan friends used against you to prove how corny, cartoonish, & fake pro wrestling was. Destroyer, I suppose, is great if you are into his shtick, and it was definitely getting over as I don't recall the Japanese fans ever laughing so consistently, but he wasn't able to do the cheating in the context of a credible athletic context the way Lou Thesz could, so it never felt like a match, it felt like him giving a very unsubtle solo comic performance where Baba happened to be assisting him in the role of foil of the day, always forced to follow because Destroyer thwarted his attempts to initiate, pointing to his head that he outsmarted Baba when he once again wasn't there to be hit or grabbed by the big man. They sat in holds for a long, long time, with none of them seeming to lead toward a finish or anything that related to actually winning or debilitating the opponent because Destroyers shenanigans were the only thing that mattered. Even when Destroyer used headbutts & punches with a foreign object to bloody Baba, he wasn't trying for the pin. Baba eventually just came back with his big boot & coconut crush & randomly got a fast count pin floating over on his monkey flip because, IDK, the ref decided to suddenly no longer play the fool & momentarily become Tirantes. Destroyer's posse hit the ring in protest, and the match was delayed for a few minutes while disorder was restored. Destroyer then dispensed of his masking techniques & was blatantly cheating in front of the ref, but Baba was fired up & did several terrible kicks to Destroyer's knee which Destroyer typically ridiculously oversold. Destroyer was now sort of wrestling like it mattered, or at least he went for a few pins & 59 minutes in suddenly put together some focused knee work trying to finish with the figure four, but time predictably expired almost as soon as he locked it.

12/1/69 2/3 Falls NWA World Heavyweight Title Match (fair VQ): Dork Funk, Jr. vs. Antonio Inoki

Best of JWA Vol. 10
-2hr 10min. Q=Varies. 1 DVD

12/4/71 Miyagi-ken Sports Center, NWA United National Title Match (VG-EX VQ): Antonio Inoki vs. Dick Murdoch

5/19/72 NWA International Tag Title Match (Poor VQ): Dory Funk Jr. & Terry Funk vs. Shohei Baba & Seiji Sakaguchi

9/7/72 NWA United National Title (Poor VQ): The Sheik vs. Seiji Sakaguchi

1972 (VG VQ): Johnny Valentine & Dan Kroffat vs. Kintaro Oki & Michiaki Yoshimura