JFC Jungle Fight 2015 DVD

Jungle Fight #85 1/23/16 Sao Paulo, BR
-1hr 40min. Q=Perfect

Eduardo Ramon vs. Kelles Albuquerque "Furia" 2:37 R3. Ramon had his best success controlling the distance in standup & scoring with his kicks. He'd quickly close the distance & go for a muay thai sweep, and then it was about 50/50 whether he'd get it or Furia would reverse or trip him up. In R3, Ramon's single leg failed, but he was eventually able to reverse & take Furia's back, locking the rear naked choke for the win. Average match.

Weslley Araujo vs. Jorge Daniel La Terra 5:00 R1. La Terra dominated the entire 1st round, badly outwrestling Araujo. Araujo finally initiated a scramble & got back to his feet with less than 20 seconds left, and just went to town on La Terra with flashy kickboxing, nearly knocking La Terra out. Though La Terra was saved by the bell, he just flopped down on the canvas battered & exhausted & didn't get up during the break so they called it. Crazy how quickly & drastically this match turned, especially because it wasn't 1 big shot that did La Terra in. Average match.

Bruno Tavares "Beirute" vs. Luiz Antonio Lobo Gavinho "Toninho Marajo" R1 3:58. Marajo had his moments on the ground, but Beirute caught him with 1 huge left hook counter & that was basically all she wrote.

Alex Pereira vs. Marcelo Cruz 4:07 R1. Pereira had heavy hands. I thought Cruz was going to fold from the 1st big overhand right, but he actually recovered quickly. It not only took another 1 of these big rights to the side of the head, but about 7 other high quality punches to take him out.

Matheus Mattos vs. Eduardo de Souza 1:37 R2. De Souza was dominating the match because his grappling was way too slick for Mattos. De Souza couldn't get it to the ground in the 2nd though, and when he jumped in with a a left hand, Mattos decked him with an overhand right counter that was more or less game over!

Jungle Fight Interim Lightweight Title Match: Rander Junio vs. Michel Silva "Sassarito" 3R Unanimous Dec. Sassarito had a decisive reach advantage. He was dominating standup, and it looked like he was going to polish Junio off within 2 minutes, but once he tried to finish on the ground Junio was able to stall things. The more the match turned into a grappling match, the more Junio was not only able to compete but succeed. In the third round, Junio had Silva's back for much of the round. He didn't really threaten to finish despite the dominant position, but it was enough for Junio to get the decision. Average match.

Jungle Fight Bantamweight Title Match: Amanda Lemos vs. Mayra Cantuaria Rodrigues 3R majority draw. Good back & forth match. Lemos attacked fiercely in standup, with some heavy hands winning when she had distance, but Rodrigues had the reach and would take over with muay thai knees once she got hold of her. Lemos got the better of the fight overall, but was docked a point, seemingly without much warning, resulting in the draw.

Jungle Fight #86 4/30/16 Palmas, TO, BR Ginasio Ayrton Senna
-1hr 30min. Q=Perfect

Herbeth Reis de Sousa vs. Nildo Nascimento 0:43 R3

Denes Carvalho vs. Herrison Sales 3R Unanimous Dec

Carlos Irigoitia vs. Lenyl Stefano 1:45 R1

Michel Silva vs. Diogo Cavalcanti 4:58 R1

Jungle Fight Featherweight Title Decision Match: Valdines Silva vs. Jonas Bilharinho 3:52 R2

Jungle Fight Bantamweight Title Match: Josenaldo Silva vs. Maike Linhares Galvao Amorim 3R Unanimous Dec