JFC Jungle Fight 2014 DVD

Jungle Fight #62 12/7/13 Sao Paulo, Brazil Gimnasio Pelezao
World Combat Fight #30 10/21/99
-3hr 35min. Q=Perfect/TV Master. 2 DVDs

Jungle Fight #62

Patrick Gomes Silva vs. Elton Aquino Submission 2nd 3:45

David da Silva vs. Alberto Pantoja Luz Submission 2nd 3:15

Douglas Bertazini vs. Jesus Sanchez Submission 2nd 1:34

Jose Alexandre vs. Angelo Lopes Belem Decision 3rd

Rafael Nunes vs. Paulo Cesar Borges de Oliveira Submission 1st 4:11

Lucio Abreu vs. Erick Barbosa Decision 3rd

Edson Franca vs. Douglas Simoes Decision 3rd

Marcos Alexandre Campos vs. Almeida Rafael Miranda Decision 3rd

World Combat Fight #30 Free Fight Event 2 Battle of Amstelveen 12/2/95 Amstelveen, Holland Amsterdam Bankras Hall

Colin Massheurus vs. Lamri Ayoub

Siggi Siebeler vs. Arnout karelse

Ron Post vs. Jeffrey Heymz

Marrien Wagemaker vs. Antonio Schut

Wouter de Kruif vs. Edwin Gertenbach

Rikard Anderson vs. Pedro Palm

Lesly Nijman vs. Anders Cardell

Wahid Wennekes vs. Piet Bernzen

Jungle Fight #63 12/21/13 Belem, Brazil Gimnasio de la Escuela De Education Fisica
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Nildo Nascimento vs. Iago Gomes Souto KO 2nd 4:05

Jose Silva vs. Michel Pedro Silva Submission 1st 3:21

Jose Diaz vs. Marcio Gemaque Submission 1st 4:17

Rivaldo Junior vs. Antonio da Silva Tavares Filho Decision 3rd

Douglas De Andrade vs. Tiago Passos KO 1st 0:25

Women's 135LB Title Match: Larissa Moreira Pacheco vs. Irene Aldana TKO/RSC 3rd 1:50

Rodrigo Goiana de Lima vs. Gabriel Toussaint Submission 1st 2:40

CMLL 3/17/00 (Ex VQ): Atlantis vs. Villano III

Jungle Fight #67 3/29/14 Foz de Iguazu, Parana, BRA Costa Cavalcanti Gymnasium
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Fabian Armoa vs. Edson Jairo da Silva R1 0:20. I figured at 1-3 Jairo would be the jobber, but he overwhelmed Armoa with his aggression. Jairo charged out of the gate throwing bombs (that mostly missed) until Armoa wound up on his back then pounced on top and landed a couple of undefended postured up shots for the stoppage.

Gabriel Silva vs. Willian Vogado 3R. Best match on the show, with a particularly good 2nd round. A nice clash of styles, and mostly good action, but a the old school wrestler vs. striker stuff got a bit repetitive after a while. Vogado had the reach and landed some good punches when he was on his feet, doing his best work when he was aggressive and able to back Silva with his combos. He also threw a lot of high kicks, but without any setup. Vogado's takedown defense was UFC 1 boxer/kickboxer level though, so Silva repeatedly would just rush in and grab him then wrestle him down. Vogado's submission defense was strong though, and he not only defended dominant positions but kept from getting rear naked choked & arm triangled. Above average match.

Bruno Silva vs. Leandro Vasconcelos R1 2:33. Silva dropped Vasconcelos with a left high kick then slammed him when he was trying to get up and won with an arm triangle.

Aldo Villalba vs. Brandon Gushiken R2 3:17. Gushiken won round 1 pounding Villalba after he popped his head out of a guillotine. Villalba had the takedown in round 2 though, securing rear mount and eventually choking Gushiken out despite his best efforts to keep his arm at bay.

Cezar Arzamendua vs. Paulo Durao com R1 1:22. Durao was brawling, hurting Cezar with dirty boxing from the clinch, landing some ground punches then dropping into a guillotine.

Fabian Quintanar vs. Richard Godoi 3R. Boring positional battle notable for endless clinching and laying. I thought Godoy did a little more of the less as he at least kept going for guillotines, but even his 3rd round takedowns didn't get him the decision. Poor match.

Bantamweight Title Match: Mario Israel vs. Jonas Bilharinho 3R. Standup match where the offense was precitable, so the defense ruled. Bilharinho had the reach, but wasn't aggressive enough and didn't throw in combo, so Israel would just back away from the single shots. Israel tried to keep the pressure on, but Bilharinho was mostly able to circle away. The most impressive shot was Israel landing a lead high kick early on. Israel also had a few takedowns, so I was surprised he didn't get the decision, even though he did little with them. Average match.

MPW 12/17/95 Osaka Takaishi Rinkai Sports Center (Near Perfect VQ): TAKA Michinoku vs. Tiger Mask

Jungle Fight #68 4/5/14 Sao Paulo, BRA Ginasio do Pacaembu
& Jungle Fight #69 5/3/14 Sao Paulo, BRA Ginasio Municipal Prudente De Moraes
-4hr. Q=Perfect. 2 DVDs

Jonathans Silva vs. Daniel Lima de Carvalho 3R. Carvalho seemed the better striker, but was more interested in the takedown, and after getting the 1st one, he didn't have much luck there, but still wanted to fight on the ground at all costs. It started off okay, but grew tedious and repetitive after the 1st round as Carvalho just lay on his back trying to throw up kicks while Silva stood over him kicking because he was afraid to try a real guard pass. Below average match.

Mariana dos Santos vs. Edlaine Godoy R2 1:08 Armbar. Aggressive brawl. Santos had the reach and came forward throwing wide haymakers and kicks the whole fight. Godoy countered well once Santos closed the distance, and both had their moments with clinch knees. The technique wasn't always stellar, but it was the fastest paced, most action packed match of the night with dos Santos continually applying massive pressure. Finally, after punching her way in, she took Godoy down, mounted, and belly down armbarred her. Above average match.

Geovane Nascimento Barbosa vs. Antonio da Silva Tavares Filho 3R. Very competitive match with Filho winning round 1 including dropping Barbosa with an overhand right counter, Barbosa winning round 2 with an aggressive standup attack featuring left straight/overhand right combos and a number of late ground strikes, and a close 3rd round that could have gone either way. Filho came closer to winning the fight, but that made Barbosa step up his aggressions, taking more chances and throwing the bigger shots in the final 2 rounds. Above average match.

David da Silva Limos vs. Irwing Machado 3R. What I liked about the match is both were willing to gamble for the finish. They may have set the record for leg lock attempts, with Machado somehow even escaping mount through the submission attempt. Most of the leg locks were from Limos though, who was able to hit the double leg takedown at will anytime he closed the distance until Machado simply conceeded his lack of defense and would hopefully drop into a guillotine. Limos was the bigger puncher, cutting Machado up most notably on the left eyebrow, but controlled most of the match on the ground with Machado countering with submission attempts and getting back to his feet only to be taken right back down. Above average match.

Bruno Tavares vs. Rafael da Silva Alves R3 1:45 Armbar. Ground fight with quite a few submission attempts. Alves was the better grappler, controlling on top much of the time. Alves was up 2 rounds and quickly got another takedown to start the 3rd, but Tavares worked an omoplata. Alves escaped and took the top, but when he tried to posture up, Tavares rolled him into a belly down armbar for the nice comeback win. Average match.

Rene Pessoa vs. Jhonatan Ramos R1 1:37 Rear Naked Choke. Passao had a single leg, but Ramos immediately hit a leg lock only to have Pessoa take his back and choke him out.

Women's Bantamweight Title Match: Larissa Pacheco vs. Lizianne Silveira Da Conceicao R3 2:26 Triangle Choke. Larissa's grappling and direct more technically proficient striking against Lizianne's size and loopy power. Pacheco tied her up early and was controlling on the ground when Conceicao pretty much conceeded to Pacheco's armbar attempt to take the top. Pacheco controlled in the clinch, but Conceicao punched her way out. Conceicao had her moments in standup, but it was Pacheco who scored with the best shots, putting Conceicao down a few times with punches, even though it was clearly more that Conceicao was dropping to her put to escape to the ground than truly propelled off her feet. Pacheco was outgrappling Conceicao in the 3rd, and though Conceicao finally reversed when Pacheco tried to mount, she quickly left herself prone to the triangle by posturing up and throwing hammerfists. Above average match.



Fabiano de Conceicao vs. Rivaldo Junior R1. Conceicao immediately followed a jab with a crushing right cross that leveled Junior, finishing with two largely unnecessary punches on the ground while the shocked ref hustled over to check Junior out.

Bantamweight Title Match: Nildo Machado vs. Raine Silva R2. Rayner poured it on to a ridiculous extent from the opening ball, charging with combos if not just leaping at Machado with knees or kicks. Silva's pressure was so massive that Machado couldn't even run away without getting pounded. Silva was totally dominating the fight in standup, but for some reason known only to him, he shot for a takedown, and Machado turned the fight with a punishing knee and a series of big right hands after stuffing the takedown. Silva tried to fire back in between getting wobbled, but was too beat up for his aggressive attacking style, and as you'd expect, Machado just picked him apart when Silva stood with his back to cage waiting for Machado to hit him. Machado was very accurate, mixing his shots beautifully and basically doing anything he wanted except connect with his high kicks after the first one at the end of round 1. The one way traffic continued in the second until Silva fell from what appeared to be a nothing special right hand then just covered while Machado leaned over rocking him with hammerfists until the stoppage. Good match.

Jungle Fight #70: Jungle Favela 2 5/17/14 Rio de Janeiro, BRA Gimnasio De La Central Unica das Favelas
-1hr 40min. Q=Perfect

Rafael Do Nascimento vs. Atila De Lima R1 4:27. Lima held the center of the cage, while Nascimento circled and angled, but both backed from the opponents attacks & stuffed the takedowns, so it was an uneventful stalemate until Lima got a takedown 3:30 in and hit a guillotine when Nascimento tried to kick off and stand.

Anderson Rodrigo Silva vs. Diogo Ferreira Da Silva R2 3:06. Silva got inside, locked the plum clinch, and brought the knees time and time again. Da Silva could punch his way out, but had no idea how to keep Silva off him, so Silva busted his nose up really badly. The lights kept going on and off, but otherwise little changed. Da Silva withstood over 100 clinch knees only to have a jab and right cross combo take him out. Average match.

Rafael Pereira vs. Paulo Ricardo 3R. Not a particularly high level fight, but they were evenly matched enough that they kept countering each other on the mat. Pereira was the better grappler, but Ricardo's guillotine and especially arm triangle were the most legitimate submission attempts of the fight. Ricardo was looking tired midway through the 2nd, but managed to back Pereira with a combo and get it to the ground early in the 3rd, and had a few submission attempts at the end after a flurry of mount punches. He probably won the 3rd, but Pereira got the 1st 2. Above average match.

Jorge Pereira vs. Antonio Bastos, Jr. R3 Pereira tried to actually do things in standup, but Bastos would just rush him and pin him against the cage until the ref broke it up. Joe Rogan would have had a field day with all this gruelling clinching, but, of course, it was deadly boring for the rest of the world. Finally in round 3, Pereira connected with enough of his calf on a spinning high kick to drop Bastos. Pereira even timed a Bastos rush and cracked him with a left hook. The finish was odd as Pereira was working Bastos over with left hands against the cage until Bastos tied him up. When the ref broke them up, Pereira landed a low kick, and Bastos must have sustained some sort of injury as his leg gave out and he didn't try to get back up so the ref stopped it. Poor match.

Paulinho De Oliveira vs. Antonio Passos 3R. They were very quick and active, but neither was willing to truly engage or stay in the pocket for more than a fraction of a second. They tried to land a single shot then escape without taking counterfire, but as soon as one took a step or jump forward, the other took the same step or jump back, so no one was connecting. Oliveira won the fight by virtue of landing some kicks from the outside since both fighters punches were constantly coming up short. Average match.

Jungle Fight #72 Jungle Community: Sao Paulo 8/9/14 Sao Paulo, Brazil Gimnasio Pelezao
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Carlos Alberto Silva vs. Douglas Candido Jordao R1 2:53

Leandro Rodrigues dos Santos vs. Diogo Felipe Oliveira R3 0:33

Israel Ottoni vs. Rony Silva R2 2:04

Quemuel Ottoni vs. Jesus Ferreira da Rocha R1 1:14

Danilo Adrian vs. Caio Forastieri R1 1:18

Gilberto Aguilar vs. Jose Ricardo R1 3:06

Fabian Quintanar vs. Lucas Jesus R1 3:53

William Baldutti vs. Fabio Bondesan R2 2:16

8/12/11 Enf S3 1st Round: Jake Bostwick vs. Wendell Roche 3R. A toe-to-toe battle throughout. Roche kept coming forward, busting Bostwick's nose (that was already broken in training) up with his punches. Bostwick kept kicking to try to keep Roche off him. Bostwick turned the fight with an overhand right a minute in, and really began to get his boxing going. No amount of hard shots could keep Roche from coming forward though, so it was a real war. The difference was the conditioning, and although Roche is twice Bostwick's age, he began to take over late in the 2nd because Bostwick was exhausted from his pace and pressure. The third was clearly Roche's, as Bostwick no longer possessed the energy or firepower to keep him off him. Roche won a unanimous decision. Very good match.

Jungle Fight #73 Special Edition 11th Anniversary 9/6/14 Sao Paulo, BRA Ibirapuera Gymnasium
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Paulinho "Capoeira" vs. Diego Paiva 3R

Valdines Silva vs. Allan "Popey"

Matheus "Adamas" vs. Allan Miguel

Martin Ottaviano "La Máquina" vs. Charles Leite

Fernando Di Pierro vs. Douglas Bertazini "El Loco"

Rene Soldado vs. Jose Diaz

Campea da Categoria Peso-Palha: Maiara Alves vs. Ericka Almeida

Jungle Fight #74 11/29/14 Sao Paulo, BRA Ibirapuera Gymnasium
-1hr 40min. Q=Perfect

Vitor Oliveira vs. Junior de Oliveira 3R Unanimous Dec

Quemuel Ottoni vs. Carlos Vicente 2:57 R3

Jose Santos vs. Alexandre Funari 3R Split Dec

Bruno Lopes vs. William Curaca 3:06 R1

Jhonatan Ramos vs. Jose Armoa 2:55 R1

Bruno Tavares vs. Rodrigo Gonzalez 2:11 R1

Antonio Dos Santos Jr. vs. Douglas Bertazini 1:06 R1

Light Heavyweight Title Match: Dirlei Broenstrup vs. Martin Ottaviano 3R Unanimous Dec

Jungle Fight #75 12/18/14 Belem, BRA Para State University Gymnasium
-1hr 50min. Q=Perfect

Deiveson Alcantra vs. Rayner Silva 3:20 R2

Andre Lobato vs. Tyago Moreira 2:53 R1

Jamil Silveira vs. Roberto Bruno Unanimous Dec

Lucas Nunes vs. Gaston Manzur 4:38 R2

Elizeu Dos Santos Zaleski vs. Eduardo Ramon 2:23 R2

Jungle Fight Bantamweight Title Match: Nildo Nascimento vs. Wilker Leandro 4:40 R1

8/17/11 Enf S3 Quarterfinal: Andrew Tate vs. Adnan Omeragic