JEWELS Eleventh Ring 12/17/10 Tokyo Korakuen Hall Part 2
& JEWELS Thirteen & Fourteenth Ring 5/14/11 Tokyo Shinkiba 1st Ring
-1hr 30min. Q=Perfect

Eleventh Ring 12/17/10

Emi Murata vs. Anna Saito R1 1:03

Miyoko Kusaka vs. Asami Higa R2 0:43

Rough Stone GP 2010 -48kg Final: Yukiko Seki vs. Kikuyo Ishikawa 2R. split decision

Rough Stone GP 2010 -52kg Final: Hiroko Kitamura vs. Mai Ichii 2R unanimous decision

Shizuka Sugiyama vs. Mongolia Esui (Erdenebilegiin Bolormaa) R2 0:13

Miki Morifuji Retirement Match: Miki Morifuji vs. Kinuka Sasaki 2R unanimous decision

Hiroko Yamanaka vs. Molly Helsel R2 3:11

Thirteen Ring 5/14/11

Jewels vs Valkyrie: Asami Higa vs. Megumi Morioka 2R unanimous decision

Jewels vs Valkyrie: Mongolia Esui vs. Chisa Yonezawa R1 5:00

Fourteenth Ring 5/14/11

Shoot Boxing: Mizuki Inoue vs. Natsuka 3R unanimous decision (30-28, 30-28, 30-27).

Jewels vs Valkyrie: Miyoko Kusaka vs. Sachiko Yamamoto 2R unanimous decision

Mika Nagano vs. Emi Murata R1 1:40

Grappling Rules: Ayaka Hamasaki vs. Saori Ishioka 2R split decision

Jewels vs Valkyrie: Misaki Takimoto vs. Naho Sugiyama R1 4:06

JEWELS Fifteen Ring 7/9/11 Tokyo Shinjuku FACE
-1hr 30min. Q=Perfect

Megumi Fujii vs. Mika Nagano 2R unanimous decision

Miyoko Kusaka vs. Yuka Okumura 2R unanimous decision

Seo Hee Ham vs. Mei Yamaguchi 2R unanimous decision

kickboxing rules: Miku Hayashi vs. Anna Saito R2 1:22

Hiroko Yamanaka vs. Mongolia Esui R2 2:20

Hitomi Akano vs. Roxanne Modafferi 2R unanimous decision

Jewels vs. Valkyrie: Saori Ishioka vs. Yuka Tsuji 2R unanimous decision

JEWELS Sixteenth Ring 9/11/11 Tokyo Shinkiba 1st Ring
-1hr 30min. Q=Perfect

Akiko Naito vs. Yuko Oya 2R split decision

Kickboxing rules: Chikako vs. Satoko Ozawa 3R unanimous decision

Jewels Featherweight Queen GP 2011 first round: Misaki Takimoto vs. Miyoko Kusaka 2R unanimous decision

Ayaka Hamasaki vs. Mizuki Inoue 2R unanimous decision

Rina Tomita vs. Anna Saito R1 4:24

Jewels Featherweight Queen GP 2011 first round: Yukiko Seki vs. Sachiko Yamamoto 2R unanimous decision

kickboxing rules: Kozue Nagashima vs. Kim Sung Eun R2 0:34

Jewels Featherweight Queen GP 2011 first round:Yasuko Tamada vs. Kikuyo Ishikawa 2R unanimous decision

Jewels Featherweight Queen GP 2011 first round: Naho Sugiyama vs. Ayumi Saito 2R unanimous decision

JEWELS Seventeenth Ring 12/17/11 Tokyo Shinjuku FACE
& DEEP JEWELS 9 8/29/15 Tokyo Differ Ariake
-1hr 30min. Q=Perfect


Emi Fujino vs. Celine Haga 2R Unanimous Dec. Fujino has a powerful right hand, but can also close the distance quickly & overpower with her wrestling. Fujino has a lot of strength & spring in her legs that makes her tough to deal with because she can explode both as a striker & as a wrestler. She defended several solid takedown attempts from Haga, but Haga finally got her down late in the 2nd after being battered in standup. Though it was too little too late, you have to admire Haga's heart & determination, as although she was dominated all fight, she didn't give up & at least finished on top. Average match.

Emi Tomimatsu vs. Rina Tomita 2R Split Dec. A close, fairly uneventful fight. Tomita had the height and reach advantage, but Tomimatsu was able to turn that into a disadvantage, sucking her into the wrestling game which she used her lower center of gravity & shoulder position to get the takedowns. Neither did any particular damage, but Tomimatsu controlled position & grinded it out. Below average match.

Mei Yamaguchi vs. Mika Nagano 2R Split Dec. An entertaining fight because they both have good submission games & were willing to take chances to try to finish. Nagano was the better wrestler here, and looked to have finished early transitioning into an armbar from mount, but apparently Yamaguchi was doing a couple weak punches to her leg? Yamaguchi eventually transitioned to a leglock and sat into a guillotine, so although for me it was clearly a Nagano round, Yamaguchi controlled the final stages & got herself into the match. Nagano had 2 early takedowns in the 2nd, but Yamaguchi again turned the tide in the later part of the round, countering a takedown by landing in the mount. Though her ground flurry was cut short by a debatable punch to the throat foul, Yamaguchi finally got her standup going, and was punishing Nagano with clinch knees. Yamaguchi continued to dominate at a distance, finally able to show the standup skills that ave allowed her to succeed in Shoot Boxing. She was just too quick for a fading Nagano, who seemed to be waiting for her opportunity to answer, but Yamaguchi never paused, just continuing to pour it on until the bell. Yamaguchi was the more well rounded fighter, and she seemed to want it more down the stretch & certainly had the answers, the strong finish being enough to edge out a close decision. Good match.

Jewels Lightweight Queen Title Match: Ayaka Hamasaki vs. Seo Hee Ham 5:00 R1. Hamasaki controlled the round with her wrestling right from the outset, keeping Ham from utilizing her striking game. Ham eventually tried to roll into a kneebar, but Hamasaki squashed it. In the scramble, Ham was able to transition to a triangle that she maintained for the rest of the round. It appeared to be fairly tight, but the camera angle wasn't good, and the ref wasn't treating it as if there was any real danger. In any case, it was a good finish to the round for Ham, but in between rounds, she basically couldn't stand up straight. Apparently she injured her back, so her corner had to throw the towel in & carry her off. This was quite a downer of a finish after a fairly compelling 1st round, & unfortunately with Ham dropping to featherweight after this fight, there was never a rematch.


Emi Tomimatsu vs. Natsuki Shimomakise 2:43 R1. Debuting Shimomakise came out swinging, but was quickly taken down. Tomimatsu trapped Shimomakise's right arm under her left leg, and banged away with free lefts to the face. Tomimatsu had an arm triangle, but left it to mount then won with an awkward armbar where the cage denied her room to lie down & extend so she had to do it sitting on Shimomakise's chest.

JEWELS Bantamweight Title Match: Ji Yeon Kim vs. Takayo Hashi 3R Unanimous Dec. Standing fight where both were looking to land the power shot. Hashi has the big experience advantage with 21 fights to 5, but Kim already went to a draw with Hashi in just her 2nd fight on Road FC 2 3/9/14, and is looking extremely poised & comfortable in there. Both women had their moments in the 1st, but I felt Kim took it with accurate & powerful counter punching. Hashi was the one who was dictating the fight though, and Kim was landing less & less counters as the fight went on because Hashi adjusted, taking away her reach & wearing her down by closing the distance & grinding with clinch work. Kim became more aggressive after losing the 2nd round, finally coming forward rather than allowing Hashi to dictate. She dropped Hashi early with a crisp left straight counter. Kim took the back, but Hashi was able to turn into guard despite the body triangle. Hashi wasn't able to do anything from the top though, & when she finally disengaged then dove back in, Kim reversed & finished on top. I thought Kim had the fight anyway barring Hashi doing something to negate the knockdown, but one can never disregard the home town judging in a fight this close. Luckily, the judges made an impartial call here. This was good stuff, & Kim has a ton of potential as she rounds out the skills to go with her length & poise. Good match.

JEWELS Strawweight Title Match: Mizuki Inoue vs. Emi Fujino 3R Unanimous Dec. This fight was pretty much artful dodger against the muscular brute. Fujino used her strength to try to tire Inoue with grinding clinchwork. Fujino was really working hard, pressure, pressure, & more pressure. Fujino using a lot of punch combos early in round 2 & even jumped on Inoue's back to take her down. Fujino had a guillotine attempt, but Inoue finally took over when she slipped out. Fujino didn't get the result she desired with all her early control, as Inoue was the fresher fighter in the 3rd, and now her speed & poise were beginning to be deciding factors. Inoue began to score with her arcing overhand rights & cut Fujino above the eye with a short elbow. Inoue lacked a jab to open the cut, & Fujino came out strong after the rest to look at her cut. The difference in this fight in my opinion was Inoue's movement even beyond her cardio. Fujino threw all she had at her, & is certainly the more powerful fighter, but Inoue was slipping & sliding & pretty much always reacted at least enough that she didn't take any real damage. At the end of the fight, Fujino looked like she'd been beat up & worn out, & Inoue still looked fresh & relatively unscathed. Inoue made her 1st successful defense here. Above average fight.