JEWELS Fifth Ring 9/13/09 Tokyo Shinjuku FACE
& JEWELS Seventh Ring 3/19/10 Tokyo Shinjuku FACE
-1hr 25min. Q=Perfect

Fifth Ring 9/13/09

Rough Stone GP 2009 -48 kg 1st Round: Asami Kodera vs. Misaki Ozawa R2 1:56. Ozawa was the more committed striker, but Kodera got her down and attacked with submissions. She was looking for the traditional armbar, but eventually got a triangle and worked the arm, getting enough leverage to bend it against the joint and force the submission.

Rough Stone GP 2009 -54 kg 1st Round: Yuko Oya vs. Yoko Kagoshima 2R. The standup was fast & furious, but there was almost no technique at all. Kagoshima just charged forward throwing untrained punches, and Oya answered. The ground was a much higher level. Kagoshima was avoiding the takedowns early, but Oya got her down quickly in the 2nd and tried a guillotine. I had it a round a piece, but Kagoshima got the decision. Below average match.

Rough Stone GP 2009 -54 kg 1st Round: Mika Nagano vs. Rina Tomita R1 2:25. A rematch from Fourth Ring 7/11/09 with Nagano getting the quick takedown and pressuring with submission attempts until she once again beat her with the armbar.

Rough Stone GP 2009 -60 kg 1st Round: Chihiro Oikawa vs. Tomoko Morii R1 4:13. Lots of action here, particularly some fast paced standup with Oikawa really making an effort to immediately follow one shot with the next. Oikawa was throwing a barrage of knees (that seemed to have less impact because they were so fast), but Morii actually cracked her with an overhand right counter in the midst. The ground work was technically better, culminating with Morii getting an armbar submission.

Rough Stone GP 2009 -60 kg 1st Round: Shizuka Sugiyama vs. Alexandra Sanchez 2R. Sanchez had a lot of height, weight, and reach on an opponent who was fighting up a weight class (or two?), and looked to use her muay thai skills to bully Sugiyama at every opportunity. Sanchez was far from a one-dimensional kickboxer though, she had both takedown defense so she could keep it on her feet and a solid BJJ game to attack submissions. Increasingly, Sugiyama was unable to score a takedown, and Sanchez was able to attack Sugiyama with superior strikes even when Sugiyama was trying to throw single shots, especially the low kicks, to fend her off. Sanchez won a unanimous decision, handing Sugiyama her first defeat.

Megumi Yabushita vs. Atsuko Emoto R1 2:43. An open weight contest where Emoto had a good 25 pounds on the far more skilled and experienced Yabushita. Emoto did her best to use her size advantage to bully Yabushita, working some good punches to the body after reversing an ipponzeoi and taking her back. Yabushita reversed on the mat before the standup, and then went back to the judo throw, this time not hitting it cleanly but probably more effectively as she slammed Emoto on her head and then transitioned into an armbar for the win.

Misaki Takimoto vs. Seo Hee Ham 2R. An entertaining, albeit largely one-sided toe-to-toe contest. Takimoto's karate quickly proved considerably inferior to former professional muay thai kickboxer Ham, who was simply too technical and too skilled. Being a lefty also helped Ham, who was just pounding Takimoto with left straights to beat up her eye. Even when Takimoto did land a good shot, mainly left hooks, it didn't seem to phase Ham. It wasn't that Takimoto wasn't landing, it was that Ham was just way too good and eating her up with punch combos in between. Takimoto might land the last punch, but then Ham would use her kicks to reset the spacing, and Takimoto had nothing with her legs to either match Ham or change things up. As Takimoto has several submission ones, you'd expect her to try to get the fight to the ground to explore that aspect (and at least give herself a break from eating fists), but it didn't happen until Takimoto was already too worn down and battered to hit the takedown. Good match.

Seventh Ring 3/19/10

Shoot Boxing: Ai Takahashi vs. Asako R2 1:08. Skill vs. brawling, as Takahashi was at a far higher level, especially when it came to her fluidity and movement. Asako just wanted to drive forward and attack, but Takahashi was a real talent, and was working her over in the clinch. Takahashi quickly broke Asako's nose, and was just floating around on the outside putting combinations on her all fight until the ref finally stopped it after her chin may have been injured as well.

Hiroko Kitamura vs. Celine Haga R1 2:04. Haga was all about attempting submissions, trying for the takedown and pulling guard if it wasn't there. On the ground, she'd just attacking with no heed to gaining or losing positions. Surprisingly, karate stylist Kitamura hit a Kimura off Haga's first takedown, and made good on it.

Mika Nagano vs. Mai Ichii 2R. Nagano was able to take Ichii down easily and consistently and dominate the grappling and submission game. The first time Ichii burned her arm out on a hopeless, spacious guillotine, but the 2nd time Nagano transitioned an arm triangle into a reverse head and arm into an armbar attempt but time expired. Nagano continued to dominate throughout the 2nd with her wrestling, but just couldn't tap a game Ichii. Nagano took some abuse to her eye, but overall this was pretty comprehensive in Nagano's favor. Nagano defeated Ichii by unanimous decision. Above Average match.

Hitomi Akano vs. Hiroko Yamanaka 2R. One of the highest level JEWELS fights. Akano is the only fighter who has defeated HIROKO so far, but Yamanaka has improved her overall game since then, particularly her takedown defense. Yamanaka was able to score somewhat from the outside with her punches and avoid the takedowns, but Akano was ready for Yamanaka to close the distance, and would pull guard if she could. Yamanako certainly did more damage, but Akano had enough submission attempts to put some doubt into round 1. Round 2 was more Yamanaka's as she landed a big punch that had Akano momentarily fleeing, but still neither was able to do anything decisive. I wish there was another round, as neither could come close to dominating in their domain because the defense and counters had improved, though both did enough good work to make their case. Yamanaka defeated Akano by split decision. Good match.


JEWELS Eighth Ring 5/23/10 Tokyo Shinkiba 1st Ring
& JEWELS Ninth Ring 7/31/10 Tokyo Shinjuku FACE
-1hr 25min. Q=Perfect

Eighth Ring 5/23/10

Yuko Oya vs. Harumi R1 3:45. The world's most winless fighter, Harumi, isn't without skill, but her defense and decision making don't do her many favors. Harumi kept going after guillotines when she got taken down, and just wasn't moving enough defensively, especially in the proper ways. Once Oya escaped and mounted, Harumi was just turning her hips from side to side like she was halfheartedly doing some not very dynamic yoga pose until Oya finally finished with an armbar.

Shoot Boxing: Mayumi Aoki vs. Yukiko Ozeki R2 1:36. Fun match with a lot of throws. Both could hit those, but Aoki had the boxing, hurting Ozeki with a big overhand right and later breaking her nose to lead to the stoppage.

Yoko Kagoshima vs. Miyo Yoshida R1 3:30. They stood toe-to-toe exchanging right hands. Yoshida did throw in a few kicks and knees, but the rights did the majority of the damage, dropping Kagoshima with an uppercut. After the standing 8 count, Yoshida flurried with more rights to quickly prompt the stoppage.

Mika Nagano vs. Celine Haga 2R. Nagano was able to get the takedowns, but then Haga would take her back and control her on the ground. Nagano was so disgusted she wasn't able to make the counters or get anything going on the ground that she broke down in tears when the 2nd round ended, before even hearing the inevitable decision loss, which was extra surprising because round 1 wasn't 100% going Haga's way. Haga had looked pretty good from the start, and kept improving, but it was a big shock to see her get her first win against a fighter of Nagano's caliber, especially when the majority of the fight was on the ground. Average match.

JEWELS Tenth Ring 10/10/10 Tokyo Shinkiba 1st Ring
& JEWELS Eleventh Ring 12/17/10 Tokyo Korakuen Hall Part 1
-1hr 30min. Q=Perfect

Tenth Ring 10/10/10

Rough Stone GP 2010 -56 kg Semifinals: Asako Saioka vs. Harumi R1 2:31

Rough Stone GP 2010 -48 kg Semifinals: Kikuyo Ishikawa vs. Misaki Ozawa R1 2:24

Rough Stone GP 2010 -56 kg Semifinals: Emi Murata vs. Mizuki Inoue R2 2:58

Rough Stone GP 2010 -52 kg Semifinals: Hiroko Kitamura vs. Rina Tomita 2R

Rough Stone GP 2010 -52 kg Semifinals: Mai Ichii vs. Miyo Yoshida 2R

Saori Ishioka vs. Celine Haga 2R

Eleventh Ring 12/17/10

Jewels Lightweight Queen Tournament Semifinals Block A: Ayaka Hamasaki vs. Sakura Nomura 2R

Jewels Lightweight Queen Tournament Semifinals Block B: Seo Hee Ham vs. Mika Nagano 2R.

Jewels Lightweight Queen Tournament Reserve Match: Saori Ishioka vs. Yuko Oya R1 2:14

Jewels Lightweight Queen Tournament Final, 1st Jewels Lightweight Queen Championship Decision Match: Ayaka Hamasaki vs. Seo Hee Ham 2R

JEWELS Eleventh Ring 12/17/10 Tokyo Korakuen Hall Part 2
& JEWELS Thirteen & Fourteenth Ring 5/14/11 Tokyo Shinkiba 1st Ring
-1hr 30min. Q=Perfect

Eleventh Ring 12/17/10

Emi Murata vs. Anna Saito R1 1:03

Miyoko Kusaka vs. Asami Higa R2 0:43

Rough Stone GP 2010 -48kg Final: Yukiko Seki vs. Kikuyo Ishikawa 2R. split decision

Rough Stone GP 2010 -52kg Final: Hiroko Kitamura vs. Mai Ichii 2R unanimous decision

Shizuka Sugiyama vs. Mongolia Esui (Erdenebilegiin Bolormaa) R2 0:13

Miki Morifuji Retirement Match: Miki Morifuji vs. Kinuka Sasaki 2R unanimous decision

Hiroko Yamanaka vs. Molly Helsel R2 3:11

Thirteen Ring 5/14/11

Jewels vs Valkyrie: Asami Higa vs. Megumi Morioka 2R unanimous decision

Jewels vs Valkyrie: Mongolia Esui vs. Chisa Yonezawa R1 5:00

Fourteenth Ring 5/14/11

Shoot Boxing: Mizuki Inoue vs. Natsuka 3R unanimous decision (30-28, 30-28, 30-27).

Jewels vs Valkyrie: Miyoko Kusaka vs. Sachiko Yamamoto 2R unanimous decision

Mika Nagano vs. Emi Murata R1 1:40

Grappling Rules: Ayaka Hamasaki vs. Saori Ishioka 2R split decision

Jewels vs Valkyrie: Misaki Takimoto vs. Naho Sugiyama R1 4:06