Enfusion 2015 DVD
Enfusion Live Tapes Videos

Enfusion Live #24 Eindhoven 2/7/15 Eindhoven, The Netherlands Sporthal Genderbeemd
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Melvin Wassing vs. Mohammed Hamicha 1R

Sheena Widdershoven vs. Marieke Post 3R

Dennis Stolzenbach vs. Jegish Yegoian 3R

Kamil Jenel vs. Khalid El Bakouri 4R

Mohammed Jaraya vs. Tayfun Ozcan 4R

Enfusion Heavyweight World Title Match: Ismael Lazaar vs. Thomas Vanneste 5R

Enfusion Live #25 Turnhout 3/14/15 Turnhout, BEL Sporthal Stadspark
-1hr 45min. Q=Perfect

Anissa Meksen vs. Isis Verbeek

Robbie Hageman vs. Engin Kutuk

Harut Grigorian vs. Marco Pique

Nordin Ben Moh vs. William Diender

-80Kg Enfusion World Title Match: Hicham El Gaoui vs. Karapet Karapetyan

SF 5/15/00: Jean-Claude Leuyer vs. Andrei Dutko

WCK 9/24/11: Joe Davidson vs. Jack Thames

Enfusion Live #26 The Hague 4/4/15 The Hague, NED Sportstadion de Uithof
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect

Walid Hamid vs. Dennis Kabbedijk R2

-70Kg Tournament Semifinals

Nordin Ben Moh vs. Paul Jansen R1

Hafid El Boustati vs. Edson Fortes 3R

Shana Lammers vs. Manal Arrad 3R

Brice Guidon vs. Hicham Achalhi 2R

-70KG Tournament Final: Nordin Ben Moh vs. Edson Fortes 3R

-60Kg Enfusion World Title Match: Tommy Dieckmann vs. Ali Zubai R3

Enfusion Live #27 Tenerife 4/18/15 Tenerife, SP Pabellon Santiago Martin
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect

Ricardo Costa vs. Maikel Garcia 3R

Anissa Meksen vs. Eva Naranjo 3R

Amansio Paraschiv vs. Elam NGor 3R

Rafael Llodra vs. Maximo Suarez 3R

Andy Souwer vs. Jonay Risco 4R

-95KG Enfusion World Title Match: Mohamed Boubkari vs. Moises Baute R1

Enfusion Live #29 Amsterdam 5/24/15 Amsterdam, NED Ookmeerhal
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect

-70Kg Tournament Reserve Fight: Mohammed Ben Nasser vs. Cedric Burgzorg 3R

-70Kg Tournament Semifinals:

Aziz Kallah vs. Fatih Ozkan 3R

Tayfun Ozcan vs. Redouan Larkoubi R1

-67 Kg Enfusion World Title Match: Rachel Adamus vs. Sheena Widdershoven 5R

Serginio Kanters vs. Abdelmounim Mouya 3R

Ilias Bulaid vs. Maxim Federkov R3

-70Kg Tournament Final: Aziz Kallah vs. Tayfun Ozcan 3R

Enfusion Live #30 Dublin 5/24/15 Dublin, IE Spin Roller Disco Arena
-1hr 40min. Q=Perfect

Paul Norton vs. Tomasz Marcisauskas

Ferial Ameeroedien vs. Soraya Haurissa

Karl McCallig vs. Mateusz Janik

-54Kg Enfusion World Title Match: Iman Barlow vs. Samantha van Doorn

Keith Levins vs. Gergo Bodis

-67Kg Enfusion World Title Match: Ilias Bulaid vs. Simon Santana

Enfusion Live #31 Malaga, SP 9/19/15 Benahavis
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect

70kg Tournament Semifinals:

Philippe Salmon vs. Adam Martins 4R

Christopher Mena vs. Beau Superpro Samui 3R

Ruben Lee vs. Gil Silva 3R

Victoria Lomax vs. Estela Garcia 3R

Nicolas Gaffie vs. Wadii kadiri 4R

70kg Tournament Final: Philippe Salmon vs. Christopher Mena 3R

72.5kg Enfusion World Title Match: Tayfun Ozcan vs. Fran Palenzuela R5

Enfusion Live #32 Battle Royal Gent 10/10/15 Gent, BL Sporthal Bourgoyen
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Hafid El Boustati vs. Harut Grigorian R2

Mohammed Jaraya vs. Youssef Boulahtari R2

Dexter Suisse vs. Brice Guidon R3

Ilias Bulaid vs. David Mejia

-61Kg Enfusion Women's World Title Match: Anke Van Gestel vs. Aleide Lawant

Nordin Ben Moh vs. Sergio Sanchez R1

MPW 10/10/97 Sekigun vs. Kaientai DX 6 Man Tag Match: Super Delfin & Naohiro Hoshikawa & Masato Yakushiji vs. Dick Togo & Men's Teioh & Shoichi Funaki. ****1/4

Enfusion Live #33 Martigny, SUI 11/7/15 Salle Du Midi
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect

Janique Avanthay vs. Amandine Falck 3R

Shkodran Veseli vs. Adelino Boa Morte 3R

Ulrik Bokeme vs. Cheick Sidibe 3R

Pedro Barros vs. Andriy Unhuryan R3

Christophe Pruvost vs. Jonay Risco

ENFUSION -75Kg World Title Match: Rafael llodra vs. Diogo Calado R3

MPW 2/3/02: Tiger Mask & Kazuya Yuasa vs. Ikuto Hidaka & Tomohiro Ishii. At this point I can usually pick out the matches that have a chance of being excellent because there are so few of them, but I was totally caught off guard by the exceptional effort displayed here. Everyone was inspired and gave a peak performance; it was the good kind of trying to stand out where they busted their ass delivering a memorable in ring performance trying to make a name for themselves to the Tokyo audience . From before the opening bell, they put maximum effort into every spot. Hidaka & Tiger are elite wrestlers, so excellence from them is no surprise but together they achieved their highest level. What was a surprise is that Yuasa & Ishii were able to more than hold their own. They don't have the capability of the other two, but they were also executing their moves as well as could be, with consistent (far better than their norm) stiffness and explosion. I wish these two would have shown more evidence of how good they could be at other points in the year because it's hard to not feel they regressed after seeing what they could deliver, but that's one thing that made this match special. There were some excellent near falls you could really believe in regardless of the move they came after. Hidaka's big juice job was rather wasted, but it was another way they pulled out all the stops. It did play a part in the Tiger vs. Hidaka program as the justification for Hidaka unmasking Tiger after the match. 18:18. ****1/4

Enfusion Live #34 Groningen, The Netherlands 11/21/15 MartiniPlaza
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Lorena Klijn vs. Mellony Geugjes 4R

William Diender vs. Tayfun Ozcan 3R

Mohammed Jaraya vs. Andrei Ostrovanu R1

Kamran Aminzade vs. Mohamed Boubkari 3R

Patrick Veenstra vs. Fabio Kwasi 3R

Artur Kyshenko vs. Hicham El Gaoui 3R

-67Kg ENFUSION World Title Match: Ilias Bulaid vs. Edye Ruiz 5R

Enfusion Live #35 Antwerpen, Belgium 12/19/15 Antwerp Expo
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect

Johan Tkac vs. Zakaria Baitar R3

Mathieu Kongolo vs. Mohamed Boubkari 3R

-64kg ENFUSION Women's World Title Match: Anke Van Gestel vs. Rachida Bouhout 3R

Nordin Ben Moh vs. Crice Boussoukou 3R

ENFUSION Heavyweight World Title Match: Ismael Lazaar vs. Andrew Thomson R1

Enfusion Live #51 Halifax 7/8/17 Halifax, NS
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect

Stephen Whitall vs. JP Shortall 3R UD

Joey George vs. Mark Mackinnon R3 2:37

Kyle Nelson vs. Chris McMillan R3 2:15

Binaebi Otoru vs. Phanomsack Bounpaserth 3R UD

Ariel Abreu vs. Thomas Dalziel 3R SD

Iman Barlow vs. Ashley Nichols