Enfusion 2014 DVD
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Enfusion Live #13 Eindhoven 1/25/14 Eindhoven, NED Genderbeemd sporthal
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Fikri Ameziane vs. Brian Douwes

Iman Barlow vs. Adi Rotem

Hamza Ahnine vs. Pietje Heesbeen

Dennis Stolzenbach vs. Fred Sikking

Ismael Lazaar vs. Sergio Pique

-70kg Enfusion World Title Match: Robbie Hageman vs. David Calvo

Enfusion Live #14 Amsterdam 2/22/14 Amsterdam, NED Ookmeerhal
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect

Hicham Achalhi vs. Nale Omeragic 3R unanimous decision

Gurhan Dergirmenci vs. Yassine Ben Sallam 3R unanimous decision

Ilias Bulaid vs. Reda Aoulad Ben Said 3R unanimous decision

Marcello Adriaansz vs. Cengiz Ozpamuk 3R unanimous decision

-64kg Ladies Enfusion World Title Match: Rachida Bouhout vs. Vicky Church 5R unanimous decision

Khalid Bourdif vs. William Diender 3R unanimous decision

Enfusion Live #15 Dublin 3/22/14 Dublin, IRE National Basketball Arena Tallaght Dublin
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Ilias Bulaid vs. Paul Norton

Alexandros Chatzichronoglou vs. Mark Cassidy

Iman Barlow vs. Lorena Klijn

Gary Ormond vs. James Gridley

Vasileios Karagiannidis vs. Tomasz Bukowski

Hicham El Gaoui vs. Aidan Brooks

Enfusion Live #16 The Hague 4/5/14 Hague, NED Leidschenveen Sportshal
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Paolo Renna vs. Reda Narain 3R

Marieke Post vs. Kristy Ooms 3R

Ismael Benali vs. Kevin Miruka 3R

Hicham El Gaoui vs. Andrii Pano R2

Mohamed Boubkari vs. Sam Tevette R4

67kg Enfusion World Title Match: Mohamed Galaoui vs. Mohammed Jaraya R2 1.40

Enfusion Live #17 Zilina 4/26/14 Zilina, SK Doxx Bet Arena
-1hr 45min. Q=Perfect

RESERVE FIGHT: Tomas Senkyr vs. Yohan Marsan

ENFUSION 85kg WORLD TITLE Tournament Semifinal: Mirko Cingel vs. Andrew Tate

ENFUSION 85kg WORLD TITLE Tournament Semifinal: Jiri Zak vs. Rustam Guseinov

Lucia Krajcovic vs. Denise Kielholtz

Ondrej Hutnik vs. Eduardo Mendes

Vladimir Moracvic vs. Miles Simson

ENFUSION 85kg WORLD TITLE Tournament Final: Mirko Cingel vs. Jiri Zak

Enfusion Live #18 Amsterdam 5/25/14 Amsterdam, NED Sportshal de Weeren
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Omar Hanafy vs. Khalid Chabrani

Hamza Essalih vs. Maik Redan

Othman Allach vs. Kevin Hessling

Walid Hamid vs. Mohammed Jaraya

Marcello Adriaansz vs. Gurhan Demirmenci

61kg Ladies Enfusion World Title Match: Anke Van Gestel vs. Lindsay Scheer

Enfusion Live #19 London 6/29/14 London, EN Eversley Leisure Centre
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Ervin Wongsodimedjo vs. Charlie Peters R2 1:51. The first round was adequate, but the 2nd round was really good with the action igniting upon Ervin's adversity. Round 1 was close as they exchanged shot for shot. Peters was mainly scoring with the low kick until he dropped Ervin with a right straight early in R2. Ervin was hurt, but responded fighting like a cornered beast, and did good damage with knees to the body. The problem was as Ervin had never truly recovered, a couple solid shots from Peters slowed him down much more than they should have, and Peters was able to back him into the corner and take him out with a left hook. Above average match.

Simon Santana vs. Jose Varela R1 2:36. This wasn't really coming off as both were muay thai fighters who were fighting off their back foot. As neither were coming forward, both were coming up short when they did throw. Finally, Santana backed Varela into the ropes and finished a 4 punch combo with an overhand right that sent Varela crumbling onto the side of his face for the KO.

Sheena Widdershoven vs. Lauran Huxley R1 3:00. Sheena was just too long for Huxley, cutting off the ring and picking her opponent apart against the ropes. Huxley is still recovering from an eye injury, and didn't come out for the 2nd because she couldn't see out of the right eye.

Ilias Bulaid vs. Regis Sugden 3R. The speed of these teenagers was amazing. Bulaid had considerable more power, so although Sugden was landing as many if not more shots in the exchanges through the first half of the fight, Bulaid appeared to be bullying him. Sugden dug deep, but as the bout progressed, the impact of Bulaid's shots really sapped him of his energy and took all the zip out of his strikes, so Bulaid totally owned the 3rd round. Above average match.

90kg Enfusion World Title Match: Wendell Roche vs. Andrew Tate R2 1:07. Tate was super aggressive here, seeming to surprise Roche by pressuring heavily from the get go rather than working his way into the match from the outside. Tate did a nice job working the body with punches and front kicks then went upstairs to wobble Roche with a hook against the ropes. Tate followed the same pattern in the 2nd, and was really exhausting Roche and breaking down his resistance quickly. The ref stepped in 45 seconds into the 2nd because Roche was out on his feet. Roche tried to continue, but his legs were gone, and the ref stopped it after a big knee. Average match.

Heavyweight Enfusion World Title Match: Daniel Sam vs. Ismael Lazaar. Lazaar is built like Roy Nelson, but he kept coming forward and working the body to set up the hook to the head. Sam can end a fight with one shot, but he gave away 2 rounds waiting then walked into a left hook for a knockout almost as soon as he tried to actually come forward and open up. Lazaar was pretty impressive, but it's hard to get to into a title match where the champ just stands there with his guard up. Below average match.

The Best of GLORY Super Fight Series Part 2

Glory 12: New York 11/23/13: Brian Collette vs. Warren Thompson R1 1:03

Glory 11: Chicago 10/12/13: Steve Moxon vs. Reece McAllister

Glory 13: Tokyo 12/21/13: Sergey Kharitonov vs. Jerome Le Banner 3R

MPW 11/23/95 Morioka Iwate-ken'ei Taiikukan: TAKA Michinoku vs. Tiger Mask. Excellent junior match. Exciting and stiff, with all the big spots, but also kicks and submissions like a U.W.F. match. TAKA was on top of his game here, and made the near falls really dramatic. ****1/4

Enfusion Live #20 Mallorca 7/12/14 Mallorca, SP Palma Arena
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect

Ruben Barnabe vs. Thomas Alisier 2R. Alisier stood straight up and relied on boxing, while Barnabe was a bit of a wild brawler. When Alisier did kick, Barnabe caught it and tripped him up. Barnabe broke Alisier's nose with a hook less than a minute into the fight, and the blood was coming out heavily. After a good 1st round from Barnabe, Alisier really came on in the 2nd when he started using clinch knees, which were winding Barnabe badly. Barnabe was suddenly so tired he was just standing in front of Alisier getting hit, and a low blow just added to his problems. Barnabe survived the round, but was simply too winded to come out for the 3rd. Plenty of action, but it was a low level fight, lacking and technique and marred by the disappointing surrender. Average match.

Antonio Gomez vs. Ricardo Luiz. Gomez is a real powerhouse who uses his core well to transfer his weight into this blows. Luiz tried to pressure, but he just didn't have the weight of shot that Gomez did, so Gomez would wind up pushing him back. Luiz was leaving himself open when he threw his punches, and twice Gomez dropped him with left hook counters. Gomez was really pressing for the finish after the 1st knockdown, closing the distance with jumping knees then working combos to the body. Luiz had wobbly legs after the 2nd knockdown, and didn't throw anything after this, just getting backed into the corner and pounded on until the ref finally, begrudgingly stepped in and stopped it after giving him yet another chance with an 8 count. Good action while it lasted, but Luiz was just overmatched, and couldn't sustain a high output style given how many holes it left in his defenses. Above average match.

Kike Bonnin vs. Olli Koch 3R. Bonnin had a big reach advantage, but Koch never allowed him to use it, just pressing forward the entire fight, backing Bonnin into the ropes, and going to work on him with combos. Bonnin had a few moments early in the 3rd, but Koch just continued to wear him down, and by the middle of the round, Bonnin had lost most of the steam from his shots. Somehow Bonnin won a unanimous hometown decision 29-28. Average match.

Christian Brorhilker vs. Wendell Roche. Roche was really working over the lead leg, finishing every combo with an outside kick as well as leading with inside kick. Brorhilker stunned him in the middle of the 1st with an overhand right, but Roche kept attacking, debilitating the leg to the point the ref counted a knockdown at the end of the round when Brorhilker leg gave out. Brorhilker had no quit in him, but couldn't put any weight on the leg in round 2. Brorhilker was virtually falling anytime Roche kicked his leg, which was often, but again, the ref simply refused to stop the fight. It reached the pinnacle of ridiculousness when Brorhilker fell between the middle ropes onto the apron not once but twice! Finally, the fight was stopped, but what was the point of this going on for almost 2 minutes when it was obvious to everyone that Brorhilker's leg was dead? Excellent performance by 43-year-old Roche though, erasing the memory of his disappointing outing against Tate on Enfusion Live 19.

54kg Ladies Enfusion World Title Match: Iman Barlow vs. Iman Ghablou 5R. Really strong performance from Barlow, just relentless pressure for 5 rounds. Barlow kicked and step kneed her way in and then just worked over Ghablou's body with knees. Glablou was really tough, and there was no quit in her, but Barlow is much stronger than she looks, and Ghablou had all she could do to just keep Barlow off her for a few seconds. I had Barlow winning every round, but it was entertaining, high workrate stuff. Barlow won a unanimous decision. Good match.

Damian Garcia vs. Loren Javier Jorge 3R. Jorge was all over Garcia immediately, looking tremendous mixing all types of strikes to all quadrants of the body. Just really impressive diversity, with the ability to put it all together in lethal combinations that were above the skill level of Garcia, or most anyone else, to defend. What made it all the more difficult is Loren was so good at cutting off the ring that he'd just trap Garcia against the ropes and club Garcia with right hooks. Loren hurt Garcia with an overhand right and two left high kicks late in the 1st, and Garcia was against the ropes, pretty much out on his feet, taking huge shots, but moving just enough to keep the ref from stepping in. This could easily have been a 10-8 round for Loren even without a knockdown. Loren continued to pin Garcia against the ropes for much of round 2, and you felt like Garcia really wanted to quit, but just doesn't know how, and his corner wasn't going to bail him out. Garcia's nose was broken and his hand had fallen low, but he was still in their fighting, trying to at least finish the fight even though it wasn't in his body's best interest. Jorge finally leveled him with a right hook counter to a right just before the bell. Garcia crashed down to the right in a manner that could have done some damage to leg joint, ultimately landing on his chin, but was saved by the bell. Jorge won a unanimous decision. I was entertained by this fight, but it was like a jobber match that the star bizarrely couldn't manage to finish despite looking like an absolute beast. Above average match.

TG: Kathryn March vs. Harneen R1. March held the clinch, kneeing until Harneen not only went down, but injured her jaw. Harneen was hoping for some sort of breakdue to the injury, but the ref made her continue, so Harneen turned her back when March tried to throw punches, leading to the stoppage.

Enfusion Live #21 Merseburg 10/4/14 Merseburg, GER Centennial Hall
-1hr 35min. Q=Perfect

Max Baumert vs. Valdet Gashi

Mellony Geugjes vs. Dilara Yildiz

Leo Bonniger vs. Mohamed Jarraya

Enrico Rogge vs. Fabio Kwasi

Mark Vogel vs. Ilias Bulaid

95kg Enfusion World Title Match: Niko Falin vs. Mohamed Boubkari

Enfusion Live #22 Groningen 11/23/14 Groningen, The Netherlands
-1hr 50min. Q=Perfect

Marvin Sansaar vs. Mohammed Jaraya R2

Tom De Smet vs. Daniel Ciric R1

Alva Remor vs. Khalid El Bakouri 3R

Cedric Bacuna vs. Andrei Ostrovanu R1

Enfusion -57kg World Title Match: Denise Kielholtz vs. Tiffany van Soest 5R

Ardalan Sheikholeslami vs. Andy Souwer R4

Enfusion Live #23 12/21/14 Antwerp, Bel The Noxx
-1hr 40min. Q=Perfect

Ibrahim El Boustati vs. Khalid El Bakouri


Enfusion Live #24 Eindhoven 2/7/15 Eindhoven, The Netherlands Sporthal Genderbeemd
-2hr. Q=Perfect

Melvin Wassing vs. Mohammed Hamicha 1R

Sheena Widdershoven vs. Marieke Post 3R

Dennis Stolzenbach vs. Jegish Yegoian 3R

Kamil Jenel vs. Khalid El Bakouri 4R

Mohammed Jaraya vs. Tayfun Ozcan 4R

Enfusion Heavyweight World Title Match: Ismael Lazaar vs. Thomas Vanneste 5R