Elite Muay Thai TVC 2010 DVD
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Elite Muay Thai TVC Grand Opening 2010 taped 1/16/10 Bangkok, THA Royal Paragon Hall
& Elite Muay Thai TVC Thailand VS Europe 2013 3/23/13 Neu-ulm, DE Ratiopharm Arena
-1hr 30min. Q=Perfect


Madsue Lamai Gym vs. Robbie Filiponi

Nonsai Sor Sanyakorn vs. Dzhabar Askerov


Bernueng Topking Boxing vs. Enriko Kehl

Alexander Epp vs. Bjoern "Mugi" Schaulfler

Elite Muay Thai TVC Grand Opening 2010 taped 1/16/10 Bangkok, THA Royal Paragon Hall
-1hr 40min. Q=Perfect

Kaoklai Kaennorsing vs. Erik Kosztanko 5R. Erik was able to keep Kaoklai at bay early with his reach since Kaoklai was mainly just feeling him out, but once Kaoklai felt the lack of power on Erik's kicks he began to walk right through them and open up with his diverse striking game including elbows and even a spinning back elbow. Kaoklai put Erik down with a right straight in R2, and went for the kill, battering Erik against the ropes, but the bell saved him. Kaoklai continued to work the body of his beat up opponent in the 3rd and smother Erik in the clinch tying so his size was, if anything, a disadvantage. Even when Erik stalked forward, Kaoklai had the hand speed and timing to land the blows. Average match.

Nopparat Keatkhamtorn vs. Antuan Siangboxing 5R. Rough inside match with a lot of knees and elbows. Antuan more than held his own in the 1st two rounds, but seemed to get injured in the 3rd, and was turning away from Nopparat, and generally fading fast. Antuan pushed through, but Nopparat really beat his body with left kicks down the stretch en route to the decision. Average match.

Sornthong Dennawee vs. Ali Yaakub. Good match making here, as there wasn't a lot between these two, so either could hold the center of the ring, but neither could maintain the advantage for long. Sornthong came on late in the 1st with sharp rising left elbows and right high kicks, but Ali caught a teep early in the 2nd and missed the right hook counter but followed by dropping Sornthong with a left high kick he didn't see coming. Sornthong was wobbly, but fought back super aggressively, plowing forward with lunging left elbows only to get dropped again with a right. Again, Sornthong bravely tried to fire back with elbows, but they were all coming up short, and Ali knew they were coming and was poised to counter. Finally, the ref saw enough of Sornthong beating up the air then getting hit that he stepped in. Good match.

Zaza Sor Aree vs. Ploysuay Sakrung Rueng 4R. Feeling out, and more feeling out. Zaza was the aggressor, but more in the Benson Henderson kinda coming forward but not really throwing kind of way. Zaza really wanted to counter, but Ploysuay wasn't giving her much to work with because she wasn't throwing. Zaza ultimately did her best work in the clinch game, while Ploysuay ultimately did nothing. Poor match.

Eduardo Maiorino vs. Ramazan Ramazanov R1. Ramazan followed a left hook with a fast right high kick Maiorino didn't see coming for the KO.

Enfusion S3 8/11: Ritchie Hocking vs. Joao Oliveira R2 1:52. Good action here, but rather one-sided. Hocking had the reach, but he was also backing it up with sharp and powerful punch combos, particularly the double jab/right hand. Hocking had the better hand speed too, and it was quickly beginning to seem that Oliveira was simply overmatched, but Oliveira kept pushing forward and doing his best. Hocking beat Oliveira's uppercut with a right straight and followed with a right for the knockdown. Oliveira got up, but from there it was just target practice until his corner threw the towel in. Above average match.

Elite Muay Thai TVC Queen's Cup 2010 taped 8/12/10 Bangkok, THA Sanamluang
-1hr 40min. Q=Perfect

Ole Lek Or Piriyapinyo vs. Alexander Tobias R2. The first round was fairly even, feeling out with Ole using the jab and push kick. In round 2, Ole dropped Tobias with a left high kick early and then was all over him with another left high kick and a series of inside punches for the stoppage.

Petsanguan vs. Valdet Gashi 5R. Petsanguan had the reach, and although Gashi was a good boxer who was capable of closing the distance, as soon as he'd get inside, Petsanguan would catch him with a knee and work him over in the clinch game. Gashi did better early in the 3rd because he was coming in for a punch or two and then getting out of the pocket, making it harder for Petsanguan to clinch him, and doing a better job of disengaging from the clinches when he did get wrapped up. Gashi's energy level and movement didn't sustain though, and he just wasn't diverse enough. Petsanguan began to reclaim control stepping in with elbows. The 5th round was the worst, as the result was academic, and both eased up a bit. Petsanguan won a unanimous decision. Average match.

Khunlar Chokepreecha vs. Mattias Pattaya Kombat. Mattias kept coming forward mixing sporadic high kicks into his middle kick attack. Khunlar would get backed up, then fire back with middle kicks to get back toward an even position, but he was generally on the defensive and ran out of gas in the last few rounds. Mattias won a unanimous decision. Average match.

Saiyok Pumphanmuang vs. Antuan Siangboxing. Antuan had the reach advantage, but could never keep Saiyok off him. Saiyok was constantly stalking, and although he started slow, he began to work Antuan over in the 2nd with powerful kicks. The fight began to become completely one-sided in the 3rd, as Saiyok was all over Antuan the entire round, wobbling him with uppercuts and punishing him with knees. Saiyok eased off in the 4th, but Antuan went for broke to start the 5th, so Saiyok had to immediately shut him down with a series of left kicks, basically saying if you still want to fight, I'm still going to be the boss. Saiyok again won the round handily, with Antuan finally conceding defeat in the last minute. Above average match.

SF 5/15/00 ISKA World Super Heavyweight Freestyle Title Match: Jean-Claude Leuyer vs.Andrei Dudko R6. Tremendous action as Dudko was committed to either bombing Leuyer out of the arena or going down trying. Dudko's technique wasn't that good, but he just blitzed Leuyer all fight to get inside the range of his powerful low kicks, backing Leuyer into the ropes or corner and going to town on him with left and right hooks that were much too wide. Not only were Leuyer's kicks smothered, he was hardly even able to get a punch in. He finally threw a straight, but Dudko's beat him for a knockdown. In R4, Leuyer was finally able to get Dudko off him with a push kick then caught Dudko coming back in with a left hook/right low kick combo for the knockdown. Dudko was too damaged to close the distance as effectively, and Leuyer was able to put him right back down with a middle kick. As Dudko's energy bar continued to dwindle, Leuyer destroyed his left leg, denying Dudko the mobility to press forward and trap Leuyer on the ropes. Dudko collapsed from a low kick, and although Dudko barely managed to get back to his feet, the ref stopped it. Hard to tell how good it was due to annoying editing, but definitely at least a good match if not an excellent one.

Elite Muay Thai TVC Thailand VS Germany taped 11/14/10 Ulm, GER Blastalcenter Ulm
-1hr 40min. Q=Perfect

WFCA European Welterweight Title Match: Leroy Kaestner vs. Cagri Ermis 5R. Excellent performance by Kaestner here, completely nullifying Ermis by outworking and outthinking him. Ermis' background is boxing, so Kaestner started out keeping it to that descipline. However, once Ermis settled into concentrating on defending that, Kaestner suddenly brought a high kick over his guard for a knockdown. Kaestner showed the type of all around fighter he was from here, really mixing the punches, kicks, and knees well. Ermis made an effort to be more aggressive in the 2nd round, but he was only able to come forward and get barraged by Kaestner's combinations. Ermis just wasn't able to get off because he was always trying to defend a series of shots from different angles, and even when he did, he just didn't have enough steam on his punches to make an impression on Kaestner. Ermis kept coming forward throughout, but still wasn't changing things up much in the later rounds even though Kaestner seemed to know what he was going to do as soon as Ermis did. Ermis was just looking more and more fatigued, while Kaestner took the foot off the pedal a little bit, but was still doing enough to effectively win all the skirmishes. Kaestner won a unanimous decision. Above average match.

Nonsai Sor Saenyakorn vs. Alex Vogel. What appeared to be a big mismatch turned into a competitive fight. Vogel was mainly a boxer, and once Nonsai realized Vogel didn't know how to disengage from the clinch properly he just backed him into the ropes with knees, punches, or middle kicks then locked him up and put a hurting on him. Vogel showed a lot of heart here though. He not only didn't give up, he was able to change things up, and actually address some of his issues. Making a committment to constantly pushing forward, he began to score with his hands, and if Nonsai clinched when they were on the ropes, at least it was more on Vogel's terms as Nonsai was the one with his back to the ropes. Vogel didn't get the knockdown or knockout he needed, but he was by far the stronger and fresher fighter in the last two rounds, each of which you could have given to him. Nonsai won a unanimous decision. Above average match.

Danyo Ilunga vs. Bob Van Boxmeer 3R. In the 1st round, the announcers speculated that Bob was saving his energy for the later rounds. But this was a 3R fight, and Bob was noticably tired in the 2nd! Ilunga is a big time fighter and obviously did some good work, but was also greatly aided by Bob not putting anything on his shots and constantly retreating after the 1st or 2nd shot rather than keeping any pressure on Ilunga. The way Bob was fighting, you just expected to see the cutaway to his girlfriend tied up in the dungeon ready to be killed if he didn't take the dive, as in some cheesy B movie. Bob basically didn't even try to throw anything in the 3rd, looking like it was taking all his effort to simply stay on his feet standing in front of Danyo taking punishment. Remy Bonjasky wasn't going to settle for anything less than a knockout for his fighter Ilunga, and kept screaming at him to take this out of shape slug out, but Ilunga just couldn't put him down. I don't know why the ref didn't stop it anyway because there was no point in a fighter who was out on his feet and no longer trying/able to fight just taking shot after shot. Ilunga won a unanimous decision. Below average match.

Achim Schoepf vs. Mehmet Arslan 3R. A rather tedious and uneventful contest. Schoepf had the reach advantage, but Arslan kept coming forward and chopping the legs, finishing by going up high with two punches if it was there. The tactic was effective, but never led to anything more. Schoepf circled right the entire fight, but his middle and push kicks were grazing at best, so his only real success was with some step knees. Arslan won a unanimous decision. Below average match.

Kaoklai Kaennorsing vs. Marco Aschenbrenner R1 3:00. Kaoklai was walking Marco down, showboating and playing with him. Marco was showing way too much respect for Kaoklai, being too unwilling to take any chance and fire back. Kaoklai was clearly winning, but hadn't done any real damage to Marco when the fight bizarrely ended with Marco slipping down disengaging from the clinch. Marco injured his knee? on the awkward fall, and though he stood up, he realized he could no longer put any weight on the leg, so the fight was stopped before it really got started.

TG: Justine Kish vs. Lamduan 5R. Kish had flashy kicks and spinning techniques, but rarely landed any of them. Lamduan was just far more technically sound, though she wasn't landing much of anything solid either. Kish was the aggressor for much of the 1st 3 rounds, but was still losing most of them, and Lamduan began to take the fight to her in the 4th. Justine seemed certain she won, but Lamduan got the decision.

Elite Muay Thai TVC Thailand VS Middle East DUBAI WAR ON THE SHORE 3 taped 11/25/10 Dubai, UAE Dusit Thani Dubai
-1hr 30min. Q=Perfect

Samranchai 96 Peenung vs. Mostafa Abdollahi 5R. Samranchai came forward the entire fight, working knees and elbows on the inside that cut Abdollahi. Abdollahi wasn't really overmatched in so far as he was getting beaten up badly, but he simply couldn't hold his ground, so he was just forced to strike off his back foot and constantly give up position. Abdollahi didn't have any answers, and eventually just gave up. The fight was alright during the middle rounds, but really limped to the finish as Abdollahi stopped trying to win so Samranchai stopped trying to hurt him. Below average match.

Yodvisanu Sor Kittichai vs. Ole Tor Silachai 5R. Yodvisanu kept coming forward, but could never seem to actually close the distance. Ole just had too much reach for him, and did a beautiful job of matadoring Yodvisanu's kicks then using the push kick to reestablish distance. Ole was usually on the defensive, and although he had a few jumping knees, it wasn't so much that he actually did anything major to Yodvisanu as that Yodvisanu simply couldn't touch him. Ole won a unanimous decision. Below average match.

Tahseen Takleh vs. Magomed Idigov R1. Takleh threw wildly, but what killed him is really just didn't know how to defend against boxing. He would try to push Idigov away after taking a shot, which instead of making space as he hoped, would simply leave him prone to taking an even bigger shot. Idigov dropped him quickly with two left hooks, but one can clearly see the knockdown wouldn't have occured if Takleh would have responded properly to the 1st left hook instead of leaving himself prone to immediately eat a 2nd one.

Mostafa Said Hassan vs. Daniel Nuamah

Ja Maw Phumphanmuang VS Ahmed Saadi

WMC Middle East Super Welterweight Title Match: Antuan Siangboxing vs. Zidov Akuma