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DDT Dramatic Fantasia #309 2/3/11 Sweet Dreams! 2011 taped 1/30/11 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
& DDT Dramatic Fantasia #310 2/10/11 Sweet Dreams! 2011 taped 1/30/11 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect


Battle Royal 12:03

KO-D Openweight Title Unification Match: Dick Togo vs. Antonio Honda 18:43 of 26:24. Considering Honda is a comedy wrestler who has just started doing some legit big matches, this is awesome, but let's keep in mind that it's awesome only in comparison to Honda's usual work. Honda is a comedy wrestler for a reason. He is able to supply substance here, and that's why it's a good match. He doesn't execute anything that well though. He's certainly not slick or crisp. He's not even athletic, and he's only arguably coordinated, but his arm attack is very focused, and that created a nice backbone for the match. Stylistically, it's like an NWA Heavyweight title match from 35 years ago with logic, story, and nonsensical blood. Honda attacked Togo's arm early, and that gave him a chance, as Togo was forced to essentially wrestle the match with one arm. Honda busted himself open with his own tope, and Togo punched the forehead to further open the wound. One of the problems with the match is Honda forced Togo into a stationary match, and you always want Dick up and running. Another problem is, as Honda is used to doing short goofy matches, he hasn't developed the offense, stamina, or general comfort doing a match this long, and it showed in his inability to be particularly credible in the final act. Togo was solid here, but no more, as he was never able to do anything fast or dynamic, as Honda simply isn't good enough for Togo to show the sort of worker he is. However, Togo is good enough to adjust, and this is sort of the lazy Togo style we've started seeing in the last year or two, except that he was working hard here, he just wasn't being glamourous or showy. Togo is capable of worlds better than this, his 2/11/10 match with Billiken Kid proves he's still able to deliver a MOTYC, but this match is all about Honda, and the joker proved he's got a good serious match in him, even if it took a big title match against one of the best in the world to carry him to that level. ***


Hikaru Sato & Daisuke Sasaki vs. Soma Takao & Tomomitsu Matsunaga 12:58

Kota Ibushi & Kenny Omega vs. HARASHIMA & KUDO 16:55. Entertaining match mixing stiff strikes and high flying. HARASHIMA is the most consistent wrestler in the match. I don't get why he isn't in demand from other promotions. The match is not surprisingly the best when he's in with Ibushi, but everyone makes good contributions. The main negative is Omega's magical Street Fighter powers are in full effect, and they take away from the credibility of the striking. I suppose the high flying is somewhat preposterous as well, but at least that's real in the sense that the guys have to actually do it. In any case, big time action back and forth for 17 minutes, but the match doesn't really build or have any sense of a climax, it just sort of ends at some point. ***1/4

DDT Dramatic Fantasia #313 3/3/11 & DDT Dramatic Fantasia #314 3/10/11
Into the Fight 2011 taped 2/27/11 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect


Kota Ibushi vs. Shigehiro Irie 8:19

Scramble Bunkhouse Anywhere Fall Match: DJ Nira vs. Tanomusaku Toba vs. Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs. Danshoku Dieno vs. Kazuki Hirata 13:08

KO-D Openweight Title Match: Dick Togo vs. HARASHIMA 18:38 of 20:43. Really well wrestled match with pretty equally strong performances from both competitors. It was a Togo story match, but it felt equally like a HARASHIMA match because HARASHIMA really took it to Togo with his powerful kicks and flying moves. It was anything but a spotfest, as Togo was ready to capitalize every time HARASHIMA made a mistake. Togo's offense, and particularly his knee attack flowed rather organically out of HARASHIMA's misfires. HARASHIMA first injured his knee when Togo avoided his slingshot leg drop to the floor. High kicking the post didn't help HARASHIMA's cause either. HARASHIMA did a good job of putting over the knee injury, including delaying his comebacks because he was hurting too much. In the midst of a run, his knee barked enough when he slung himself over the top to the apron that he had to pause before delivering his swandive body press, which allowed Togo to get his knees up. HARASHIMA came back with a superkick, but collapsed before continuing on to a falcon arrow for a near fall. They left the knee in the final stages with HARASHIMA making a big push, but having his swandive sole turned into a Crippler crossface. HARASHIMA is vastly underrated and Togo is one of the only over 40 guys that should continue wrestling. ****


Antonio Honda & Daisuke Sasaki vs. Michael Nakazawa & Tomomitsu Matsunaga 12:13

Kamikiri No DQ Match: Hikaru Sato vs. Takao Soma 14:13

KO-D Tag Title Match: GENTARO & Yasu Urano vs. KUDO & Makoto Oishi 14:09

DDT Dramatic Fantasia #315 3/17/11 Union no March taped 3/6/11 Tokyo Shinkiba 1st Ring
& DDT Dramatic Fantasia #316 3/24/11 Doutonbori Story 9 taped 3/13/11 Osaka Minami Move On Arena
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect


Hikaru Sato vs. Shinichiro Tominaga

Hiro Tsumaki & Gaylon Summers vs. Sanshiro Takagi & Shigehiro Irie

Yoshiaki Yago & Kengo Ohka & Madoka vs. Shuji Ishikawa & Seiya Morohashi & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi

DDT Extreme Title TLC (Tonkachi, Ladders & Chairs) Match: Isami Kodaka vs. Cao Zhang


Sanshiro Takagi vs. Great Kayser

DJ Nira vs. Hideki Shiota

Takao Soma & Super Shit Machine & Tomimitsu Matsunaga vs. HARASHIMA & MIKAMI & Daisuke Sasaki. Digest

Danshoku Dino & Makoto Oishi vs. Antonio Honda & Michael Nakazawa

Yasu Urano vs. KUDO

Dick Togo & GENTARO vs. Kota Ibushi & Shigehiro Irie

DDT Dramatic Fantasia #317 3/31/11 & DDT Dramatic Fantasia #318 4/7/11
Judgement 2011 ~DDT 14th Anniversary Commemorative~ taped 3/27/11 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect


Hikaru Sato & Tanomusaku Toba & Rion Midzuki vs. Tsunehito Naito & Kazuki Hirata & Akihito 10:34

MIKAMI & Rojo del Sol vs. Mitsuya Hebigai & Sanshiro Dokumamushi 4:00

HARASHIMA vs. Antonio Honda 9:06

Danshoku Dieno vs. Johnson Gresham 8:52


Battle Royal 29:39

KO-D Openweight Title Match: Dick Togo vs. Kota Ibushi 26:52 of 36:57. Nearly doubling the length of Togo's excellent 2/27/11 title defense against HARASHIMA didn't help because they did an Ibushi match that really didn't work at this length, as it lacked the story and focus which set the HARASHIMA match apart and was too lengthy to be an out and out spotfest. This was a more spectacular match with a higher level of difficulty, but given the way they wrestled it was too long, meandering considerably. It started out as an impressive Lucha style match, but they couldn't do that all night, and it began to settle into a somewhat inconsistent match which featured some amazing high spots but also too much wheel spinning. Togo did work Ibushi's neck some to set up a Crippler crossface victory, but apart from a sweet neck screw it was rarely all that compelling, and Ibushi didn't do a particularly good job of putting it over. Ibushi did some awesome stuff though including running the apron and hitting a quebrada to the floor, a swandive missile kick to the floor, and maintaining the offensive by hitting an overhead kick just after Togo landed on his feet to counter a suplex, but it felt as though Ibushi was intermittently rolling out a great move to maintain interest. I didn't like that Ibushi kicked out of a diving senton at 1, and it was weird seeing them all of a sudden doing a big K-1 kickboxing exchange 30 some odd minutes into the match. There was more than enough really good stuff here to recommend the match, but they either needed to incorporate it better so it worked within the context of a long grueling match or do a shorter more spot oriented match like they did on 8/31/08. That match did a much better job of showcasing Ibushi's strengths, as he was able to be more explosive and show his ability to stay on offense with a split second transition from a miss into often an even better manuever. ***1/4

DDT Battle Station Near Live Ryogoku Peter Pan 7/24/11 Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan
-3hr. Q=Perfect

Ironman Heavymetalweight Title Royal Rumble: Daisuke Sasaki & Antonio Honda & Tsuyoshi Kikuchi & Yuzuki Aizawa & Cherry & Riki Senshu & Emi Sakura & Tanomusaku Toba & Gorgeous Matsuno & DJ Nira & Hoshitango & Rion Mizuki & Makoto Oishi & Mister #6 & Yoshihiko 21:46

MIKAMI vs. Poison Sawada JULIE 8:59

KO-D Tag Title 4-way Elimination Match: HARASHIMA & HERO! vs. GENTARO & Yasu Urano vs Michael Nakazawa & Kenny Omega vs. Masa Takanashi & Daisuke Sekimoto 23:31

Summer Night Fever in RYOGOKU 5 vs 5 Elimination Match: Sanshiro Takagi & Hikaru Sato & Soma Takao & Kazuki Hirata & Akito vs. Yoshiaki Yago & Tomomitsu Matsunaga & Super Shit Machine & Kengo Mashimo & Minoru Suzuki 24:20

IWGP Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Kota Ibushi vs. Prince Devitt 13:50. New Japan seemed to dictate a short match, as everything else that could have lasted certainly got plenty of time, but there was finally a lot more substance to Devitt's match. Ibushi's kick and submission style was allowed rather than boxing him into being purely a stunt man, so this was a far more diverse match. Devitt even worked the knee during the early portion, though this didn't figure into the later stages. Kota actually got a bloody nose from Devitt catching him on a moonsault to the floor. There was enough of their spectacular aerial feats, but even in the finishing sequence they did far more power moves than in their past matches. It may not have been quite as good as their 1/4/11 NJPW match, but it was a different match that gives them room to continue to grow their program in the future. ***3/4

Danshoku Dieno vs. Bob Sapp 8:58

KO-D Openweight Title Match: Shuji Ishikawa vs. KUDO 27:24

DDT Dramatic Fantasia #353 12/8/11 & DDT Dramatic Fantasia #354 12/15/11 taped 11/27/11 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect


World Junior Heavyweight Title Match: Kenny Omega vs. Minoru Tanaka 24:26

KO-D Openweight Title Match: KUDO vs. HARASHIMA 26:01


Yasu Urano & Antonio Honda & Keita Yano & Yuji Hino vs. MIKAMI & Masa Takanashi & Soma Takao & Daisuke Sasaki 12:08

Hikaru Sato vs. Michael Nakazawa 6:47

Battle Royal: Hikari Minami & Mitsuya Nagai & Tsutomu Osugi & Hercules Senga & DJ Nira & Akito & Gundan Hitori & Hoshitango & Kazuki Hirata & Hiro Fukuda 10:00

KO-D Tag Title Match: Keisuke Ishii & Shigehiro Irie vs. Poison JULIE Sawada & Gorgeous Matsuno 10:54