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DGPW/DDT Dramatic Dream Gate DVD 4/18/07 Tokyo Shinjuku FACE
-2hr 5min. Q=Perfect. 1 DVD

Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino & Genki Horiguchi vs. Seiya Morohashi & Masahiro Takanashi & Daichi Kakimoto 14:19. Fast paced action oriented match with quick tags throughout. The Dragon Gate team provided the quality, as they were way more fluid and had the hot moves and teamwork. The DDT youngsters were overmatched, but fought hard. They mainly ran with the Dragon Gate team, but were in the right place at the right time. Considering this was an opening match and these guys aren't used to working with each other, you had to be happy with how it turned out. Yoshino was the standout. ***

Sanshiro Takagi & Gorgeous Matsumo vs. Don Fujii & Stalker Ichikawa 17:52

3 Way Match: Poison Sawada & Masaaki Mochizuki vs. Kenichiro Arai & Taku Iwasa vs. Antonio Honda & Muscle Sakai 9:57

Kota Ibushi vs. BxB Hulk 12:21. Nice little back and forth match showing a little of everything. It was way too short and wasn't the spectacular match the fans were hoping for, focusing more on impact, but it was well worked and showed the potential they have for doing a much better match together. ***

CIMA vs. Danshoku Dieno 9:14

HARASHIMA & MIKAMI & KUDO vs. Ryo Saito & Susumu Yokosuka & Matt Sydal 19:58

DDT Dramatic Fantasia #156 1/10/08 NEVER MIND 2007 taped 12/30/07 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
& DDT Dramatic Fantasia #157 1/17/08 NEVER MIND 2007 taped 12/30/07 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=Perfect


"Dark Match": Ken Oka vs. Sanshiro Takagi vs. Rikiya Shindo vs. Naoshi Sano vs. Yoshiaki Yago

KUDO & Yasu Urano vs. Zhao Yun Shiryu & Daisuke Sasaki

Takashi Sasaki & Poison Sawada JULIE & Tanomusaku Toba vs. Muscle Sakai & Daichi Kakimoto & Masahiro Takanashi

Golden Lotion Ladder Match: Michael Nakazawa vs. Tomomitsu Matsunaga vs. Danshoku Dieno vs. Hoshitango vs. Rion Mizuki vs. The Count


Dick Togo & Toru Owashi & Seiya Morohashi vs. Antonio "the Dragon" Honda & Koo & Masami Morohashi

DDT Award 2007 Match the Fans Want to See the Most: Kota Ibushi vs. HARASHIMA 18:00 of 21:47. DDT ended the year with the match the fans wanted to see, a fierce blow away battle between the Independent Junior Champion and the KO-D Openweight champion. It was mostly stiff kicks early with a few dives thrown in. The athleticism increased as the match progressed, but it was a lot more plausible than typical Ibushi, as they worked the flying in decently and certainly didn't abandon their shoot style base. There were some nice touches such as instead of just kicking out, HARASHIMA transitioned from Ibushi's German suplex hold into a Kimura. They matched each other brutal kick for brutal kick and hold for hold the entire way. By far the highlight was HARASHIMA trying a standing avalanche style Frankensteiner, but Ibushi more or less landing on his feet and coming back with a lariat. ***3/4