D2T Tapes Videos

DDT Battle Station 7/26/00
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

6/29 Tokyo Kitazawa Town Hall: Sanshiro Takagi vs Mikami

7/6 Tokyo Shibuya Club ATOM

Naoshi Sano vs Yuki Nishino

Poison Sawada Black vs Mitsunobu Kikuzawa

Solar vs Mikami

Sanshiro Takagi & Exciting Yoshida vs Koichiro Kimura & Tanomusaku Toba

7/13 Tokyo Shibuya Club ATOM, No Rope Barbed Wire Death Match: Atsushi Onita vs Sanshiro Takagi

PPV Battle Station DDT 1/10/01 NEVER MIND taped 12/14/00 Tokyo Korakuen Geopolis (?)
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

History of the Ironman Heavy Metal Senshuken - Highlights of all the title changes. It's amazing they were able to capture all these on film what with the 24 hour rule being in effect.:)

Ironman Heavy Metal Senshukenjiai. This was like the WWF hardcore battle royal. They had title changes in the bathroom, a 10 way headscissor where the belt changed hands right down the line, etc. The title changes like 30 times. Only Karasu tried any wrestling, and he's a sloppy spot matchine. Chotaro Kamui came out the victor, but as he was walking back to the dressing room, Shark Tsuchiya, who wasn't in the match (the one woman was Genki), jumped him and pinned him to become the new champ.

MIKAMI & Tanomusaku Toba vs. Takashi Sasaki & Yuki Nishino. The match was fast paced with so many sequences and big spots. It had it's share of mistakes, but the level of difficulty was pretty high. MIKAMI is small, but really athletic. He did a Frankensteiner off the top rope where he just took a couple steps, jump up, and took the opponent over.

Undercard digest

KO-D Musabetsukyu Senshuken 4 Way Single Match: Sanshiro Takagi vs. Poison Sawada JULIE vs. Tomohiko Hashimoto vs. Super Uchu Power. Takagi is the only guy in the match that I'd say is good, but they kept the action up and did a lot of near finishes so it was decent.