Dai Nihon Puroresu Tapes Videos

BJPW Death Match Wars #166 4/1/08 & #167 4/8/08
-2hr. Q=Perfect

#166 4/1/08 taped 3/24/08 Korakuen Hall

Keizo Matsuda vs. Shinya Ishikawa

MEN'S Club Eight Man Tag Match ~ Road to Real Men's Club: MEN'S Teio & Kota Ibushi & Madoka & Onryo vs. Shiori Asahi & Shinobu & Hercules Osenga & Yuki Sato

BJW Death Match Heavyweight Title Next Challenger Decision, Moonlight Darkness Fluorescent Lighttube Boards +alpha Death Match: Shadow WX vs. Yuko Miyamoto

#167 4/8/08 taped 3/24/08 Korakuen Hall

Mammoth Sasaki & Tetsuhiro Kuroda & Yusaka Obata vs. Takashi Sasaki & GENTARO & Kankuro Hoshino

Hardcore Match: Ryuji Ito & "Black Angel" Jaki Numazawa & Abdullah Kobayashi vs. NOSAWA Rongai & MAZADA & TAKEMURA

Osaka Pro Tag Title Match: Zero & GAINA vs. Daisuke Sekimoto & Katsumasa Inoue

BJPW Death Match Wars #170 5/6/08 & #171 5/13/08
-2hr. Q=Perfect

#170 taped 4/28/08 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

MEN'S Teio & Makoto Oishii & Shinobu & Hercules Osenga vs Kota Ibushi & Onryo & Madoka & Yuki Sato 9:31 of 14:57. I hate when they put the martial arts movies in fast forward, but when you can legitimately choreograph at triple speed it's pretty impressive. Sure, these MEN'S Club matches are as overdone as the death matches, but the difference is it takes great athleticism, skill, and timing to pull the moves off at this speed, with this many wrestlers involved, without screwing up. There was a spot or two here that was off, and you could see how quickly the life is sucked out of the match because that really is the match. ***1/2 range

01 World Title Match: Daisuke Sekimoto vs Masato Tanaka 26:33. The best of both their styles. They slowly built the match with basic locks from Sekimoto, a real throwback who put massive effort into working them, and an arm attack by Tanaka. They were taking their time, doing their moves with maximum precision and effect and getting them over with their selling. It was really solid old school wrestling, and it allowed them to maintain interest without busting out their big moves. The second half was entirely different, turning into a blow away match with one flurry after another as they desperately struggled to knock each other out. They still tried to sell without compromising the pace. The atmosphere was great throughout, with the fans really going nuts down the stretch. Sekimoto showcased his strength with his powerbombs and 3 of his German suplexes finishers for near falls, including one on the apron, but his big avalanche style backdrop failed. As Tanaka was unable to win via the arm, he moved to knocking Sekimoto out, but Sekimoto kept kickout out of even his sliding D's. You began to get the feeling that neither were willing to lay down, and they simply refused to tire. ****

#171 taped 5/4/08 Koshigaya Katsura Studios

Jaki Numazawa & Daikokubo Benkei & Yuichi Taniguchi vs NOSAWA & MAZADA & IMAI 10:31

Deathmatch Heavyweight Title, Fluorescent Lightubes Boards Death Match: Shadow WX vs Ryuji Ito 20:43