Dai Nihon Puroresu Tapes Videos

Battle Station Big Japan 1/23/00 ~Shinshun Great Series 2000~ taped 1/2 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 25min. Q=TV Master

Kintaro Kanemura & Jado invasion angle

Fantastic & Ryuji Ito vs. Benkei Daikokubo & Masayoshi Motegi. Ito continues to improve, but mainly absorbed punishment here. 3:49 shown

Tomoko Watanabe vs. Kyoko Ichiki. 3:23 shown

MEN'S Teio & Jun Kasai vs. Abdullah The Butcher & Crazy Sheik. The typical Abdullah crap with Teio & Kasai bleeding and Abdullah's team barely selling for them. 4:15 shown

Takeshi Sato vs. Daisuke Sekimoto. 0:58 shown

Malsera vs. Chihiro Nakano. 0:48 shown

Mike Samples vs. Guerrero Del Futuro. 20 second DUD

Dainikai Arm Wrestling Tournament

Dai Nihon Nintei Tag Senshukenjiai: Kamikaze & Shunme Matsuzaki vs. Shadow WX & The Winger. It was passable since Winger worked most of the match, but these guys really need the props. *3/4

Dai Nihon Nintei Death Match Heavykyu Senshuken Big Japan Grand Prix 2000 Tournament Ikkaisen Kosunkugi (spike) & Barbed Wire Board Death Match: Ryuji Yamakawa vs. Tomoaki Honma. DEATH MATCH OF THE YEAR, AGAIN! Honma suddenly got all Misawa-esque both in his offense and in his ability to really stepped up and carry Yamakawa to one of the only death matches with a great deal of technical merit. This was neither as bloody nor as psychotic as their quickly becoming legendary among hardcores 6/20/99 match, but it was so much better all around. The wrestling itself was stiffer, crisper, and better executed, but the main differences were the psychology and the selling. They actually built the match, and even played off the previous death match. They made the moves have meaning by ordering them better, most importantly made the spots along the way mean something by taking a little time to put them over, and had enough focus that the finish worked. The highlights were Honma inventing new counter for the whip into the barbed wire board, jumping onto the board and backflipping off it and Honma giving Yamakawa a Frankensteiner off the top rope though a barbed wire board to the floor. The best match in the history of the company. ****1/2

Battle Station Big Japan 2/27/00 Big Japan Excite Series 2000 taped 2/22 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 25min. Q=TV Master

WEW Hardcore Senshukenjiai: Kintaro Kanemura vs. Ryuji Yamakawa. It was a garbage spot match, and although the execution wasn't perfect, it was good for what it was. The problem is that chair shots and table spots were the whole match, so they didn't seem like any big deal and there was a lot of repetition but no drama. **1/2

BJ Grand Prix 2000 Extreme Tournament Kesshosen: Shadow WX vs. Mike Samples. This was awful because neither can bump to save their lives. They brawled all over the building and juiced, but less than no skill was displayed. The match ended abruptly when WX's spot where he puts on a shirt soaked in kerosene and lights it up really went awry. The thing apparently had too much kerosene because it was burning out of control and WX got cooked before he could get it off. He finally threw it on the mats outside the ring, but the mat caught on fire. When WX reentered the ring they went right to the finish so they could get him out of the ring and get his burns treated. DUD

Dai Nihon Nintei Death Match Heavykyu Senshukenjiai ~Barbed Wire Board & Ladder Death Match~: Tomoaki Honma vs. Abdullah Jr. Kobayashi They did an angle to build the match up where Kobayashi chopped the head off a beer bottle "into Honma." This match had some awesome spots, but it was a mess. Honma jumping off the top to the floor with a ladder drop, which was much better and more dangerous than when Shimoda does the same basic thing because he held on to the ladder the whole way down. Honma got slammed off the top of the ladder, and it was a high ladder. Honma went for his nadare shiki no Frankensteiner through a barbed wire board to the floor, but Kobayashi countered with a neck hanging bomb through the board. Honma jumped really far on a splash off the ladder. Some of the gimmick spots were screwed up and overall the wrestling worked better. One major problem with the wrestling was that they set up the surprising submission finish by doing like one arm spot, and it was about 15 minutes before the end of match. It had enough spots to be interesting throughout, but it's not the kind of match you hope to see from Honma although obviously it would have helped if his opponent was close to carryable. **1/4

Battle Station Big Japan 3/26/00 BJ Excite Series 2000 FUTURE SHOCK ~THIRD WAVE~ taped 3/2 Kanagawa Kawasaki Shi Taiikukan
-1hr 25min. Q=TV Master

Highlights from the first and semifinal rounds of the of the Big Japan junior tournament

SUPER J CUP Dai Nihon Zone Tournament Kesshosen: MEN'S Teio vs. Masayoshi Motegi. Teio carried this and made it a solid match. He focused on the knee after Motegi injured it doing a leap frog. Motegi was typically unimpressive and this wasn't very long for a final. **1/2

2/22 Tokyo Korakuen Hall: Dynamite Kansai vs. Kiyoko Ichiki. Total destruction. 1:41 shown

Devil Masami vs. Kiyoko Ichiki. Match was fine technically, but boring because Ichiki never had a prayer. *1/4

Jun Kasai vs. Daisuke Sekimoto. 1:12 shown

Chihiro Nakano vs. Malsera. 0:45 shown

Kamikaze & Shunme Matsuzaki & Fantastic vs. Mike Samples & Guerrero De La Futuro & Ryuji Ito. Kamikaze & Ito were fine, but no one else did much. 2:54 shown

Abdullah vs. Abdullah: Abdullah The Butcher & Crazy Shiek vs. Abdullah Kobayashi & Benkei Daikokubo. Horrible match. The usual no skill bloodletting. DUD

BJW vs. FMW: Ryuji Yamakawa & Great Kojika & The Winger vs. Kintaro Kanemura & Jado & Gedo. Kanemura unmasked Winger about 2 1/2 minutes in, probably so he could blade. Winger was the best of the bunch, so it's lucky that he worked most of the way. The FMW guys were alright, but as is typical of Jado & Gedo, they did as little as they could get away with. **

Battle Station Big Japan 4/30/00 World Extreme Cup taped 4/24 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 25min. Q=TV Master

Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Ryuji Ito. Very disappointing because they didn't try anything. 3:21 shown

Hiromi Yagi vs. Chihiro Nakano. Nakano wasn't on the level, but Yagi, of course, still made her look good. It had no drama and the fans weren't really into it, but the wrestling was pretty good. **1/4

Tower Of Doom & Harley Lewis & Terry Bull vs. Abdullah Kobayashi & Benkei Daikokubo & Mustafa. 6 garbage wrestlers with no skill trying to wrestle a straight match. No positives here. 1/4*

MEN'S Teio & Kamikaze & Jun Kasai vs. Abdullah The Butcher & Crazy Sheik & Masayoshi Motegi. Had some blood, but not much else "going for it." Match was alright when Motegi was in, but Abdullah & Sheik are unbearably awful. 1/2*

WEC Leaguesen: Tomoaki Honma vs. Mike Samples. Shockingly good match. No build and not much selling, but all the offense was impressive. Samples was stiff. What he did didn't require skill, but it looked good. Honma did all the work. Honma gave Samples the Frankensteiner off the top through a table into the right and tried to do it to the floor as well, but Samples pushed him off, so Honma took the bump through the table. ***1/4

BJW vs. CZW: Shadow WX & The Winger vs. Zandig & WifeBeater. Zandig unmasked Winger 30 seconds in, so Winger could juice. WifeBeater bled quicker than Grunge as well, and everyone was bloody by the end. WX suplexed WifeBeater off the stage, but not onto the tables like he was supposed to. Zandig put a crown of barbed wire on Winger then DDT'd him onto a chair. What aired was passable, but I'm sure they cut it down to 4:26 for a reason.

WEW Hardcore Senshukenjiai: Ryuji Yamakawa vs. Kintaro Kanemura. Kanemura was in such bad health that he couldn't walk or run like he normally would, but he did more big moves than usual anyway. He set up two chairs then put 3 or 4 folded chairs on top of them then powerbombed Yamakawa onto the chairs and did a senton atomico over the chairs. He also Ligerbombed Yamakawa off the apron through a table. Yamakawa did a senton atomico off the top onto Kanemura, who was spread across two tables, but the tables only bent. Lots of good gimmick spots, but the match had no flow with the editing that just showed one gimmick spot after another for 5:32. Both bled.

Battle Station Big Japan 5/10/00 World Extreme Cup taped 4/29 & 4/30 Hokkaido Sapporo Teison Hall
-1hr 25min. Q=TV Master

This tape has highlights of over 30 matches from 4/24/00-5/5/00, mostly from the WEC league. If you are looking for a bloody tape with a lot of cool gimmick spots then this would be a good choice. Unforunately, if you are looking for any quality wrestling then this should be avoided like the plague. Almost all the CZW guys are horrible. Highlights include WX powerbombing Honma off the stairs to the upper level through a table (about a 10 foot drop), Yamakawa doing a diving body attack off a truck to two opponents (Zandig & WifeBeater kind of ruined it because they were too far apart), Zandig press slamming Honma off the upper level through a table then following with a plancha, Zandig doing a body press off some high structure through a table, & Honma doing a Michinoku driver II off the 2nd through a table.

BJW Battle Station 6/7/00 World Extreme Cup Final taped 5/14/00 Shinkawasaki
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Daikokubo Benkei & Abby Jr Kobayashi vs. Ryuji Ito & Daisuke Sekimoto

Mike Samples & Mustafa Saed & Tower of Doom vs. Winger & Jun Kasai & Ryuji Yamakawa

8-person Elimination Match for Int'l Scramble Title

MEN'S Teio vs. Abdullah the Butcher (Loser Leaves Town)

Shadow WX vs. Crazy Sheik

Zandig vs. Tomoaki Honma

Tomoaki Honma vs. Crazy Sheik

Final: Shadow WX vs. Zandig

Battle Station Big Japan 7/12/00 Big Japan vs. CZW WORLD WAR 2000 taped 7/2 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

5/25 Tokyo Korakuen Hall BJW vs. CZW Zenmen Taikosen: Tomoaki Honma & Shadow WX & Ryuji Yamakawa & The Winger vs. Zandig & WifeBeater & Nick Gage & Justice Pain

Shodai Dai Nihon Joshi Oza Final: Misae Genki vs. Kiyoko Ichiki

Ryuji Ito vs. Onryu

CZW Junior Heavykyu Senshuken: Acid vs. The Winger

6/2 Niigata Nagaoka Kosei Kaikan Dai Nihon Nintei Tag Senshuken: Tomoaki Honma & Ryuji Yamakawa vs. Zandig & Nick Gage. Highlights

Dai Nihon Nintei Tag Senshuken: WifeBeater & Justice Pain vs. Shadow WX & Ryuji Yamakawa

Dai Nihon Nintei Death Match Heavykyu Senshuken Lemon & Salt & Mustard Death Match: Tomoaki Honma vs. Zandig

Battle Station Big Japan 9/27/00 Dai Nihon Saikyo Tag League Part 1 taped 9/15 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Dai Nihon Nintei Death Match Heavykyu Senshuken Cactus & Yuushitessen Death Match: Zandig vs. Tomoaki Honma, Dai Nihon Tag Senshuken: Abdullah Kobayashi & Kamikaze vs. Ryuji Yamakawa & Shadow WX, CZW Junior Title Ketteisen: MEN'S Teio vs. Trent Acid, etc.

Battle Station Big Japan 10/22/00 Dai Nihon Saikyo Tag League Part 2 taped 10/15 Hokkaido Sapporo Teison Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Sekai Saikyo Tag League matches Ryuji Yamakawa & Tomoaki Honma vs. Zandig & Jun Kasai, WifeBeater & Justice Pain vs. Mad Man Pondo & Mean Mitch Page, etc.

Battle Station Big Japan 11/15/00 taped 10/30 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Saikyo Tag League Koshikisen Kessho Tournament Junkessho: Ryuji Yamakawa & Tomoaki Honma vs. MEN'S Teio & Daisuke Sekimoto

Saikyo Tag League Koshikisen Kessho Tournament Kesshosen: Ryuji Yamakawa & Tomoaki Honma vs. Zandig & Jun Kasai

Full match list coming soon

PPV Battle Station Big Japan 12/3/00 taped 11/23 Kanagawa Yokohama Bunka Taiikukan
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Dai Nihon Nintei Junior Heavykyu Senshukenjiai: MEN'S Teio vs. Jun Kasai

Ryuji Yamakawa & Kintaro Kanemura vs. Justice Pain & WifeBeater

Dai Nihon Nintei Death Match Heavykyu Senshukenjiai: Zandig vs. Tomoaki Honma

Full match list coming soon