Michinoku Lucha TV #4 1/29/98
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

12/18/97 Tokyo Korakuen Hall Independent World World Junior Title: Shoichi Funaki vs. TAKA Michinoku. TAKA wins title. Excellent match ruined by the fact that only 10 minutes aired. TAKA "injured" his knee when Funaki stopped his swandive move with a forearm and he crashed his knee on the apron. TAKA sold his knee HUGE, and his selling was typically excellent in this match. Funaki launched one of the best and most focused all out knee attacks I've seen. Later on, TAKA landed on his feet to counter a German suplex like Shiryu, but his knee "gave out." Match was almost perfect until the end, which was beyond lame and cheesy. Still, TAKA's selling and facials were awesome and the execution was perfect. TAKA got almost no offense in, but that was fine because he was "hurt." Unfortunately, it ended too soon and pretty much out of nowhere. Funaki's sold way too much at the end based on what had been done to him. ****

12/18/97: Great Sasuke & Super Delfin vs. Dick Togo & MEN'S Teio. Read Review ****

Shinzaki vs. Magic Man. Shortest "match" I've ever seen.

1/14/98 New World Sendai Tennis Club: Great Sasuke & Tiger Mask IV & Yakushiji vs. Super Delfin & Naniwa & Yone. Sasuke's knee gave out a few times. Yakushiji did an ultra huracan rana off the apron as part of a 6 dive sequence. Really hot action with a ton of big spots. Very good and exciting match, but not enough was shown.

1/16 Sapporo Nakajima Taiiku Center: Shinzaki vs. Yone. Not nearly as bad as you'd expect, but still not good. Genjin was slammed and facebustered in the snow. Shinzaki wins with his gokuraku hold, but off the balcony! **

1/16: Great Sasuke & Gran Hamada & Tiger Mask IV vs. Dick Togo & Funaki & Super Boy. Excellent work. Spots all the way. Tiger was a lot better than normal here. Heels debilitated Sasuke's knee, of course. ***3/4

Michinoku Lucha TV #5 2/21/98
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

    12/17/97 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Mr. Aguila & Mr. Niebla vs. Rey Bucanero & Black Warrior. Flying was awesome. Rest of the match wasn't all that great, especially when Aguila was in as he's terrible at everything but flying. The most incredible spot saw Buccaneer avoid Aguila's dive over the top, so Aguila landed on the apron in handstand position and sprung forward off the apron so he landed outside the ring on his feet! Just incredible! Niebla did a flying headscissors off the top with Black Warrior on the apron. Aguila did his screw pescado like dive. Flying made this worthwhile to watch, but overall it wasn't that enthralling. ***1/4

Tony Rivera & Ringo Mendoza vs. Violencia & Karloff Lagarde Jr. Wrestling was really bad and there weren't any cool spots. Ringo looks like he's ready to collect social security. 1/2*

Mexico Guerrero Welterweight Title (?): Arkangel de la Muerte vs. Shinobi. Pretty bad match with neither looking good. Highlight was Shinobi being powerbombed off the apron. *1/4

Mr. Aguila & Mr. Niebla & Atlantis vs. Rey Bucanero & Black Warrior & Emilio Charles Jr. Lots of awesome high spots. Aguila did a screw Orihara moonsault that was just unbelievable! ***1/2

Feature on Teioh with highlights from his past title defenses

1/14/98 New World Sendai Tennis Club UWA Super Welterweight Title: MEN'S Teioh vs. Shoichi Funaki. Teioh carried this, and it was a very technically sound and solid match. They attacked each other's knees and the selling was quite good. Excellent job of working the high spots into the match. Nice teases and counters. Finish was one great counter after another. Drawbacks were there weren't enough high spots and there were so few people in attendance that the match didn't come off as well as it should have. ***3/4

1/16/98 Sapporo Nakajima Taiiku Center UWA Super Welterweight Title: MEN'S Teioh vs. Super Delfin. Appeared to be in excess of ****, but only 9:15 was shown. Some great near falls including Teioh doing a floating DDT to the Delfin clutch, which was the finish of their 5/5/97 match where Teioh won the title from Delfin. Delfin won the title and the fans crowded the ring after the match.

Michinoku Lucha TV #6 3/21/98
-2hr. Q=TV Master

2/28/98 Tokushima

Gran Hamada & MEN'S Teioh & Funaki vs. Super Delfin & Tiger Mask & Naniwa. Good match, but the fluidity and timing wasn't there. Low impact, even by Michinoku standards. Finishing sequence was damn good, as always. ***

W*ING Kanemura & Mr. Gannosuke (FMW team) vs. Shinzaki & Hayabusa (FMW). Too much of a bloody brawl for Michinoku rings. Turned into a good match though. **1/2

3/1/98 Osaka

Yoshihiro Tajiri (Big Japan) & MEN'S Teioh & Funaki vs. Gran Hamada & Hoshikawa & Yakushiji. Looked awesome because the finish was really hot and there were all kinds of great spots. They edited a lot out though, so that makes you wonder. Tajiri fit in really well here and Hoshikawa was real good. ***3/4

Hayabusa (FMW) & Super Delfin vs. Tiger Mask & Naniwa. Tiger & Hayabusa had problems working together because they are both high flying faces so neither of them have the rudo skills to be the base of the flying. Turned into a good match with nice flying and the usual near falls. ***

    Groupo Revolucion taped Mexico City

Young Dragon Final: Magnum Tokyo vs. Tony Rivera. Some great spots, but the work wasn't fluid. Tokyo does a Sasuke Special. **

Shiryu & Tsubasa & Kendo vs. Violencia & Rey Bucanero & Black Warrior. Good work. Technicos did some great spots including a Super Frankensteiner and corkscrew plancha by Tsubasa. Set up was deliberate in spots.

NWA World Middleweight Title: Ultimo Dragon vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. Very good match with near falls back and forth. ***1/2

Michinoku Lucha TV #7 4/11/98
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

    TOMORROW NEVER DIES taped 3/10 Tokyo Ota-ku Taiikukan

Gran Hamada vs. Tiger Mask IV. Not much of a match as Tiger brought nothing to the table. *1/2

MEN'S Teioh & Super Delfin vs. Funaki & Shinzaki. Shinzaki didn't want to do anything. Last quarter was damn good, but the rest was dull. Funaki vs. Teioh was the highlight. Kaientai got their sendoff after the match as they were off to toil in the wasteland and learn the finer points of jobbing to The Oddities(:.**1/2

    Groupo Revolucion

Elimination Match: SAITO & Dragon Kid & Shinobi & Tony Rivera & Magnum Tokyo vs. Dr. Cerebro & Arkangel de la Muerte & Sumo Fuji & Judo Suwa & Shiima Nobunaga. Rivera, who was trying to be the second coming of Silver King, was the star of the match. Magnum also looked quite good, especially when in with Nobunaga. Fun match to watch as the guys were spotted well, but it was sloppy in points as you would expect given the experience level of the workers. Highlight was the 8 dive sequence. ***1/2

Shiryu & Tsubasa & Ultimo Dragon vs. Scorpio Jr. & Dr. Wagner Jr. & Bestia Salvaje. Technicos did some choice flying, but the rudos couldn't hold up their end as Bestia and Scorpio didn't look good. **1/2.

Michinoku Lucha TV #8 5/23/98 Taped 4/29 Niigata Phase & 5/5 Nakayama Machi Sogo Taiikukan
-1hr 50min. Q=TV Master

    4/29 Niigata Phase

Yone Genjin vs. Alexander Otsuka. A goofy match that went into the balcony and even above the lights. They did some good high spots and took some risks, but it was not good at all. 3/4*

Sasuke The Great & Masked Tiger vs. Masaru Seno & Tiger Mask IV. Really boring one-sided match designed to get Sasuke & Tiger over as heels. No one looked good. Both Tiger's were almost unmasked after the match. 1/4*

    5/5 Nakayama Machi Sogo Taiikukan

Sasuke The Great & Masked Tiger vs. Mohammad Yone & Tiger Mask IV. Another boring one-sided match. Faces showed nothing, and the heels weren't too good either. Tiger Mask was unmasked after the match, but you couldn't get a good look at his face. *

J.Y.B. Michinoku Pro League: Naohiro Hoshikawa vs. Gran Naniwa. Naniwa carried the mach, but Hoshikawa was the better of the two here. His technique was crisp, while Naniwa was kind of sloppy and needed to be stiffer at times. Naniwa was pretty good here, for once this year. The match was quite good until Hoshikawa hurt himself landing on a suicida. Naniwa tried to pick up on this, but he attacking the knee rather than the bad ankle. At least his attack was focused.:) ***

Gran Hamada & Otsuka & Fantastic vs. Super Delfin & Yone Genjin & Rocky Santana. The outsiders all looked bad here, and of course Genjin sucked as well. Delfin & Hamada looked like gods in comparison to the other guys. They were actually very good, but it was still a bad match. Highlight was Fantastic doing a great Sayama feint then a Super Astro tope atomico. *1/4

MPW BS 6/14/98 May Series Final JYB Michinoku Puroresu League Koshikisen Final taped 5/31/98 Fukushima
-1hr 25min. Q=TV Master

Nobuyuki Kurashima vs. Kazuhiko Masada. Muga guys, so it was all submissions. 4:22 shown

Yone Genjin vs. Flying Kid Ichihara. This was a straight match, which showed why Yone normally does comedy. *

Jinsei Shinzaki & Super Delfin vs. Masato Yakushiji & Tiger Mask. Action packed match with one spot after another. Shinzaki had his working boots on, and even sold for the opposition. ***1/2

Royal Rumble style battle royal. Goofy bullshit. Everyone was afraid of Shinzaki. DUD

JYB league match highlights

JYB Michinoku Puroresul League Yushoketteisen: Naohiro Hoshikawa vs. Gran Naniwa. Hoshikawa's work was excellent. Naniwa did more spots and took more chances than normal. Lots of big moves for very near falls. There were a few execution problems, but it went close to 30 minutes and they tried a lot of spots they don't use every day. ***3/4

Michinoku Lucha TV #9
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Highlights of JYB League matches

5/31 Fukushima JYB (Junior Young Blood) Michinoku League Finals. Hoshikawa vs. Naniwa. Highlights. Hoshikawa wins JYB.

Shinzaki & Super Delfin vs. Yakushiji & Tiger Mask IV. Yakushiji was the star. He did a choice ultra huracan rana. Some spots could have looked better, but the finish was strong as always. Shinzaki's execution was good, but he wasn't working hard. **3/4


10 minute Exhibition match.

Magnum Tokyo & Dragon Kid & SAITO vs. Shiima Nobunaga & Judo Suwa & Sumo Fuji. Dragon Kid showed great athleticism. He was like another Rey Jr., although obviously not close to that level yet. Kid did perhaps the move of the year, a somersault off the top into a huracan rana, and all in one motion. Why this didn't get a pinfall I'll never know. Match was nothing special early, but got really good with tons of near falls down the stretch. Nobunaga was probably a little behind Magnum for 2nd best. Fuji & Suwa were nothing special. ***1/4

Ultimo Dragon & El Hijo Del Santo vs. Negro Casas & Black Warrior. Warrior didn't look too good early, and did too much stalling when he was in early. Later on he looked great when in with Dragon. Rudos tried to injure the technicos knees. Selling was quite good. Work was good, but should have been way better considering who was involved. **3/4

Michinoku Lucha TV #10 7/11/98
-2hr. Q=TV Master

    6/14 Iwate Training Center

Super Delfin & Gran Hamada vs. Tiger Mask IV & Gran Naniwa. Work was fine, but nothing like what Michinoku could once present in tag. No one really stood out. **1/4

    6/21 Fukushima Shirakawa

Sasuke the Great & Masked Tiger vs. Mohammad Yone & Tiger Mask IV. Tiger was partially missing his spots and Yone was worse. No one really looked good. Masked Tiger unmasked Tiger 4 after the match. 1/2*

    6/28 Fukushima Sunshine Namie

Hamada & Jinsei Shinzaki vs. Masato Yakushiji & Masaaki Mochizuki. **1/4


Yakushiji vs. Hoshikawa. Yakushiji showed what a worker he is here. Lots of great spots including a Misterio rana off the top. The problem was that they were out there too long, and they got tired and sloppy, which really hurt the match. ***1/4


Super Delfin vs. Naohiro Hoshikawa. Read Review ****

Battle Station Michinoku Puroresu 7/98 taped 6/28/98 Fukushima Sunshine Namie
-1hr 25min. Q=TV Master

Super Delfin vs. Naohiro Hoshikawa

Full match list coming soon

Michinoku Lucha TV #11 8/15/98 taped 7/18 from Iwate & 8/2 Aomori
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

7/18: Naohiro Hoshikawa & Fujita & Masaru Seno vs. Shiima Nobunaga & Sumo Fuji & Judo Suwa. **1/4

8/2 Aomori: Shiima Nobunaga vs. Seno. *1/2 range

8/2: Hoshikawa & Masato Yakushiji vs. Sumo Fuji & Judo Suwa. Match was good in points, but sloppy in others. **1/2

7/18: Gran Hamada vs. The Convict. This had the potential to be a good match, but was ruined by a skinny Convict running in before Hamada could pin the real Convict.

7/18: Great Sasuke & Yakushiji vs. Super Delfin & Yone Genjin. The spot where Sasuke hurts his shoulder trying some kind of tope con hilo is nuts. Yakushiji was easily the best here, but with Sasuke not being in close to top form and Genjin being his usual sucky self, it was only okay. **

Michinoku Lucha TV #12 9/10/98
-1hr 40min. Q=TV Master

Battle Royal

8/23 Miyagi New World Sendai Tennis Club Fukumen World Leaguesen Senko (screening/selection) Jiai: Super Delfin vs. Great Sasuke. Even though Sasuke was all banged up, it was still quite a good match. It started slow, but it turned into a hot match when they went to the high spots. Strong execution. ***1/4

SAITO vs. Yasushi Kanda. Both guys were green, but it was an adequate match. They didn't stick to just the basics, but they also didn't take too many chances. *1/2

Magnum Tokyo & Dragon Kid & SAITO vs. Shiima Nobunaga & Judo Suwa & Sumo Fuji. Execution wasn't a strong point, but it was an exciting match where almost everyone showed a lot of potential. Dragon Kid was the most exciting, but Shiima vs. Magnum was the best because they are more consistent in pulling their spots off. ***1/4

Michinoku Lucha TV #13 10/13/98
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

     9/23/98 Sakata

Riley Shonen vs. Toire no Hanek-san. -**

Gran Hamada & Super Delfin & Shinzaki vs. Hoshikawa & Yakushiji & Ikuto Hidaka (Battlarts). **3/4

The Great Sasuke & Gran Hamada vs. Sasuke the Great & Masked Tiger. Clip

9/15/98: The Great Sasuke vs. Hoshikawa. Clip

Great Sasuke & Tiger Mask vs. Sasuke the Great & Masked Tiger. **3/4

    CMLL Japan Lucha Fiesta '98 8/19/98 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Mr. Niebla & Mano Negro Jr. vs. Rey Bucanero & Black Warrior. Good short match.

El Hijo del Santo & Atlantis & Lizmark vs. Pirata Morgan & El Satanico & Fishman. **3/4

Michinoku Lucha TV #14 3 Hour Special 11/3/98
-3hr. Q=TV Master

10/24/98 Tag League: SASUKE & Sasuke The Great vs. Super Delfin & Gran Naniwa

10/24/98 Tag League: Naohiro Hoshikawa & Masato Yakushiji vs. Shiima Nobunaga & Sumo Fuji

Tag League Digest

11/1/98: Battle Royal

11/1/98: Shodai Tiger Mask vs. Yone Genjin

11/1/98 10 Man Tag Match: SASUKE & Sasuke The Great & Shiima Nobunaga & Judo Suwa & Sumo Fuji vs. Super Delfin & Gran Hamada & Gran Naniwa & Tiger Mask & Masato Yakushiji

11/3/98 Aomori-ken Min Taiikukan 12 Man Tag Match: SASUKE & Sasuke The Great & Masaaki Mochizuki & Shiima Nobunaga & Judo Suwa & Sumo Fuji vs. Super Delfin & Gran Hamada & Naohiro Hoshikawa & Masato Yakushiji & Tiger Mask & Yone Genjin

11/8/98 New World Sendai Tennis Club Tag League Final: Super Delfin & Gran Naniwa vs. Naohiro Hoshikawa & Masato Yakushiji

Battle Station Michinoku Puroresu 11/15/98 taped 11/1/98 Tokyo Makuhara Messe Event Hall
-1hr 25min. Q=TV Master

Royal Rumble

Beef Wellington vs. Mamoru Okamoto

Takeshi Ono vs. Masaru Seno

Shodai Tiger Mask vs. Yone Genjin

Super Delfin & Gran Hamada & Gran Naniwa & Tiger Mask & Masato Yakushiji vs. SASUKE & Sasuke The Great & Shiima Nobunaga & Judo Suwa & Sumo Fuji

MPW Battle Station 12/6/98 Michinoku Futari Tobi '99 ~Tag League~ Final taped 11/8/99 Miyagi New World Sendai Tennis Club
-1hr 25min. Q=TV Master

Jinsei Shinzaki vs. Masaaki Mochizuki

Tag League: Gran Hamada & Yone Genjin vs. The Great Sasuke & Sasuke The Great

Sumo Fuji & Judo Suwa & Shiima Nobunaga vs. Tiger Mask & Convict & Masaru Seno

Tag League Final: Super Delfin & Gran Naniwa vs. Naohiro Hoshikawa & Masato Yakushiji

Michinoku Lucha TV #15 12/19/98
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Naohiro Hoshikawa & Gran Naniwa & Masaru Seno vs. Judo Suwa & Sumo Fuji & Shiima Nobunaga

Lerey Shonen vs. SASUKE

Naniwa vs. SASUKE

Super Delfin & Yone Genjin vs. Gran Hamada & Tiger Mask IV

Naohiro Hoshikawa & Masato Yakushiji & Masaru Seno vs. Judo Suwa & Sumo Fuji & Shiima Nobunaga