Battle Station ARSION 1/15/02 STARDOM 2002 taped 1/6/02 Tokyo Differ Ariake
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Rena Takase vs. Yu Yamagata. Work was decent, but the offense was remedial. They went with the moves well, but the match had this contrived look as if they were working in step to the rhythm. Hilarious spot where Yamagata took too long to charge the corner so Takase's missile kick came up a few feet short, but Yamagata did this slide to "make it look like it hit her." *1/2

Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Bionic J. J's interviews are still mega cheese, but in the ring she's doing a much better job of carrying the match (of course there's not to many wrestlers in ARSION that she'd actually carry). The problem with this match is, while J did fine setting up her own offense, she didn't do anything to give Tsubasa a chance to be impressive. Instead, J used her size advantage and offense she lifted from Bull to "justify" it being one-sided. *3/4

Lady Pentagon & PIKO & PIKA vs. Azumi Hyuga & Faby Apache & baby A. Clowns fought the serious lucha style they can do well. No one overly stood out, but everyone contributed. Cool spinning moves, especially by A. **3/4

Jiki Queen Chosensha Kettie Leaguesen: Rie Tamada vs. Mariko Yoshida. Yoshida did a very good job here, but unfortunately Tamada was a useless lump just lying on the mat while Yoshida did all the work. I don't think Yoshida should be faulted for not totally losing her style in favor of Tamada's, but that would have made for a better match simply because during these sections we could at least tell Tamada had a pulse. Tamada was fine here doing her usual good moves well and even a few different ones, but aside from spots she was worthless. Aside from Yoshida, what was good about this match is they started using finishers for very near falls before 10:00. You kept thinking this was it or it would take one more move, but it would keep going on. The thing is with a time limit so short they can't really get back into the body to do more damage after some finishers fail, so it just winds up being finishers until someone wins or it's a 15:00 draw. **

Jiki Queen Chosensha Kettie Leaguesen (Next Queen Challenger Decision League Match): Michiko Omukai vs. GAMI 13:11. Mat oriented match with bursts of highspot exchanges. It was like two matches in more ways than simply the transition from the ground to the highlights. The first saw Omukai working hard but looking unimpressive with weak strikes and lousy attitude offense she lifted from Takako, while GAMI was her lazy self. The second saw GAMI wake up and incorporate some nice counters to spice the match up and Omukai look impressive with her striking game. The match was good when GAMI carried it; it's too bad she'd usually rather loaf and clown around. Generally, there was a lot more good than bad, as the style harked back to ARSION’s technical roots even if Omukai did too much sitting in the submissions for my taste. They tried to make the match notable, though GAMI doing a stretcher job from the shining wizard was more than a bit much. **3/4

Ayako Hamada & Ai Fujita vs. Lioness Asuka & noki-A. Well worked match with lots of nice spots. I liked the one where Lioness wouldn't go over for Fujita's huracanrana, so with Lioness holding her vertically A dropkicked Fujita in the face then Lioness did a version of the giant swing. Everyone did some good things, the match was actually AJW length, and there were no real problems. Ayako wasn't treated like a huge star, but Lioness wasn't running over the opposition like she usually does, it was pretty even. If anything was done against Ayako it was Fujita's offense getting put over more rather than her being a clearly weak link or Lioness vs. Omukai being set up after the match. ***1/4
Michael Smith: Overall this was a good match despite the first 10 minutes being fairly uneventful. On paper I thought this match would be much better than it turned out to be, but AKINO and Fujita were very impressive nonetheless. I also thought Ayako looked pretty good the few times she got a chance to do anything. It's a shame that Omukai & Asuka (basically) forced her out of ARSION because had the point of this match been to build excitement for rematches between these four then I'd have really been looking foward to them. They did enough here to make you want to see them again as both teams worked really well with themselves and each other; they just didn't do that much during the opening minutes of the match. Instead "The Powers That Be" in ARSION saw fit to try to bury Hamada and I give her a lot of credit for not falling over Omukai and Lioness' ego trips. You can't really fault Ayako or Yoshida for ARSION not drawing when they were pushed hard because Aja still booked herself to be the dominant force in the company and people just never took to the style ARSION employed in it's first year and a half. Then they decided to try to be like everyone else and in the process alienated much of their original fanbase, yet Yoshida and Hamada seem to get blamed for this. Now instead of really looking foward to seeing HamaJita develop as a team we get to see ARSION's version of sports entertainment. As a side note, I always liked when Sakie Hasegawa donned the Blizzard Yuki attire and when KAORU got Infernal, but AKINO becomming the daughter of the Gobbleygooker just doesn't work and looks really stupid. **3/4

Battle Station ARSION 1/22/02 STARDOM 2002 taped 1/13/02 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 50min. Q=TV Master

Rie Tamada vs. Yu Yamagata. Tamada fought her match. It was totally lopsided and not any good, although no real screw ups. 3:43 shown

Lady Pentagon & PIKA & Rena Takase vs. Chaparrita ASARI & Ai Fujita & baby A. Another strong lucha style match, fast paced and all action. A is good in this kind of match because she can do her few impressive moves, take a few bumps, and get out. Takase is not good in this kind of match because she has no viable offense and doesn't find a rhythm. Fujita was the star here, using the match to showcase the best flying in the league. Pentagon carried her team, but her effort is definitely better than her work. I wish ASARI showed a fraction of that effort. Pentagon was put over here, pinning ASARI then taking A out with her spinning tombstone. ***1/4

Rena Takase vs. noki-A. Takase was more impressive here because A was very unselfish and went out of her way to put her over. She's kind of like a better version of Miyuki Fujii, competent but so outclassed offensively that you can't take her too seriously. With A's help though, Takase, who was busting her ass, made about as good a showing as she's capable of. Takase looked rather weak when A would come close to beating her with non finishers, but at least Takase was resourceful and got some near falls of her own. More drama than it had the right to have. **1/2

Jiki Queen Chosensha Kettie Leaguesen: Mariko Yoshida vs. GAMI. GAMI was slow and lethargic, not showing much of anything here. Yoshida was very good, but her style requires activity from the opponent. The transitions and counters weren't there like in the old days, which isn't to say there wasn't any but that there were less and they tended to be more methodical. GAMI relied more on submissions, which were made by Yoshida's selling. That was one of the virtues of the match, increasing the number of great near finishes. There were still nice spots like Yoshida slipping out of the Kentucky bomb and going into a sleeper. Also, GAMI, who did a good job of keeping Yoshida from pinning her in the air raid crash, turning it into adios amiga. Later, when Yoshida finally caught her with it, GAMI actually got a headscissor submission before Yoshida could go for the pin. **1/2

Michiko Omukai Debut 10th Anniversary: Lioness Asuka vs. Michiko Omukai. Lioness looked excellent doing several nice spots varying from a takedown into a jujigatame to a foostomp off the balcony through a table. The problem with her is she was that much more selfish than usual, but in this case she was so much better than Omukai that it was almost justifiable. Omukai did a bunch of kicks, but since Lioness kicks much better they didn't look very impressive. She tried to do a shining wizard off a table on the middle rope, but it was too high for her to jump onto well. While the match was a draw, it was one that only looks good for Michiko on paper. Omukai didn't gain anything from it both because she was totally dominated and she didn't look impressive when she did have the opportunity to do something. **3/4
MS: This match was extremely disappointing. The work was good, but way too dominated by Asuka. Considering it only went 15 minutes it would've been nice had Omukai been on offense for more than 3 of them. Lioness did one great spot though, a footstomp off a balcony level stairway that put Omukai through a table, but the match seemed to end as quickly as it started. Omukai was very sloppy here and I don't know if it was because she was sick but she looked very frail and she should probrably add a few pounds to get in better shape. The biggest problem though is that neither woman was even close to winning when it ended, so I kinda felt ripped off by the fact that it came off more like an altercation than an actual match. It made you want to see them against each other again but more because you want to actually see a match and not a sprint. **1/2

UWA Sekai Joshi Tag Title Match: Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita vs. Ayako Hamada & Faby Apache. This match was bad even by LCO's "standards" in GAEA, much less anywhere else. The pacing was odd and off. Hamada & Faby were doing their lucha offense, but without the speed and rhythm. LCO weren't doing their thing, but it's hard to say what exactly they were doing. In any case, they never goit it together and the match was sloppy with Hamada's timing being particularly off. *3/4
MS: Overall this was a pretty entertaining and well paced match. However, both Fabi and Ayako were very sloppy, which wound up bringing down the quality. The finish came out of nowhere, which took away from the match as well. Generally speaking I don't have a problem with flash pins but when they are poorly set-up (like in this match) and there is no build to them you come away from a match feeling ripped off and I did here (which was the second time on this show, the other being Omukai vs. Lioness). Shimoda just beat Ayako with a Tiger suplex, a move that's won matches before but not a move that's considered a strong or deadly finisher for her by any means. Being that the match was even, with neither team really dominating, having Shimoda beat Ayako like that was useless. At this point she shouldn't have to prove that she can just hang with LCO and be happy for that, she already did that 2 years ago with AKINO. Of course, she quit ARSION a few days later and stuff like this made it obvious that they didn't want her around anyway except to be a glorified jobber. ***

Battle Station ARSION 2/5/02 STARDOM 2002 taped 1/25/02 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan 2
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

PIKA & Rena Takase vs. Yu Yamagata & baby A. All action. Takase is becoming a good worker. Her offense hasn't changed, but this match was all about sequences and counters and it was pretty slick. Yamagata looked better as well. Some sloppiness, mainly because they were going so fast they got out of control. **1/2

SKY HIGH OF ARSION Title Match: Faby Apache vs. Lady Pentagon. This was a little disappointing, but I guess I was assuming what Pentagon did in trios would translate into singles. Faby did several nice spots, but it didn't come together and the finish was pretty weak. Faby did a swet spinning arm whip then Pentagon thought she was going back to it, but Faby turned it into a DDT. **1/4

Jiki Queen Chosensha Kettie Leaguesen: Mariko Yoshida vs. Michiko Omukai 13:41. Fairly credible match with standup striking leading to takedowns and moves countered into submissions. It's the same old story with Yoshida, she's so damn good at a style her opponents don't want to work that everyone winds up bringing her down. She made Omukai put forth a serious effort, but Omukai wasn't going to flashback to 1998 when she showed so much promise doing the more realistic style. Yoshida made a lot of great moves on the mat, but Omukai was just along for the ride and offensively was doing the same old Takako wannabe spots. In her defense, Omukai's selling was very good and she was much more willing to go with and put over Yoshida's stuff than the majority of ARSION wrestlers have been of late. ***1/4
MS: Technically speaking, this was an excellent match. It was nice to see ARSION (for at least one match) go back to what made them so great initially. As usual, Yoshida ruled on the mat. Omukai did a great job of selling the numerous submissions she found herself in. I felt Michiko's strikes looked fairly weak as she looks pretty fragile in the ring these days. However, she did a solid job stretching Mariko and I enjoyed finally seeing an ARSION match from this year live up to expectations. The only drawback was that it could've been a few minutes longer, but sometimes it's better to leave people wanting more (as long as you don't leave them feeling robbed and they didn't here). ***3/4

Boxing Tokubetsu Jiai: Ai Fujita vs. Uno Yamaki. Yoshiki Takahashi was in Fujita's corner. This was one of the weirdest boxing matches I've ever seen. Neither appeared to have any skill, technique, defense, or concept of distance, but they had impressive stamina. They just stood toe to toe for 5 rounds and threw as many punches as they could. It was almost like the idea was not to win, but to see who could fire more punches. I have no idea how they didn't punch themselves out. It seemed like Yamaki could actually take her time and land a decent punch if she wanted to, but she got sucked into Fujita's game and Fujita was the better conditioned of the two.

TWINSTAR OF ARSION Title Match: GAMI & Rie Tamada vs. Lioness Asuka & noki-A. This seemed to be Tamada's match, as hard as that is to fathom. Contrived, unstructured, directionless mess. They usually didn't bother to sell. After starting off wearing a noki-A mask, GAMI wasn't involved for about 10 minutes then came in doing eye gouges. A did some cool stuff when she was in, but for most of the match she was used as a change of pace, well that is if this match had a pace. The effect minimizing finish where noki-A did a nice schoolboy for GAMI's lariat, but GAMI turned it into la Gamistral at 1 for the win seemed to sum up the match. **

Battle Station ARSION 2/26/02 STARDOM 2002 Soritsu (founding) 4 Shunen (anniversary) Kinen (memorial)
taped 2/17/02 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Rena Takase & Yu Yamagata vs. Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita. Solid match with good action. It should have been much worse than last months LCO vs. Ayako & Faby, but everyone was on the same page and working a suitable pace. The moves weren't as good, but it flowed together. Even though the opponents offense was similarly aerial oriented, the match was more the LCO formula. Takase & Yamagata showed improved offense here. Still nothing difficult, but using their athleticism for variation. They were more competitive than they had the right to be. **3/4

Azumi Hyuga vs. Bionic J. Azumi was working circles around J. J wasn't exactly known for her speed and reaction time to begin with, but now that she's gained weight she was way too slow and deliberate for this opposition. The match didn't work because J was left in the dust. 6:06 shown

P*MIX Special: PIKA & Lady Pentagon & PIKA The Great vs. Macho Pump & baby A & Tsubasa Kuragaki. Some good Lucha and flying sequences. Far below the usual ARSION Lucha level though because the men's stuff was so contrived and didn't help the match. The PIKA's did a giant swing spot where A was getting leapfrogged everytime around, almost like she was a jump rope. *3/4

SKY HIGH OF ARSION Title Match: Faby Apache vs. AKINO. Wild match. AKINO was trying all kinds of crazy impressive spots. Extremely fluid, smooth, and precise work. It was too short, especially since the title matches have a 30 minute time limit, but at least they wasted little time. The first half was kind of submission oriented. The 2nd half had many great spots, but AKINO kept going back to the dobitski udehishigigyakujujigatame. They did a good enough job toward the end that the near finishes were effective even though they'd follow up with some concoction like a swandive reverse tornado DDT. AKINO was great. ***3/4

TWINSTAR OF ARSION Title Match: GAMI & Rie Tamada vs. Michiko Omukai & Ai Fujita. Match was basically one doing their moves for a minute or two then letting the other have her chance. There was some back and forth when GAMI was in, but still they didn't develop anything beyond the basic level. The match was pretty much all action with GAMI being the only one that instilled any dynamics or drama. I don't want to make GAMI sound too good because she's a far cry from her old self. Fujita had by far the best offense to be certain, but that GAMI of just a few years ago would have made it look much more impressive. **

QUEEN OF ARSION Title Match: Lioness Asuka vs. Mariko Yoshida. This was a very good match, it just wasn't as good as their July match. The way they made their styles converge there made it seem like something different, but here their styles largely existed apart from one another. Basically they did Yoshida's matwork then Lioness's brawling then the big moves to try to win. Lioness did a little matwork, but mainly the counters and transitions were gone in favor of better selling by Lioness. Yoshida did a little brawling as part of her knee attack. They were working on a very high level with excellent execution, but to me the only improvements were it went longer because it was a title match and Murayama did a good job of putting over his unsuccessful attempt to keep Lioness from cheating. There was no feeling that Yoshida could win, although that's at least as much the fault of Lioness the booker. The draw wasn't the greatest ending, but I'll take it any day over this lousy Lioness vs. KAORU finish where both kicked out of a finisher at 1 then Lioness won with the next move. ***1/2

Battle Station ARSION 3/19/02 STARLET 2002 taped 3/12/02 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

baby A & Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Lady Pentagon & Bionic J. J was just out of place here. You had 3 women doing Lucha, while she did her power spots. I don't ask J to try to do Lucha because that's putting her in the position to fail, but Lucha is a style where everyone is doing it or no one is doing it. Kuragaki worked some good sequences here and did a quebrada, but they never found their rhythm. *3/4

Mariko Yoshida & Yu Yamagata vs. Mary Apache & Faby Apache. Yoshida had Yamagata do most of the work so she could learn. When Yamagata tried to tag after fairly relatively poorly for the 1st 4 minutes, Yoshida refused. The Apaches aren't much for submissions, but it was very good when Yoshida did Lucha with them. Faby was the best in the match since she was carrying her returning sister and Yamagata while Yoshida was taking a back seat. Yamagata showed some resiliance and feistiness, but she was just overmatches. **3/4

Michiko Omukai & Rie Tamada vs. Lioness Asuka & GAMI. These pairings didn't make much sense, but in any case Tamada wanted to fight her partner GAMI and wasn't friendly about it. GAMI was reluctant, which didn't make much sense because she was playing heel here due to teaming with Lioness. Tamada bled from the side of her face around the ear. Liness got a head injury, I think, from Tamada's low dropkick but seemed okay after a brief recovery period. The match was basically a bunch of spots with no selling or reason to care. No one was bad, but no one was that good either. Tamada did a swinging DDT onto the apron, but since the apron is so narrow she had to land on the floor and that resulted in the move having little impact because she released early. **

Rena Takase vs. Mika Nishio. Takase did everything here, but it wasn't close to enough. Nishio was lost on the mat, and caused the execution everywhere to leave something to be desired. I mean, she couldn't even do a sunset flip properly. *

noki-A vs. Miyuki Fujii. Again, the AJW wrestler took the ARSION wrestler down quite a bit. This was a technical match, but A dumbed it down a lot which did at least succeed in making Fujii adequate. It was more in Fujinami style than in the Yoshida style AKINO does the rest of the time she works technically. Suddenly they just went to the flying. **

Ai Fujita vs. Momoe Nakanishi. I wouldn't get on anyone that liked this match a whole lot, but I wouldn't get on anyone that thought it was nothing special either. Each did a moonsault to the floor in the first minute. I'm not sure you can push credibility any more. I figured they were just going to run with the flying, in which case I would pretty much throw the credibility argument out the window, but then they went to the mat. I'm not saying they would have gotten heat without this start, but even the staples of pretending they were shooting on each other and refusing to rope break couldn't get any reaction. Part of the problem was Fujita's mount punches were so embarrassing - punching her own hand like The Huckster if she even hit that - that you couldn't take it seriously even if you wanted to. So all of this was pretty much a waste of time, but then they did 6 plus minutes that were most certainly excellent. Unlike Kayo, Fujita can follow Momoe and doesn't take the match down when she goes on offense. Actually, Fujita's flying is better than Momoe's, but Momoe is better at everything else and quickly made you forget about the inadequacy of the Nishio. What stood out here was that Momoe knows how to get people into the more basic near falls, making basic pinning predicaments credible finishers and Fujita pulling out something spectacular like the 450 splash have some real meaning. Very fast and impressive action that Momoe's fans were reacting to. I thought Fujita's left hook was a great change of pace to all this, though I would have done it as a 10 count spot rather than yet another near fall. It's too bad they started with such a low percentage dive when the opponent wasn't even phashed and then did stuff that wasn't very good and had nothing to do with the beginning or the end rather than just doing the whole match as a sprint. ***1/4
MS: This match ruled! It's pretty obvious at this point that Momoe could be the Manami Toyota of this decade if her health allows her to. I'd really like to see a rematch between her and Ai because 14 minutes was too short. I think that if they worked together a few more times they'd easily have several MOTY candidates. They did such a good job building this match because even though Ai dominated most of it, and Momoe is above her level, I thought they were going to a draw here. The rest of the women in ARSION should watch this match to remind themselves of how to properly do a "flash pin" finish. Instead of being another in a growing line of garbage finishes where it just comes out of nowhere leaving you feeling ripped off, they went back and forth for the last couple of minutes with great, very believable near falls. Both women were excellent at keeping their shoulders down until 2-9/10, which led to a few pins looking like the winning one. ****

Battle Station ARSION 3/26/02 STARLET 2002 taped 3/21/02 Nagoya Rainbow Hall 3
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

baby A vs. Lady Pentagon

Rie Tamada vs. Bionic J

Rena Takase & Yu Yamagata vs. Mary Apache & Faby Apache

Mariko Yoshida vs. noki-A

Michiko Omukai & Ai Fujita vs. Lioness Asuka & GAMI
MS: Anyone who has read my contributions to Quebrada over the years can probrably tell that I enjoy when comedy is properly integrated into matches (providing it's not done on occasion and not regulary). However, when bad comedy infests a match it's worse than watching blown spots, it's worse than watching two scrubs stink up the joint, and it totally sucks when it's done by people who don't need it in the first place. I don't know exactly what GAMI is trying to be (maybe the "cowardly" Lex Luger from the first Vince Russo era in WCW?), but it's really fucking stupid and an insult to an otherwise very good worker. Not only does the gimmick suck but it's not even done consistently. Early in this match she ran all over the arena to avoid facing Omukai in the ring then a few minutes later she's no-selling Michiko's kicks left and right. I realize that ARSION is on their WWE kick right now but do they really think that having GAMI do the lamest spot in the history of wrestling, the people's elbow, is going to put one more ass in the seat or actually garner some heat for once? Because so far it hasn't. Don't get me wrong though, I thought this was a good match when they actually worked, but the pathetic attempts at comedy and yet another bullshit finish once again turned a great match on paper into a disappointment. ***

Battle Station ARSION 4/18/02 STARLET 2002 taped 3/31/02 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan 2
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

baby A vs. noki-A

Mariko Yoshida vs. Bionic J

Yu Yamagata & Rena Takase vs. GAMI & Lady Pentagon

TWINSTAR OF ARSION Title Match: Michiko Omukai & Ai Fujita vs. Mary Apache & Faby Apache
MS: Omukai actually decided to work here, so it was a very good match. Her punches are still weak, but her kicks at least looked good (though Fabi no-sold a couple of axe kicks to the head anyway). I would've liked to have seen more offense from Ai because everything she did looked great. The Apaches impressed me as well. They have become pretty good workers over the last couple of years and are no longer just better versions of Esther Moreno. No bullshit finish here, but is there a new law stating that every match now has to include at least one shining wizard attempt? ***1/4

QUEEN OF ARSION Title Match: Lioness Asuka vs. Rie Tamada

Battle Station ARSION 4/24/02 HYPER VISUAL FIGHTING ARSION STARLET 2002 taped 4/7/02 Tokyo Differ Ariake
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Ai Fujita vs. Lady Pentagon

Mima Shimoda vs. Yu Yamagata

Etsuko Mita vs. Rena Takase

PIKO & GAMI & Bionic J vs. Azumi Hyuga & Ran Yu-Yu & Tsubasa Kuragaki

Mariko Yoshida & Michiko Omukai & Rie Tamada & baby A vs. Lioness Asuka & noki-A & Mary Apache & Faby Apache

Battle Station ARSION 5/7/02 HYPER VISUAL FIGHTING TOURNAMENT ARS 2002 taped 4/29 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master


Rie Tamada vs. Mary Apache

Ai Fujita vs. Rena Takase

noki-A vs. Mariko Yoshida.
MS: MS: Both were excellent as usual, but there was too much stretching for my tastes. They certainly weren't trying to fool anyone with a worked-shoot, but there was virtually nothing but submissions for the entire match. The counters and selling were strong, but it was somewhat disppointing not to see them branch out into other styles when both are so excellent at blending genres. AKINO won the match with an excellent "flash pin," which is a rarity in ARSION these days. She countered Mariko's attempt at an escape from the jujigatame by pulling her legs over her head and was able to pin her by doing that. ***3/4

Lioness Asuka vs. GAMI.

2nd Round

Rie Tamada vs. Ai Fujita

Lioness Asuka vs. noki-A

Tournament Final: Lioness Asuka vs. Rie Tamada

Battle Station ARSION 5/12/02 STARWARS 2002 taped 5/11 Tokyo Ariake Colisseum
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Note: first 6 matches are edited down to 3-4 minutes

Junior Future Battle ~4 Corner Elimination Match~: Rena Takase & Kaori Yoneyama vs. Mika Nishio & Saki Maemura vs. MARU & Chitose Yamamoto vs. Mari Kuwada & Mako Ogawa

Mascara Contra Mascara: Lady Pentagon vs. baby A

ARSION & JWP Relevos Increible: Mary Apache & Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Azumi Hyuga & Faby Apache

ARSION & Zenjo Super Power War: Bionic J vs. Tomoko Watanabe

ARSION & Zenjo Premium Reunion: Rie Tamada vs. Kumiko Maekawa

5th WWWA Super Lightkyu Oza Ketteisen: Ai Fujita vs. Kayo Noumi

All Pacific Senshukenjiai: Momoe Nakanishi vs. AKINO
MS: This was an excellent match, but too long for two women who were not familiar with each other. Early on they were pacing it to go long, but due to AKINO's knee injury they weren't able to do enough over the last few minutes. Up thru that point they worked very well together, but again they seemed to be holding back a little to go down the homestretch and that plan got derailed. The finish itself would've been very good had it not been botched by referee Daichi Murayama. He clearly counted 3 on a hurancanrana rollup by Momoe, but reversed that since the actual finish was supposed to come 15 seconds later on a Momo*latch. This killed the momentum they were able to build up when AKINO was finally able to continue. Murayama has been one of the best referees in joshi puroresu over the last 10 years and the head ref in ARSION, but this isn't the first time he's ruined a finish by doing this. The other one that immediately springs to mind is the 1/20/97 Triple Unification Match between Kyoko and Takako Inoue where Kyoko had pinned Takako on a Nigara Driver. It was disallowed though, so she did it again to get the win. Like this match it was a WTF? kind of situation that left a bad taste in your mouth. But that alone isn't enough to spoil the effort they put out and this probrably will wind up in the top 5 joshi singles matches from this year. ****

ARSION vs. Zenjo Premium Super Grudge: Rossy Ogawa & Mariko Yoshida & GAMI vs. Yumiko Hotta & Nanae Takahashi

QUEEN OF ARSION Title Match: Lioness Asuka vs. Michiko Omukai

ARSION Battle Station 6/18/02 STARLIGHT 2002 taped 6/2/02 Hokkaido Sapporo Teison Hall (afternoon)
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

baby A vs. Amapola

Triangle Battle: Mary Apache vs. Faby Apache vs. Bionic J

Young ARSION Single Challenge: Lioness Asuka vs. Rena Takase

QUEEN OF ARSION Next Challenger Decision Match: GAMI vs. noki-A

TWINSTAR OF ARSION Title Match: Michiko Omukai & Ai Fujita vs. Mariko Yoshida & Rie Tamada

Battle Station ARSION 6/19/02 STARLIGHT 2002 taped 6/2/02 Hokkaido Sapporo Teison Hall (night)
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Triangle Battle: Rie Tamada vs. baby A vs. Amapola

Faby Apache vs. Bionic J

Mariko Yoshida vs. Mary Apache

SKY HIGH OF ARSION Title Match: AKINO vs. Rena Takase

TWINSTAR OF ARSION Title Match: Michiko Omukai & Ai Fujita vs. Lioness Asuka & GAMI

Battle Station ARSION 7/4/02 STARLIGHT 2002 taped 6/23/02 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Rena Takase vs. Saki Maemura
MS: Both women were pretty impressive here, and as a result this was a very good "rookies" match. Takase's dropkicks looked great and she is very agile as well. Maemura continues to improve and hopefully AJW won't do anything that will force her to leave or quit the business as alot of their rookies seem to have done over the last few years. They worked a very quick pace, and being that they were only out there for a little over 6 minutes they weren't exposed at all as neither made any mistakes.

Mary Apache vs. Faby Apache
MS: Very banal and lackluster match. Considering that they only went 8-1/2 minutes it would've been nice to see a faster pace to it. Instead it was slow and not even as exciting as the opening match on the show. Neither woman looked bad, but they didn't do anything worthwhile either. *3/4

Mariko Yoshida & Kaori Yoneyama & baby A vs. Bionic J & Taylor Matheny & Cheerleader Melissa
MS: Well, at least the crowd was polite enough to applaud Melissa's useless and weak mic work before the match. Like it'd hurt their gimmick if the announcer introduced them? As for the match itself, not surprisingly, Yoshida completely and totally outclassed everyone else involved. Jessie was her usual loudmouthed, little talented self, but at least she took some good bumps and kept up with Watabe's fast pace. I don't know how in-depth the training is on Tough Enough, but Taylor looked like she didn't learn much of anything while she was there. And while it's hard to gain a feel for someone based on one match it appears that she will be Yoshida's toughest challenge yet in the dojo. Melissa is alright for someone who looks like she learned how to wrestle by watching Nitro and Raw over the last few years. I doubt the USA vs. Japan angle will have strong legs to it, but she may have the best chance of the three to mean something in ARSION. Because it was a pretty short match with everyone being involved it wasn't bad for what it was, but hardly the way I'd want my new heel group to debut. *1/2

Japan Grant Prix '02 Koshiki Leaguesen: Rie Tamada vs. Nanae Takahashi
MS: Despite the fact that Tamada is one of the main people involved in the ARSION (heel) vs. AJW (face) fued, her and Nanae shook hands before the match. And people say ARSION doesn't know what the hell they are doing...On the plus side, both women looked about as good as they could considering that neither is that good in the first place, so it was a decent match. The finish was nice as well as Rie was actually able to chain together a couple of good looking moves culminating with a Dragon suplex for the win. It even got a pop as well, which was surprising (though the crowd was obviously more into Nanae since she actually has a following). **

Michiko Omukai & AKINO vs. Lioness Asuka & GAMI
MS: ARSION is WAR in all its "glory". AKINO was the best of the four, looking outstanding with the exception of a mishap in the corner where she tried a running climb of the ropes. She slipped and slammed her head against the turnbuckle pad, but didn't seem to be affected by it, doing a great Dragonrana a few moments later. Up to this point the match as a whole was pretty good, but then they decided to fuck it up by a seriously weak turn by AKINO. Omukai mistakenly hit her 3 times (the last two being pathetically obvious as they were setting them up), so she just bailed on the match. What made this worse is that as she tagged out to Omukai (leading up to her leaving) she half slapped/half pushed at Omukai to which Michiko responded by slapping her in the face. Why it would surprise Chama that 20 seconds later this was a handicap match is beyond anyone using logic. Things just got worse after this as Omukai got pounded with a bunch of table shots and if the descending into a squash match wasn't bad enough, the camera did a close up of the referee (my pal Daichi Murayama) helping her blade. Lioness and GAMI didn't even bother tagging out for 5 or 6 minutes and then after noki-A did a run-in to make it 3 on 1, it inexplicably became an official handicap match as if it makes sense for the top face in the company to be that stupid as to demand it. Anyway, there was one cool near fall admist all this where Yoshida and Tamada briefly interfered on Omukai's behalf (why it took them so long since they were at ringside the entire time is another story) and Michiko did a nice shining wizard on noki-A for a 2 count. Finally, a minute later, noki-A pinned Omukai with a nice modified spin-wheel kick. Just an awful mess that doesn't leave me optimistic about ARSION's future. *

Battle Station ARSION 7/18/02 STARTIST 2002 taped 7/13/02 Fukuoka Hakata Starlanes
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Zen Nihon Junior Oza Kettei League Koshikisen: Rena Takase vs. Emi Tomimatsu.
MS: In a vignette before the match, Takase went into Omukai's room and paraded around with the QUEEN OF ARSION title belt. On the prior Battle Station, she snuck into Rossy's room and tried on the Tiger Dream outfit. As you can imagine, this should do wonders for her career. The match itself was pretty good for what it was, but Takase has the worst looking spear ever. Instead of hitting her opponent dead on, she goes to their side barely catching them. Anyway, she looked okay otherwise. Tomimatsu looked like a fairly green Kaoru Ito, down to the outfit and running footstomps.

baby A vs. Taylor Matheny.
MS: Not as bad as I had expected because Watabe was able to keep a decent pace. Taylor looked better than she did in her debut match on 6/23 (though it would've been hard for her to look worse), but she is still molasses in the ring. Her transitions are slow (and sloppy at times), and her selling and demeanor are unintentionally hilarious. She she did show a shred of promise here but, like Jessie, she needs to focus less on her mouth and more on her work. *

Mary Apache & MARU vs. Bionic J & Melissa.
MS: This was actually an adequate match. No one was impressive or even above average, but the pacing was good and they all tried to make the match as good as possible. Basically this was a totally American style match even including a spot where the ref stopped J from using a section of railing as a weapon. What made this stand out was that they played ring-aroung-the-rosie with it until the ref fell down with the railing on top of him. Mary was the best of the 4, but Melissa again looked competent and J showed a lot of fire (mostly aimed at one heckler though). *1/2

Mariko Yoshida & Rie Tamada vs. Lioness Asuka & GAMI
MS: For some reason J did a run-in about 2-1/2 minutes into the match to distract the ref. Being that GAMI and Lioness didn't do anything "illegal" during this time, it was useless and (like most other things in ARSION these days) it lacked sense. Speaking of making no sense, they decided to ruin what was a high end decent match by having a ref bump 14 minutes in. Up to this point the match focused on solid wrestling, and even GAMI worked here instead of just pracing about. But after the ref bump it degenerated into a discombobulated mess with J and Mari interfering on Asuka and GAMI's behalf. When the ref finally recovered (actually he was fine the whole time as he did a poor job of selling his "unconsciousness" on the floor), GAMI kicked him in the head. He was kind enough to ignore that though and count Lioness' pin on Tamada. This was followed by a lackluster effort on Yoshida's part (though who could blame her at this point) to attack Rossy (which he totally no-sold). And the hole ARSION's plummeting down just gets deeper. **1/2

QUEEN OF ARSION Title Match: Michiko Omukai vs. noki-A.
MS: Despite how incredibly frustrating ARSION has become since riding the "sports entertainment" route, they still give you just enough to keep coming back. And this match exemplified that because despite the interference from Asuka & co. and the annoyances that incurs, this was still a very good match. They actually wrestled here and it was damn good. AKINO dominated most of the time, using a wide variety of matwork. They did a pretty good job of building to the finish, which has been one of ARSION's bigger problems this year. The match was also helped by the fact that Chama stayed away from using strikes as her main offense. The one axe kick she used looking very good, as did the two shining wizards she hit to win. Now if they'd only do this more often. ***3/4

Battle Station ARSION 8/15/02 STARTIST 2002 taped 7/21/02 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Zen Nihon Junior Oza Kettei League Koshikisen: Rena Takase vs. Emi Tojo

baby A vs. Command Bolshoi

Rie Tamada vs. Taylor Matheny

SKY HIGH OF ARSION Title Match: AKINO vs. Mary Apache

Mariko Yoshida vs. Takako Inoue

TWINSTAR OF ARSION Oza Ketteisen 3 Corner Tag Battle: Bionic J & Melissa vs. Michiko Omukai & Ai Fujita vs. Lioness Asuka & GAMI

ARSION Battle Station 8/29/02 STARLIGHT 2002 taped 8/25/02 Tokyo Aaron Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Rie Tamada vs. Rena Takase

baby A vs. noki-A

WWWA Sekai Super Lightkyu Title Match: Ai Fujita vs. Taylor Matheny

Mariko Yoshida vs. Melissa

Michiko Omukai & Emi Tojo & Mizuko Ishikawa vs. Lioness Asuka & GAMI & Bionic J. 26:29

Battle Station ARSION 9/10/02 STARTIST 2002 taped 8/31/02 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan 2
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

noki-A vs. Taylor Matheny

Triangle Battle: Rie Tamada vs. Rena Takase vs. baby A

Bionic J vs. Melissa

Ai Fujita vs. Michiko Omukai

TWINSTAR OF ARSION Title Match: Lioness Asuka & GAMI vs. Mariko Yoshida & Takako Inoue

Battle Station ARSION 9/24/02 STARTIST 2002 taped 9/12/02 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

baby A vs. Ranmaru

Junior Sedai vs. Invasion 6 Woman Tag War: Rena Takase & Mika Nishio & MARU vs. Bionic J & Taylor Matheny & Melissa

Visual Fighting Battle: Ai Fujita vs. Mizuho Ishikawa

Mariko Yoshida vs. AKINO

Takako Inoue vs. Rie Tamada

TWINSTAR OF ARSION Title Match: Lioness Asuka & GAMI vs. Michiko Omukai & Emi Tojo

ARSION Battle Station 10/17/02 STARGOLD 2002 taped 10/5/02 Miyagi
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Rie Tamada vs. Maru

baby A vs. TSUNAMI

Azumi Hyuga vs. Rena Takase

SKY HIGH OF ARSION Title Match: AKINO vs. Ranmaru

Mariko Yoshida vs. Lioness Asuka

Michiko Omukai & Ai Fujita vs. GAMI & Bionic J

ARSION TV 10/23/02 HYPER VISUAL FIGHTING TOURNAMENT ZION 2002 taped 10/7/02 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-2hr. Q=TV Master

Tournament Ikkaisen

Bionic J vs. Rie Tamada. 4 min shown

GAMI vs. Shark Tsuchiya. 6 min shown

Emi Tojo vs. Michiko Omukai. 4 min shown

Non Tournament: baby A vs. Police Wo~men. 2 min shown

Tournament Nikaisen

noki-A vs. Rie Tamada. 5 min shown

Mariko Yoshida vs. Ai Fujita. 6 1/2 min shown

Tournament Junkessho

noki-A vs. Michiko Omukai. 5 min shown

Mariko Yoshida vs. GAMI. 9 min shown

Special Challenge Match: Lioness Asuka vs. Rena Takase. 2 min shown

Tournament Yushoketteisen: Mariko Yoshida vs. noki-A

ARSION Battle Station 11/12/02 STARGOLD 2002 taped 11/4/02 Tokyo Korakuen Hall
-1hr 55min. Q=TV Master

Young ARSION Challenge: Megumi Yabushita vs. Reina Takase 7:41 of 9:29

La Malcriada vs. Baby*A 7:18 of 9:07

Lioness Asuka & Bionic J vs. Rie Tamada & Takako Inoue 7:19 of 9:27

GAMI vs. Carol Midori 15:00

Mariko Yoshida & AKINO vs. Michiko Omukai & Ai Fujita 25:49

ARSION Battle Station 12/26/02 HYPER VISUAL FIGHTING CARNIVAL ARSION 2002 taped 12/17/02 Tokyo Komazawa Olympic Park Gym
-1hr 55min. Q=Near Perfect

Opening Battle Future: Blizzard Yuki II vs. Rena Takase

Masked Woman: PIKO & Policewo~men vs. Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru & baby*A

High Voltage Power Contest: Bionic J vs. Kayuko Haruyama

ARSION & Zenjo Super Collaboration: AKINO & Momoe Nakanishi vs. Ai Fujita & Kayo Noumi

TWINSTAR OF ARSION Tag Title Match: Lioness Asuka & GAMI vs. Takako Inoue & Rie Tamada

QUEEN OF ARSION Title Match: Michiko Omukai vs. Mariko Yoshida