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UFC Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale
12/3/11 Las Vegas, NV Palms Casino Resort

Johnny Bedford vs. Louis Gaudinot R3 1:58. Bedford's 8” reach and 7” height advantages were nice, but he was able to bully Gaudinot so badly because his technique advantage outweighted Gaudinot's speed advantage. Bedford was always able to get inside and take Gaudinot down then pummel him for several minutes on the mat. Gaudinot had no quit in him, but he just couldn't get off his back. The best he could do is get out of Bedford's high mount into half guard, but Bedford beat the crap out of him from that position too. Bedfort really worked Gaudinot over on the canvas the first two rounds. In the 3rd, it was his standup that brought on the finish, throwing some nice body hooks to hunch Gaudinot then dropping him with a big knee and kneeing him on the ground until the stoppage. It wasn't a boring match per say, but just so one-sided. Average match.

Tony Ferguson vs. Yves Edwards 3R. Wonderful all standup war with both men going back and forth, showing their full arsenal, kicking to all parts of the body, kneeing, and generally beating the hell out of one another. I felt this was an extremely close fight, really depending upon if you prefer the superior setup and technique of Edwards or the raw power of Ferguson, and was generally baffled by Edwards only getting 1 round from 1 judge. Edwards was picking Ferguson apart in the first, but got hurt 3 minutes in trying to come in with a punch combo but walking into a right hand counter. Edwards was slowed for the next minute then hurt with a right hand. Though Ferguson wobbled him again, Edwards managed to come back with a high kick and shoot for a takedown, but Ferguson hit a sweet rolling omoplata just before the bell. That was clearly a Ferguson round, but Edwards continued to do good work in the 2nd and 3rd without really getting hurt. He landed at least 5 high kicks during the fight, though maybe none were full on, including a high kick, low kick, high kick, fake shot jumping knee run in the 2nd. He busted the shit out of Ferguson's nose. Ferguson got good shots in as well, and his unorthodox lead uppercut was nice, but I felt Edwards was the better mover and more evolved striker as far as technique and diversity were concerned. In any case, it was some really badass kickboxing that was one of the best fights of the year. Excellent match.

Bantomweight Final: T.J. Dillashaw vs. John Dodson R1 1:54. Dillashaw tried to come in with a right straight, but walked right into a left hook that caught him more with the forearm. Dodson landed another left hook as Dillashaw bounced back up then jumped on him and the Herb Dean stopped it.

Featherweight Final: Diego Brandao vs. Dennis Bermudez R1 4:51. Good action with both men having their moments, but Bermudez being unable to stay on the offensive enough. Brandao was very good coming forward, throwing heavy leather, but not so good backing up. He hurt Bermudez early with a left body hook then a huge overhand right and was able to take the initiative more and more as the fight progressed. Brandao hit a flying knee and took the top, suplexing Bermudez when he stood. Bermudez got free and finally timed Brandao's charge, catching him right on the chin with a short right then flurrying on the ground. Time was not on Bermudez' side, and knowing he had to go hard for the finish he got sloppy. While trying to punch his way into a guard pass, Bermudez left his non punching arm in between Brandao's legs, and Brandao made a great move to roll him into an armbar, getting the immediate submission and probably still breaking the arm. Good match.

Dustin Pague vs. John Albert R1 1:09. Albert dropped Pague with a right hook, and you kept thinking he was a moment from the finish but Pague survived a flurry of punches, being mounted, and being giftwrapped before he finally tapped.

Jason Miller vs. Michael Bisping R3 3:34. Bisping was too good technically in standup for Miller, but I felt Miller really beat himself here. He was just so anxious he tired himself out by the end of the first round. The announcers kept trying to excuse this by saying Bisping of all people was the biggest fight of Miller's life even though he's fought Jacare Souza twice and Jake Shields, but although Miller is a guy that mainly beat a bunch of average fighters while acting like a jerk, anyone who has fought over 30 MMA fights should know how to relax enough to have energy for a few rounds, much less someone who is supposed to be a coach. When Miller had energy in round 1, he was able to take Bisping down against the cage and bodylock his legs. Miller didn't actually do that much damage with his punches there, and Bisping wall walked as soon as he tried to transition to mount, but Miller controlled him on the ground for a few minutes. The rest of the fight Miller was unable to use his brawling style of punching to get a hold of Bisping, and frankly, in the 2nd and 3rd round, he was too tired to do anything but embarrass himself and was mainly a sitting duck. His best offense during those rounds were an accidental headbutt and eye gouge. Bisping knew Miller was no threat, and fought his usual safe and unhurried style, staying calm and taking no chances while racking points up on the scorecards with his kickboxing. He took Mayhem apart bit by bit, finding the openings without taking any real counter fire. He battered and bloodied Miller, taking every shred of will Miller didn't seem to have to start with, and used him as a punching bag until Steve Mazzagatti put him out of his misery midway through the second. Poor match.

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