Quebrada Pro Wrestling, Puroresu, & Mixed Martial Arts Reviews by Mike Lorefice

NOAH di colosseo 6/6/05 Navigation with Breeze '05
taped 5/13/05 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Haruka Eigen vs. Mitsuo Momota 5:54. Comical only in it’s badness, they essentially just exchanged slaps and headbutts. Eigen appeared to kick out of Momota’s schoolboy, but mercifully close also counts in geezerresu. -**

Tsuyoshi Kikuchi vs. Makota Hashi 20:00. You know your juniors aren’t that impressive when the reason twenty minutes is too long for them is they simply don’t possess the offense to fill the time. They essentially stood toe to toe the entire fight, delivering 20 minutes of striking with Hashi shifting to headbutts for his “big” offense. Hashi was able to increase his stiffness to the point the offense was credible enough to distract from the fact they were essentially killing time. If they brought any diversity or even picked it up for the lack of finish it might have been a good match, but as it stands it was rather tedious. **

Shiro Koshinaka & Masao Inoue vs. Jun Izumida & Yoshinobu Kanemaru 11:47. Kanemaru did a nice job as the junior amidst the heavyweights, but didn’t get a great deal of help. Koshinaka was adequate, but didn’t have his usual energy and the other two were pretty worthless. *1/2

SUWA & Low Ki & Abismo Negro vs. KENTA & Kotaro Suzuki & Oriental 19:10. Very standard fair that was better on paper than in actuality due to a lack of chemistry and SUWA being the only one who approached his capability. SUWA is unquestionably the best in the match at receiving, but the bout was still limited by him being the only one on his side who was willing to sell anything. Ki & Suzuki did have a brief but impressive back and forth sequence. Oriental was the weakest link, his work lacking the fluidity and cleanness of the others. When SUWA had his hand raised celebrating his FFF victory over Oriental, KENTA jumped him from behind. Kanemaru & Hashi then jumped in since they wanted a piece of KENTA & Suzuki. **1/2

Mitsuharu Misawa & Yoshinari Ogawa & Richard Slinger vs. Jun Akiyama & Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan 9:05. Frentic and intense action. A brief match, but more importantly they made the most of it by wrestling in overdrive. Misawa was into it to a shocking extent, and on top of his game. Akiyama did one nice segment with Misawa, but Misawa & Morgan were certainly the main contributors with the others mainly putting them over. ***

Takeshi Rikio & Bison Smith vs. Mohammed Yone & Takeshi Morishima 12:20. Bruising battle. Morishima & Rikio went at it hard enough to make up for the fact they aren’t capable of much beyond clubbing, including Morishima sustaining a bloody nose. Yone mixed things up with some more athletic offense, but most of his best moments came early. Bison came on late, showing better offense than the Takeshis (which doesn’t exactly take much), but not nearly their desire and willpower to mix it up. Simplistic, but certainly more entertaining than expected. They obviously needed to develop the match better, but despite the lazy structuring they very crudely managed to bring out everyone’s strengths. **3/4

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