Quebrada Pro Wrestling, Puroresu, & Mixed Martial Arts Reviews by Mike Lorefice

NEO-1 TV 4/21/03 taped 4/3 Tokyo Shibuya Club ATOM

Handicap Match: Yuka Nakamura & Haruko Matsuo vs. G Warrior 1:44 of 4:14. You know Misae Genki has made it, as she now gets to squash the undercarders in the manner NEO, or whatever they are calling themselves today, is famous for. Genki, who is some kind of out of control perpetually eating post apocalyptic cannibal, actually pinned both at once after a deadly leg drop.

Tanny Mouse & Yuki Miyazaki vs. Apple Miyuki & TSUNAMI 6:00 of 8:15. This was supposed to be a six person mixed tag match with Ofune and DJ Nira, but Ofune didn’t answer the knock on her dressing room door. They tried to mask their limitations through a brisk pace in addition to the Neo Machineguns usual clowning. They brawled to the dressing room, where G Warrior appeared, scaring them back toward the ring but not in time for them to beat the count. ½*

Mixed Gender Tag Match: Tanny Mouse & Yuki Miyazaki & Ofune vs. Apple Miyuki & TSUNAMI & DJ Nira 4:50 of 6:08. Yuka Nakamura got Ofune to open her dressing room door after the match, so since they didn’t have a real finish they started over with the originally scheduled attraction. Perhaps Ofune simply showed up late or something, but I’m more inclined to believe someone was creaming their pants over their genius in swerving the audience, or whatever it is these angles are supposed to accomplish. Nira did perhaps the lamest move in history, a backbend where he falls on top of his opponent when he reaches the point he can no longer keep his balance. This match was more comedy oriented with Nira being a willing foil. The big spot saw Miyazaki and Ofune spread eagle him so Tanny could deliver the coup de grace, the Tanny butt off the middle rope. ½*

Kyoko Inoue vs. Shinobu Kandori 10:03 of 10:31. Kandori will try to have a good match if she respects her opponent, otherwise it’s a squash, and usually a quick one. Kandori was up for this one, showing a good work ethic and trying to give the bout some big match aura despite the tiny venue. The basic structure was Kyoko would put together a few pro wrestling moves then Kandori would counter with a submission. Though they played fairly even, I figured Kyoko was getting the better of the match by a small margin because she was going to do the job. It was well on it’s way to being a good match only to have Kandori unceremoniously disposed of at least 5 minutes earlier than expected. I was quite simply in disbelief, I mean my jaw dropped seeing Kandori lose so quickly and easily. I’ve seen LLPW job the entire league to protect Kandori, but I’ve never seen anything like this. **1/2

Yoshiko Tamura vs. Mako Ogawa 3:40 of 6:28. Ogawa called Tamura out, so Tamura showed up via taxi for the unscheduled match. Inexperienced Ogawa isn’t nearly up to the task, but etiquette suggest Tamura should put the LLPW wrestler over in exchange for Kandori’s loss to Kyoko. Tamura always provides good action, and succeeded in elevating Ogawa’s game a notch or two, but of course made short work of her. Mima Shimoda came out picking Michiko Omukai as her fantasy partner for the main event of the 6/11 show against Tamura and her dream partner.

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