Quebrada Pro Wrestling, Puroresu, & Mixed Martial Arts Reviews by Mike Lorefice

JWP Official Release 10/13/02 Tokyo Day Show

Command Bolshoi vs. Kaori Yoneyama 13:01. They handed the match at face value, giving us an opener where a name veteran handles an overmatched youngster. Bolshoi gave Yoneyama just enough offense to stay in the match, but Yoneyama was certainly more spirited than competitive. The execution was, with a couple exceptions, good, but they didn't try much and the effort was average. *1/2

Mixed Gender Match: Erica Watanabe vs. Badboy Hido 4:42. I wasn't annoyed with this match because I understand the purpose was simply to set up the tag match on the evening show, but it's still of the utmost importance for JWP to use the outsiders to the benefit of their own workers. The main thing Watanabe needs is ring time, so a brief drubbing is counterproductive. Hido added insult to injury by attacking her after the match, prompting Yoneyama to come to her aid, which wouldn't be a bad idea if the previous match would have yielded a positive outlook toward Yoneyama. However, as Yoneyama is barely able to hang with Bolshoi, why should we expect her to have any chance against a “tough” male wrestler and a merciless, ultra violent flesh shredding heel in Shark Tsuchiya? DUD

Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Yoshiko Tamura 15:05. A solid, well executed match that's pretty much what you hope for on these small shows. You know they aren't going to kill themselves, but that's fine when it's done logically, as it was here with Tamura dominating the early portion by grounding Tsubasa. The pace picked up with Kuragaki's offense, but it was still more a heavyweight style match with a slower pace and some effort put into the selling. Tamura got the victory, but Kuragaki looked good and proved she belonged in the ring with NEO's champ. **3/4

Azumi Hyuga & Ran Yu-Yu vs. Misae Genki & Kayoko Haruyama 18:37. Everyone was good, but Ran & Genki were the standouts here. Ran was the catalyst, especially when Haruyama was in, setting an energetic pace. Genki tended to work the slower and more technically sound portions, but can do at least a little of everything, even pulling out la magistral. Haruyama lacks the skill of the others, but makes up for it with effort and desire, making a genuine effort to match her opponents. Hyuga was excellent as always, but was generally spotted, coming in for brief flurries of action. ***

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