Quebrada Pro Wrestling, Puroresu, & Mixed Martial Arts Reviews by Mike Lorefice

JWP MONTHLY JWP No. 9 12/90 taped 11/23 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Utako Hozumi vs. Mie Dohiki 11:17. Dohiki tried to wrestle a fast-paced match utilizing her dropkicks, but Hozumi was determined to stretch her. They are fast enough to make a high cross body look good, but Hozumi seemed to keep it too basic and they showed less offense than their 10/10/90 matchup. *1/2

The Scorpion vs. Yukari Osawa 12:06. Credit to Scorpion for getting an above average match out of Osawa, who is clearly a minus wrestler, though the primary factor was Scorpion’s excellent offense. Osawa sped things up and tried to work Scorpion’s match, giving her best performance of the year hanging with Scorpion and being the base for her flying moves. Granted it was sloppy and deliberate at times, but unlike the typical Osawa match, it was never dull. Basically this was a showcase for Scorpion’s flying, including the cool bounce off the top backflip armdrag that Owen Hart made famous. **1/4

Shinobu Kandori vs. Mami Kitamura 0:52. Kitamura looked good during her fast start, which included a nice arm drag and bulldog, but Kandori submitted her almost as soon as she gained control.

Miss A & Rumi Kazama & Cuty Suzuki vs. Eagle Sawai & Mayumi Ozaki & Sachiko Koganei 15:07. Stacked match with a rapid pace through constant tags. Eagle’s team attacked before the bell, getting off to a quick start combining brawling and fast action. Sawai & A are pretty comparable workers at this point with Eagle wrestler a similar style to Devil, though more energetic since she’s lighter and much younger. A has great offense for a big woman as she learned it when she wasn’t so bulky, but in her peak days as Dynamite Kansai was still athletic and flexible enough with the extra weight to do moves such as the Northern lights suplex and diving headbutt. Cuty’s moveset hasn’t improved, but more importantly she’s figured out how to impress with it, showing bursts of energy. Good performances all around. ***1/2

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