Quebrada Pro Wrestling, Puroresu, & Mixed Martial Arts Reviews by Mike Lorefice

JWP MONTHLY JWP No. 8 11/90 taped 10/10 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Utako Hozumi vs. Mie Dohiki 9:27. *3/4. Two of the quickest girls in the league. Hozumi kept it simple for Dohiki, who is just learning. Dohiki shows good potential, but the match was only adequate due to her rookie offense being limited to dropkicks and such. *3/4

Mayumi Ozaki & Rumi Yasuda vs. Plum Mariko & Cuty Suzuki 13:48. Plum was considered the star of the team at this point, as her ring work is far superior to Cuty’s. Cuty was doing a lot better here though, displaying quicker counters and crisper execution. Ozaki vs. Plum and Cuty was good, but there was way too much of Yasuda. She sped up in an effort to keep up, but was way too slow for the other three, and had no offense. I liked how Plum prevented a potential ring out by sneaking up on Ozaki and dropkicking her in the back, propelling her into the ref. **1/2

Devil Masami & Itsuki Yamazaki vs. Eagle Sawai & Moon Ayako 15:11. Devil is still quite active and aggressive in these days, enjoying pushing the pace sometimes. Teaming with Yamazaki seems to help keep her moving. The only difference between Yamazaki from her AJW heyday with the JB Angels is she’s far more likely to play heel now that she’s teaming with Devil again. Eagle has heat with Devil as she’s vying to take over the mantle of JWP’s top heel, but her partner couldn’t get her in the ring to give her the opportunity to take care of business. Ayako was beat on for the majority of the match, even Eagle coming in and putting the boots to Yamazaki failed to open up the tag. Eagle eventually wound up taking her frustrations out on the ref. ***

Harley Saito & Miss A vs. Shinobu Kandori & Rumi Kazama 1:39 shown. These old JWP tapes are good, but it’s maddening how they disembowel or simply excise main event caliber matches so they can provide you with a cool hour of blank tape. All they showed was the finish, but it was hot with Harley scoring a rare pin on Kandori, albeit following A’s lariat.

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