Quebrada Pro Wrestling, Puroresu, & Mixed Martial Arts Reviews by Mike Lorefice

Sparkling Battle Autumn taped 9/90

Cuty Suzuki & Miki Handa vs. Luna Vachon & Rockin' Robin 9:30. A total style clash, rendered more unbearable by the fact the natives were treated as Saturday morning jobbers. Luna did a bunch of screaming, spending most of her time arguing with the ref. I suppose that was a good thing, as her hoarse manly growl is actually less intolerable than her awkward and plodding ring work. While watching her lumber around unevenly, I decided the first hurdle an aspiring pro-wrestler should have to pass is running the ropes. If you can do that properly you have a chance, but the graceless wonders wind up making most everything else look bad. Luna was so inept she couldn’t even get any audience reaction calling the opposition bimbos, though the poor quality of the fans gave her a new subject to rasp on about. DUD

Devil Masami & The Scorpion vs. Eagle Sawai & Mayumi Ozaki 12:38. Disappointing match wrestled as though it were going long even though it was on the short side. Everyone was fine, but this wasn’t even close to a major effort, which is a shame as on paper this had the potential to be one of the best JWP matches of the year. It’s weird seeing Eagle so “thin” that Devil clearly outweighs her. Devil & Scorpion worked Eagle’s left knee, but the match failed to develop much after the solid start. **

Itsuki Yamazaki vs. Sachiko Koganei 12:09. The high quality of this contest that could just as easily have been a pointless squash shows how good Yamazaki still is and what Koganei might have been with a role. Yamazaki gave a really good effort, all the more impressive considering she had nothing to gain from working with low level opposition, and Koganei stepped up her game and went along for the ride. An exciting albeit one-sided sprint where they did what they could for Koganei. Devil assisted her early, but Koganei’s advantage was still short lived. Yamazaki began with her regular top-notch offense, but began playing heel as the bout progressed to garner support for Sachiko. ***

Devil Masami & Itsuki Yamazaki & The Scorpion vs. Miss A & Harley Saito & Cuty Suzuki 12:38. More of an AJW style match with good fast-paced action and quick tags. A bit short, but they cut the weardown/submission portion out to deliver wall to wall action. The Scorpion, Yamazaki, & Harley were particularly in their element here, though everyone impressed. Devil acted as though she were concerned she’d injured Cuty on an Irish whip only to push Miss A on top of her and run off. ***1/4

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