Quebrada Pro Wrestling, Puroresu, & Mixed Martial Arts Reviews by Mike Lorefice

JWP MONTHLY JWP No. 1 4/90 taped 3/21/90 Tokyo Korakuen Hall

Mayumi Ozaki photographed for her record debut. A funny segment in an inept way with Ozaki sitting around in her bathing suit, while little kids are heard playing just off camera, and occasionally run by as if for a silent film gag.

Miki Handa vs. Utako Hozumi 8:00. Hozumi appeared to be far more experienced, as Handa didn’t have any offense yet. The best spot saw Handa try to piledrive Hozumi, who showed her strength countering with what was essentially a bridging back body drop. When Hozumi missed a dropkick, Handa finished her off with a neat pin where she turned her back, stepped inside the near leg, overhooked Hozumi’s far leg with her arms then did a back bridge. I couldn’t believe Handa won as, though she eventually exceeded Hozumi, nothing that came earlier in this match suggested she deserved it. **

Plum Mariko vs. Yukari Osawa 8:49. Passable match with a good finishing sequence highlighted by Osawa turning Plum’s victory flip into a piggyback drop. Osawa has no offense and took Plum, who was already more than a promising worker, down several notches. *3/4

Cuty Suzuki & Rumi Kazama vs. Mayumi Ozaki & Eagle Sawai 14:09. Eagle & Ozaki attacked as the opposition was entering, hitting them with the bouquet of flowers they were presented with before the match. Sawai was in much better shape in these days - no more overweight than Rumi - moving and bending well. She did a good job, and Ozaki vs. Cuty was definitely quality. Rumi did a plancha, but otherwise didn’t add a lot, which was typical of her even in these days. Appeared to be on it’s way to becoming a good match, but got out of control with chair shots. The ref’s back was turned when Ozaki gonged Cuty with the bell, but Kazama was caught retaliating with a chair for the DQ. **1/2

2/11 Tokyo Korakuen Hall JWP ’90 New Generation League Decision Tournament Final: Hikari Fukuoka vs. Rumi Yasuda 13:02. Ten women entered, the bookers pegged the two who would go on to become stars, having them meet in the final. Yasuda charged before the bell, arriving before Fukuoka turned her back and choking her with a shirt. Fukuoka stood up to Yasuda, exchanging blows, which the crowd reacted to. They worked hard and got the fans into the match, but it’s hard to sustain intensity in the absence of any legitimate offense. It was certainly a passable match, which was all one could ask for. *3/4

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