3/9 Tokyo Korakuen Hall 1,600
Hashimoto lost the the NWA Heavyweight Title to Severn in 9:32
Otani & Masato Tanaka made their first defense of the NWA Intercontinental Tag Titles beating Native Blood.when Otani pinned Ghost at 17:56.


The 3/9 Korakuen show has Hashimoto defending the NWA Heavyweight Title against Severn and Otani & Masato Tanaka defending the NWA Intercontinental Tag Titles against Native Blood.


Masato Tanaka, who had been working as a free agent mainly with ZERO-ONE and All Japan, signed a contract with ZERO-ONE. This could help open up relations between AJ & ZERO-ONE, which Hashimoto has been desperate to do for some time, or it could mean that Tanaka will be stuck in a league with few quality opponents.


3/2 Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan 6,800
Naoya Ogawa beat Shinjiro Otani via ref stop at 6:20.
Hashimoto pinned Masato Tanaka at 12:32.
Marufuji pinned Hoshikawa at 17:02.
Wataru Sakata KO'd Sean McCully at 3:11.
Takaiwa pinned KENTA at 18:52.


The 3/2 1st Anniversary show has Hashimoto vs. Masato Tanaka, Otani vs. Naoya Ogawa, Hoshikawa vs. Marufuji in a rematch of the match that stole the original ZERO-ONE show, & Takaiwa vs. KENTA.


Hashimoto wants to promote interpromotional matches with NOAH for the 3/2 1st Anniversary show including him against Misawa. With NOAH beginning to work with NJ, it seems less likely that this will happen than all the other times Hashimoto has talked about it.


Otani will wrestle on NOAH's next series. Hopefully this will work out and we'll get the Misawa and Akiyama vs. Hashimoto matches that things were leading up to before relations broke down after the ZERO-ONE debut.


Hashimoto is getting desperate since he hasn't been getting help from NOAH or NJ, so he's opened up relations with Big Japan. So far the only match mentioned is Otani vs. Sekimoto.


6/14 Osaka Furitsu Taiikukaikan 8377
Hashimoto defeated Tom Howard via ref stop at 11:54.
Naoya Ogawa beat Fujiwara via ref stop at 6:48.
Otani beat Murakami via DQ at 7:56.
Igor Meindert & Gerard Gordeau beat Takaiwa & Otsuka by ref stop when Gordeau went over Takaiwa at 14:51.


The next show on 6/14 at Osaka Jo Hall will have a Pancrase rule match featuring Kengo.


Due to the circumstances surrounding his loss to McCully, Shinjiro Otani is going to L.A. to train in blow absorption.


SKY PerfecTV! LIVE SPECIAL ZERO-ONE Shin Seiki Sozo (True Century Creativity?) II 4/18 Tokyo Nippon Budokan 13,000
Mitsuharu Misawa & Takeshi Rikio beat Naoya Ogawa & Kazunari Murakami when Misawa pinned Murakami with 3 backdrops at just 6:40. This time NOAH only won one match, and obviously it wasn't over ZERO-ONE guys (although there's not much difference). Misawa and Ogawa would both like to fight each other some more.
Shinya Hashimoto & Tadao Yasuda defeated Masao Inoue & Tamon Honda when Yasuda beat Honda via ref stop from a sankakujime at 9:00. Hashimoto is going to fight in NOAH again because he wants another crack at Misawa.
Sean McCully upset Shinjiro Otani, winning via ref stop from mount punches at just 4:50.
Alexander Otsuka overwhelmingly defeated Takashi Sugiura, winning via ref stop at 7:29. Otsuka bled from 5 plus headbutts (his own?).
Naohiro Hoshikawa made Original The Cobra (wouldn't The Original Cobra sound a lot less ridiculous?) submit to an ura jujigatame at 8:06. Cobra got off to a good start, but Hoshikawa took over in the last 3 minutes. Cobra was a mystery opponent who agreed to participate since, like him, Hashimoto is a protege of Inoki. He would like to participate in future ZERO-ONE shows.
Tatsuhito Takaiwa pinned Naomichi Marufuji at 13:04. Takaiwa wants to fight Yoshinari Ogawa, Sano, or Kanemaru next.
Atsushi Onita came and put a sign up over the entrance that said "Jado Onita Sanjo" (evil ways Onita visits). He was only able to get about 300 of his "followers" to stand in front of it. Since his "army" was small and weak, he had to "surrender" to Hashimoto. This made Onita's "soldiers" cry and disperse.


The result of Mitsuharu Misawa "complaing" and "betraying" Shinya Hashimoto is a pitiful card where NOAH is sending their young guys with no drawing power to face the ZERO-ONE guys. The supposed lineup for the 2nd show will be Takaiwa vs. Marufuji, Otsuka vs. Sugiura, Ogawa & Murakami vs. ? & ?, & Hashimoto & Yasuda vs. Honda & Inoue. This has to be part of an angle that will lead to a better card because this show couldn't sell 2,000 tickets, much less 16,000. Even if Misawa & Akiyama decided to fight Ogawa & Murakami, it would still be a weak show given the rest of the card. Anyway, so far Misawa just denied all the allegations Hashimoto has made placing responsibility for this lame card on him, so I guess Shinya screwed Shinya.:)


Mitsuharu Misawa is not happy that Ogawa & Murakami were snuck into the ZERO-ONE side by Hashimoto. Now we are back to NOAH possibly not participating again, although it's highly unlikely that they'll really pull out.


In order to get Mitsuharu Misawa to participate in the show without having to worry about it, Shinya Hashimoto is going to draw cards to decide which of the 6 NOAH wrestlers Misawa sends fight his ZERO one guys. The first name drawn will have a singles match with Takaiwa. The 2nd will have a singles match with Otsuka. The 3rd & 4th will team against Inoki representatives Ogawa & Murakami. The 5th & 6th will team against Hashimoto & Yasuda. Marufuji would like to fight Takaiwa. I'm sure it wouldn't be in the class with his match against Hoshikawa, who hasn't been mentioned since he had the best match and gave the best performance on the 1st show. Otani will have the match with McCully we were glad he didn't have on the 1st show, and Kazuyuki Fujita might appear.


Mitsuharu Misawa said Shinya Hashimoto's demand that he let him know whether NOAH would participate in the 2nd ZERO-ONE show by the end of March is unreasonable. Misawa claims he hasn't thought about anything beyond the end of the current NOAH series (considering his booking history, I wouldn't be too surprised). The thing is the NOAH series ends 4/15 and the ZERO-ONE show is 4/18.


Shinya Hashimoto will be wrestling on the next New Japan series whether he has to force his way onto the lineups or not. The idea is that they won't give him the opportunity to face "their" guys in "his" own league, so he has to "go there" to wrestle them.
Mitsuharu Misawa has until the end of the end of the month to notify Hashimoto if NOAH will be participating in the next show. Hashimoto says he believed Misawa when he talked about the interchange concept a year ago and now that it can happen, he wishes Misawa wouldn't throw it all away.
Hiroshi Hase will decide in a few days whether he'll fight ZERO-ONE over the summer when he has a lull in political duties.
Otani will face Otsuka on the 2nd ZERO-ONE show. This should definitely be better than the matches these two had on the previous show.


Shinya Hashimoto tried to get Masahiro Chono to fight on the 2nd ZERO-ONE show, but Chono turned him down.


Although NJ has refused to send wrestlers to ZERO-ONE, Hashimoto may still be able to use NJ wrestlers that are in Muto's BATT group. This would help get over the idea that BATT are breaking down the talent exchange barriers.


Mitsuharu Misawa has said that NOAH won't participate in the 2nd ZERO-ONE show (due to problems with broadcast rights), but Shinya Hashimoto is demanding that he reconsider because the fans obviously want to see NOAH wrestlers with or against ZERO-ONE wrestlers. In other words, if NOAH doesn't participate, Hashimoto will make sure Misawa looks like the bad guy.




Atsushi Onita is still pissed at Shinya Hashimoto for considering him and has request to participate in the debut show irrelevant, so he announced he was going to intrude on the 4/18 show.


If Hashimoto doesn't face Akiyama in singles on the next show, he may team with Ogawa against Misawa & Akiyama.


Hashimoto might face Akiyama in a singles match on the 2nd show.


ZERO-ONE Hataagesen FIGHTING ATHLETE 3/2 Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan 11,000 sellout
Misawa & Akiyama beat Hashimoto & Nagata when Misawa pinned Hashimoto at 19:10. NOAH won every match they participated in, while ZERO-ONE lost every one. Ogawa & Fujita came out after the match. Ogawa & Misawa got into an argument, with Misawa elbowing Ogawa, who was on the ring apron at this point, for intruding. Ogawa was pissed, obviously, so he threw his T-shirt off and was ready to fight. Fujita & Akiyama tried to restrain them, but they wound up getting mad at each other as well. In other words, this is the start of a UFO vs. NOAH vs. ZERO-ONE program.
No Fear defeated Otsuka & Takaiwa when Omori pinned Takaiwa at 7:33.
Murakami defeated Otani when the ref stopped the match at 7:11 because Murakami had put Otani out with a naked choke.
Yatsu pinned Gary Steele at 9:55.
YU-IKEDA KO'd Takeshi Tosho at 2:20 of round 2.
Akitoshi Saito pinned Fujisaka at 4:16.
Marufuji pinned Hoshikawa at 16:00. Aside from the main event, this was supposed to be the best match.


Naoya Ogawa, who is pissed at Hashimoto for not agreeing to team with him in the main event, gave notice that he would intrude on the 3/2 show.


The 2nd show will be held on 4/18 at Tokyo Nippon Budokan. The 3rd show will be on 6/14 at Osaka Jo Hall.
Shinya Hashimoto would like to face Mike Rapada for the NWA Heavyweight Title. He'd also like to bring the other NWA champions to Japan.


Shinya Hashimoto declared war against NOAH.
Shinjiro Otani gave notice that he'd return the favor and do a terrorist attack on Kazunari Murakami.


The mysterious white masked man and did a terrorist attack on Shinjiro Otani, who was training at the ZERO-ONE gym. After beating Otani bloody, the mask man ran out of the gym and jumped into the escape vehicle that was waiting outside for him. The guy looked to be Naoya Ogawa, but Kazunari Murakami had given notice that he was going to do a terrorist attack on ZERO-ONE the day before. I guess Hashimoto holds Murakami responsible or something because he's changed Otani's match on the 3/2 show to a singles match against Murakami. This definitely improves the show because, while Murakami isn't great, he's definitely a big step up from McCully.


Atsushi Onita showed up at the ZERO-ONE office unannounced, looking to talk to Hashimoto about why he wasn't on the debut show. Hashimoto wasn't there, so Onita wrote poison on a piece of paper. Onita is the poison, the idea is his question is whether Hashimoto has the courage to swallow it (book him) or not.


Alexander Otsuka countered No Fear's claim that he was a joke opponent by boasting that he'd score a fall on one of them in 5 seconds.


The lineup for the 3/2 show was announced:
Hashimoto & Nagata vs. Misawa & Akiyama. Hashimoto announced a sanction that he's going to pin Akiyama because Akiyama said an imprudent thing about him. Hashimoto is talking about getting NWA participation on future shows (although I think Gary Steele is from a UK affiliate). Hashimoto is another "candidate" to fight Tyson. This would make for the least bad match since Hashimoto was able to have adequate matches with Ogawa in Ogawa's first two fights, while Ogawa, Fujita, & Yasuda are essentially only as good in a work as theri opponent makes them look.
Otsuka & Takaiwa vs. Omori & Takayama
Otani vs. Sean McCully. Otani is supposed to be jealous of Nagata, so hopefully they'll have a singles match on a future show.
Yatsu vs. Gary Steele
YU-IKEDA (Shoot Boxing) vs. Takeshi Tosho (Shoot Boxing)
Tadahiro Fujisaki vs. Akitoshi Saito
Hoshikawa vs. Marufuji
This show has too many guys that haven't worked together before. That's good as far as presenting "dream matchups," but this card doesn't have many of them and isn't exactly stacked with guys that'll have a good match with anyone. The main event could be excellent, but otherwise it's pretty thin. Hoshikawa is probably good enough to go out and have a good match with Marufuji, but otherwise I don't know. Otani has had strong matches with guys he never orked with before, but McCully is hardly Mochizuki.


Altsushi Onita wants to appear on the debut show since Antonio Inoki will be there and he's still trying to get Inoki to officially come out of retirement and fight him..


Although Shinjiro Otani just formed a group with Keiji Muto & Don Frye, it's looking more like he'll "join" ZERO-ONE after the 2/18 NJ show.


Shinya Hashimoto met with Mitsuharu Misawa, with the two agreeing that Yuji Nagata could be Hashimoto's partner on 3/2. This will be considered the first match where NJ faces NOAH since Hashimoto was theoretically no longer a member of NJ when he first face a NOAH wrestler on 12/23.
Hashimoto & Seido Kaikan agreed to work together for the forseeable future. Hashimoto would like big names like Peter Aerts & Mike Bernardo to appear on future shows.


Shinya Hashimoto said he won't team with Naoya Ogawa. Hashimoto's partner now looks to be a New Japan guy they actually admit to having on their roster. It could be Nagata since there's an angle now where he wants to fight on other promotions shows. Of the possibilities, Nagata probably gives them the best chance to have an excellent match although he's never worked with Misawa or Akiyama before and his style is more conducive to working against Kawada than either of those two.


Mitsuharu Misawa isn't happy with the main event either now. He doesn't like the idea that one of his opponents is a mystery.
Naoya Ogawa announced his candidacy for the role of Hashimoto's partner. If Ogawa is still planning to put Hashimoto over in a singles match then it's better if they don't form a team again first, but since their careers seem to have become interwoven and Ogawa isn't going to put Hashimoto over before the Rickson match (if at all) they'll probably wind up forming a team. If Hashimoto decides to team with someone other than Ogawa it'll probably be a "big letdown" because it isn't likely that anyone else of that magnitude would be by Hashimoto's side instead.


The promotion signed a one year contract with PPV broadcaster Sky PerfecTV! Starting with the debut show, all their shows will be live PPV specials. ZERO-ONE is planning to run 3-4 shows per year, including one dome show as long as they can get enough other promotions to participate.

Shinya Hashimoto decided his match on the debut show would be with a partner to be determined against the NOAH team of Mitsuharu Misawa & Jun Akiyama. However, Akiyama refuses to team with his enemy Misawa. Akiyama basically said that Hashimoto did it to spite him. He will boycott the card (if he can "get away with it") if Hashimoto doesn't change the lineup to him vs. Hashimoto in a singles match. Misawa says he can get his employee to do the match without complaining. People would like to see X be Naoya Ogawa.


Nobuaki Kakuta suffered an arm injury that will keep him off the 3/2 debut show, so K-1 is going to replace him with "Mr. X." This mystery opponent is supposed to be a major foreign fighter that weighs 140kg and is more than 2 meters tall. This guy is supposed to be staying in America right now.


Naoya Ogawa has thrown himself into the mix as a possible opponent of Shinya Hashimoto on the debut show. Jun Akiyama is frustrated that he hasn't already been named Hashimoto's opponent, and may boycott the show.


Shinya Hashimoto is looking to the indies to help fill out his cards, so he met with Yoshiaki Yatsu about SPWF participation. SPWF doesn't have much of anything to offer since their only names are a washed up Yatsu, the infamous sumo wrestler turned wannabe shooter Tachihikari, & truly garbage wrestler Ichiro Yaguchi. The promotion needs exposure and their guys could use the extra dates because SPWF isn't able to run many shows. Even though they'd be outclassed by all the other promotions, SPWF could only gain because hardly anyone will see them otherwise.


Several outsiders were announced as appearing on the ZERO-ONE debut show. NOAH is sending Misawa, Akiyama, Omori, Takayama, & Marufuji. Misawa & Akiyama may team against Hashimoto and a partner. Yasuda is considered ZERO-ONE, but Otsuka is still considered Battlarts. Wrestle Yume Factory is sending Tadohiro Fujisaki. Free agents Naohiro Hoshikawa (he left Osaka Puroresu) and Akitoshi Saito are also appearing. The list will look more impressive when it's decided which of Inoki's guys will participate (Otani & Takaiwa seem likely), and there will be some interest in K-1 vs. Puroresu even though Kakuta is basically retired.


Takao Omori & Yoshihiro Takayama will both be at the 3/2 debut show so long a at least one of them is in a match against Hashimoto. The idea is Takayama is going to assist Omori in getting revenge against Hashimoto one way or another.


The debut show will be at Tokyo Ryogoku Kokugikan on 3/2, so it's a major show. The only fighters announced so far are Hashimoto, Otsuka, & Yasuda. Tickets go on sale on 2/1, but all the wrestlers won't be announced until 2/10. Hashimoto is talking with Inoki & Misawa about sending their wrestlers. He's stressing that he wants to face Akiyama.


Shinya Hashimoto had a public exercise with Alexander Otsuka & Tadao Yasuda. Yasuda is going to be Hashimoto & Otsuka's second for their initial teaming on the 1/13 NOAH show. Also, they will wrestle on the first ZERO-ONE show. Hashimoto wants them to be the first two to join his league, but they haven't officially done so as of yet (Hashimoto offered and they tentatively agreed). He would like to have the first show "before cherry blossoms bloom," but getting wrestlers to join is what is holding things up because ZERO-ONE shows theoretically aren't going to be Hashimoto plus a bunch of independent guys or guys sent from other promotions. Of course, the shows will really be a bunch of New Japan/Inoki guys, some NOAH guys, and some independent wrestlers.


Shinya Hashimoto is ZERO. He owns 100% of the company and will be the president and top star. Due to this, he registered the corporation as ZERO-ONE. He said he has a conference with a Japanese wrestler who left for Canada soon, which pretty much means it's Shinjiro Otani. Although he stressed complete independence from New Japan, it seems very possible that he'll work in NOAH in exchange for NOAH sending him wrestlers so he has enough to run shows.


Shinya Hashimoto plans to open a promotion called ZERO that will run in opposition to New Japan. I wonder if he's calling it ZERO because that's what his word has become worth? In any case, Hashimoto's next match will be on the groups first show. However, he said he'd wrestle a match in New Japan within the next year. He may wrestle for another office as well, but at this second it doesn't look like it will be PRIDE. He opened up a school for ZERO in Tokyo the other day.

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