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Naoya Ogawa's camp is trying to put together a match for him against Mike Tyson. This could make for some funny interviews since I'm sure Tyson knows less about Ogawa than he did about that opponent known as "Stone Gold" and "Cold Stone."


The 12/31 show is supposed to have 10 matches under puroresu rules. If that's the case, it will probably be a lot of bad worked shoots. To make things worse, there may be a battle royal.


Now that former judo champion Naoya Ogawa has defeated a former karate champion, Masaaki Satake, he wants to try his hand against a world heavyweight boxing champion. Since Inoki has tried to make Ogawa into a star the same way he became a star, it's not surprising that Ogawa is now on a quest to beat a top fighter from every style. Let's just hope this doesn't turn out to be as bad as Inoki vs. Leon Spinks. In any case, this work will take place on the 12/31 U.F.O. show if Inoki can come up with a washed up boxer that could at least one last payday. Lucky L.T. played football or wrestling might surpass all his drug problems as the main thing that soiled his name in the eyes of the media...


Kazunari Murakami will be training with New Japan soon, and will probably wrestle on their 1/4 Tokyo Dome show.


Naoya Ogawa is calling Shinya Hashimoto out in an effort to get him to participate on the martial arts show Antonio Inoki is promoting and the next U.F.O. show. Ogawa is basically saying that if Hashimoto is really independent of New Japan and going to do the ZERO thing, he should prove it by appearing on these non-New Japan shows. Of course, Ogawa's "real intention" is to beat Hashimoto again.
Nobuhiko Takada is taking time to heel a fracture in his right foot that he suffered during yesterday's match with Vovchanchyn, but said he'd probably participate in Inoki's martial arts show if Inoki asked him.

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